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  1. Access to Demo
  2. Black screen with audio launching demo
  3. Unable to launch demo
  4. Random Crash to Desktop in Demo
  5. Known Issues List
  6. Champions of Anteria - can't install [SOLVED]
  7. System requirements
  8. Missing Key
  9. Graphics are flickering but only when the game is in motion...
  10. Low FPS
  11. Abilities dont work properly
  12. [Read First] How to report an issue / bug
  13. Demo asking for Key
  14. [Resolved] Can't save the game
  15. [Resolved] Steam pre-order packages are missing the free dlc
  16. [Resolved] Free Alchemist DLC Unavailable on Uplay
  17. Błąd krytyczny w grze Champions of Anteria
  18. Language Issues
  19. Jogo não inicia - No Start Game
  20. Game Won't Start - Error