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  1. PS4 Incursion Joining Bug?
  2. Bug REPORT - Last Bullet Locked Magazine..
  3. PS4 There are no possibilities to join the group
  4. PS4 No possibility of playing missions
  5. PS4 Mic don't work only inside the DARKZONE
  6. Skills issue - can't activate
  7. PS4 Wave 15/15 incursion and entire team gets disconnected.
  8. Server LAG
  9. Loading after loading
  10. Extracted Gear not Listed as New when Moved to Inventory
  11. PS4 Echo/Shadows of the Past trophy issue
  12. Patch 1.03, The Apocalypse In An Already Devastated Manhattan!
  13. PS4 Keep getting kicked from game
  14. PS4 Game Crash Mission Stops.
  15. Aim = move to the left
  16. PS4 BUG DPS! Not fix on this update 1.1?
  17. PS4 Fcking JAPS on EU servers
  18. A,I Shotgun too Op!!
  19. Delta 20001004
  20. PS4 my character keeps going deaf.
  21. PS4 "Napalm Production Site" Unable to destroy napalm tank.
  22. Incursion Rewards Bugged
  23. PS4 Oversized login screen issue
  24. PS4 Dark zone level rest to 1 in main screen after game crash
  25. Crafting bug
  26. PS4 No incursion rewards
  27. LAG Please HELP
  28. PS4 Incursion invite FAIL
  29. PS4 zoomed main menu resolution glitch
  30. PS4 How!!!
  31. PS4 [BUG] Game breaker
  32. Combat status issue?
  33. Analog dead zone size doesn't save
  34. PS4 Prox chat and group chat dont work
  35. Infinate Loading Screen
  36. PS4 Error code DELTA 20001004
  37. Locked from the division PSN purchase
  38. Significant Phoenix Credit Loss
  39. PS4 Glitch on Echo and Book STILL
  40. PS4 No trophy after story mission
  41. PS4 did not receive weekly gear set reward after finish Incursion on Hard
  42. PS4 Dark Zone Level Reset
  43. Group is in a "No Respawn" zone
  44. Where are my
  45. PS4 Chain link sound bug
  46. PS4 Incursion: Falcon lost glitch!
  47. paid for sports outfit pack on ps4 an recived nothing
  48. Irritating gameplay experience (Drop Zone)
  49. PS4 Season pass .. DLC
  50. PS4 Issues Dualshock 4 Not Respond fire aim and cover after update 1.1 Incursions
  51. Bug - Pulse recon no longer identifying items
  52. Weapon Damage ?
  53. are you going to fix the dps/health glitch answer or im starting class action
  54. PS4 One is None Talent has a bug.
  55. Cannot complete Echo 01 & 02 Michael Dufrane
  56. Out of tech wing supplies and encounters but don't have enough to upgrade base.
  57. Deadzone settings do not save
  58. Misleading Translaction lead to useless purchase and wasted crafting material
  59. Come on! I was at level 45 DarkZone. And now at level 1
  60. PS4 Fix the Incursion!
  61. Incursion Exploit
  62. I've had a ticket open for weeks with no response?
  63. PS4 BUG: WarrenGate didn't give tech wing supplies. can't finish base.
  64. PS4 No Incursion Challenging loot
  65. UBI Please read the link
  66. im not going to play this game anymore until you wont fix all the exploits and bugs
  67. PS4 Audio cut out in DZ
  68. PS4 Echoes appear to be glitches
  69. PS4 Matchmaking for DZ is matching me up with people outside my bracket
  70. PS4 No Season Pass content at the Reward Vendor
  71. Support ticket - GONE
  72. PS4 Turret bug [video]
  73. PS4 Incursion - Reward not deliverd
  74. PS4 Delta Error 20001004
  75. PS4 Return to: Murray Hill Safe house Bug
  76. PS4 When going to cover with an active shield, guns won't fire.
  77. No promt to be able to open loot in pve zones
  78. Stuck in bracket 161+ since restart
  79. Missing gear, locked account or glithched account classaction lawsuit
  80. Fix the damn sound. every 2-3 hours my sound completely cuts out
  81. Characters gone
  82. PS4 Matchmaking crash
  83. I Have All Medical Wing Upgrades And Perks But Filter Level is At 3
  84. I've asked before but: How do i get a REFUND on annual pass?
  85. PS4 Echos not activating.
  86. Extracted loot not showing up in stash
  87. PS4 Delta 20001004 !!!!
  88. PS4 NPCs getting stuck behind doors in Missions
  89. PS4 - Smart cover (Befestigung) doesn't effect me
  90. PS4 attention fellows trophy hunter, I did get an answer from support and...
  91. PS4 Defeat Joe Ferro Napalm Man Site Campaign Bug
  92. ps4 cheaters
  93. NEW Incursion "FALCON LOST" glitch
  94. PS4 help. loading issues... HELP
  95. How do I get my Mic to work in game
  96. Why nobody helps me?
  97. PS4 Character Select Screen Zoomed In
  98. PS4 DZ bracket and connection issues after hotfix
  99. PS4 Problem with Frontline Outfit Pack
  100. PS4 BUG: Extracted items missing from stash
  101. Freeze/Crash issue
  102. PS4 Fixed my audio crackling
  103. Buying Set-Item Bug
  104. PS4 Glitch After Incursion Update - DZ Loot missing/visible missing loot pack on back.
  105. PS4 I'm having trouble with my stash box!
  106. Know no Fear Trophy Glitched!
  107. PS4 Division pixel pattern glitch
  108. PS4 Incursion Stuck in Wall
  109. PS4 [Ps4] (bugged reloading with One is None and vector)
  110. Nicely done
  111. PS4 Clinton map and Amherst's Apartment
  112. communication
  113. PS4 CE-34878-0 when matchmaking
  114. A few issues
  115. Daily Missions are bugged I think
  116. [PS4] Bug Report: New "teleport" location in the dark zone after 1.1
  117. Underwhelming Weekly Assignments Reward
  118. PS4 Crafting items not in inventory
  119. Constant disconnects while in the dark zone
  120. PS4 bug!
  121. PS4 [BUG] [DZ Gameplay] Incorrect Loot Awarded -30 Level Characters
  122. PS4 General bugs and missing xp
  123. backpack Glitch
  124. Getting Stuck Glitches
  125. The Division Echo Michael Dufrane collectible #2 Glitch Trophy issue
  126. PS4 Since Maintenance on 19/4/16 can't log in due to DELTA 20004001
  127. Weekly Strategic Assignment did not reset.
  128. PS4 Midtown safehouse 1xecho and 1xphone wont complete
  129. PS4 Dark Zone Mismatch
  130. PS4 HE sidearm only 2 talents?
  131. PS4 Supply drops taking damage with no hostiles around
  132. PS4 Bought Frontline Outfit Pack 2 days ago, still nothing at my reward vendor.
  133. PS4 Purchased Striker's Mask (Green Set) from Special Gear Vendor at HQ, Not in Inventory
  134. PS4 collecting some echo's does not work
  135. PS4 No guiding line after the update
  136. Audio Issues
  137. PS4 Competent Talent bug - Please fix ASAP
  138. Error messages help please
  139. PS4 VOIP in game not working
  140. Season pass issue
  141. PS4 Add gear sorting and parkour mode / auto vault
  142. PS4 Recalibrating Holster
  143. Bugg haha
  144. PS4 Ubisoft wont send postreward for completing FL last week (appernce loot)
  145. PS4 DPS glitches in DZ
  146. PS4 Mission entrance doors do not open, unable to start mission
  147. Hackers\Glitchers???????
  148. PS4 Increased lag delaying actions, skill use, hit registration, etc.
  149. PS4 Game keeps crashing everytime on matchmaking.
  150. Infinite loading screen
  151. PS4 delta "whatever number strikes your fancy"
  152. High end items vanishing on extract
  153. No weekly incursion rewards after hotfix
  154. PS4 Falcon Lost dosent show on map
  155. PS4 Cannot imagine to meet Cheater on PS4
  156. PS4 Robbed by item re roll
  157. PS4 DPS decrease bug
  158. PS4 [PS4] Glitched Intel (Survival Guide Page 11)
  159. falcon lost incursion glitch, even after the new hotfixes.
  160. PS4 My Pheonix credits compo has gone
  161. Getting Stuck in 161+ Dark Zone Lobbies
  162. PS4 Getting pushed under the map, NOT FALLING
  163. PS4 Can't do matchmaking for Incursion
  164. Paul Rhodes missing - FIX IT ASAP ! GETTING TIRED OF YOU MASSIVE !
  165. Chelsea ECHO mission BUG (Already done the side quest but forgot to collect ECHO)
  166. Bug: Got the wrong Item
  167. PS4 Kicked from Group before completion
  168. PS4 Shock Turret Bug
  169. Can't use skills
  170. Disappearing holsters?
  171. Grenade Menu Bug
  172. Keep getting d/c from DZ
  173. Gramercy safe house bug
  174. Protection from Elites actually INCREASES damage???
  175. Still waiting for my Season Pass Outfits
  176. PS4 Group Leader ?
  177. Severe matchmaking issue
  178. still no defiler
  179. Ballistic Shield Bug
  180. unlimited ammo glitch
  181. Crashes during the middle of Incursion
  182. well there is yet another game breaking glitch
  183. PS4 Falcon Lost is buggered
  184. Dumb glitches & DUMB DIVISON
  185. PS4 Incursion weekly rewards
  186. PS4 Phoenix Credits 150 not available
  187. PS4 Military Outfit Pack i bought not showing in game anymore + Vid
  188. PS4 Falling Through Map Issue
  189. PS4 DPS Display/UI Bug
  190. PS4 Baught a gear set and its nowere to be found in inventory
  191. PS4 Crafting Bug
  192. PS4 Mission List UI Bug
  193. PS4 Special Gear Vendor timer
  194. PS4 Lag and delay in The Division
  195. Enemies in flame keep firing and rushing
  196. Purchased Item Not Showing Up In Inventory
  197. PS4 BUG: Protection from Elites attribute
  198. PS4 Echo Kips Bay
  199. PS4 Rogue Bug in Building DZ2
  200. 4/26/16 Daily Mission WarrenGate Power Plant mission Difficulty messed up. PLEASE FIX
  201. PS4 military and marine packs purchased, not appearing at Vendor
  202. PS4 analog stick dead zone setting not saving
  203. PS4 Gear-set backpacks?
  204. probability of critical hits
  205. Warrengate Power Plant bugged
  206. PS4 Blueprint glitch
  207. PS4 Falcon Lost BUG
  208. ITA bug ricompensa incursione ?
  209. PS4 Daily mission Warrengate Power Plant
  210. Error Delta 20010186
  211. PS4 Seriously, the falcon lost mission is a joke
  212. PS4 [Gameplay] Missing Reward / Incursion
  213. PS4 Dark Zone Mic Stopping
  214. Tactician Authority: Set bonus NOT WORKING
  215. PS4 Season Pass The Division error
  216. Char is slowly moving backwards constantly
  217. Weekly challenge not updating 4-25-16
  218. PS4 Tacticians Authority Set Bonus not working all the time
  219. PS4 _BUG_REPORT:_Chain Link Fence Sound Glitch
  220. PS4 Prox and group chat still do NOT work
  221. Bug: daily reward for challenging mode run of Russian conjugate not given
  222. PS4 Bug - Overheal Not Granted for All Skills
  223. Napalm Production Site Glitched PS4
  224. Kill stealing?!?!
  225. PS4 it WAS a good game before patch
  226. Incursion Log PS4
  227. Ps4 - Missing mask and yellow backpack
  228. PS4 Increase in bugs/glitches over the last few days
  229. Delta error :(
  230. Echo issue
  231. PS4 Sprint stopping wildly and freezing? This is the FIX !
  232. error 20001004
  233. Loot absent la fin de l'Incursion Falcon Lost
  234. PS4 Server Error Forcing me to revert my character
  235. PS4 Blueprint not as advertised
  236. PS4 Weapon Talent Meticulous Not Working Correctly
  237. PS4 Falling
  238. PS4 Backpack bug
  239. Damage Resistance Stat not working
  240. PS4 Falcon Lost Weekly reward Not Working
  241. Personal Shield not working on PVP
  242. Missing extracted items
  243. Missing Daily's yet again
  244. PS4 Agents going rogue then glitching through wall into non playable area in DZ06
  245. PS4 Virus search bug
  246. PS4 [Cannot see items in my stash]
  247. PS4 PS4 Analog Dead Zone
  248. PS4 new Glitch .
  249. No weekly reward for incursion
  250. Bug: Missing Battalion Boots