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  1. PS4 Weapons losing 20k DPS when acceptedfrom caches into bag
  2. PS4 Error accessing Playstation Store in The Division Game menu
  3. PS4 Sound/Audio Issues/Audio is out of sync
  4. PS4 Dark zone chests,ammo and med kits.
  5. PS4 Delta C-1-200
  6. Survival Delta/Blue screen
  7. New console, new and old issues (Cannot play survival, and terrible cover system).
  8. PS4 Duplicate weapon skin?
  9. PS4 Weekly did not reset for one of my characters
  10. Tenebrae
  11. Hildr/Eir + Striker not working
  12. Napalm Production Site Legendary Mode Glitch. Does NOT spawn next wave or completion
  13. Exotic cache issue on Napalm Production Site
  14. Stuck in Emotes Selection Menu
  15. Incredibly slow download
  16. PS4 Premium Credit on PS4 saudi arabi store
  17. PS4 Multiple lag reports (particularly from Japan)
  18. PS4 Not Receiving Exotic caches in several missions
  19. PS4 Did not receive exotic cache 3 times this week
  20. PS4 Minor: Police academy loot dropped on highest floor
  21. PS4 Weekly exotic cache got me a bloody Pakhan!?
  22. (Ps4) Missing Exotic Caches and Reset
  23. PS4 Delta C-1-200
  24. PS4 cluster seeker mines
  25. PS4 npc with grenade icons
  26. Errors in Last Stand DLC, more space in box and more best equipaments.
  27. Exotic cache missing
  28. PS4 Survival - blocked from entering area
  29. PS4 New Alpha Bridge Glitch!
  30. predators mark bleed bugged
  31. PS4 Recovery Link not working in Last Stand when downed
  32. PS4 Broken Button Layout
  33. PS4 Military P416 Blueprint Bug
  34. PS4 RNG bugged??
  35. PS4 Bug: No weekly cache when finishing weeklies with crafting task and full inventory
  36. Lag...glorious lag
  37. (PS4) Division Echo Bugged General 14,16!!
  38. PS4 Double Ult's When Solo
  39. [PS4] Bug skills and shotguns
  40. PS4 Please fix bugs and lags.(from Japan)
  41. PS4 Lose MOD when the Loadouts is changed
  42. PS4 New scope sensitivity setting not working
  43. Ninja bike messenger bag, still dropping
  44. Skill bug still not fixed
  45. 1.6.1 Overview DPS bugged
  46. PS4 Performance Mods no longer work on D3-FNC (I believe this was unintended)
  47. PS4 1.6.1 did not fix anything! Here is the list of issues that was not addressed.
  48. Brooklyn Starting Area unplayable due to lag issues
  49. ninjabike messenger bag
  50. PS4 Error UNIFORM C-35-1272 Error in Survival
  51. Defibrilator First Aid Skill Not Reviving Players
  52. Shrapnel / Wildfire proc'ing on Neutral Players In The DZ
  53. PS4 Delta Error
  54. Fire Bullet glitch
  55. PS4 talent abilities - Evasive
  56. PS4 Underground unplayable as intended due to lag.
  57. beta code error during survival
  58. Playing from Sweden ends up on US server. Unplayable GAME..
  59. PS4 Loadouts Bug with Performance Mods?
  60. PS4 Brooklyn Lag Unplayable Test
  61. PS4 Bug list
  62. PS4 When is the rag bug of a shield and the defibrillator improved?
  63. PS4 Tactical Link Ignores Shield
  64. Nomad UI Bug
  65. PS4 Legendary Napalm is still Bugged...
  66. PS4 (Not seeing any vanity drops)
  67. I have video advice seekers are still broken
  68. Adept+mobile cover glitch
  69. PS4 Dark zone chests
  70. PS4 Legendary Times Square Bugged No Exotic Cache [PS4]
  71. Rapid Chest Piece; How do I test it?
  72. Can't access the last stand says purchase dlc - ps4
  73. PS4 Bug: No UG (Daily Challenge) assignment cache when doing assignments
  74. PS4 Moving to PC
  75. PS4 Premium Credits not credited to my account
  76. Grand Central Turret Bug
  77. Checking ubisoft account
  78. PS4 Constant errors "34878-0" for the past 2wks june 7 2017
  79. PS4 Last Stand Match Start Early After Maint.?
  80. PS4 First Aid Heal Delay
  81. PS4 1.6.1 Hit Registration Issues
  82. PS4 Stuck “in combat” with NPCs outside of the mission area after completing a mission
  83. PS4 Suppressors are inconsistent when suppressing the sound from the weapon
  84. PS4 Graphical Issues are still present with 1.6.1
  85. PS4 1.6.1 created more performance issues
  86. PS4 Veterans NPCs got buffed with 1.6.1
  87. Pulse not working
  88. PS4 Predatory talent bug don't proc in torrent kills
  89. weekly assigment problem
  90. New DZ Invisibility glitch. Please patch urgently
  91. [BUG] The Mall Landmark in DZ 07 wall glitch 1.6.1
  92. PS4 after trial purchase
  93. PS4 Jammed Servers NEED FIX ASAP - PS4
  94. PS4 About problems of patch 1.6.1DZ
  95. PS4 Defibrillator not procing
  96. weird looking characters
  97. Dz 7 the mall glitch
  98. Since i buy my ps4 pro last week im not able to play survival
  99. PS4 [ BUG ] Turret kills don't proc Predatory talent.
  100. PS4 PRO performance issues with 1.6.1 is it just me?
  101. PS4 Napalm Production Site gets stuck
  102. MASSIVE PLZ we've had enough of this
  103. PS4 Urban MDR Disappeared
  104. 100% Crit Chance Pulse ;)
  105. PS4 Copyright Disputes and YouTube
  106. Need help changing world tier!
  107. PS4 Game is gettin unplayable with each day..
  108. PS4 How I get Purchased items
  109. PS4 Survival Looting
  110. PS4 PS4 Pro Fan Noise
  111. PS4 Russian Consulate mission Challenging
  112. PS4 Backpack's stability and Holster's reload speed recalibration ranges
  113. PS4 A BUG report using PREDATORY
  114. Path of Nomad icon wont show
  115. 1.7 PTS for Console
  116. PS4 respawn in DZ
  117. PS4 SURVIVAL Module - not working, even when downloading correctly
  118. PS4 Losing ammo when logging on
  119. Bought Season Pass, Last Stand dont work.
  120. PS4 Textures and Loading Screens
  121. Skill glitched in Napalm Legendary
  122. PS4 PS4 PTS participation invitation & i cant confirm back
  123. PS4 Constant Lag !! Help here.
  124. PS4 The Division PS4 (Weekly Hunt Mission: Papa Squad Spawn/Wall Glitch)
  125. PTS on PS4 platform
  126. When we can play pst 1.7 in ps4?
  127. Underground
  128. Couldn't leave survival after killing hunters.
  129. PS4 PTS on ps4
  130. PS4 problem with line is not shown when i pick a place or
  131. Game unplayable after zooming out from scope (PS4)
  132. PS4 Underground rank error
  133. New Glitch
  134. PS4 Predatory not Proc'ing
  135. PS4 Have all the requirement for the PTS on PS4 and didn't receive the mail can you help?
  136. PS4 Met all requirements for PTS but didn't get a invite
  137. Hi, PTS HELP - I meet requirements and was not emailed a code.
  138. PS4 Ulti doesnt work correctly!
  139. Refugee camp mission
  140. PS4 Download issue - "Manhatten Content not available!
  141. PS4 PTS Invite
  142. PS4 Legendary missions
  143. PS4 Matchmaking (only) kicks in when making an other player group leader
  144. PS4 Sound Issues on the PS4
  145. PS4 Lots of Minors Bugs
  146. PS4 HELP !!!!! I have an exotic Bug problem
  147. Valkyrie and Striker
  148. Skills glitched when status effect in Napal
  149. Lonestar 1-shot in PTS needs nerf!
  150. PS4 Character moving while aiming down the sight in or out of cover
  151. PS4 Patch 1.6.1 skill bugged out, pls fix
  152. PS4 - Survival: Seriously still not fixed?
  153. PS4 I want to buy as expansions. ( Season Pass )
  154. PS4 We hope you will find the solution to this problem and vote for it
  155. PS4 Paid for the holiday pack
  156. PS4 Upper east side outfit pack
  157. Why nerf the defense set?
  158. Fix lag for crying out loud
  159. PS4 A way out PS 4 Game Trailer By | PS Games
  160. Dedicated servers (not)
  161. Premimum Credits (Need Help)
  162. Dragons nest bug 1.7
  163. PS4 Napalm Legendary Global Event disconnect
  164. PS4 Character Error/Can't log in
  165. recover data
  166. PS4 Not receiving Premium Credit
  167. PS4 PS4 Update 1.7 Audio Bugs and Audio Distortions
  168. PS4 PS4 First Aid Skill Jams Your Weapon Bug
  169. PS4 Update 1.7 Heal delay with First Aid is still present
  170. PS4 First Aid Defib Bug
  171. PS4 stuck at 99% after character selection
  172. PS4 Bolt Action Rifle Misfires?
  173. PS4 "Installing Manhattan"
  174. After 1.7 update, cannot get game to start-up.
  175. Playstation Leaderboards Bugged! Not Counting Global Event Tokens Per Hour!
  176. Hudson Refugee Camp Bug preventing NPC from coming out the door
  177. PS4 Missing Backpack Skin!
  178. After install 1.7 update, stuck in 99% loading.-PS4-
  179. classified issues, other things
  180. PS4 PS4 Patches bugged
  181. PS4 Granadier bug
  182. having account issues
  183. PS4 GE Assault Commendation
  184. PS4 Getting stuck in the emote wheel
  185. D3 bag
  186. PS4 Master Craftsman trophy - GLITCH??????
  187. PS4 Season Pass For The Division Purchased
  188. why is my account on trial mode I brought this game day one on march 8
  189. PS4 PS4 Global Event score incorrect
  190. PS4 [BUG] Commendation - Flawless UG
  191. PS4 Not getting the correct amount of mask.
  192. how much longer for a sniper rifle fix?
  193. shock nade and turret
  194. Global Event Calculation/Leaderboard is bugged...
  195. Blood money on Commendation
  196. PS4 LAG report 1.7
  197. No Rainbow 6 commendation if all characters are Lv 30
  198. Started playing today. Severe lag/drops barely 15 minutes into gameplay.
  199. PS4 Sticky Bomb (BFB) and Cluster Seeker mines doing no damage or disappearing
  200. PS4 Grenade Staggered Bug
  201. PS4 Support Station Issues
  202. PS4 Same patch as a reward for two commendations (Public Enemy One Patch)
  203. PS4 x1 Recalibrated Icon Not Visible For Classified Gear W/2x Recalibrated Talents
  204. PS4 we can't handle 4 bracket in dividion
  205. PS4 Flawless UG commendation fail!!
  206. PS4 Getting healed right before dying triggers "Unsafe" debuff, even if you don't go down
  207. PS4 Extra RPM Glitch Update 1.7 NEED FIX ASAP
  208. PS4 Delta C-2-229
  209. swapping to new ps4 hd
  210. PS4 PS4 Tactician's Authority and Skills bonuses are not being added
  211. PS4 Image frozing and flickering
  212. No downed state, just instant kill
  213. cant use medkits during shock nade or turret.
  214. Ban forever accounts to cheaters
  215. PS4 BAN this RPM hacker.
  216. Please, hurry up and replace the mask
  217. Stuck on environment in survival
  218. PS4 Those are the 10 Commendations that needs to be fixed / consolidated
  219. Delta 3X out of Legendary Warrrengate Flawless run
  220. Light zone boss issues
  221. GE Rewards
  222. Please can i know why i didn't get the chemist mask on ps4
  223. PS4 FLawless UG Commendation not working
  224. Why do allow comcast users speeds so slow. yet i can hot spot my cellphone at 500kb,
  225. Question about magazine rolls
  226. Legendary Napalm Production - Survive The Assault Bug
  227. PS4 Commendations (Bug)
  228. About GE event mask
  229. PS4 Disciplined Talent
  230. Rapid vest
  231. Hudson Yards: Kerman Station Door Bug
  232. another bug that didnt get be fix even on 1.7
  233. PS4: Recovery link did not activate after loading back into a game
  234. PS4 Stuck in a car
  235. Cannot connect since 1.7 Delta Error Video Link
  236. PS4 Season pass isn't detected by game
  237. Stuck at 99%
  238. Semi Auto weapon lags - Not just sniper rifles. Shotguns and MDR too.
  239. PS4 Don't see update 1.7 in the game options menu.
  240. Cant finish side mission - return to safehouse: turtle bay
  241. PS4 translation to other languages
  242. Is headshot damage broken? (Video demonstration inside)
  243. Nerf the fire turret
  244. PS4 wrong translation into the Czech language
  245. PS4 Another nasty trap in Survival
  246. PS4 Magazine size glitch when switching loadout
  247. Striker / Valkyrie bug
  248. Aim Assist
  249. Statistic glitch/bug
  250. [PS4] No Exotic Cache Loot dropped from Napalm mission