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  1. Xbox One emote menu coming up for no reason
  2. Xbox One Can't press B to climb over cover (bug report)
  3. Booted at incursion rewards
  4. Xbox One XBox One - Daily assignments not resetting since Thursday update
  5. Servers temporarily unavailable
  6. Xbox One cross-platform
  7. Did not receive compensation for the 26 days locked on the BP bug
  8. Missing last Phone recording and Survival Guide.
  9. Why is WarrenGate STILL bugged after weeks?
  10. Xbox One Vector accuracy talent bug
  11. Bug Report Lone star
  12. Xbox One Daily and Weekly Assignments completed on login
  13. Anyone know if stats problems fixed with 1.2 patch?
  14. Xbox One Bug report - Electronics store at 10th and W49th
  15. More bugs
  16. Cant interact with situation board
  17. DPS dropped after patch
  18. [xbox one bug daily HVT]
  19. DZ Brackets - Wrong GS?
  20. Xbox One Dark Zone Bracket Glitch
  21. Group Join Failed: Player is not available for grouping May 24. Patch 1.2
  22. Missing daily missions after 1.2 update
  23. Dark Zone Mismatch Problems
  24. Sentry's call Gear set bonus broken.
  25. Xbox One UI Graphic Issue
  26. one is none still not fixed,actually even worse
  27. Xbox One Missing character
  28. Can't Complete Base of Operations!
  29. Xbox One Submitted a ticket
  30. Major U/I issues
  31. Major graphics issues after 1.2 update
  32. search & destroy missions bugged
  33. Xbox One Can't play new content do to the "Missing Person:Michael Dufrane, Part 4" bug.
  34. Xbox One Bug: HVT cannot be started - a locked door
  35. Xbox One Clear Sky Mission Start New Member Can't Enter
  36. Xbox One - Missing Division Tech after 1.2 update
  37. Xbox One DPS or DMG dropped ramdomly
  38. Xbox One Reinstalling The DIvision
  39. Cdr. Kyros not spawning weekly HVT mission
  40. Xbox One Selling/Dismantling Item Issue
  41. Boss in Refueling Station in DZ03 does not take damage or fight back
  42. enemy won't come through door
  43. Xbox One Is Clear Sky working as intended???
  44. Xbox One Still can't unlock my Medical Wing to 100%
  45. Stuyvesant: The Ward safehouse S&D mission board issue
  46. Xbox One Lots of bugs discovered with patch 1.2.
  47. Booted during high profile target.
  48. Missions already completed on login
  49. Xbox One Kips Bay echo bug/glitch
  50. More maintenance..........
  51. Xbox One Daily/Weekly HVT Showing as Complete on Reset
  52. Xbox One Since Friday May 27m Maintenance - more issues
  53. [Xbox One] Delayed audio and repeating audio
  54. Xbox One Broken 40 point HVT Weekly
  55. Xbox One Very strange graphics issue
  56. Xbox One Mp-5 A$ Burst fire
  57. Xbox One Wrong item from vendor and DZ score bracket
  58. Unable to mark as junk
  59. Xbox One weekly High value target didn't reset
  60. Xbox One No Reward Given
  61. Xbox One Attention Admins I have to issues I need answers to please
  62. Game is completely broken for me since Friday 8pm EST
  63. Please try again. For some reason The Division took too long to start. (0x8027025a)
  64. No Rewards or Drops
  65. Reestock chest not working on one mission
  66. Xbox One DZ Bracket Matchmaking Problem
  67. Map issue and Intel issue
  68. Xbox One Xbox One NPCs grenading through walls
  69. Search and destroy bugged
  70. Xbox One missing items
  71. Xbox One [bug] Character screen stats showing results for both weapons, mixed within
  72. Xbox One W 49th and 10th Ave Electronic Parts glitched - infinite loading Loop - Video
  73. List of needed hotfixes
  74. Xbox One Why did Ubisoft make the game so lame now
  75. Xbox One weekly HTV connect error
  76. Falcon Lost - Kicked off group at Level 15
  77. Weekly ISAC Assignment Not Resetting
  78. The Division Dark Zone Bracket Glitch
  79. Xbox One Daily HVT's not resetting
  80. Xbox One Problems - Streaming - The Division Xbox One in Windows 10
  81. Xbox One Stuck on Emote Wheel
  82. Xbox One Micro Stutter
  83. UI bug showing up on Xbox now
  84. Xbox One Xbox exclusivity but PS4 gets patch 1st for UI? WTF!!
  85. Gold weapon tools not being dropped
  86. Xbox One Seek and Destroy sporadically unavailable
  87. Xbox One probleme bouclier anti emeute et autre competence
  88. Final Measure Bug
  89. Xbox One Lone Star Set, unable to fire after choosing a different gun from inventory
  90. Fix the latency
  91. Gold weapon tools not being dropped
  92. Issue Delta 20001014
  93. xbox one emote menu pops up randomly and cant move
  94. Question regarding latency that some are experiencing.
  95. Xbox One HVT/HRT not resetting properly
  96. Xbox One Game update for Xbox ... 2.1Gb today...
  97. Xbox One Issues pre UI patch and post UI patch Warren Gate + Map & Menu
  98. HVT Mission Rewards/ Boss Drops Issue
  99. Xbox One DZ not recognizing gear score
  100. Xbox One Search and Destroy - Situation Board Glitched
  101. Random Fire Damage/ Fire Tear Gas Grenade
  102. Xbox One Less than minimum recalibration and losing mod slot.
  103. Sound issue
  104. intial load screen freezes at 10%
  105. Xbox One Loot not sharable
  106. xbox one - mod slot +1 on gear but cannot put mod in it.
  107. Need options to increase fps at the sacrifice of visuals.
  108. Combat Medic causes Smart Cover to deactivate
  109. UPlay/Ubisoft Club bug
  110. Analogue dead zone setting not saving
  111. Dark zone gear score match making
  112. Issues with group chat
  113. Lone Star Bugged
  114. Xbox One Placed In The Wrong Dark Zone Bracket
  115. Xbox One Weekly HVT BUG
  116. Xbox One delay damage and instant death
  117. Issues with Matchmaking?
  118. Xbox One Game Pauses During Gameplay
  119. Xbox One Missing Mod Slot
  120. Fix Voice Chat!!!!!!
  121. stuck in weekly hvt mission
  122. Falcon Lost Weekly
  123. Xbox One Invisible Bosses
  124. Xbox One Bug Report(s) - Ballistic Shield
  125. Wrong weapon skin?
  126. Xbox One Load screen stuck at 9%
  127. Weekly Restock Bugged - DZ03 Weapons vendor Blueprints do not recycle
  128. Ubisoft! Please fix in game chat!!!
  129. Xbox One Not able to use Yellow Div Tech 2 characters
  130. Know No Fear Achievement will not unlock
  131. Search and Destroy Missions Not Working
  132. Xbox One First Aid and Pulse issues
  133. Xbox One Wrong Dark Zone
  134. Lost items in game
  135. Xbox One Repetitive Tutorial Messaging, Vocal Audio Issues and Achievement Bug Concerns
  136. Xbox One Friends can't see that i'm logged in in TD, but can see me in XBOX party setup
  137. Xbox One New to Xbox On Division but can't play, error Delta 20010187
  138. Missing characters after connection issues
  139. Game Won't Let Me Start it Up -- (Xbox One)
  140. Xbox One Invisible enemy (elite Riker on S&D mission)
  141. Invisible Players
  142. Deconstructing items from a mission are contaminated?
  143. Xbox One Delta 20010187
  144. Xbox One Lag?
  145. Xbox One unobtainable echo
  146. Xbox One Can't Pick Up Phone Recording [Kip's Bay] [PR Agency #3]
  147. Know No Fear Achievement will not pop FIX THIS!!!!
  148. Xbox One Lone Star day
  149. Xbox One Small underbarrel for pistol M45A1
  150. Xbox One My Incursion gear is bugged?
  151. Xbox One Character Delete Button Change
  152. My damage will be with you shortly
  153. HVT Area - "Return to coma... Return to base for HVT location." WTF?
  154. Xbox One I may be new, but aren't vendors suppose to restock?
  155. Xbox One Have downloaded and installed "Underground" but it didn't work.. What am I missing
  156. Xbox One can't open map
  157. Map issues
  158. #1109 in queue - and counting...
  159. Xbox One Broken game
  160. Xbox One Bug Maybe?
  161. Delta 20001082 error
  162. Xbox One Downloading the Update/DLC Remotely
  163. Is Season Pass one thing and DLC another?
  164. Xbox One Stuck In Underground
  165. Xbox One Phone Recording: Urban Explorer 5 can't pick up!
  166. DZ Issues
  167. Xbox One Losing character
  168. How did this DLC get through QC
  169. Xbox One What I think about Underground so far.
  170. Xbox One Delta Error, Delta Error, Delta Error, Delta Error, Delta Error, Delta Error
  171. Watching friends play
  172. Not able to get in the game
  173. Xbox One first mission in the underground not loading
  174. Xbox One Underground train will not start
  175. Xbox One You guys are so incapable in making a god dam game, for real?
  176. Xbox One error code DELTA 20001082
  177. Xbox One [Post 1.3 hotfix]
  178. Xbox One Game Breaking M1A shouldering glitch
  179. Xbox One Help please
  180. Xbox One Glitch...Glitch and more glitching in underground
  181. Xbox One Game keeps reloading when I retry a S&D mission after dying
  182. Xbox One Own Season Pass - Still Charged my credit card $14.99
  183. Xbox One Outside playable are
  184. I bought this game with all the DLC
  185. Police Acadamy daily mission (29th June - after update 1.3) lockup!
  186. Xbox One Echo still not unlocking
  187. Re-rolling PP-19 not working on any talent
  188. Xbox One 1-2 Second Stutter
  189. Xbox One Cannot exit underground mission if group leader leaves the group during the mission
  190. missing agents midtown east error
  191. Xbox One Game crashing now I can't play
  192. Xbox One {underground} Enemies getting stuck in spawn points again :mad:
  193. Wrong DZ bracket?
  194. Xbox One Firearms compared to Stamina/Electronics
  195. Can't complete Flatiron District S&D missions
  196. Xbox One the division
  197. Xbox One Kicked from Party Chat
  198. Xbox One : Several glitches experienced post 1.3 update... list
  199. You owe me $14.99
  200. GUI - Forgot something
  201. Xbox One named enemies on challenging/ heroic difficulty hudson camp level not dropping gear
  202. Texture / Player Model LOD fighting / clipping
  203. Massive frame rate lag or serve lag after 1.3
  204. Xbox One Alpha Bridge Gloves with NO Firearms/Stamina/Electronics?
  205. Xbox One Missing Agent - Aaron Keener - Out Of Zone Error - Reaching 6th Point
  206. Xbox One Map bug twice today
  207. General lag not in dark zone.
  208. Xbox One Missing NPCs since 1.3
  209. Xbox One I'm being ported back to safehouse near search and destroy mission areas
  210. Xbox One The underground dlc not showing mission secure quarantine center
  211. Xbox One Collectibles counter incorrect
  212. Xbox One Framerate Drop 100% Reproducible
  213. [Xbox One] Underground DLC Not recognizing my season pass
  214. Xbox One delta 20010187
  215. S&D drops ?
  216. [Bug] Returning to Death Location in NYC Teleports to Safe House
  217. Xbox One major lag underground 2 phases
  218. UG caches gear lvls
  219. About HVT bug...
  220. Delta Issue
  221. Xbox One map problem
  222. Xbox One Odd "Outside of Playable Area" Bug.
  223. Problem on PVE 8th Street
  224. No Mission Starter for Underground
  225. Unable to use mods on gearsets after patch 1.3
  226. Xbox One improved iron sights 3
  227. Xbox One "Down but never out" bug
  228. Xbox One Gone Spelunking achievement not popping
  229. Xbox One Consistent delta, mike etc
  230. Romeo Error Code
  231. kicked out
  232. Accessing the Map
  233. Xbox One "Out of playable area" Midtown East
  234. LAG - (Unplayable)
  235. Xbox One Underground Waste Not Want Not selected while not level 15 bug
  236. Xbox One Underground Mission without phase, npc's and not responsive after delta error logout
  237. Builds
  238. search and destroy
  239. Survival Guide 46
  240. Xbox One **** No Map for main character ****
  241. Xbox One I can not use my skills
  242. Xbox One Firearms Stats
  243. Glitched inside of Generator during 2 phase ops
  244. Xbox One Delta 20001082
  245. Redeemed agent origins code on PC and can't download add ons on Xbox
  246. :mad: Can't login Error code (Delta200010182)
  247. Falcon Lost Incursion change?
  248. Frame stutters in the dark zone
  249. Asia connection issues
  250. No map since launch of new content