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  1. Dissapearing gear
  2. Xbox One DPS stats numbers changes by it self - not showing correctly
  3. Character still missing
  4. Xbox One Daily Missions have not updated 20th April
  5. Xbox One Firearms Backpack Blurprint Mod Slot not working
  6. stuck fast traveling
  7. Xbox One Unable to load game since 1.1 patch stuck on 10%
  8. Missing characters NOT "resolved"
  9. Items extracted from the Dark Zone are...
  10. Xbox One Scope can't be destructed or sold + have 2 echos I can't activate.
  11. Xbox One Bugs bugs bugs
  12. No sound from AI, phone, radio, or cut scenes
  13. Xbox One bugs, plus something I've noticed
  14. xb1 dz rank reset to 01, was atleast 41 pre update
  15. Xbox One weapon stops firing with 1 round left in mag n wont reload
  16. Advanced weapon vendor
  17. Switch DZ instance
  18. Backpack bug not fixed! Missed finishing seventh daily mission with this problem
  19. Xbox One Nomad Talent not working
  20. Bugs: no echo and stuck on a ramp.
  21. Guns missing
  22. Missing support tickets!?
  23. DPS (of both weapons) Goes Down When Equipping new primary weapon?
  24. Sentry talent bug
  25. Xbox One Judder in Dark Zone
  26. Blueprint crafting issue.
  27. Xbox One Game is practically unplayable. Delta issue
  28. Xbox One Special gear vendor giving me wrong item.
  29. Xbox One No Dark Zone bag appearing on character after picking up contaminated item
  30. Stats and abilities keep dropping.
  31. Solution to Delta 20001004
  32. getting no phoenix won't credit
  33. The time for excuses is over, FIX THE PAUL RHODES TECH WING ISSUE NOW
  34. Menu glitch, revive glitch
  35. 2 Questions
  36. glitch safe experience inside the walls
  37. No other players in DZ.
  38. No DZ access
  39. Xbox One No friends show up in group management screen
  40. this game had such potential
  41. "Due to server errors, your characters are now locked"
  42. Xbox One Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint lock up
  43. Xbox One 90% security wing completion
  44. 150 phoenix credit reward not available at the BOO - could be linked to PC 1000 cap ?
  45. Xbox One daily mission
  46. Collectibles Glitch
  47. Xbox One turtle bay
  48. Xbox One Stuck on 90% Medical wing completion
  49. Crafting level 31 weapon mods
  50. Xbox One BoO ambient noise glitch
  51. Dark Zone Glitch
  52. Xbox One Gear Dissapearing
  53. Xbox One Lost dark zone level
  54. Xbox One Locked out of game due to backpack glitch, did not receive 500pxc as stated
  55. Xbox One Xbox One Issues List.
  56. Xbox One Missing item/items
  57. Achievements Stuck at 100% "Done! Unlocking..."
  58. Xbox One First startup crashes since update
  59. Xbox One Gear Score of 159 but getting put into 161+ bracket?
  60. Xbox One Sound dropping off in missions and DZ
  61. Crafting Bug
  62. Backpack Bug (Infinite Loop Bug) Rewards
  63. Xbox One Still has tons of bugs that make it borderline unplayable. I'm losing patience...
  64. Xbox One - Caught on fire for no reason
  65. Lagging so bad it's game breaking!
  66. echo not rewarding
  67. Xbox One Keep getting booted of the servers with the Delta error code 20001004
  68. Tonights Challenge mode mission Replay Daily Reward issue
  69. Controls fail alot
  70. Weapon Paint Camouflage
  71. Game Freeze
  72. Xbox One haven't gotten the 150 phoenix credit reward
  73. Character was wiped - When do we get our 500 PxC?
  74. Xbox One [BUG} Sentry's Call Harness +1 Mod Slot - Should have 0 (rerolled)
  75. Xbox One - enemy NPC combat chatter
  76. Second Character Problem
  77. Xbox One Recalibration Station Issue
  78. Broken echoes
  79. Got a delta error and now my character is gone. HELP!!
  80. DZ losses
  81. Rogues not appearing on minimap
  82. Xbox One Achievement Problem
  83. Xbox One Delta Error 20001004
  84. Xbox One No friends showing Online
  85. Xbox One, Incursion Issue
  86. still falling through floors, dieing in safe house
  87. Xbox One Several Issues
  88. Xbox One Fixed Freeze and Boot
  89. Xbox One Civilians Broken?
  90. Xbox One **highend rds scope blue print corrupt****
  91. Xbox One The Division Hide Your Quarantine Backpack Striker And Mask Bug. Please fix.
  92. character has just disappeared
  93. Xbox One Delay in the game..
  94. Xbox One Bought season pass but it appears to have applied to my PC copy, not XBOX One
  95. Xbox One Is it possible ban they users at all?
  96. Xbox One Glitched intell.
  97. Xbox One Weekly Assignment not being ticked once it has been done
  98. Xbox One - Black screen
  99. Kicked by group leader at end of mission
  100. Dark zone - stutter lag on Xbox one
  101. Xbox one Delta 20001004
  102. Xbox One Daily Assignments Crafting, Combat etc shows the completed runs from yesterday
  103. Xbox One Broadway Emporium - Delayed Mission Audio and Other Issues
  104. Rogues and glitches
  105. ontop of all the other bugs
  106. Lexington Challenge
  107. Xbox One Error code mike 20010186
  108. Xbox One Hudson yards side mission not able to turnin
  109. Xbox One Phoenix Credits Gone
  110. Rogue
  111. Primary dps secondary dps
  112. Incursion Grouping idea
  113. Xbox One Weapon Firing Stutter/Lag
  114. FAO UBI Staff / Massive staff
  115. Xbox One ininite ammo on headshots
  116. Xbox One Crates in BoO not being able to be collected.
  117. No Missions
  118. DZ Ranking mismatch
  119. Weekly strategic assignment not completing
  120. Stats bugged
  121. Refund for Digital game
  122. Falcon lost loop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  123. Xbox One Exclusive skin.
  124. Xbox One Xbox One Return to Gramercy Safe House error
  125. Crafting items not appearing in inventory
  126. Xbox One Glitch? - Vector talents affecting all weapons when equipped...
  127. Xbox One Bug. Darkzone (Glitch?)
  128. Can't start missions
  129. fast travel
  130. [Xbox One][Bug] Analog Dead Zone not saving.
  131. Falcon Lost and other complaints.
  132. No sound of gm
  133. Xbox One cant log back in to game
  134. 5 second DZ stutter
  135. Xbox One Got the wrong stats for a item I purchased! Please refund my DZ credits!!
  136. Xbox One crafted item not matching blueprint
  137. Disable mobile cover already!
  138. Xbox One Chat not working
  139. Xbox One Wrong Blueprint Added to Crafting Menu after purchase
  140. Xbox One Small RDS Scope HE Blueprint in BoO Vendor
  141. Xbox One BUG: Missing medical wing credits to finish upgrade
  142. Xbox One Dark Zone Stutter
  143. Can't call them dailies.
  144. Xbox One Daily Missions and Delta/Mike Errors
  145. Xbox One I have problems to get this bug ECO
  146. Xbox One I have problems to get this bug ECO
  147. Xbox One Just recieved 'Due to server errors your characters are currently locked'
  148. Xbox One Did I just loose my charcter?
  149. no weekly 214 .
  150. Xbox One Incursion Challenging No Weekly Reward
  151. Stats changing for no reason (with link to video)
  152. Class Action
  153. Xbox One Unable to collect two echoes in Hell's Kitchen
  154. Xbox One DPS issue
  155. Xbox One 2 Echos won't count - to complete fully set.
  156. The darkzone is broken
  157. Xbox One Cannot update my Medical Wing to 100%
  158. Xbox One Error code Romeo 10590100
  159. Xbox One couldn't complete Challenge mode Russian Consulate
  160. Changing gamertag
  161. They're in the walls....
  162. last update
  163. police academy freeze
  164. Game Chat/Proximity Chat still not working
  165. Missing items again
  166. May 2nd character data gone on xbox
  167. Xbox One Xbox One Falcon Lost Incursion Weekly Challenging Reward
  168. Incursion weekly rewards
  169. Teal Skin Dissapeared
  170. Xbox One Game Startup
  171. Gear set bug!!!
  172. Xbox One Did not receive free Phoenix Credits
  173. Xbox One Bug, glitch or WTF? Disappearing rogue agent?
  174. Falling through the ground
  175. Xbox One Weapon Parts Bug
  176. Xbox One 3 Echoes not loading - stopping achievement
  177. Xbox One Constant lag problems
  178. Xbox One Looking forward to Update 1.2
  179. Reguon
  180. Xbox One Character deleted
  181. Stuck in a grain of sand, can't pass trough door opening
  182. Xbox One Falcon Lost - Rewards Issue
  183. Players Glitching in Wall in the Darkzone
  184. Can't play warrengate.
  185. All my Gear is now useless WTF?
  186. Lost mod
  187. Xbox One Real DPS?!!!!!!!!!!!!
  188. Lincoln Tunnel talk to Roy Benitez checkpoint
  189. Xbox One Sound missing out
  190. Xbox One Inventive Backpack Talent Bugged
  191. Micro Stutter only in the DarkZone
  192. Missing character. WHEN is the fix coming
  193. Small RDS scope blueprint
  194. Pathfinding broken
  195. Xbox One Having to reclaim outfit from vendor again after playing from a different xbox
  196. Xbox One ammo crate broken
  197. Bug that cost me a 3 hour mission
  198. Xbox One Sticky Bomb Bugs
  199. Incursion missing loot
  200. mod slot unavailable
  201. [Bug][Xbox One] Cannot switch weapons when comparing while in stash UI
  202. Xbox One Tactician's Authority gear set bonus not working in groups
  203. Stuck at filter Level 03, medical wing stays at 90%
  204. Bug I've experienced
  205. Xbox One Intel glitch
  206. Xbox One Missing/Broken Loot&Lootables Locations
  207. More bugs
  208. Xbox One unable to remove mods
  209. concerned and not fixing the problems that NEED to be fixxed the most
  210. Xbox One Missing Weapon from Inventory
  211. Xbox One The division drop rate bug
  212. keep getting mike and delta errors
  213. missing character since may 2nd...no ubisoft support
  214. Xbox One Never Received Weekly Reward On Challenge Mode Incursion
  215. Missing Inventory items continue
  216. Surround Sound Bug - BoO background noise stuck on wherever I go
  217. Xbox One ranking down
  218. Bug: Dead zone setting is not saved
  219. Gear not showing correct stats...
  220. Missing Clothing [Purchased Clothing]
  221. Xbox One Agent Diaries achievement not unlocking
  222. Missing blueprint?
  223. Character deleted, what now?
  224. Xbox One Falcon Lost Bugs
  225. Missing character still persists ...no refund??
  226. Playlist of funny rogue kills and some good skill (luck)
  227. Xbox One Can't see weapons stats because right analog stick scrolls back up when I let go.
  228. Xbox One Mobile Cover Misplacement or Missing if Not Looking at User When Placed - Detailed
  229. No gear showing up
  230. Not understanding bullet damage vs negation
  231. Xbox One Crafting question - DMG stats lower than advertised minimum.
  232. Xbox One No Mod Slot On A Set Holster Which States I Should Have One?
  233. after the april update..
  234. Xbox One Dismantle Problem - Bug?
  235. Refunds being denied thru Xbox digital download
  236. XB1- DZ02 Sports store frame rate/ game freeze or crash
  237. Missing Backpack bug compensation
  238. Wall hackers XBOX one
  239. Xbox One Hack-Cheat Killer in DZ 1
  240. Xbox One Xbox One Bug: Healing with combat medic talent breaks your teams smart cover
  241. Extreme Low Frame Rate Performance
  242. Help with Echo's
  243. General Assembly ( Daily )
  244. Xbox one micro stutter constantly each 4 or 5 sec. only in DZ.
  245. Xbox One Hosts kicking all players to allow friends to join for challenging rewards!
  246. HVT and Michael dufrane
  247. Xbox One Return to Murray Hill Safe House
  248. Glitches in Gameplay Over The last week
  249. Deleted Character
  250. Xbox One Daily Assignments Completed After Reset