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  1. Xbox One Rewards Claim Scope Mods Stuck in Inventory!
  2. Xbox One Locked out of my own base?
  3. Bugged Encounter (Hostage Rescue)
  4. Xbox one - multiple severe bugs complete freeze
  5. Xbox One Tutorial Upgrade Wing/Unknown Signal Glitched
  6. Xbox One Problems with the season pass and gear sets.
  7. Anyone having issues with randomly not being able to shoot, pick up items, etc ?
  8. Xbox One Missing Mission Bug issue
  9. Xbox One Support Station duration remains unchanged
  10. Xbox One THE DIVISION- Xbox One Issue- Side Missions not working.
  11. Xbox One Dark Zone Vendor Restock Timer
  12. Xbox one agent won't load
  13. Xbox One Return to camp hudson bugged
  14. Tenderloin Supply Acquisition encounter doesn't trigger
  15. game acting glitchy
  16. Jumping jacks SOUNDS like a chain link fence
  17. Virus Progress Report 5 bug
  18. Can't compare items at all!
  19. Xbox One Gold Edition Gear Not Install
  20. Trouble with base at base operations
  21. bug in dz
  22. Incessant Beeping
  23. Trouble with filter level
  24. Xbox One Delta 20000984
  25. Xbox One Unable to Collect Echo [w21st]
  26. Title: [Xbox One]. Scarecrow disappearing (Police Academy mission)
  27. are servers still down?
  28. Can't Finish Level 30
  29. Echo bugs
  30. Havent gotten my Agent Origins gears/ Stuck on "Tutorial: Upgrade Wing"
  31. Scope will not stay attached to Scar-H after swapping primary weapons
  32. Xbox One No code for hazmat suit digital preorder
  33. Xbox One Unable to do napalm mission
  34. drone problem
  35. Constant ringing in play sounds
  36. Xbox One Missing agents missing intel location
  37. Why does my EXP keep dropping in my regular Rank
  38. [XBOX ONE] Can't complete a specific side mission
  39. Xbox One Lost alot of high end gear
  40. Failing encounters due to enemies not arriving
  41. Intel locations not unlocked on map? Anyone else having this problem?
  42. Murray Hill Arms Deal Bugged
  43. Michael Dufrane mission bugged
  44. Didn't revive purchased item from advanced weaponry vendor the division
  45. [BUG] NPCs are witches! Floating/hovering/bugged animations.
  46. [Bug] Respawn in Napalm Production Site mission.
  47. Game won't start
  48. I give up. Unresponsive controls and connections errors. I tried EVERYTHING
  49. Xbox One Stuyvesant Echo Bugged
  50. No comms dialogue or movement sounds playing.
  51. Intel items
  52. Headset problems
  53. Xbox One Filter Level not correctly being leveled....
  54. Xbox One Bugged phone and Echos
  55. Tech wing bug/glitch
  56. Xbox One Profile Data lost (keep losing my gold stuff)
  57. Xbox One Can I get these back?
  58. Empty Dark Zone
  59. Group chat issues
  60. Tenderloin bugs
  61. [Xbox one] Dark Zone Screen Artifacts
  62. Xbox One Having trouble with Side Mission!!
  63. Xbox One headset doesn't work at all
  64. A few Xbox one bugs
  65. Delta 20000984
  66. Xbox One Sawed-Off Shotgun reloading bug
  67. Xbox One Problem with Classic M44 Carbine Scope
  68. Xbox One Micro Stutter In The DZ!
  69. Self heal bug with highend equipment
  70. Annoying Digital Noise Everywhere
  71. Missing season pass exclusive item packs
  72. Xbox One Pistol constantly reloading
  73. [BUG] Weapon Reloading
  74. BUG Xbox one. The actual bug that needs fixed.
  75. Xb1 DZ stutter
  76. Xbox One Bug: Cant interact with AI
  77. Tenderloin ECHO won't collect (Near W 21st St / 6th Ave)
  78. Xbox One (BUG) Tutorial: quit game while waiting in queue to enter full game for first time
  79. Xbox One After Auto Matching in Dark Zone Earphone Sound Crash
  80. Unable to Activate Virus Scanners
  81. Xbox One Stuck in logging screen
  82. gameplay issues
  83. Leaving Dark Zone
  84. Xbox One - Multiple issues
  85. Cant pick up echo
  86. Xbox One Still unable to connect to server
  87. Dark Zone Stutter Lag Ubisoft Respond?
  88. Tutorial: Upgrade wing (broken)
  89. Xbox One Game won't start
  90. every 10 steps booted from the server
  91. Missing person echo Judy Walters Part 4 Glitched. Cant pick it up.
  92. Xbox One GPS Line Not Appearing
  93. Stats not Changing?
  94. Xbox One [BUG] BB-8 Roller Ball Mine not functioning correctly
  95. Xbox One Cannot complete Return to base of Operations
  96. Audio wont play when I pick up collectibles and wont play manually
  97. Xbox One the division don't work on xbox
  98. Xbox One Broken darkzone mechanics
  99. Not enough supplies to finish any wings
  100. Xbox One Player stats not making sense when equipping new gear/gear mods?
  101. Loot disappearing bug report
  102. Xbox One Axels Bounty
  103. Game breaking bug
  104. Xbox One (WORK-AROUND) Error Delta 20010186
  105. Stuck at Lexington Event Center
  106. Xbox One XBOX ONE Keep getting logged off for no reason Please I need help
  107. Agent Origins clothes still bugged?
  108. Cant communicate in DZ
  109. [Bug] PvP Sticky Bomb bug?
  110. [Bug] Dark Zone Heavy Gunner Freezes Up.
  111. Echo glitch bug
  112. Xbox One Items marked as JUNK disappearing
  113. Xbox One Stuck on "Connecting" Screen
  114. Rogue cheaters and sheild not working
  115. Incorrect weapon stats happen when switching weapons in inventory as well
  116. Intel issues
  117. Getting ERROR Meaasge REMEO
  118. Xbox One Story Narration Not Working
  119. Xbox One [BUG] Restock Stuck/Couldn't Move
  120. Seeker Mine Cluster Mod Error
  121. Xbox One Game freezing and crashing to home screen! Still!!!
  122. First Aid Talent Not working
  123. Xbox One Bandwidth?!?
  124. Bugged Achievement
  125. Xbox One Exclusive Content - Agent Origins code
  126. Xbox One WORKAROUND for missing person missions.
  127. Xbox One [BUG] Bug in the general assembly mision
  128. Xbox One Bug on stash
  129. Xbox One Are the scopes working for you?
  130. server error delta code
  131. Xbox One Michael Dufrane Echo 3 bug
  132. People still having connection issues (input lag,disconnects). How old is your Xbox?
  133. Hazmat Pack
  134. Xbox One In game communication issues - voip
  135. Xbox One Tactical Advance Bug
  136. Xbox One Bug: No orange line/tracker for quest
  137. Lost dlc when i removed the beta off my hdd
  138. Account Temporarily Unavailable
  139. Xbox One Done all missing agents but jacket wont unlock
  140. Xbox One Dark Zone NPC's Shoot Through Wall
  141. Xbox One Auto Shotgun glitch
  142. Xbox One BUG: Vector sub machine gun magazine size
  143. Xbox One BUG: ISAC Dialogue Backlogging
  144. Xbox One "AGENTORIGiNS" code
  145. Delta 2000644
  146. Achievements already glitched
  147. Xbox One You get my hundred dollars for your "Gold Edition"
  148. Still missing items from rewards vendor
  149. Xbox One State Of The Art achievement is glitched
  150. sound issue for mg's
  151. FAL sound is buggy
  152. PS4 Season Pass
  153. Voip giving out my ip address????
  154. phoenix credits LOST! how to get them back?
  155. Xbox One Character Cannot Move - Stuck with Emote Wheel
  156. Xbox One Can't pick up ECHO General #03, it won't unlock and can't unlock Skillz achievement
  157. Xbox One Broken camera angles - y'all gotta fix this!
  158. Xbox One Hazmat Pack
  159. Lost 2 HE weapons just fast traveling to a group.
  160. Xbox One Subway Morgue Mission Elevator bug
  161. [Xbox One] Hairstyle goes through certain hats
  162. Colorblind mode needs fixing.
  163. Xbox One Michael Dufrane Part 04 Side Mission Bug
  164. ECHO recording bug
  165. My gear has disappeared
  166. Xbox One Taunts Menu Glitch
  167. Xbox One Stuck on Connecting Screen
  168. So many glitches for pistol and shield
  169. Xbox One player data gone
  170. Game crashes and glitches
  171. Xbox One Xbox One bugs i have noticed
  172. Xbox One Revive Bug
  173. Xbox One Russian Consulate Server Room Door locked
  174. Xbox One Cannot re download Agent origins Contents after delete from console
  175. Xbox One BUG on STASH / BACKPACK - cant retrieve or deconstruct items
  176. Pre order season pass
  177. Xbox One Lost my Mission or Objective Line
  178. Xbox One I only have 2 echos to collect but it wont let me pick up them up judy walter
  179. Xbox One No Rewards Upon Completing Daily Mission
  180. Xbox One Can't shoot with ballistic shield
  181. Xbox One Subway Morgue Daily Loads before completion
  182. Xbox One BUG: Agent not rendering on inventory screen
  183. Xbox One Weapon Talent Not Activating
  184. Unable to re-download Agent Origins gear
  185. Xbox One AGENTORIGINS gear not showing up.
  186. Xbox One Equiped weapons are glitched
  187. Xbox One
  188. Xbox One Echo Bug W21st / 6th Ave and E 32nd / 2nd Ave
  189. Echo not able to be picked up
  190. Xbox One DLC items not available from Vendor
  191. Insufficient Funds!
  192. Xbox One GroundHog Day !!!!
  193. Xbox One Michael Dufrane Second Echo
  194. Xbox One Delta 20000984 Error Help
  195. Xbox One Ballistic Shield Bug
  196. 2 weapons erased and attachments from fast travel
  197. Climb/vault not working.
  198. CBT and OBT Rewards Locked
  199. Dz constant freezing and frame drop
  200. Agent origins code for XB1 when used states its already redeemed.
  201. Possible Solution to Delta Error and others.
  202. Xbox One Falling through the map.
  203. Xbox One I have no medkits and it says I'm full
  204. Xbox One Michael Dufane, Part 4 (Side Mission) is Glitched and cannot be completed
  205. Help
  206. Romeo error for a week
  207. Xbox One DPS Read Out is Bugged
  208. Game constantly crashing
  209. Xbox One BUG: "Amherst's Apartment" progress uncredit, cannot unlock Intel and Wing Upgrade
  210. migrate character to new xbox live account
  211. Origins code
  212. Xbox One United We Stand Achievement not unlocking!
  213. Xbox One Mobile Cover game crash
  214. Xbox One Seeker Mine Issue
  215. Frame rate drops in dz
  216. What's the point?
  217. Firearms seems to be stuck on 535?
  218. Electronics Attribute Update Error
  219. Loss of Audio and Vibration Functionality for Primary Equipped Weapons
  220. Xbox One Dark Zone: Treated as Rogue while not Rogue
  221. Xbox One Problem with deleted Agent Origins clothing being un-installed
  222. Character not loading
  223. Bug: Uncollectable Intel
  224. Can't download Agen Origins Outfits
  225. Xbox One Getting kicked right before challenge mode boss death
  226. [BUG] Game freezes in missions with other players!
  227. Col Bliss "Incoming Missile" alarm stuck on. Persists through logout and back in.
  228. Stuck in Brooklyn... >:(
  229. [Xbox One] - Audio Error - Incorrect Ladder Climbing Sound
  230. Missing DZ gear
  231. Xbox One Crafting stat mix-up
  232. Raid the Arsenal achievement not unlocking
  233. Xbox One need help for lootable object in clinton
  234. Xbox One Shortbows Weapon Skin
  235. Xbox One bug with menu
  236. [BUG - Dark Zone] Players Unable To Extract, March 16th, 2016
  237. cant fully upgrade security and tech wings?
  238. Xbox One Can't pick up the Echo in Tenderloin off W 21st
  239. Hits not registering and registering late, enemy and ally lag
  240. Murray Hill Safe House
  241. Delta 20000984
  242. [XB1] Echo Problem at 473 - 1920
  243. Weapon lost from inventory and crafting materials gone
  244. Character Data Corrupted
  245. High end gear disappearing from inventory after logging on
  246. Issue with BoO graphics and NPCs and main missions/dailies
  247. Xbox One Micro Stutter in Dark Zone
  248. Help! I lost my character due to a server error?
  249. Xbox One SMG and NPC banter audio bug.
  250. Xbox One Field Data glitches: Achievements unobtainable