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  1. 1.7 pts invite recieved but no code sent?
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  6. Xbox One Missing Character
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  8. Delta Error - C-1-200
  9. Heals
  10. HUD Support Station Visuals Glitched
  11. Didn't get my clown mask
  12. Unknown signal
  13. Lost loot
  14. No surrender/falcon lost commendation bug
  15. Xbox One global event leaderboards
  16. Leave No One Behind, No Surrender, No Retreat bug
  17. Xbox One Falcon Lost's No Surrender Commendation
  18. Xbox One Didn't get my clown mask
  19. No surrender commendation
  20. Xbox One Lexington Progression Bug
  21. No Tier 3 Chemist mask?
  22. Xbox One Unable to pick up currency drops
  23. Xbox One Clear Sky Global Event 2, heals on the ground
  24. Xbox One Smart Cover Recharger and Ammo Cache skills are both bugged
  25. Did not get key after confirmed platform
  26. Banshee 4p talent glitched?
  27. Xbox One Last Stand Matchmaking - AUS / NZ
  28. HUGE lag spikes
  29. Xbox One Loud buzz followed by disconnect from game
  30. Same problem, every day kicked from last stand
  31. Classified Gear drops in the Open World
  32. Nomad, rapid chest piece, and other stuff
  33. Xbox One Sniping freezes games in last stand when scoped in
  34. PTS 1.8 Dark Zone feedback
  35. kicked from LS
  36. Xbox One Arabic language version in US?
  37. Xbox One Jtf and civilian bug
  38. npc climing and wallking thru walls bug
  39. Xbox One cant get on the 1.8 pts server
  40. PTS 1.8 has stopped working on Xbox as of 10-27-17
  41. lost items after open caches
  42. Manhunt kills not counting.
  43. Xbox One game performance in Last Stand
  44. fix servers and game lag
  45. No Maintenance Again...So Is This Cheating Or Lag???
  46. Xbox One Ubisoft Please Read -- Purchased DLC not available.
  47. Dead agents don't show up in Survival. Is there a trick to it?
  48. Xbox One Can't restock ammo, use latters, vault over objects or take cover
  49. Xbox One Xbox One X - Project Scorpio edition Division unplayable, graphics & connection issue
  50. Emote Wheel Pop Up
  51. xbox one X game graphics error and crashes.
  52. Xbox One Napalm legendary bug
  53. Xbox One Delta c-0-1279