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  1. Ummm someone tell me how to.............
  2. HUD Settings - Auto Hide is not working
  3. 1.7 pts invite recieved but no code sent?
  4. Xbox One Xbox One - No Rewards After Daily/Weekly HVT Missions
  5. Grenades prematurely explode!
  6. Xbox One Game Audi Glitch
  7. Xbox One Issue with my "recorded progress" after uninstalling game data
  8. Xbox One Missing Character
  9. Xbox One Server delay or lag
  10. Delta Error - C-1-200
  11. Heals
  12. HUD Support Station Visuals Glitched
  13. Didn't get my clown mask
  14. Unknown signal
  15. Lost loot
  16. No surrender/falcon lost commendation bug
  17. Xbox One global event leaderboards
  18. Leave No One Behind, No Surrender, No Retreat bug
  19. Xbox One Falcon Lost's No Surrender Commendation
  20. Xbox One Didn't get my clown mask
  21. No surrender commendation
  22. Xbox One Lexington Progression Bug
  23. No Tier 3 Chemist mask?
  24. Xbox One Unable to pick up currency drops
  25. Xbox One Clear Sky Global Event 2, heals on the ground
  26. Xbox One Smart Cover Recharger and Ammo Cache skills are both bugged
  27. Did not get key after confirmed platform
  28. Banshee 4p talent glitched?
  29. Xbox One Last Stand Matchmaking - AUS / NZ
  30. HUGE lag spikes
  31. Xbox One Loud buzz followed by disconnect from game
  32. Same problem, every day kicked from last stand
  33. Classified Gear drops in the Open World
  34. Nomad, rapid chest piece, and other stuff
  35. Xbox One Sniping freezes games in last stand when scoped in
  36. PTS 1.8 Dark Zone feedback
  37. kicked from LS
  38. Xbox One Arabic language version in US?
  39. Xbox One Jtf and civilian bug
  40. npc climing and wallking thru walls bug
  41. Xbox One cant get on the 1.8 pts server
  42. PTS 1.8 has stopped working on Xbox as of 10-27-17
  43. lost items after open caches
  44. Manhunt kills not counting.
  45. Xbox One game performance in Last Stand
  46. fix servers and game lag
  47. No Maintenance Again...So Is This Cheating Or Lag???
  48. Xbox One Ubisoft Please Read -- Purchased DLC not available.
  49. Dead agents don't show up in Survival. Is there a trick to it?
  50. Xbox One Can't restock ammo, use latters, vault over objects or take cover
  51. Xbox One Xbox One X - Project Scorpio edition Division unplayable, graphics & connection issue
  52. Emote Wheel Pop Up
  53. xbox one X game graphics error and crashes.
  54. Xbox One Napalm legendary bug
  55. Xbox One Delta c-0-1279
  56. Sound distortion
  57. First Aid Issues
  58. Season pass
  59. Loading into patch notes
  60. Delta C-0-1296
  61. Xbox One camp clinton mission is broken
  62. Xbox One Can't play the "free" dlcs
  63. Xbox One camp clinton mission is broken
  64. Xbox One Underground daily OPs not counting for weekly assignment
  65. first aid heal takes even longer now
  66. last stand and skermish game match selection iscreen is too small!
  67. Xbox One no 1.7 update why not
  68. Xbox One Loading into patch notes
  69. xbox one X game graphics error and crashes.
  70. Huge stutter after scoping in resistance mode!
  71. New support station bug?
  72. Xbox One No global events
  73. Recovery link vs respawning time
  74. Items are disappearing
  75. New patches are not avaliable if you already finish commendation in 1.7
  76. Support station gamebraking bug
  77. 5+ Hunter UG Commendation Bug
  78. striker count down
  79. Unplayable when reaching Manhattan
  80. Xbox One XBox One "One Mans Trash" counter not registering
  81. Xbox. DZ general game play
  82. Xbox. No direction line showen.
  83. Xbox One Easy Question on PvP
  84. Xbox One found some bugs
  85. Underground Daily - counting incorrectly
  86. Glitch regarding wearable patches
  87. grenade bug? cooldown even if i didnt use it.
  88. Known Issues List [Updated: February 13th, 2018]
  89. [IMPORTANT] Expansion Stash Problems In skirmish Ubisoft please fix!!!!!
  90. Xbox User Named and Shamed
  91. Expansion bug/dlc
  92. Underground Weekly Assignment Error
  93. DELTA c-0-1296 but my friends are online and my internet has 2 ping???
  94. Texture issue in the underground?
  95. Bought physical copy, can't load my free weekend character.
  96. Sad player :(
  97. Xbox One Enter Last Stand at Camp Clinton, Exit at Terminal
  98. XB1 Crashes
  99. Lexington making game freeze
  100. "Lost Signal" incursion not available
  101. Xbox One Can't sellect hard mode on Times Square Power Relay
  102. Xbox One Game Freezing. No Delta code
  103. Mike Error
  104. Can't play PvP because I can't clear expansion stash tab
  105. Season pass owned - Last stand locked.
  106. Xbox One The Manhunted Comm is bugged
  107. Security Officer
  108. Xbox One Free faction weapon skins from watching TD Twitch stream
  109. Unplayable
  110. 4k Plans for Xbox One X
  111. Investigate Camp Clinton
  112. Xbox One Global event officer not tracking mission
  113. Ge
  114. Xbox One mic not working in the DZ - works in checkpoints
  115. Xbox One - Can't use abilities and mobs don't correctly interact
  116. GE leaderboard tier 2 reward
  117. No Masks From Event
  118. Xbox One Gear Score Resetting
  119. Xbox One I can't play Skirmish
  120. Stuck at connecting after character select
  121. Underground Weekly Reward broken
  122. Nomad
  123. Game crashed and lost character. No error message
  124. Bug: Secret Mission, weapon recalibration
  125. Expansion Stash Problems!
  126. BUG (Active Sensor Turret)
  127. Underground not working in Season Pass
  128. XB1 Classified reclaimer main stat
  129. Missing gun (The House)
  130. Underground Missions Bugged
  131. Mike c-25-414
  132. Xbox One Warrengate Power Plant Legendary - Bugged
  133. Problem with update after trial
  134. Question about Xbox One X support
  135. Gear Optimization NOT STAYING ON GEAR
  136. Items were Stuck in Stash, now missing
  137. Not able to call in an extraction in the DZ
  138. Xbox One Delta Error C-1-200
  139. Xbox One Resistance exploit on every console
  140. Xbox One Can't Matchmake since the World Tier Update (Nearly going on a year)
  141. skills bugging out
  142. Survival 1.8 scenery bug
  143. Missing a Classified Predator mask after it was shared.
  144. Boss invisible on Police Academy
  145. Xbox One GPS not appearing at DZ
  146. inventory and loadout issues
  147. Xbox one x graphics problem
  148. Underground intel
  149. shock turret cancels my survival link
  150. Xbox One Potential Visual, Inventory, or Loadout Bug
  151. Xbox One Commendation patches bugged from GE?
  152. Game Breaking Bug !! Invincibility Glitch
  153. (2nd Post) Possible Nomad Invincibility Glitch (Video)
  154. Manhunt Glitch Infinity back to Manhunt level 5
  155. Xbox One Disconnection Glitch: No DZ loot after reconnecting
  156. No Exotic Caches for Legendary Mission??
  157. Xbox one X enchanced
  158. Xbox One Please help,I deleted my character by mistak
  159. Bug: bumble bee weapon skin not dropping
  160. Xbox One X release?
  161. Xbox One Lost my Season Pass after reinstalling the game
  162. Xbox One Resistance Level Error
  163. Xbox One The Division locks up with a loud buzzing noise
  164. Bug: Immunizer not stopping bleed from Pred Mark
  165. BUG: Emotes menu appears in combat
  166. DLC (outfits) Fixed Yet?
  167. Xbox One Please Help - Warlord Missing with video
  168. Xbox One Controller lag or the game?
  169. Xbox One Rogue Toggle
  170. Xbox One Hello Darkness my old Friend
  171. Sound bug after surviving manhunt
  172. Xbox One Quitting underground game.
  173. GE Started, but game keeps freezing
  174. Kneel purchased emote missing?
  175. Xbox One tankk
  176. Xbox One All my saved data is lost
  177. Alphabridge 6 piece bug
  178. Character missing
  179. C-0-1296 error
  180. Missing Vanity Items
  181. Bug with sticky bomb and Lexington Event Centre
  182. The Division - Xbox One - Cannot play the game
  183. Recommandation événement mondial
  184. Xbox One Lload out items missing
  185. Classified gear drop or lack of drop
  186. Glitched character outfits
  187. Just give me my money back! GLOBAL EVENTS RUBBISH!
  188. Appearance Hockey out fit is missing?
  189. Unable to collect ammo
  190. Xbox One missing weapon skins
  191. XB1 GE Leaderboards
  192. severe lag and recurrent delta errors
  193. Constant annoying beeping noise?
  194. Completing encounters and side missions in a zone - can't hand in to safe house
  195. Finally Got The House Then Ubi Took It Away
  196. Xbox One Monthly tier 3 caches where are they??
  197. Xbox One Xbox One X freeze
  198. cronusmax mod
  199. Xbox One The Division - All Skills Locked Out
  200. Did not receive reward for completing Falcon Lost incursion for first time
  201. Xbox One The Division - Weapon Skin DLC
  202. Glitched echoes
  203. Missing classified gear even after logging out and back in
  204. Xbox One Alpha Bridge Health Regen does not proc in PvP
  205. Bug
  206. Xbox One Waypoints set by group leader won't show for team members in DZ
  207. UI Stash Bug
  208. Disappearing Items in Inventory
  209. Xbox One Division credits are gone
  210. Healing Delay! Healing Delay! Can you acknowledge the healing delay already!
  211. Bug List [Underground/OpenWorld/Dark Zone] and suggestions
  212. Rng in dallas ft worth area
  213. Visual effects go crazy, graphics distort and crash game.
  214. Aim
  215. more bugs
  216. Xbox One الاشتباك ما تشتغل معي the division
  217. Xbox One Delta error
  218. Have requirements for Secret Mission but SHD isn't showing up for me
  219. Severe lag XBOX
  220. The Tourist Commendation
  221. previously purchased add-ons (Last Line, Survival, Underground) are not available
  222. Recurrent severe lag (XBOX)
  223. Xbox One Small invisible barrier
  224. Xbox One Stuck in Steps
  225. Xbox One Invisible Enemy
  226. Xbox One Sound Glitch
  227. Xbox One Ammo Box Bug
  228. Xbox One NPC stuck behind door
  229. Xbox One Escaping NPC
  230. New issue with the division
  231. Xbox One DZ leader board questions
  232. Xbox One Sticky Wall
  233. Xbox One NPC in wall
  234. Times square legendary glitch
  235. Classified drops
  236. Global events
  237. The Furnace
  238. GPS Not Showing
  239. Xbox One Emote Wheel Pop
  240. Xbox One The Contaminated Event No NPC'S
  241. proof that shock and status effect cancels survival link
  242. Xbox One Season Pass
  243. Xbox One Character Fell Down Stairs
  244. Xbox One Character Stuck Shooting
  245. Xbox One The Opera Failes TO Complete
  246. Xbox One How does one get a marked headshot for the GE outbreak?
  247. GE Commendation Bug
  248. Bugged blueprint: 229 GS Military P416 from Camp Clinton is ACTUALLY an Enhanced ACR!
  249. Xbox One Cronusmax
  250. GE Boss Kills.. No Mask