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  1. MIKE C-25-414 unable to play
  2. Xbox One Signature Skills
  3. Xbox One UG bugged missions still
  4. Pulse Showing Above 60% Crit Chance
  5. Queens tunnel camp bad lag
  6. Bug Adrenalin Talent
  7. Xbox One DLC content not available to Season pass holders?
  8. [Bug] Turret Cooldown Begins on Deployment not Detonation of Skill
  9. Xbox One Xbox One D3-FNC reticle/hipfire bug
  10. Game is Crashing. Nobody can Play. Cannot get on.
  11. Game loading issue on Xbox
  12. Xbox One Game is Crashing When about "Connecting"
  13. 0830 am EST and XBox One crash
  14. Xbox One Paul Rhodes bug Mission Mortuary in Metro
  15. Xbox One no double profficiency caches
  16. Xbox One Frame Rate Drops and Game Crashes
  17. Xbox One Last Stand Scoreboard?
  18. Xbox One HELP: Unable to turn-in Garment District Side Mission
  19. Xbox One Server Problems [Delta]
  20. Delay issues
  21. Xbox One Game just keeps freezing up
  22. Slow loading of map/textures, slowing of xbox menus. Memory buffer issue?
  23. AR Ammunition Bug
  24. Character Gone
  25. Xbox One Item rewards variation.
  26. Xbox One Didn't get the reward I was supposed to get on the themed DZ leaderboard.
  27. Support Station Radius and Color Remain after EMP effect
  28. Xbox One Last Stand and Xbox Elite Controller Button Mappings Change
  29. Xbox One Infinite Loading Screen
  30. No Fear Achievement
  31. GPS yellow line disappeared. help
  32. Xbox One Is it Intended for a Manhunt timer to Reset when you Cut a Rope?
  33. No sound when firing weapons.
  34. Xbox One Delta c-1-200
  35. Xbox One The Dead Body of a Final Measure User Defuses Grenades
  36. Xbox One BUG: Incorrectly rendered fire turret
  37. Xbox One BUG: Session started but I am stuck in loading screen
  38. Xbox One BUG: Agents names disappearing
  39. Xbox One BUG: Silent bullets
  40. Xbox One Warrengate Power Plant Door won't open
  41. Xbox One Demolition Expert not working when procced with seeker only
  42. Game crashes in The Last Stand DZ 9 map
  43. Xbox One LOADOUT Question
  44. Xbox One Game braking damage glitch!!! Watch the video until the end!!!
  45. SWAT Helmet Clipping Problem
  46. Xbox One missing 4 achievements
  47. Xbox One Orange Heal Delay
  48. Xbox One EMP'd Airburst Seeker Mine Still Detonates
  49. Xbox One Survival - no free medkit with medkit pouch upgrade
  50. Just to Confirm, the Exploit with Fire Bullets DOES work.
  51. Delta C-0-1276 error
  52. Xbox One Scope sensitivity works on everything but Marksman Rifle?!
  53. Xbox One game wont load after last update
  54. Xbox One Bug? Working as Intended? Mobile Cover in conjunction with competent and adept
  55. Xbox One the new scope sensitivity dose not work with marksman rifles
  56. Nomad 1.6.1 4th Tallent not working
  57. Grenades thrown by LMB grenadiers would sometimes apply stagger
  58. Survival - Seriously What the FUDGE!!!!!!
  59. Xbox One The talent "Rapid" on High-End gear also lowers various stats for healing skills.
  60. You Still don't get Heal over Time when you roll into a De-Fib Heal.
  61. Xbox One Last Stand Normalization
  62. Bug List: 1.6.1 Frustation Patch!
  63. Exotic SMG will not equip with D3 4 piece
  64. Crash: Playing multiple Last Stand games in a row, crashing while zoomed in with C79
  65. Rapid has been Nerfed
  66. Skill Consistency
  67. Skill Glitch, No skills work
  68. You Lose Tactician's Stacks Instantaneously while Sitting on Mobile Cover
  69. Can't heal other players in the DR
  70. Xbox One BUG: rambo mode
  71. Xbox One BUG: Shotguns do not shoot
  72. [XBOX] Bug: Set on Fire in Immune Station
  73. Lag ~ Unable to play
  74. Terrible, terrible, lag. What the....(
  75. Xbox One Update 1.6.1 - Shutdown Imminent
  76. When are servers for Division taken out of service?
  77. Xbox One D3-FNC shield bugging
  78. Xbox One Poor connection to server, so laggy, totally unplayable
  79. Xbox One Delta Problems For Real
  80. Horrible lag on newly created Agent
  81. Field Proficiency Bug
  82. Xbox One New manhunt [glitched] camping spot?
  83. Fix the lag in the game
  84. SAW A NEW GLITCH. Players went INSIDE MUSIC CITY BUILDNG took clips
  85. Sound FX delay/lag
  86. My mdr
  87. Xbox One Lost access to Underground, Last Stand etc - with season pass owned..
  88. Containmented Tunnel Bug/Restock Bug
  89. Xbox One Retro Magazine Blueprints Incorrectly Weakened
  90. Exotic caches dropping the same item
  91. Intense Talent
  92. Glitches, bugs and others
  93. Xbox One Grand Central Station Mission Turret Bug
  94. Major HUB Lag/DZ Fast Travel with loot/DZ Lag
  95. Xbox One Achievements for collectibles not unlocking
  96. Xbox One Delta boots, lag, and a requested sitrep.
  97. Delta code C-1-200
  98. New wall breaching method
  99. post 1.6.1 update, teamed, crash to dashboard
  100. Season Pass Holder... Survival and Last Stand say I need to buy them?
  101. Xbox One Last Stand Match Making Times
  102. New Invisibility Glitch
  103. Xbox One Set up my Xbox One S to play AVI videos from PC Easily
  104. Survival is jack up today. GMT 06/14/2017 5pm
  105. Xbox One Nomad not working in LS
  106. Xbox One Grand Central Bug
  107. Xbox One Xbox One error unable to use aim button
  108. What is wrong with Last Stand?
  109. Xbox One Turret/EMP Bug(s) in Last Stand
  110. Delta c-1-200
  111. Legendary Mode
  112. Delta and mike error uniform xbox eastcoast usa
  113. Xbox One Last Stand Lag In Game
  114. Xbox One Did not receive Weekly Exotic Cache
  115. Xbox One My profile (agent) is gone. What to do?
  116. Heals not working in Ls, and taking forever to spawn in
  117. game sharing dlc content
  118. Xbox One Nomad Backpacks Only Drop with Electronics
  119. The Division Game Freezing Issues
  120. Screen fractures - Camp Hudson
  121. Production of napalm, (legendary mode)
  122. Xbox One Stolen Signal Skill Bug & Invisible Mobile Cover
  123. Xbox One Survival bug
  124. Xbox One Download PTS
  125. Xbox One Pts 1.7
  126. Xbox One still waiting for invite to pts
  127. Something causes you to lose More Striker Stacks than Expected while using SASG-12
  128. Xbox One Recovery Link Invincibility
  129. PTS invites..
  130. Xbox One PTS Invite e-mail
  131. Bug reports
  132. PTS Client won't launch (XB1)
  133. No Access To email
  134. 6 piece gear talents
  135. Talent Intence
  136. Vigorous issue.
  137. Survival revival bug
  138. Error after playing PTS
  139. Xbox One Last Stand matchmaking post Thursday's maintenance
  140. Recal station in the terminal
  141. Xbox One Second character?
  142. Please disable this during PVP
  143. Pts xbox one error:delta
  144. Xbox One Cannot connect, sits at connecting screen, worked fine yesterday.
  145. Collecting Crafting Material
  146. Landmarks Up or are there!!
  147. Where, oh where, has my Hunter gone?
  148. Xbox One Map Glitch
  149. Xbox One Booster Shot Delay
  150. Xbox One Restock Not Working
  151. Xbox One Frame rate issues.
  152. c-0-1279 error whilst doing amhearst's apartment
  153. Xbox One 1.7 Bugs: Grenade Stagger, Revive Box, Low Health Sound, Lock Picking
  154. Xbox One Commendations
  155. Xbox One Fix the damn crashes!
  156. Xbox One Can't log in Servers not available c-0-1276
  157. Xbox One Rogen boss of Amherst Apartment likes Hiding!
  158. Xbox One My Character Is Gone 😢
  159. Xbox One Napalm Production Site, Constant heart beat!
  160. Xbox One Shield Performance mods bugged
  161. Xbox One HVT boss stuck/No gear drops
  162. Xbox One Sound bug and commendations questions
  163. Xbox One Can't set Mission difficulty to Hard (Level 10)
  164. Delta C-0-1276
  165. "Totally No Med Kits" Napalm completion not working
  166. Rapid chestpiece bug
  167. Had a question about classified gear
  168. Patch (toppe) non ricevute - Xbox One
  169. Xbox One Underground Major Lag
  170. Stuck in the Wall
  171. Help
  172. The GE Leaderboard
  173. Xbox One Armor Modding is bugged
  174. Shutdown Imminent message won't go away
  175. Help - Rikers in DZ count not working
  176. Deadeye scope bug
  177. Is 1.7 an auto download?
  178. Weapon mod and other game breaking bugs
  179. Xbox One were do you start
  180. In game chat not working
  181. Xbox One DeadEye Scope Lag
  182. Xbox One QUESTION: What Xbox One X enhancements are planned?
  183. "Pistol Pete" not tracking for Dragon's Nest
  184. Disappearing Gear.
  185. PC Clipping when wearing certain hats
  186. Xbox One BUG: Triage not proc'ing with 6pc Final Measure
  187. Only 1 Mask awarded at Tier 3
  188. Xbox One No Face mask rewarded.
  189. Xbox One Reward Tier 3 Only one reward.
  190. Xbox One found a new area to get stuck in that should be fixed
  191. Xbox One Character Gets Stuck Against Planter
  192. Xbox One Constant Heart Beat
  193. Xbox One Heal Delay
  194. Xbox One Alpha Bridge UI Glitch
  195. week one phone #11
  196. Xbox One BUG: No points for heals from Caduceus in LS
  197. NPC's able to shoot through Barriers, Walls, etc...?
  198. Fix the Sniper delay!
  199. Xbox One Member Joining Team Bug
  200. Xbox One Emote Wheel Bug
  201. why do medkits disable turrets ?
  202. 1.7 tactician stacks in firing range not applied and not visible
  203. Xbox One DZ Leader Board
  204. Xbox One Higher Intel Safe House Not Showing Up
  205. Xbox One no option to spawn in dz safehouses
  206. Xbox One Dear Massive.. Gear Mod glitch..
  207. Xbox One List of Commendation Bugs / Spelling Errors
  208. DZ Landmarks
  209. Flawless UG Commendation is Broken
  210. Xbox One Delta c-1-200
  211. Please, hurry up and replace the mask
  212. Missing Purchased Clothing Pack
  213. Xbox One Delta C-001279
  214. Last Stand won't load after update
  215. Xbox One Xbox One Lag is Terrible.
  216. Dead Eye crashes
  217. Xbox One Hacker?
  218. Recovery Link doesn't work with Reclaimer
  219. Xbox One Echos still locked
  220. Xbox One Constant freezing and reset
  221. Xbox One : Legendary Times Square stuck out of bounds
  222. Xbox One : Lexington Event Center stuck progress
  223. another bug that didnt get be fix even on 1.7
  224. sticky bomb placement bug?
  225. Xbox One Survival: Support station uses medic kit when reviving
  226. Xbox One Warrengate flawless completed on challenging but no commendation
  227. Xbox One RPM Glitch or Monster LAG?
  228. character stuck, emote wheel uncommanded appearance
  229. Xbox One Contamination Info Pop Up
  230. Xbox One Landmark Glitched
  231. Commendations bug
  232. I own Season Pass - but in the last few day i cannot access any of the DLC
  233. Extraction capacity
  234. Got all drones but says I still need No. 13.
  235. In game quick report???
  236. please fix annoying stair bug.
  237. Next Global Event (Assualt) Start Date
  238. Xbox One swift not working
  239. All res Mods.
  241. Global event
  242. Rgn
  243. 1.7.1 has jacked up my game
  244. Game wont start since 1.7.1.
  245. 6 piece bonuses.
  246. Xbox One The Division
  247. Xbox One Small Invisible barrier
  248. Landmark Bug
  249. having trouble
  250. Xbox One Lag