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  1. Xbox One Two Major Issues that Should Be Fixed By Now
  2. Xbox One Unable to heal downed player.
  3. Xbox One (Emote Menu Without Prompting)
  4. Graphical Glitch at Night
  5. Threat on Mini Map is misplaced
  6. Xbox One Contant DELTA C-0-1243 Error! Unable to Play!
  7. More Armor = better or so I thought
  8. Xbox One Exploit evidence
  9. Xbox One Survival cold rating numbers not right!
  10. Xbox One Medkit revive bug and other glitches i have found in survival
  11. This only happens in survival
  12. Xbox One reloading twice
  13. Xbox One Survival Helicopter Not Allowing Extraction
  14. Mods missing from gear
  15. Xbox One Emoticon jam is an NPC
  16. Season pass bought but game doesn't recognise
  17. Midtown West Clinic Mission
  18. Weekly assignment caches not showing up!
  19. Xbox One Lower Dark Zone Brackets (Again)
  20. Bug: Garment District Rescue Civilians
  21. Xbox one Seeker Mine Tracking Issue
  22. Skill ability issues
  23. Xbox One Underground JTF Soldier Not on Map
  24. Xbox One Yo, Gabe - Some clarity please, dude
  25. Grenades blow me up when I am out of radius.
  26. Xbox One Unable to survive matchmaking
  27. Xbox One Survival - lost weapons, gear pieces unequip...
  28. UI Lighting Fix
  29. Xbox One Survival
  30. Xbox One Situation Board Mission
  31. Healing box glitch
  32. Xbox One Character Gone
  33. Elite Enemies killed not tegistering
  34. Dps stats keep bugging out. Xbox one
  35. underground dlc
  36. Quirky camera/look mechanic
  37. AI Fire going through walls.
  38. Xbox One Game freeze when play ECHO
  39. Xbox One protection from elites
  40. Xbox One Guns Disappeared From Inventory After Recalibrating
  41. Xbox One Getting Delta'd after latest maintenance 2/2/17
  42. Killed by a shock nade?
  43. Xbox One Level 33 and Level 34 performance mods have same values as level 32
  44. Unplayable
  45. Xbox One Mission Enemy Level bug or patch?
  46. Xbox one delta error c-1-198
  47. Xbox One Players With Higher Levels Than The DZ Bracket Allows For.
  48. Phase Transition while opening survival caches, my MDR is GONE!!!
  49. Xbox One Delta'd C-0-692 since maintenance
  50. Xbox One vigorous cheat piece no over heal support station
  51. Mike error code report
  52. please fix this
  53. will recovery link be fixed in the next patch?
  54. stuck in the emote wheel
  55. Tacticians Authority Not Getting Full Charge
  56. Severe lag when scoping after going into stash in boo
  57. No weekly Survival cache
  58. beyond Massive's capabilities?
  59. Can't Aim
  60. Xbox One Still cant see proper Cold rating in Survival!!
  61. Xbox One For the hoarder achievement does not complet ,remaining at 12% even at almost 300 DZ
  62. Xbox One Group server not available
  63. Xbox One It is connecting to my profile forever
  64. Xbox One shortbow knee pads, madison field hospital
  65. Xbox One Items marked as junk disappear
  66. Survival looting time waster bug
  67. Xbox One Cannot start Underground Mission/Operation - Completed Secure Quarentine Center
  68. Thompson M1928 underground caches issue
  69. Xbox One Major lag = Dead before I can even fire a bullet
  70. Season pass not working anymore
  71. Shut down imminent
  72. Xbox One Character Stuck in Survival at Morgue
  73. Weapons disappearing from stash/inventory
  74. Xbox One Killed boarding helicopter in survival pve mode
  75. Xbox One Bugged Midtown East Virus Measurement equipment encounter
  76. Xbox One Survvial DLC not showing
  77. Error DELTA C-1-200
  78. Premium Currency Pack
  79. Xbox One Weapons damage (DMG) wont aply upgrades
  80. Xbox One Reduced Threat bug
  81. Xbox One Rewards vendor
  82. Xbox One Last Stand Offline (wont let me play)
  83. Bought 2x $19.99 credits thru the X1 Store and they do not show up in game
  84. Vigorous talent still doesn't work...
  85. Xbox One missing gun
  86. Can't put performance mods in new third slot in backpacks
  87. Can't finish a game of last stand without lagging out
  88. Accomplished Kneepads broken.
  89. Xbox One Too many UI bugs again - What is the QA department doing, really?
  90. Xbox One Where are my Premium Credits?
  91. [Xbox One] Mobile cover glitch
  92. Xbox One 1.6 - Rewards claim vendor - all resource stacks are empty/zero
  93. Xbox One Delta error c-0-1276
  94. Division Credits
  95. Extended Mag level 34 crafting is still broken
  96. Heal delay still present
  97. Xbox One Hey Gabe/Ubi when are you guys going to...
  98. [Xbox One] Survivor Link Bugged/Broke
  99. Xbox One Delays
  100. Xbox One Tried quitting Last Stand game after game now stuck in infinite loading loop.
  101. Infinite Loading Screen
  102. No XP for multikills
  103. Xbox One A lot of lag since 1.6 update
  104. Weapons & Gear recalibrations have not reset post 1.6
  105. still missing premium credits credits
  106. Xbox One Massive Frame Rate Drops on Xbox One
  107. Xbox One missing premium credits
  108. Last Stand and Premium credits
  109. Missed rewards from vendor
  110. Xbox One Mike c-25-414
  111. Xbox One First Aid/Overdose Not Working Properly Anymore
  112. Xbox One Ballistic Shield bugs
  113. Xbox One Legandary Mission Bugs
  114. Xbox One preuim credits
  115. Division Last Stand and premium currency
  116. Xbox One Game wont load, stuck infinite loading
  117. Xbox One Character Missing
  118. Invulnerable boss when soloing Legendary Time Square Power Relay
  119. Xbox One Proof of purchase
  120. Xbox One Stuck in road blockade @ Refuelling Station - Survival
  121. Xbox One Terminal Hub Matchmaking Bug
  122. vigorous quite possibly not working properly
  123. Appearance rewards from last stand not showing up?
  124. Xbox one Delta C-0-1276
  125. Xbox One Version issue
  126. Emote wheel bug Xbox One
  127. Xbox One Do not buy any DLC or Premium Credits!!!
  128. Xbox One Premium credits issues
  129. Xbox One Weapon Talent Reqs aren't increased on lower tier weapons (Last Stand)
  130. Delta error c-0-1276 on only one character
  131. Xbox one Delta C-0-1276
  132. Chest - Talent Rapid not working
  133. Premium Credit Issues
  134. Xbox One xbox one Gamechat
  135. Premium Credits
  136. Rewards Claim vendor missing!
  137. Premium Credit Issues (NOT SHOWING UP)
  138. Premium Credits missing
  139. Xbox One Players Boosting Score in Last Stand
  140. Xbox One Error message: Blocked by Immune???
  141. Xbox One Premium Credits Problems
  142. Xbox One Specialized doesn't add up right
  143. Xbox One Intel ECHO Bugs
  144. Delta c-0-1276
  145. Xbox One Intense Work Against The player who has it on his gun.
  146. Xbox One When Under Status Effects You Can't use Skills at all.
  147. Xbox One Rewards Vendor(Resource Items)...
  148. Premium Credits
  149. Xbox One LZ vs DZ and Last Stand
  150. Ubisoft Support Team in a nutshell
  151. Premium Credits
  152. Xbox One Premium Credits Fix?
  153. Xbox One stuck at the loading sceen.
  154. Grrrrrrrrrrrr Still No Premium Currency
  155. Xbox One Premium Credits purchased on 3/3
  156. Xbox One Elite Controller lockups
  157. Xbox One Why is there always a new glitch after Server Maintenance??????
  158. Regarding the new JTF outfit
  159. premium credits and DELTA!!!!!!!
  160. SKULLS MC GLOVES and Eir & Hilder
  161. Xbox One Server LAG
  162. Xbox One Weekly Cache Exotic Deleted Due to Delta (C-0-1276)
  163. Give us what we paid for!
  164. Show some love to Gabe Guys
  165. Delta error c-0-1276
  166. Fumes buggin?
  167. Xbox One Xbox One Matchmaking Last Stand Not Working
  168. Armor Glitch Please Help The Division
  169. Bugged Search & Destroy: Murray Hill 38th Street
  170. Xbox One Error: DELTA C-2-229
  171. Anniversary Extras not available
  172. Ticket information
  173. Premium Credits Notification
  174. Xbox One Premium Credits -10 days without answers
  175. Hildr & Eir with Frontline
  176. Premium credits
  177. General Assembly Bug
  178. Last Stand Lag
  179. Xbox One Got Stuck into the Cover after attempting to take cover too quickly after a revive.
  180. Xbox One Missing Line of Text in Map Screen
  181. Xbox One Delta error c-0-1276
  182. Stuck in underground/ DELTA C-2-229
  183. Screen jumps up when I am shot.
  184. Update on Premium Credits?
  185. Xbox One Missions Not Matching List - One Character Only
  186. Xbox One Last Stand - Can't find a match!
  187. Can't see other players
  188. Premium Credits/Premium Store limited time items
  189. Queuing for last stand
  190. Xbox One Camo visual bug on SVD and Model 700.
  191. Xbox One found a new bug and still have skills bugging out again
  192. Survival Instant Death Bug
  193. Recovery Link Bug
  194. Skill's won't fire
  195. Xbox One Last Stand - NPC faction kills not counting toward weekly assignment
  196. Can't log in and game play goes haywire
  197. Xbox One Nimble Holster
  198. constant bad lag and seeker mine always never explodes fully
  199. Xbox One Encountered Several Instances of Defib First Aid still not reviving.
  200. Texture and enviroment loading issues
  201. Did not receive the free emote and credits
  202. Xbox One Can Legendary NPCs not both be running to cover and have a perfect shot at me?
  203. Weekly Cache Intel
  204. Xbox One Pakhan - losing built up ammo stack
  205. Automatic recovery link usage
  206. Xbox-invincible, shoot through walls Glitch/hack/lag?
  207. Xbox One List of Bugs still not fixed
  208. Xbox One WTF is this? GTA5?
  209. You going to fix this stupid roll roll ghost thing?
  210. Xbox One Game Crashes/Closes to home screen upon startup / Graphical glitches
  211. Xbox One The Division Bug Glitch invisible
  212. Xbox can't buy premium credits
  213. Re-spawn 30 sec timer in last stand.
  214. RNG BUG - Please fix or address!!
  215. Xbox One Striker Not Getting Stacks?
  216. Xbox One Yellow masks bugs
  217. My DPS Stats keep changing randomly on there own
  218. Xbox One Enemies doing Alot of Damage and Shooting through Cars, Walls, etc..
  219. Xbox One The Invisible glitch is back
  220. Xbox One Rank Reset back to lvl 0
  221. lost signal incursion bug or glitch
  222. Error Code MIKE C-25-414
  223. Great Server Maintenance
  224. Xbox One Bug Report DELTA C-0-1276
  225. How do I purge Fabric?
  226. Xbox One Falcon Lost Legendary - no Exotic cache rewarded...
  227. Bad performance Lag (video proof)
  228. Defib ability still not reviving.
  229. Xbox One Division Glitch Unlocks All Talents on One Weapon
  230. UG challenging completion reward
  231. RNG Broken
  232. Xbox One Ghosts appearing
  233. Xbox One Delta and Mike Errors
  234. Unable to finish mission in Underground
  235. Cheaters ( talent glitch and ghost glitch)
  236. Exotic Cache Bug
  237. Reoccurring old medicine glitch
  238. Xbox One Theme dz rewards, only one cashe from tier 3!!!
  239. Xbox One Last stand in 1 vs 1 mode
  240. Xbox One controller/cover problem
  241. Xbox One Astro A50 Proximity Chat Issues
  242. More performance lag videos
  243. Xbox One NPC shooting through walls etc
  244. Xbox One Having Immune Box Mod Selected while in 4p Reclaimer Lowers its Uptime.
  245. Collecting loot I get screwed by other players.
  246. Bug when running Napalm
  247. Missing cache after legendary
  248. Xbox One The Division: Defibulators not reviving players
  249. MIKE C-25-414 unable to play
  250. Xbox One Signature Skills