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  1. PC Side Mission Uncompletable
  2. PC [BUG] Uplay action not enabled: Worth the Wait
  3. PC Xbox one controller with wireless adapter
  4. Servers unavailable?
  5. PC Think i found the choppiness solution
  6. PC Paid DLC
  7. PC 'You can't access the channel'
  8. PC Chosen Simplified Chinese when Installing. But cannot see Chinese in Game!
  9. PC question: DZ stuttering/freeze
  10. PC Scopes in general
  11. PC Last mission "unknown signal" MASSIVE bug!
  13. PC Bit of an odd one
  14. Game freezes on black screen after Transfer to Manhattan cinematic
  15. Stuck at 73% when continuing game
  16. I need Support to Activate
  17. PC Tons of players stuc at connecting to laptop at end of prologue
  18. PC Getting stuck in the tunnels at Subway Morgue and behind a resupply box.
  19. PC Delta 20010186 error
  20. Bug - Double Barrel Sawed Off Shotgun Not Reloading Fully When Using Ballistic Shield
  21. PC Activation Issue After First Play
  22. PC 3 - 5 Second Lag Spikes ONLY in the DZ
  23. Bug that i kinda doesnt know to explain (Youtube Video)
  24. PC Stuck in Loading Screen 10%
  25. Crafted weapon mod problem
  26. [Playing with a group] Falling through map and missing walls.
  27. Graphics Settings - [Anyone found their sweet spot?]
  28. PC Steam standard edition Uplay season pass
  29. Still no Hazmat
  30. I cant finish the Security Wing
  31. Constant Stuttering
  32. Gold Edition and no rewards ?
  33. PC Does The Division Support 7.1 Surround Sound
  34. Bug Report, model tearing/something
  35. ****ed up sutomer service by Ubisoft!!!!
  36. PC Insta Crash on Full Screen
  37. Suppressed weapons sound exactly like unsuppressed weapons
  38. PC Have anyone was successfully resolved the error MIKE 20250383?
  39. PC Need help, instability problems! MSI GTX 970
  40. PC Skin "Boots" doesn't show up in inventory
  41. Failed to Sync Achievements
  42. PC Lost my Character
  43. GamePlay Issue: Bounty: Simon Burris [Side Mission]
  44. PC Fabric (Medical Wing Pharmacy upgrade) hourly drops broken / not working
  45. PC Major <20 FPS Drops
  46. Uplay is unable to start your download: The Division(PC) Issue
  47. Preview stats now showing the correct values.
  48. PC please change the Agent Activation method
  49. PC Alt + Right Alt issue
  50. PC Division activation key issue
  51. PC Connection
  52. Laptop / Agent Activation
  53. FPS drops and stuttering in game
  54. PC Activation key issue
  55. PC Game freezes when clicking the keyboard keys or mouse with in game Overlay enabled
  56. PC Input Lag with 3rd party keyboard support
  57. PC Key Bindings not saving
  58. unable to launch the game [pc]
  59. [FIXED] Game crashes every 2-5 minutes
  60. PC BUG (PC)... Listing function, Mark as Junk and Decontruct not working ok.
  61. Microphone Issues
  62. Black Screen startup
  63. Recommended CPU over an amd fx6300
  64. Crafting Glitch
  65. PC Another blackscreen thread.
  66. Logitec keyboard/mouse
  67. Graphical errors
  68. PC Ingame Lag / CPU Stutter, game becomes unplayable
  69. PC Stuck when double tapping abilities
  70. Clothing Bug
  71. PC Logitech G910 ruining my gaming experience
  72. PC Game Doesn't Recognize Microphone Properly
  73. GLITCH: Michael Dufrane Echo 1
  74. PC HUD settings
  75. PC Issue with Echo Judy Walters
  76. SOLVED: Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered
  77. PC From steady 60 fps to 7-24 fps every 1 min or so and 100% disc usage with ssd
  78. Cant connect after mainrtenance
  79. PC Alpha reward for The Division on PC
  80. PC (PS4/PC) Delta 20010186 stepping stone?
  81. My first real issue with bugs/glitch + error + disconnect
  82. PC Steam friends and Uplay
  83. Graphics glitching
  84. PC Is there realy no key to pause the game ?
  85. PC The Division texture loading issues
  86. cannot pick up echo - penn station north - michael dufrane pt3
  87. UPlay Interface is not User-friendly & Key Conflict Bug.
  89. [PC] Major bug with Amherst's Apartment mission and potentially other mission
  90. PC Download problem
  91. PC Can't sell/deconstruct Weapon MOD bug
  92. Bug: Fell trough map then this happened
  93. Cant Install Game
  94. PC Could run both betas fine (40-60fps med/high 1080p), can't get 10 fps full game.
  95. PC Keyboard input lag
  96. PC How can I make ALT not give me a cursor?
  97. Massive stuttering and lagging
  98. PC Game is bug in my weapom
  99. PC sound Bug or problem.
  100. PC Sniper scope are removed if i switched between first and second weapon
  101. PC Inventar Bug
  102. Still no Hazmat Suit
  103. PC The division crash my pc
  104. Intel glitches
  105. Constant "loading" while running around
  106. PC Install problem.
  107. Zoomed scope off centre when sniping?
  108. "Talk to Paul Rhodes" glitch
  109. [BUG] Invisible wall in doorway
  110. Dlc
  111. PC Game does not come further then loading screen, then crashes....
  112. 0xc000007b
  113. The Division installed on a wrong account
  114. PC I dont get my Hazmat Preorder bonus...
  115. Division on DVDs only? No BD? Seriously? THIS IS 2016!!!
  116. Invisible NPC for 2-3 min
  117. if i used a vpn to unlock my steam copy early am i locked into the nearest server
  118. Michael Dufrane: part 4, Side Mission bug
  119. Two progression bugs on one character!
  120. [Bug] Contaminated VX-1 Scope (12x) from vendor bought marksman rifles
  121. Help, problems with group voice chat volume.
  122. PC Dark Zone only Stuttering Lag
  123. Game still crashes after opening helicopter scene
  124. multiple bugs report
  125. PC Stuck on "Connecting: "name" "
  126. PC Game freezes, wont restart until system reset. Ideas ?
  127. PC Stuck on "Connecting: "name" "
  128. PC Delta 20000984
  129. PC No Support via Telephone or Live Chat
  130. PC Recalibration breaks after several stat switches
  131. [UPLAY CLUB] Master Crafting Set
  132. Bug where you get stuck
  133. Stuck on WarrenGate story mission
  134. [PC] (Windows 10/NVIDIA) "Tutorial: Upgrade Wing" - Stuck on Quest
  135. PC Bug Side mission : Return to Camp Hudson
  136. Cant talk to Hudson yards to hand in quest
  137. Mike 2025 Error apparently fixed with maintenance last night
  138. PC Game Starts Then Does Nothing
  139. Graphical Glitches - artifacting and tearing please help!
  140. PC PC Mission NPC not able to be activated.
  141. PC national guard gear set
  142. PC Crash on Startup
  143. PC [BUG] Sniper scope is between the monitors when using two-monitor-setup
  144. PC Um...my audio is crashing
  145. [PC] [BUG] Dark Zone Stutter / Freezing - Internet issue?
  146. PC ubisoft estafa
  147. M1A Classik looses the Scope every time when I switch weapons
  148. PC CLinton Arms Deal Disruption bugged
  149. PC Left handed menu controls are not persistent through game reloads
  150. PC Bug with "Buy and Equip" option
  151. stuck in loading
  152. PC Primary Attributes not Updating.
  153. PC Need Help (Account Issues)
  154. [PC, PS4 and XONE] Exploit, Nearly Infinite crafting materials.
  155. PC [PC] Recalibrated Stamina to Firearms, and it recalibrated instead to Electronics
  156. PC BUG Appearance items dissapeared
  157. PC snapping out of aiming with each shot (pistol) or using scopes
  158. PC After activated game, the game gone
  159. PC No-grenade-explosion-bug
  160. Game keeps crashing at the first cinematic! GTX 980 , driver 364.51
  161. PC Update Trouble
  162. PC Missing code of base game
  163. Severe Stuttering for about 2 minutes, then continues normally
  164. PC Logitech Keyboard G-Keys stopped working
  165. I cant see Echoes
  166. Nvidia SLI issue. Any ETA for support?
  167. PC can not download patch
  168. PC Paul Rhodes gone ghost
  169. PC Unable to continue in multiplayer
  170. PC Echo bug 62/63 achievement
  171. PC Just quick server question
  172. PC Smart Cover mod Trapper bug
  173. The Division lagging up my entire internet connection
  174. Game Crashes on black screen or Epilepsi warning screen
  175. PC Crash on start-up. Nothing from forum helps.
  176. PC Recalibration on wrong attribute?
  177. PC FPS issues after maintenance last night
  178. PC Pre-order vendor?
  179. PC Key already activated on this account
  180. PC Can't change Audio Input option to Front Mic Panel
  181. PC Apparent 600mb update turns into 18gb
  182. PC Constant Stuttering in Dark Zone only
  183. problem HUD
  184. PC Loading blocked
  185. PC Not receiving Achievements
  186. PC Extremes Ruckeln nach einer gewissen Spielzeit?
  187. UI
  188. [Bug] Geometry
  189. [PC] Can't complete the Side-Misson of SUZIE BRUHN
  190. PC Ballistic shield + sawed off shotgun
  191. PC the game Crashes on startup everytime... PLEASE HELP!
  192. PC Can't sell/de-construct/move to stash VX-1 scope (12x)
  193. PC I have DELTA 20010186 ERROR
  194. PC Wasn't having any issues before maintenance, but after now I am
  195. Crashes on only one Character at 70% of loadscreen
  196. PC I can't start the game
  197. PC Constant freezing after 10-30 mins
  198. PC Massive Lags after some time of playing
  199. PC black screen after brooklyn cinematic and off center video and loading screen
  200. PC falling through map
  201. PC A Different Blue Screen Issue
  202. [BUG] Echo nit reachable
  203. PC Huge consistent fps drops
  204. Update issue (solution)
  205. [BUG] The mission "Queens Tunnel Camp" is bugged for me. No enemies show up
  206. PC Go bag reward
  207. PC Game freezes and PC monitor says Power Save Mode
  208. PC Analog automatically looks up when game starts
  209. PC Trooper output floating purple button
  210. PC no Russian language support but it is advertised on steam store page
  211. PC Game on Preload not activated after release date
  212. Side Mission Bug : Bounty: Axel Wallis
  213. PC The Division is not appearing in my games library
  214. PC Unkown signal quest bugged
  215. Latest Patch decreased performance
  216. PC Loading new areas bug
  217. ECHO Map marker not disappearing - also Missing Phone Record map marker
  218. PC Nvidia Driver problems
  219. Massive Lag Spikes
  220. PC telechargment de la mise jour impossible sur Uplay
  221. Missing jacket - Hazmat DLC
  222. PC Loading the game in to play error code
  223. PC [PC] Sound Loss
  224. Patch wants to download full game
  225. No hazmat set
  226. PC Game crashing on startup, constantly!
  227. PC Graphic distortion?
  228. [BUG] Crafted High End Knee-pads modslot not working
  229. Uplay + Steam Linking
  230. PC Hackers in darkzone. Game is unbearable I request a refund
  231. Disk Space constantly at 40-60% while playing?
  232. PC disable controller
  233. PC Can not pick up dropped items
  234. PC Logitech keyboards causing performance issues when LED support is ON
  235. PC Super low FPS. Money return request.
  236. [BUG] [PC] Tool chest in Post Office no longer lootable
  237. PC Scope bug when changing weapon
  238. DLC issue
  239. PC Still crashing on launch
  240. NO Sound in the game :(
  241. PC Constant crashing from Delta error 20000984
  242. PC Logitech keyboards causing performance issues when LED support is ON
  243. PC Random crashing, tried the "fixes"
  244. Delta 20010186 20010159 Mike 20240078 PLEASE READ
  245. PC Bad lag, NPCs don't load in for me (then kill me while invisible), other issues
  246. Manhattan content is not ready
  247. PC 0x00007b eror
  248. PC Health Bug
  249. PC Division wont work.
  250. PC Stuttering problem? Temp fix here that worked for me.