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  1. Jumping into top down view
  2. PC Camera keeps moving up
  3. PC Unable to play due too two accounts have the rights to the game via Uplay.
  4. Missing Tenebrae
  5. Audio Issues
  6. PC Weapons deleted from stash
  7. PC [Bug] Unable to view adjusted stats with ballistic shield equipped.
  8. PC [BUG] +Accuracy mods and sentry bonus does not work with Showstopper
  9. PC Movement Control Bug (results getting stuck)
  10. PC Game won't start
  11. PC Unable to finish 2 phase Underground mission
  12. PC No appearance of clothing
  13. PC Textures loading issues
  14. PC Input Lag
  15. CPU Usage 100%
  16. Falcon Lost
  17. PC Not accumulating any funds
  18. Loot Drops
  19. PC Shareable items bug after leaving the group
  20. Gamebreaking Survival Bug - Infinite Medicine + Water/Soda
  21. DX 12 crash
  22. PC Stuck on map.
  23. PC Turret Bug? Turret damages me every time it kills an NPC.
  24. PC Performance patch.
  25. Shield + Character stats screen not working (Why hide numerical data in flavor text?)
  26. PC black skins and outfits
  27. Game crashed and uplay stuck in offline/intializing
  28. PC Do we need to download the entire 1.6 PTS again or...
  29. Hudson Yards Hard Mission - Boss Didn't spawn
  30. PC Flacon Lost SLI crash
  31. PC Unable to play "ROMEO C-27-367" error
  32. Crossfire performance
  33. I have stuttering. GTX 1070- i5 6600- 16 gb ram ddr4
  34. PC Massive FPS drops when playing with friends
  35. Constant crash to desktop!
  36. Bug: Character/Weapon screen turns to grey/black
  37. Bug: Voice cut outs and NPC speaking problems
  38. Gun Talent Requirment not unlocking
  39. PC Beta accses mail never comes to mail
  40. Can I please have my season pass now....
  41. PC after fixing Delta c-1-198 another bigger problem came up
  42. PC Recent update issues: Flicker (SLI Flicker?) Need some advice/help. Thanks
  43. Uplay client - can't login
  44. PC The division Constant crash to desktop
  45. PC Constant Crash to desktop
  46. weapons keep reloading
  47. Nvidia geforce driver 378.49 crash the game when DX12 option is enable
  48. Controller issues
  49. PC Lexington Event Centre
  50. PC Definately, it is bug that "ferocious talent" can not be added on ARs (3rd talent slo
  51. Steadfast holster talent is bugged!
  52. PC Game is not using my hard drive
  53. Reticle getting bigger when i press -zoom in-
  54. 1.6
  55. At level 14 end mission comes up
  56. PC Not Able To gain Access To The DLC on the PTS - Help!
  57. Survival bug Screen Reward
  58. PC Recovery link Delay and 4x Extra heal than stated
  59. Another place to get stuck in
  60. PvE Survival bugs (medicine and hunter killed credit)
  61. Falcon Lost incursion bug.
  62. PC season pass and pts
  63. PC Can't do SnD missions even though area is complete
  64. Stuck at connecting
  65. Moving the game files from steam to Uplay
  66. Issues connecting
  67. PC Connection Problem ROMEO
  68. PC Benchmark issues. Benchmark does not scale to 48 x 9 aspect ratio [5760 x 1080p]
  69. PC Told to play was suddenly told to re download.
  70. PC Underground rank
  71. PC Infinite Dark zone entrance (noise) sound
  72. Delta Errors....Yet Again
  73. PC Completely ignored by Ubisoft support.
  74. PC The division LOW CPU USAGE but INSANE stuttering
  75. PC Loading!!! Help!
  76. PC PVE Survival problem
  77. Dear developers. Need help with account!
  78. PC dlc activation problem
  79. PC [BUG REPORT] Turtle Bay Mission
  80. SERIOUS Lag on live version since Saturday
  81. Mission bug in Chelsea
  82. PC Napalm plant start issue
  83. Can we have a update?
  84. The end of time
  85. PC Game crash just before main menu shows up & Shadow flickering in sunlight
  86. Bug: Combat music stops abruptly
  87. PC PTT mic only transmitting static - any quick fixes?
  88. PC game activated but not showing up in game section:
  89. PC Shadows Broken
  90. PC Lighting is messed up - Everything is going pitch black everywhere I go
  91. PC I have this error in DLC Sobrevivencia.
  92. Can't enter inventory under status effect?
  93. PC Loading texture Live server and PTS
  94. PC Got stuck in a reload loop @ storage shed on 10th & W 29th.
  95. PC Massive are you kidding with us ?
  96. PC Ballistic Shield Aim bug (1.5)
  97. Changing graphics settings will not be saved.
  98. PC Survival PVP Game starts without other Players.
  99. Game Hanging for 10+ Seconds
  100. PC Jogo obitido por outro usuario
  101. Underground Cache lost when inventory full
  102. massive FPS drops
  103. PC sustained does not work with predatory on the same weapon
  104. Survival stuck in environment AGAIN
  105. EXP bar missing
  106. PC When I invite a friend to a group I get a crash. Why??
  107. Survival PVP Game starting without other people or very few .. again
  108. PC The Division crashing.
  109. My character levels lost!
  110. PC Can't stop looking up!
  111. PC Sound stuttering / insanely speeded up voice lines [video inside]
  112. PC Seth Odjig Bug
  113. PC How can I...
  114. PC Can't change language in game!
  115. Survival is unplayable right now
  116. Can't download
  117. PC Artifacting when Activating Echos
  118. PC Constant Loading Texture
  119. PC Bug or what?
  120. PC Account Binding Steam and Uplay.
  121. PC Game Loading and making me walk in the same areas of the map
  122. PC Phone Recording Intel JTF #3
  123. All missions reverting to lvl 25
  124. PC Kips Bay Side Missions
  125. weapon parts containers not showing up.
  126. hold to aim quit working.
  127. Lexington Mission Audio
  128. No Sniping Damage in Falcon Lost [Video]
  129. PC Survival achievements bugged
  130. PC PC - Survival PVE - Stuck on map after opening toolbox
  131. Resourceful Backpack and Self Preserved no heal on Ballistic Sheild
  132. Draw Distance Help
  133. PC Weird flickering/flashing buildings
  134. PC Survival IS Broken since last patch..does not Que more than a couple players in PVP
  135. PC Dear developers. Need help with account!
  136. PC Uplay Down
  137. PC Bug in 1.5. Firecrest, fire turret, tech support Talent seems to damage the agent eve
  138. Bought physical game, no disc drive
  139. PC Items dropped on echo location can't be looted
  140. PC Lost loot on Dragons Nest via weird bug or accident or whatever you want to call it
  141. Character transfer
  142. PC Survival - Helicopter Never Arrived
  143. Bug: Skills aren't activating! Need fix ASAP
  144. Bug: NPC sounds disappearing. Underground only
  145. Bug: Server response/animation is critically slow!
  146. PC Im living fps drops
  147. Matchmaking is terrible, cant tell if it's broken or no one plays anymore....
  148. non lootable geer containers showing up on pulse scan.
  149. Final Measure defuses my own grenades
  150. PC Graphical Issue, DX12
  151. PC Dear Ubi.i need help for account.
  152. PC grafik issues on 2K x 1440 resolution
  153. connections on wlan...
  154. PC ultra graphics bug and lag pls fix the ultra graphics on division live game
  155. PC This product is already claimed by..
  156. Bug report - Survival (reposted in right place)
  157. PC Saying the game is already claimed by me...
  158. Download update from another pc
  159. PC WHY are the AI hitting so hard and accurate int he DZ?
  160. PC Grand Central Station Turrets - Active after completing mission
  161. Nvidia Shadow settings flashing textures.
  162. PC Icon Bug and stuck between barricades
  163. [BUG] Turret not proccing adept/competent on sawed off
  164. PC Are weapon blueprints bugged?
  165. Problem updatin The Division
  166. PC Game crash
  167. PC Translation error
  168. [BUG] Multiple Reports related to performance and Crashes
  169. PC Getting stuck in survival
  170. PC stuttering only when turning.
  171. Outside Playable Area - East Boarder Turtle Bay (Video)
  172. PC Need urgent help
  173. Game error
  174. PC Graphics Settings
  175. Steam version of The Division not prompting Ubisoft to open
  176. Echo loacation won't update on map as collected.
  177. PC Disk Usage Issues
  178. PC Game crashing despite any and all posted fixes
  179. PC Game crash
  180. Game doesn't download... Stuck at 0
  181. PC mercy drop error
  182. PC poor conection on the division and lag and conecting
  183. PC Render problem
  184. PC Underground Matchmaking is bugged
  185. PC Account locked Mike Error C-25-413
  186. PC Lag
  187. any and all
  188. loot bug
  189. Restock bug
  190. Draw Distance Help??
  191. Characater lock
  192. PC No play option, just grey and unistall
  193. Game stuck at loading 44%
  194. MIKE Error
  195. Slow loading textures in DZ and other areas
  196. PC Error: Delta C-1-200
  197. PC Safe House: Open Door problem (Plymouth Rock)
  198. PC Delta c-0-1243 when accessing underground
  199. PC Start Game -> Item / EP Loos
  200. PC Delta c-1-198
  201. PC atention on pc will be more lag and not fix yet
  202. PC The underground DLC - can't use anything and can't leave
  203. PC Nvidia driver 378.66
  204. PC Bug: 3 loot pieces LZ boss drops bugged as of today?
  205. PC Intel 6700k High CPU usage.
  206. PC Possible Workaround For Matchmaking In Underground
  208. PC Game crashes and very low fps also dx12 problems
  209. PC Bug: Stat changes not displaying correctly.
  210. Survival dupe bug still not fixed in over 3 weeks.
  211. Question about 1.6 patch fixes (if any)
  212. Bug: 3 immortal cleaners
  213. Weird mouse lag
  214. PC loading screen and FPS stuck on this game only FPS and loading screen fix
  215. PC 7.1 sound anomaly and 21:9 cutscenes?!
  216. PC loading bug and black screen and loading stuck for check this gabe
  217. PC many lagg since last server restart
  218. PC Game freezes upon alt+tab/win key with DX12
  219. PC More and more cheaters (hack programs) in survival pvp and no easy way to report
  220. PC Bug:An invisible wall at a corner of a truck
  221. PC Crashing started today
  222. PC pc on the division not fix yet fix this gabe you are not fix yet
  223. PC Bug - Strange outside playerable area
  224. PC Stock in the iron frame which is near the entrance of the Crypt safe house
  225. Uniform C-35-1239
  226. Level 34 Extended Magazines
  227. PC Crashing whole time.....
  228. PC Server Performance
  229. PC Game Loading constantly in darkzone mainly but also does this everywhere else
  230. Cheaters in DZ!!!
  231. PC Direct x 12 Crash the game
  232. PC Survival End Game Score (Stats) is Incorrect / Bugged
  233. PC uplay hour vs in game hours
  234. PC Cleaner Miniboss: exploding 2 weakspots simultaneously cancels 1
  235. "Poor Connection to Host Server" ?
  236. PC Bug - Can not use skills suddenly
  237. PC Survival - Cannot extract, Hunter under ground
  238. Need help
  239. PC BUG! Items in stash becoming unlocked.
  240. PC Settings
  241. PC Seeker mine - Airburst: sometimes a dud
  242. PC Patch 1.6
  243. I've been hacked
  244. PC look at this bug...
  245. PC huge lag, disk slow and maxed out
  246. PC Stuttering all time
  247. Stuttering only when changing settings.
  248. Level 11 character getting level 25+ missions
  249. Purchased Outfit in Store and Redeemed UPlay CLub Rewards Not showing up in Game.
  250. PC Mic is not working properly