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  1. PC Underground bugged after switching instances
  2. PC Ballistic Shield issues
  3. PC Division wont start up on steam
  4. Survival: Getting stuck in terrain
  5. PC Sub 30 FPS
  6. Survival - Joining a game, Disconnects, and item useage timers!
  7. PC Division CTD at steam version of game
  8. PC Survival Chopper Bug
  9. PC error code : DELTA C-1-198
  10. PC Dragon's Nest Crashes Repeatedly
  11. What happened to the lighting?
  12. PC Suggestion about performance issues (lags)
  13. Empty out survival stash error
  14. PC Dual Monitor Help
  15. PC Trooper Outfit Bug
  16. PC PC Cannot Shoot or Reload Bug
  17. PC No Quick Navigation for Gear, No Green Bar for Striker effect
  18. PC Delta C-0-1243 Error
  19. PC Bug Report: Rewards Claims Vendor
  20. PC NPC and loot trapped behind object, not Larae!
  21. PC [PC] I still crit while wearing 4-piece D3-FNC set
  22. PC MP5 stability bugged since 1.5
  23. Character does not stop reloading
  24. PC ECHO General 10
  25. my world tier is bugged
  26. Lexington Event Center BUG!
  27. PC After 1.5 update GPU usage 0%, frame drop
  28. PC Mission breaking bug
  29. L. Barret bug again
  30. PC [BUG] Crash after group invitation
  31. PC Delta C-0-1432 error
  32. Stuck
  33. PC Loss of toon control new since 1.5
  34. PC Crash on startup
  35. PC Intermittent Crash
  36. PC Performance issues when engaging in PVP
  37. Horrible stutter, fps drops and freezing
  38. Lexington still bugged..seriously?
  39. PC Fps fix ?!?!!?!?!?!?
  40. Reclaimer duration icon disappears too soon
  41. PC police acadamy mission floor paint
  42. PC Bug in the open map/Survival Issue
  43. PC D3-FNC 4pc bugs
  44. PC Will be BAN if Using SweetFX to make the make look better ?
  45. PC FPS Drops from 60 to 5
  46. Stuck in Survival again
  47. PC There is no Chinese version
  48. PC Yes another raging thread about LATENCY
  49. PC So apparently my original nickname is forbidden
  50. FPS drops and static sound
  51. dx 12
  52. ETA on issues?
  53. PC easily reproducable first aid shooting lockup
  54. Reload Bug (one is none?)
  55. PC "Capable" Talent bugged with LVOA-C ?
  56. PC Error DELTA C-0-1234
  57. PC Booted out of Survival :(
  58. PC Cpu 100% enough no?
  59. Second mob spawn doesn't move at an encounter.
  60. Slow fast travel workaround
  61. PC Unplayable Lag since 1.5 (300 hours played no lag)
  62. Getting oneshot by NPC
  63. PC No Missing Agents reward
  64. Couldn't use underground terminal.
  65. PC Tactical Link sometimes not activating.
  66. 3000+ Base of operation upgrade resources
  67. cna't talk to the movie guy after clearing the quests in the area.
  68. High-end's below level 30, again.
  69. Selfheal jamming weapon when used while hipfiring
  70. PC Dying as Rogue will spawn you as a Rogue
  71. PC Skills still get stuck and will not deploy
  72. PC Steam version of the game won't launch, asks to install VCRedists and fails.
  73. PC BUG: Graphical - Firecrest backpack and Triclimate jacket
  74. PC Diverse buggs and crashes The Division
  75. PC I can't get roadie outfit
  76. Vitali is silent in Russian Consulate Mission
  77. "Interaction" Key acting wonky
  78. PC Constantly being Queued into poor connection, Unplayable
  79. PC Control/Input freeze
  80. Overheal is not working on Vigorous chest
  81. PC What is wrong with the latest patch....
  82. PC Some Weapon Talents problems i found
  83. Resources bug
  84. PC Why i can´t acess my account in The Division?!!
  85. PC Latest update reduced PC laptop FPS
  86. PC Romeo P-59-99 problem
  87. PC Controller now working on The Division
  88. Supply Cash not dropping
  89. (PC) Loading after running.
  90. PC Tom Clancy's The Division has stopped working [error]
  91. napalm production glitch
  92. PC FPS Drops problem Ubisoft are not responding
  93. PC Bug: Reconnect the circuit breaker (mission)
  94. PC Mission level bug on map
  95. Delta Error - Survival in the DZ
  96. PC ROMEO C30-116 Error
  97. PC Client froze
  98. PC Menu graphical error of sorts
  99. NPC Stuck behind a wall in the Underground
  100. Critical issue with item catch using shield skill
  101. PC There are still invisible walls on certain UG maps
  102. Incorrect weapon base damage
  103. PC more lag on cpu
  104. PC Survival - NPC shooting thru the wall
  105. No heroic mode available for missions.
  106. That JTF guy not dropping intel when he dies in underground.
  107. Can i run it ?
  108. EU servers?
  109. Error with friends list and other stupid, stupid, stuff.
  110. PC [BUG LIST] My personal 1.5 Bug List
  111. PC Colonel Bliss Holster - bonus dmg to any weapon
  112. Lexington Bug - no priority anymore?
  113. PC DELTA code
  114. PC [BUG] Lock an item in the stash
  115. PC Bag-bag-bag
  116. PC Ballistic shield bug - Not able to shoot/change weapons
  117. PC Steam controller problems
  118. Cheaters in DZ right now - reported two players
  119. Named warlord droped but cant find it ):
  120. PC Issues with Stuttering and Frequent Lag?FPS Drops
  121. PC Unable to Move and Long Loads
  122. Turret damage dosen't scale with elite damage or enemy armor damage
  123. PC wrong statistics
  124. PC season pass
  125. Keyboard and mouse freeze
  126. PC Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum - Microphone Issue
  127. Found a spot that traps the player!
  128. Confused and aggravated
  129. PC keyboard and mouse bug on block and not responding
  130. PC Changing to fullscreen windowed mode crashes
  131. PC Level 34 Extended Magazine Not Crafting Correct Numbers
  132. Napalm production Site - Can't get loot [Video]
  133. What is latest news o devs fixing this Delta error problem
  134. PC A Chinese translation error of the weapon talent "Skilled".
  135. PC Missing Stash and VERY POOR Customer Service
  136. PC Mark as Favorite Bug in Stash.
  137. PC Beast From Below
  138. UnderGround Mission Get the Report
  139. PC Barrett Chest bonuses not working
  140. PC Survival PvE 1.5 - Dying while Skill out
  141. PC GPU/CPU Problem
  142. Is it true you are gonna add Directx 12 support in the upcoming week?
  143. PC Delta c-0-1243
  144. please help my game don't download
  145. PC Larae Barrett Loot Drop Unreachable
  146. PC Loosing Control of My Character
  147. PC Character firearms and stamina bugged not giving correct values on character data
  148. On the ammo box problem
  149. PC Disconnect after EVERY Survival...
  150. PC Hacker!
  151. Lexington Event Center Graphic glitch
  152. PC Recovery Link still bugged while solo ?
  153. PC The product is already claimed
  154. PC How is *name removed*
  155. Black silhouette on characters and items in inventory.
  156. PC Fullscreen issues can load into 30fps but not 60fps when trying to fullscreen to 60fp
  157. PC Hvt map waypoint
  158. PC Accolade xp bug ?
  159. PC [PC] Ninjabike Messenger Bag Not Locking
  160. PC Delta c-0-1243
  161. PC Kips bay ECHO bug
  162. PC UI does not display Field Proficiency or DZ points anymore
  163. PC Weekly supply drop
  164. Sniper scope off target
  165. PC why my division doesn't have chinese subtitle?
  166. PC Recovery link not working.
  167. PC No Striker Stacks on Helicopter at General Assembly.
  168. PC Hi, Language pack problem.
  169. PC Server stutter/lag making it hard to complete solo content
  170. PC "Got stuck in a car" BUG
  171. PC Warren Gate Invisible Wall Bug
  172. PC Stuck in graphics bug in the metro in Midtown East
  173. PC Hit Detection, Hit Boxes and Lag
  174. PC All Restocks do not work in Lexington Event Center. Please Fix it ASAP!
  175. When will the day come when i can play this game again ???
  176. Endless static/crackling noise in game since 2 major patches ago
  177. PC Lincoln Tunnel - Moving through the ground, in cover [Video]
  178. Bug: Virus Measurement (Midtown East - Mall)
  179. PC [BUG] Stuck / Unable to clear ECHO in KIPS BAY
  180. No Damage Sniping [Video]
  181. PC [BUG] UG - Environment issue with Ballistic Shield deployed (Video)
  182. PC Clean player banned - why?
  183. PC Floating guns
  184. PC [BUG] Support Station (Life Support mod) does not proc Battle Buddy talent.
  185. PC [Bug] Deploying a turret does not proc "using a skill" weapon talents
  186. PC [BUG] Larae Barrett Vest doesn't apply bonuses.
  187. PC Free weekend question
  188. [PC] Game thinks 3dConnexion Space Navigator is a Xbox Controller
  189. PC Cannot enable DX12, using Win10, option is grey.
  190. The Division DX12 Problem
  191. PC Can't run anything in the background
  192. PC Black screen after today's update. Can't play game.
  193. PC Agent is gone after Patch 1.5
  194. Graphice messed up since update
  195. PC The Division stops downloading! HELP!
  196. PC I just have no words AGAIN !!!
  197. DX12 mode issue
  198. PC [BUG] DX12-Mode - Nvidia shadow-tech broken
  199. PC DX12 Brightness settings do not work
  200. PC Game crashes when I try to enable Fullscreen mode
  201. Re Can't get past the startup screen after the latest 14/12 update
  202. PC keyboard and mouse big issue!!
  203. PC Control issues post update + Dx12 issue
  204. PC Dialog sped up, buzzing
  205. PC Horrible stuttering since the last patch on PC
  206. DX12 + Ambient Occlusion (Black texture washout)
  207. PC DLL problem after new patch
  208. Shocking trick for alleviating stuttering discovered: Disabling AVG Antivirus
  209. PC Aiming is delayed and audio is bad
  210. PC So PC notes say no patch, but I am downloading 2.7G very slowly
  211. Will DX12 support multigpu in the future?
  212. PC My Tom Clancly's The Division account Ban.
  213. PC Freezing Randomly.
  214. PC My DX12 patch thoughts and problems
  215. Fast travel glitch
  216. PC DX12 and general graphic issues
  217. Dx 12 Support! Share your experience and problems.
  218. PC Weird glitch on DX12 w/ GTX970
  219. PC Horrible performance since 1.5
  220. PC DirectX® 12 Activated - Whole bottom filled with vertical stripes and black bars
  221. PC [BUG] Weapon talent not unlocking
  222. Control issues.
  223. Discovering files
  224. PC game thinks i am using a controller when i only have a keyboard and mouse
  225. BUG survival guides missing sheet 11
  226. Getting Delta C-0-1243 on main char
  227. PC Game is stuck in Windowed mode and i cant change it
  228. PC F*** Y** Massive !!!
  229. PC Oh come on, for the love of god. DX12 Fullscreen bug is back YET AGAIN!!!
  230. PC Division Stopped download
  231. PC Issue with DX12 help !
  232. diverse buggs and crashes on pc from 1st launch day of game
  233. PC Enabling dx 12 render crashes the game
  234. Stuck in "connecting" screen
  235. switched to DX12. Launcher crashes, game doesn't load.
  236. PC High- End Items below level 30
  237. PC No Controller. But UI defaults to controller layout. Game unplayable.
  238. PC World keeps loading issue,since last client patch
  239. PC Fix this sound bug!
  240. PC Cannot restart the game without restarting my PC
  241. DX12 Issue - I select it, apply it, restart... and it doesn't save.
  242. PC Off to a Horrible Start
  243. PC SKULLS MC Gloves bug?
  244. PC just tired of with every fixes comes along more problems...
  245. PC Players losing control of their characters for a brief moment
  246. DS4 buttons layout is taking over my mouse.
  247. So when will these fix's fix the issues?
  248. Weapon Talent Requirement bug (Prepared talent)
  249. PC DX12 renderer makes me crash.
  250. Click launch, just hangs there and wont lunch.