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  1. PC Keyboard input lag [Razer Blackwidow]
  2. PC Weird Gray/Black spots appearing on characters
  3. PC [bug] Disk I/O maxed, framerate tanks
  4. PC Game Won't Update
  5. PC RAM issue, minor issue and recommendations
  6. PC Re-calibrating bug
  7. PC Can't complete medical wing, bug?
  8. PC It's sad the hacking support don't do nothing with this.
  9. PC Patch download runs over 100%
  10. Please fix this exploit
  11. Delta Mike Delta Mike Delta Mike cmon now
  12. PC The Division cross-platform multiplayer won't work?
  13. PC Problemes Patch1.02
  14. PC Possible cause of CTD: connection issues.
  15. PC I cant dowloading the patch !!!
  16. The Division Connection Problem
  17. Does Ubisoft actually care about missing Echos?
  18. Insane fps lag
  19. Unlocked Safe House on another players Session
  20. PC Item description bug after Recalibration
  21. PC Reduced ammo cap.Might be bugged
  22. PC Low fps in the lower districts caused by trees !
  23. PC Cheating Player at Dark Zone
  24. Crashing Issues
  25. PC hacker caught on stream
  26. PC Putting away a grenade cancels concealed status for whole team
  27. PC Can't see my small optics on weapon mod
  28. PC Graphics issue spinning world on tutorial.
  29. Matchmade missions issues
  30. PC Another Sound Issue
  31. PC Hazmat Gear Issue
  32. Running slower than other agents
  33. PC Odd and seemingly impossible..?
  34. PC Graphic Issues and General End Game Content Issues
  35. PC No Shoes
  36. Minor graphics bugs
  37. 970m alienware 15 game crashes when trying to change resolution
  38. PC So ubisoft we want answers!!!!
  39. Hackers in The Division
  40. PC Unable to hold down keys (BUG?)
  41. PC [PC] Intel bug after the 1.0.2patch
  42. PC Experiencing severe server lag after the latest update along with other issues
  43. A "nice" graphic error
  44. PC Possible workaround for constantly crashing
  45. PC Dark Zone Bug
  46. PC Division Patch Download Still Downloading after 100%
  47. Uplay Division İnfinite Update !!
  48. PC Special vendor has the same items since beginning
  49. Support tickets? No reply after 7 days
  50. PC Mission restart
  51. PC Unable to start a game
  52. Cant connect anymore (right after crafted items bug)
  53. ALL dailies LOCKED
  54. Ingame DZ Hacker
  55. Graphical glitches, with video and screenshots. Multiple locations.
  56. PC why does it look like im a the disco?
  57. PC Romeo 20270083 error
  58. PC Severe choppiness when grouped
  59. PC **** you Ubisoft and your ****ed up Uplay
  60. PC I have 32GB of free space and yet this still is popping up?
  61. PC Downloading the update is completely impossible - is a refund to be expected?
  62. PC Appearance Item Texture Bug
  63. PC Uncollectible Echo
  64. PC BUG VX-1 Scope
  65. PC Bug with deployable shield
  66. PC Disconnection Problems
  67. 25/March sever lag
  68. PC Bug Collection
  69. Frame rate is unplayable at any graphical setting. Poor Optimization?
  70. PC The game crash so bad
  71. How to Fix Dark Zone Freezing
  72. Shot through a scenery building?
  73. PC [PC] Bug report - Wrong attribute from the recalibration station
  74. PC Ubisoft - Get your act together... seriously
  75. PC [PC] Missions/Encounters not giving credit rewards
  76. Firearm bugged?
  77. My vector's DPS went from 115k to 104k without any changes?
  78. Mission bug: Go To The Midtown East Safe House
  79. Uplay popups cause The Division to crash on startup
  80. cpu problems
  81. PC Stuck on Mini Loading Screen
  82. PC Missing missions
  83. Still no uplay purchases on Rewards Claim NPC
  84. PC Game won't update - can't play my main - but can start a new character! **** yourself
  85. Support will not respond; three weeks later... no response. Im missing outfits!
  86. PC Bug: Weapon Talent: Stable does not provide appropriate/expected bonuses
  87. PC No Paul Rhodes, No Tech Wing at End Game
  88. PC [PC] MK5 (15X) optic
  89. PC runnign error
  90. PC Game using XBOX controls but I have no XBOX controller
  91. PC Game is over using ram
  92. PC Recalibration bug!
  93. Unable to enter DarkZone
  94. PC Mobile Cover
  95. crafting - small scope rds - 50 dz lvl+ recipe
  96. PC SLI - one card does not seem to work
  97. PC 100% Disk Usage while playing
  98. PC the game dont ****ing work
  99. Uplay down?
  100. We need to get rid of these hackers (Hackers caught on tape)
  101. Game won't save resolution. Crashes if I try to change it.
  102. PC Weird infinite downloading/updating (Uplay) !
  103. Microphone doens,t working
  104. Constant Disconnect [PC]
  105. [PC]inventory glitch after patch 1.0.2
  106. PC Can't hear transmissions
  107. Game crashes on intro every time
  108. Uplay wont connect!
  109. Crashes on startup
  110. PC Volume Control causes microfreezes after playing (G710+)
  111. PC Bug?Help please!
  112. PC No way to get base supplies after L30???
  113. PC New Game wont load to server. error message, try again later
  114. Constant stuttering, 100% cpu usage and multiple sound instances since patch.
  115. PC Не могу зайти (delta 20000988)
  116. Delta error
  117. PC kinda want a refund at this point
  118. PC [PC] Game shuts down Logitech Gaming Software on startup
  119. PC Recal Station Eating My Phoenix Creds.
  120. PC Game Not Activating. Asks For Key again And Again
  121. PC Weapon Blueprints Adding Firearms Skill to Damage When Viewing
  122. PC Invincible while down and not being able to be revived from group members.
  123. Game broken after patch
  124. Incorrect Firearms, Stamina and Skill Power shown
  125. Cannot log in to second character
  126. How the hell do i get rid of this tip?
  127. PC DPS issues
  128. PC Missing items and stats after login
  129. Lots of problems and support ignoring
  130. PC Division crashing with Error Log since last Patch
  131. PC Bug Vest ?
  132. PC The Division update never stops.. goes on downloading even after the limit
  133. cpu tests because of stuttering
  134. Help Me! The Division won't work past the epilepsy warning
  135. Constant delta errors since friday 25th of March
  136. Game loads without video, audio only. Anyone else experiencing this?
  137. Game slowdown
  138. uplay activation problem
  139. Graphic Bug everything white
  140. [BUG REPORT] Filter not showing correct value
  141. Cannot see ONLINE FRIENDS
  142. Bug??? Cannot find last cell phone to complete
  143. PC Hacker in DZ06
  144. Master Skill unlocked but they are still locked.
  145. DELTA fix! Worked for me!
  146. PC Uplay is unable to start download
  147. PC New Patch Does not Download (Both copies of my game no longer work)
  148. PC Delta 20000988 every 8-10 min since patch
  149. PC Sniper rifle aim is off.
  150. PC Unable to play dark zone reliably at all.
  151. PC Problem downloading division patch...pls give solution as soon as possible
  152. (PC) Disc install/Download will start from scratch if interrupted
  153. PC Error code DELTA
  154. PC Echo not available
  155. Backpack bug
  156. Rerolling stats not working on gold items tks !!
  157. many bugs with shield .....
  158. Over 500 Phoenix Credits missing after logging a.k.a. How to lose a fan in 5 mins
  159. PC Game has been bricked since update
  160. 100% CPU LOW FPS FIX? (If CPU is overclocked. Maybe)
  161. PC Missing backpack yersterday and now unable to connect. Stuck on Connecting: user_name
  162. Base Stats, & Equipment: Doesn't add up!
  163. No sound in the game ???? Solved !!!!!
  164. cheaters - witch hunt (aimbot/noclip/teleport)
  165. recalibration problem
  166. PC Can't open the box (no, I didn't open it earlier, it's "virgin")
  167. PC Brightness glitch
  168. GPU temperature. Hitting 200deg +
  169. [PC] Zooming in/out with scope causes lag
  170. PC Can't play the division
  171. PC Unable to unlock Tech Wing
  172. "Walking" issues
  173. PC Locked doors
  174. PC Few collectables not showing on map or not able to pickup
  175. Every.. 10.. minutes.. Delta.. Mike..
  176. Bug - Cannot boot up laptops in base of operations
  177. Stuck in a DZ02 entrance room
  178. The Division is giving problems on my new pc
  179. PC Cant finish Medical Wing
  180. So many issues, so short on fixes!
  181. PC After reinstall due to game crashing in missions have now no lvl 4 DZ filter
  182. PC Bought the season pass and used credits to get 20% off in store. Didn't work
  183. PC Items missing from Inventory.
  184. PC. Michael Dufrane Echos and two phone recordings bugged
  185. Random Rolls don't seem very "random"
  186. PC Cannot obtain the last virus research
  187. PC All items in stash/backpack missing
  188. Error code DELTA 20000988
  189. PC Audio glitch during daily challenging mission
  190. Audio Glitch and Stuttering on PC
  191. PC Could we get a completed known issues list?
  192. PC a small bug
  193. PC [PC] Steam Skins not in game vendor
  194. So is Ubisoft going to fix these crashes/stutter/freezes?
  195. Mobs AND players can walk through the
  196. Cannot connect to game
  197. PC Mike 20170829
  198. PC When entering the game, it says "input not supported"
  199. PC [Echo BUG]
  200. PC Can"t Finish Tech Wing !
  201. PC "Prepared" Talent Bug for Sniper
  202. PC Talk to Paul Rhodes
  203. PC Shoes not being added to list
  204. Cant add friends to Uplay, made ticket 2 weeks ago still no answers....
  205. [PC][Bug] Talent: Inventive (on Backpack)
  206. PC The Division Update/Patch keeps downloading beyond its size
  207. PC Almost systematic graphical glitch at the entrance of the dungeo since last patch
  208. PC Delta 2000988 Error
  209. PC Shoes missing from appearance items
  210. XBOX key markings solution
  211. PC The division : not possible to start the game : black screen
  212. PC Stuck at loading screen
  213. PC Audio crackling and poping in the division at random times
  214. PC Stamina, Electronics are not updating/or being calculated properly
  215. PC DZ cheater that I recorded
  216. Bug Key Mapping
  217. PC Examine Hornet's Body - Item Missing
  218. issue with xbox one controller
  219. PC Pistol Holster Bug
  220. PC Game dificulty abnormal
  221. The Division | UPlay get KEY | Stupid Error
  222. Not able to be ressed or ress.
  223. PC Delta 20000988 - unplayable and no updates from ubi?
  224. PC bug de l'aile médicale
  225. PC "Uplay is unable to start your download." Error after reaching level 5 with no issues
  226. Lazarus_Kirito is cheating in PC.
  227. Game is deleting all of my items! ***heads up***
  228. PC Missing Data after Installing
  229. character corrupted in someway = what can i do ?
  230. PC Missing NPC Audio During Some Missions (Dailies)
  231. Romeo error: 10590100
  232. PC Annoying Glitch : Invisible NPC and AI
  233. PC Better Graphics
  234. Hackers/Cheaters
  235. [PC][BUG] Echo not claimable
  236. Impossible to use fullscreen
  237. FPS drop
  238. PC Division Agent Hacker
  239. Ubisoft Club XP
  240. PC Rerolled Item to get Random Unwanted Bonus?
  241. My homebase keeps doing this
  242. PC Keyboard input lag
  243. PC Sujet : Uplay plante après déconnexion manette Xbox One THE DIVISION + FPS instable
  244. Weapon Recalibration Bug
  245. PC Enduring Talent does nothing
  246. PC Russian Embassy mission bug
  247. PC Division Servers not setting time to DST?
  248. PC crash after crash after crash...
  249. PC Survival Guide 19 broke
  250. Can't assign skills to slots.