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  2. Open Beta - Report a Bug
  3. Open Beta - Known Issues
  4. INPUT LAG - still on ps4 in open beta.
  5. Input lag is the only complaint here? How about our new friend DELTA
  6. Error Code Delta 20000950
  7. Invincible NPCs killing me through walls
  8. A few of small things I get on PS4
  9. MIKE / DELTA errors look here first!
  10. PS4: Overheating due to division?
  11. Fan Noise
  12. No Game save?
  13. PS4 The Division Beta doesn't work !
  14. Stuck in [Location]
  15. Can't climb stairs + video of the bug
  16. Flying laptops
  17. Miss matchmaking in DZ
  18. Disconnected from server after idling in BOO
  19. Virus scanner not working
  20. [PS4 Gold Headset] ISAC is very loud. Can't adjust voice.
  21. Falling through map during "Subway Morgue" Mission
  22. Ps4 dead
  23. No overhead GPS guide
  24. Some little issues - PS4
  25. Issues I found (FIX)
  26. [PS4] Gap in Stairs
  27. Shield Use problem
  28. [PS4] Missing reward from mission
  29. Glitching Through Walls Via Shield/Corner Pushing
  30. Item loss during fast travel
  31. Glitching in Subway Morgue and other things
  32. stuck in "Subway Morgue" on lower level (invisible walls)+ wrong cover stance
  33. Please fix the blacked out appearance screen?
  34. Connection issues
  35. Foliage Green weapon skin appears greyish on weapons
  36. Sound controls don't affect ambient noises
  37. Error Code 20010195 Division Beta
  38. Wierd repeating whistling noise in West 33rd & West 34th streets?
  39. Controller Speaker Options are needed!
  40. Major bug! Aim reticle broken by environment
  41. Can't call for extraction or attach gear to rope
  42. Ballistic Shield does not appear and it stays active
  43. Gun stops working/shoots on its own
  44. Error Code: Delta 20010159
  45. Turret Frustrations
  46. Weapons in holster, hands in broken firing position
  47. Fast Travel Problem - Buildings
  48. Opening crate issue & a Camera problem
  49. Hostages forever doomed to die in thei closet.
  50. Stuck in the 2nd mission
  51. Stuck in revive animation (kneeling)
  52. Crashed Drone shows up on HUD but not visible
  53. Please Create Jump/Crotch Controls into the Control Scheme
  54. Hackers - who they are and what to do about them
  55. [PS4] Joypad continuous vibration
  56. Floating
  57. matchmaking game starts and disconnects immediately
  58. Disconnecting constantly.
  59. Graphics and lagg
  60. loot boxes not lootabe in dark zone
  61. Bug-Report (19.02.)
  62. Stuck in the closet
  63. Got stuck in a pick up truck bed
  64. The division
  65. A Few Bugs
  66. Bug: unmarked rogues
  67. Un-contaminated gear!
  68. Constant reloading
  69. A couple of things I noticed
  70. A Couple Things I've Noticed
  71. Unable To Hear Specific Group Members
  72. Voice chat issues?
  73. Strange encounter in DZ Friday
  74. Using turrets in DZ [Question, might not be a bug]
  75. Floating Player Bug
  76. Thurtle Beach Stealth 500p and controller speaker
  77. DZ Group Issue on PS4
  78. Dark zone entrance
  79. 3 Bugs I found while playing (PS4)
  80. Chracter stuck in a building
  81. Bug: Guns Floating Above Agents
  82. Character stuck in a building,updated with image
  83. Fast Travel Freeze
  84. bugs witnesed
  85. Rogue Agents camping in the Rooftop of W 34Th St Checkpoint
  86. Citizen In Need Bug
  87. Huge Glitch in Madison Field Hospital
  88. Flying agents
  89. Missing waypoint marker + general nice to have
  90. Bug report - incorrect default language
  91. Continual dc's
  92. THE DIVISION REALLY NEEDS TO BE WORKED (Please push release... again.)
  93. 2 bugs from playing the open beta
  94. Virus scan encounter
  95. Subway mission no sound
  96. Open Beta Bug Report: Base of Operations (PS4)
  97. Bolt-action Rifles don't reload properly [Minor bug]
  98. Virus Research Bug
  99. (PS4) modify weapon screen stuck offscreen
  100. Graphic/Control Bug: Can't get off fire escape after side mission
  101. Can move inside wall, outside of Base of Operations
  102. Images Illustrating The Bugs Found
  103. In Combat and can't log out or leave Dark Zone
  104. Beta Won't Boot Up
  105. ACR Optimum Range of 9 Meters
  106. Bugs report: 1) infinite reloads 2) two graphics bug
  107. Story Missions Not Available for Replay
  108. controller speaker womt play ISAC dialogue on some consoles
  109. Freeze and graphic colour glitch. Ps4
  110. Inventory - Missing Items
  111. Shooting through.. Buildings? Bug? W/video
  112. Skywalking
  113. Freeze On Load - possible crash
  114. Reload Bug
  115. Uplay log in issue
  116. Communication issues
  117. Textures Loading Slowly and Severe Pop-In
  118. Feedback PS4 Lag
  119. Invisible NPC
  120. Snow on the ground, ads on trucks, restaurant signs loading slowly
  121. Subway mission
  122. In-Game Party Chat is too low, reduced all other sounds to 5-10...
  123. [PS4] Crashing Error Code: CE - 34878 - 0
  124. PS4 - Pop out of tire tracks (w/video)
  125. Outfit Items Not Extracting
  126. going through the wall
  127. Red Outline on character and near surroundings
  128. Minor Graphical Issue - NPC Despawn
  129. Misc. bugs glitches BS
  130. Matchmaking
  131. [PS4] DZ player name/health/rogue indicator not displayed
  132. Bug for man hunt
  133. Can't Access The Division open beta on ps4 keep getting Delta 20010159
  134. Please Ubi FIX the sounds of the weapons.
  135. Playstation 4 Glitch
  136. Different DZ than friend, PS4
  137. PS4 Lost item under the stairs
  138. [PS4] Players dissapearing in DZ midst combat
  139. Blank, Unlootable Items
  140. Found two bugs
  141. Weapons DPS is changing while clicking around between in menu
  142. Long distance Mellee NPC
  143. Bug with emotes
  144. Sound Defect
  145. Party member lost all side missions
  146. getting shot behind cover
  147. Thrown machine gun
  148. rouge agents at DZ entrance
  149. Bug with file cabinets.
  150. Two PS4 exclusive issues
  151. PS4 - Bugs I've Encountered / Changes I'd Like (Complaints)
  152. DZ Unable to extract items
  153. [PS4] "Talk to Paul Rhodes" but Paul Rhodes is not available anywhere.
  154. Couples bugs in ps4 that I found
  155. [PS4] Controller Speaker sound blasting through Headset
  156. Subway boss not moving
  157. PS4 - List of Bugs I Found While Playing The Open Beta
  158. beta reward clams
  159. Player in Darkzone cannot be identified - bug
  160. Waliing up/down stairs glitch
  161. Rogue Agent can disconnect from the game/server and get the reward in another server
  162. Stash Idea?
  163. Terrible bug in DZ
  164. Grey background when in inventory screen
  165. Beta issue
  166. No gps tracking line in mid air showing route.
  167. Ps4 Game freeze
  168. Error Delta 20010159 for 2 days straight
  169. Issues i encountered
  170. 2ND mission cheese with sniper
  171. Fast traveling notifications
  172. The division open beta wallbreach glitch
  173. small issues, nothing game breaking
  174. DZ chests wasted key
  175. PS4 Promixity Chat not work?
  176. Delta 2001059 Error - Free beta likely stopping me and many others from buying game
  177. Hackers 3 of them in the next video clip footage from my gameplay
  178. Bug I found during hostage side missions
  179. Cosmetic extraction bug
  180. PS4 Rogue icons and player names not showing up
  181. BUG with extraction
  182. Game difficulty
  183. Random Fence noise?
  184. Extraction bug/glitch
  185. Hackers on PS4?!? [YouTube Video/unlisted]
  186. Feedbacks PS4 session
  187. Invisible Object
  188. [PS4] Player info unavailable in DZ
  189. Graphics glitches
  190. PS4 game crash CE 34878-0
  191. Crashed and broke my PS4
  192. PS4 Sound Issue
  193. Shield issues
  194. Non responsive extraction
  195. Using O to Interact [PS4]
  196. Status changed to Rogue for no reason [PS4]
  197. [PS4] Game abruptly crashed
  198. L1 and R1 buttons didn't work and crash bug
  199. Loss of clothing when leaving Dark Zone
  200. Madison Field Hospital chest stuck
  201. A ladder bug and a little QoL
  202. Fell through the map right outside safe house in dark zone
  203. Bug report
  204. I see problems with the turret.
  205. Distance readout should be related to suggested path ... not point-to-point.
  206. Lost progression; 10 hours gone
  207. ps4 can bearly read map
  208. Graphics and gun line of site.
  209. Lots of audio clipping problems with ambient dialogue
  210. Wall Glitch
  211. Graphics display issue with M4
  212. Bug, glitches, voice chat
  213. Dark Zone Issue
  214. Sticky subway mission
  215. Issues i ran into with open beta
  216. The Turret issue
  217. All in 1 unlisted bug report, suggestions and review
  218. HUGE turret bug
  219. Survival guide page 9
  220. [PS4] Please allow us to scrap appearance/clothing items
  221. [Graphics] Floating sign in doorway
  222. Wrong Weapons Being Displayed
  223. Why the Dark Zone Needs a Major Rework
  224. DZ Mismatch
  225. NPCs falling through floor
  226. In-game voice-chat
  227. Bugs I have found and other issues
  228. Slow Reload While Zoomed-In
  229. Reading Text and Numbers
  230. {PS4} {Environment} Falling through Stairs bug with video
  231. {PS4} {Environment} Grey screen when dealing with vendors with video
  232. PS4 Safe house not safe
  233. Enemies/Non-group members invisible in Subway
  234. Bugs iv'e encountered.
  235. PS4 Bugs Found
  236. Ps4 Express Shotgun auto switching view
  237. Love Taps
  238. Some things I spotted, some changes I'd suggest...
  239. Turret turns you rogue
  240. Great game! Just a couple of things, though.
  241. Ideas for the division
  242. System Froze for a bit and then reset
  243. Rogue Indicator Missing (video)
  244. Sound completely going mute
  245. Minor bugs
  246. [Clipping Bug] I somehow managed to clip through the ground.
  247. Floating Tray
  248. Concrete structures clipping
  249. Deployed turret
  250. Going rouge by accidently killing teammate?