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  1. Game freezes when I die or fail - no save options.
  2. weird freezing issue while attacking\switching weapons
  3. language problem
  4. Game run Minimized on Windows 10
  5. Far Cry Primal always crashes when map comes up, PC doesn't need reboot
  6. "Far Cry Primal has stopped working" - only happens in Stone Watch Bonfire
  7. Nvidia gameworks?
  8. Far Cry primal sli performance is terrible!!!! :-(((((((((
  9. "You don't have Sufficient Access Privileges to Run the game"
  10. Crash if i open map
  11. Links to in-game bonuses/tutorials in Steam won't launch in broswer
  12. WTF Ubisoft
  13. Cant work my way arround Error88500014, Not getting support ether.
  14. bait throwing BUG
  15. Game crashing in certain areas
  16. Black flickering constantly
  17. Game won"t start, shows no error
  18. Game hangs after loading screen
  19. Connection to the server lost...
  20. Language
  21. Far Cry Primal SLI support
  22. probleme far cry primal clavier souris
  23. It doens't appear the "button" to download the game
  24. Far Cry Primal has stopped working
  25. Failed to initialize nvapi
  26. Primal crashes constantly! System should be able to handle it!?
  27. Final story quest will not show up (Urki)
  28. Game cpu multi tread suck ?
  29. Black screen with sounds on
  30. Uplay not release my download
  31. SLI & Nvidia Surround problems.
  32. <10fps in Map screen & 20fps drops in game world
  33. A way to lower resolution
  34. Splash Screen Crash, No error message
  35. Cannot progress due to crashing in snowy regions of map (again R9 380x).
  36. (Help) the installation location is incorret
  37. Cannot tame the white wolf in the vision of beasts quest
  38. Key and Mouse Binding Issues - Again!
  39. After todays new update >> Stuttering
  40. After update: Much progress lost
  41. Far Cry Primal make my computer shut down
  42. Game displaying subtitles in Simple Chinese
  43. Game does not work
  44. 88500006 error
  45. All my weapons are gone.
  46. Workaround for hard crash at snowy areas.
  47. After update, game refuses to start, redirects to non-functioning Codefusion page
  48. No more Experience (XP) after latest Patch
  49. Farcry primal wont load
  50. Far Cry Primal - Snowblood Wolf Beast Master Hunt
  51. Bug Map invisible
  52. Falling under the map
  53. Discovered Locations have no icon on map. BUG?
  54. BUG: Recap loading video spoils story.
  55. Game Freezes When Looking at Fire! R9 380X FX8350
  56. SLI lowers performance???
  57. No Humans, No Animals - Please, I Really Need Help ??
  58. Savegames problem
  59. after todays update even splash screen doesn't show up.
  60. Shadow Setting?
  61. Wake up already ubisoft!!
  62. Problems with mouse buttons
  63. G-Sync Crashing game at loading screen
  64. Im having sound issues its driving me nuts!!
  65. Far cry Primal Crashing when entering North
  66. FR - Probleme avec les competences
  67. Some Graphic jerky
  68. Resolutions for PC
  69. Error 88500006
  70. Far Cry Primal will not load
  71. skill issue
  72. PC freeze after Close Uplay, Farcry Primal
  73. FarCry Primal Fatal Error on startup - W7 standard user account
  74. the game isnt in my libary
  75. Remapping Keyboard Controls Bug
  76. Game cannot turn on
  77. Black screen after encountering Sayla
  78. stopped working, did not even start
  79. Games not in library
  80. Technical Issue With Into Udam Land Mission
  81. Invisibles men (and women) everywhere...
  82. Achievements
  83. Primal (far cry) - crash crash crash
  84. No Mouse Cursor
  85. Far Cry Primal does not start - Nvidia - solved!
  86. Low fps
  87. Unable to save, stuck in autosave
  88. This game is junk
  89. Ubisoft should be known as Ubisuck install files keeps getting deleted & rearranged
  90. Uplay doesnt start the download cause of error
  91. i'm getting fatal error file system failure
  92. Stuck in Auto Save and Can't save.
  93. where's the cloud saves?
  94. Disappearing Legend of the Mammoth mission
  95. Im having trouble starting the game please help!
  96. Game stutters when mouse is moved. Mouse click is also delayed
  97. GTX 770 GPU Utilization at 99%
  98. Random Crashing
  99. Far Cry Primal save problem.
  100. Game starts to stutter after a while
  101. Pls ubisoft fix the disappearing enemies
  102. Various graphical glitches
  103. Cant save
  104. Controller support
  105. Multiple graphic issues
  106. [Far Cry Primal] - Chinese Language Patch and Workaround
  107. won't install
  108. Black textures on terrain everywhere!
  109. Patch notes 1.2.0
  110. Savegame, Quicksave and Quickload WITHOUT FUNCTION !!!
  111. not accrue experience
  112. Far Cry Primal has stopped working.............
  113. DSR - mouse problem
  114. Graphics Issues (Unplayable)
  115. I seem to have lost 18 hours of skills, upgrades, etc after installing the PC upgrade
  116. Download for steam
  117. Is SLI support working
  118. far cry Primal
  119. Caraceter's texture missing + crash of the game
  120. keyboard or game controller not working
  121. Can not install. CD Key already in use
  122. farcry primal global.ver language(asia,korea
  123. CRASHING randomly but frequently!!!!
  124. game crashing
  125. Cant open Farcry primal always stuck in intro
  126. cant climb the branches!!!!
  127. -skipintro broken after 1.2.0
  128. Far cry primal FATAL ERROR
  129. Cannot gain anymore XP?
  130. Running without renderer sandbox
  131. Black screen and frequent crashing
  132. Account suspended
  133. Bug in Urki mission find special Rocks.
  134. Audio syncing problems during cut scenes
  135. The game does not start
  136. Giving up
  137. No ambient occlusion? In 2016????
  138. Problems with downloading
  139. processor
  140. Quit to Desktop
  141. Weird colors when night comes
  142. Annoyng and unmotivated FPS drop
  143. Random crashing
  144. Crash when loading bar appears
  145. Infinity Loop - Falling
  146. PC freezes after install
  147. Shader glitch after ALT-TAB
  148. Driver stopped working and has recovered
  149. Saves are gone after Patch 2`
  150. Sli usage dropping therefore fps drop
  151. Account suspended?
  152. Promo Code Not Working
  153. Far cry primal won't start!!:(
  154. [BUG] Enemy markers dissapear in "Free Wenja to help attack Batari's temple"
  155. Weapons are gone after "Vision of Fire" Mission
  156. Game crash
  157. Your system sucks
  158. Graphics glitch/shader issue - overpowering brightness washes out graphics
  159. Game doesn't want to start the download
  160. Game Starts, no video
  161. Game Crashing after "Next Day" quest gets going...
  162. unable to skin killed goats
  163. Farcry Primal start on mac book pro 2012 13" but on my game pc (specs bellow)....
  164. New Update for pc ?
  165. Save game lost 0% progress :(((
  166. Defeat, tame bloodfang before den and mission never completes.
  167. Is there a technical support in Ubisoft ?
  168. Can't Start Game
  169. Will SLI ever be fixed?
  170. Was thinking of buying this game for Survival mode, but I read about the mouse proble
  171. All Npc black and hard to see ingame.
  172. Can't install FCP
  173. Lost saves / Cloud Saves
  174. Game wont start, new error?
  175. install code problem
  176. Stuck in Pre-Load status
  177. I canīt complete the game because of full inventar
  178. Momentary Freezing after 5-10 mins of Gameplay
  179. Cuando va a arrancar el juego se cuelga y no me da ningun error
  180. File system failure: aborting execution (uitagimagesettings.ndb)
  181. Audio issue: Left and right channels reversed
  182. tiger cave tutorial crash
  183. Image dims momentarily whenever I move
  184. DVDs from PC version pack are not readable
  185. Far Cry Primal PC - suddenly cannot use any weapons
  186. Crashing at Udan invasion please HELP!
  187. uplay no puede iniciar descarga. Compruebe que tiene conexion a internet y suf esp
  188. Issues with downloading
  189. Sudden performance drop
  190. Game wont start, oh what joy!
  191. Far Cry Primal does not save custom commands!!
  192. i cant start udam homeland misson
  193. Settings resetting every new game.
  194. How posible to turn off PostFx and VolumetricFog in game ?
  195. Invalid CD key??
  196. Far Cry Primal Just Updated on Steam and now it won't work
  197. Primal used CD key Again
  198. delete my save games
  199. Far cry primal: Cant customize keyboard controls
  200. Splash Screen Crash (No error msg)
  201. Custom keybinds not saving
  202. Far Cry Primal for Windows won't start
  203. Geforce gts250
  204. Tamed Beasts Disappear!
  205. graphics glitch after update
  206. low fps
  207. Update Download Issue
  208. gtx 960 strix freezes when loading
  209. Stuck at the epilepsy warning screen
  210. been 7 days and still dont have a working product key
  211. Far Cry Primal has stopped working
  212. Two Handed Club Suddenly "Locked"
  213. Far Cry Primal perhaps got a memory leak
  214. Far Cry Primal won't start
  215. Cant craft anything
  216. Map aint showing
  217. Still problems since i brought it the day released
  218. White Wolf mission bug.
  219. Far Cry Primal Survival Mode disappearing (locked) club
  220. Some general changes and bug fixes I'd like to see.
  221. major FPS drops since last update
  222. Can't craft anything in the weapons wheel!
  223. Vsync unusable
  224. two annoying bugs
  225. udam homeland mission can't light bonfire
  226. Game Consistantly Crashing On Find The Stone Woman Mission
  227. Fire Texture Error (non SLI user)
  228. [RESOLVED] Install lockup resolved and general impressions
  229. Cant start Farcry Primal
  230. Unplayable Framerates
  231. games freezes after i hit any secret location
  232. Far Cry Primal Apex dont starts (steam version)
  233. Far Cry Primal stuck at splash screen
  234. On Uplay to buy DLC, payment success but the DLC interface or the need to pay
  235. Farcry PRIMAL forces computer to restart, please help!
  236. Unbearable FPS drop
  237. Last patch broke my game
  238. Language pack
  239. Fix rare dhoul drop!!!!
  240. please,add korean language
  241. Game lockups getting VERY annoying >:-[
  242. no sound
  243. Good Boy Achievement did not unlock. I am at 99.69% complete
  244. Beast Master mission problem - taming the White Wolf
  245. programe not working
  246. Dond open pls hep
  247. FPS drops
  248. Game Crashes
  249. Cannot save and cannot fast travel
  250. Splash screen crash fix - duet display