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  2. Day 1 Patch
  3. Please Ubisoft bring back coop to Far Cry 👏 ? If so think of my ideas.
  4. Mob Respawns Timing
  5. PlayStation Headphone sound profile?
  6. Controversial Content... ??? was this done on purpose ?
  7. Sabre Tooth Tigers maneuverability
  8. Why isn't Deluxe Edition Soundtrack complete?
  9. Unknown location
  10. Story of the game is...meh
  11. WeaponWheel
  12. Saylas Cottage Upgrade 2/2
  13. What huntable animal am I missing?
  14. Lost Aiming dot!
  15. Steath in this game is a waste of time.
  16. This is the best Far Cry game for me :)
  17. All animals gone missing
  18. I want my money back!
  19. Can not get to Batari, please help
  20. Tamed great scar bear
  21. How-to manage pack
  22. Love this game....never played any Far Cry's before
  23. Default Weapons
  24. Will there be any more patches for console version?
  25. Unable to save game on x-box 1
  26. New Update & Saving Game???
  27. Issues with side quest
  28. Suggestion: Make Weapon and Hands Hideable for Screenshot Purposes
  29. Help for last trophy error
  30. Bloodtusk Mammoth skull how do i know i have it?
  31. Weapons Switching?
  32. Missing Minimap
  33. PS4 Trophy Status
  34. Great game, Ubisoft
  35. Is health bar forced in survival mode?
  37. Is Recovery Possible?