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  1. Where is the patch 1.7 ?
  2. How to coordinate a forum
  3. Dungeon and Academi units change stats
  4. Necro nerf? WHAT ABOUT....
  5. Unit diversity
  6. How is the AI after patch 1.7?
  7. Strange look of main menu
  8. The angle of tilt relative to the surface.
  9. Found a bug in 1.7 - Report it here so we can address them easier.
  10. Map Editor
  11. besoin d aide pour une quete
  12. The most regret games I ever buy...
  13. Music Modding?
  14. Has Orc faction defence from only Academy magic or from all magic?
  15. Still minimal amount of multiplayer adventure maps
  16. Black Dragons
  17. Lost Tales of Axeoth - Map 2
  18. Why in the Hell does UBI not LISTEN FIX YOUR AI
  19. Few about balance
  20. Lost Tales of Axeoth - The Isle of Death
  21. Implosion cap?
  22. What's going on, Ubisoft ?
  23. What is wrong with the skill wheel/system and level cap in campaigns?
  24. Unity campaign
  25. Summing up
  26. Mac OS X verison
  27. The game is broken !!
  28. Use-less skills
  29. Don't you think it is time to contact your local gaming press about HOMM VII's issues
  30. Limbic team in this forum
  31. 1.8 Patch when?
  32. Balancing issues
  33. Heroes VII additions.
  34. Warfare is Underrated
  35. Please remove combat waitting in sim turns
  36. Is it possible to know in advance which combat map will be in the battle ?
  37. Can you play multiplayer?
  38. weak spot dungeon ability = Poison bug with shade
  39. Player ranking in Heroes 7
  40. Problem with résolution
  41. Poll: Balancing - caps
  42. Tomas as governor
  43. here is my feelings of M&M 7 in multiplayer without words
  44. MMH7 future: Q&A
  45. towns one sizes
  46. LOL LIMBIC fix your multiplayer!!!
  47. Ressurection
  48. Has anyone tried Multiplayer?
  49. AI using "wait" after patch 1.8
  50. I have a question hoping to get answer.
  51. Can we replay now after quickcombat in MP ?
  52. AC Mod - Alternative Creatures
  53. You have created a nice modding tool, But you have to have a great game also
  54. newbie at work
  55. Looking for opponents
  56. Do you like FFA games in Heroes 7 ?!
  57. Bugs at this Stage. after patch 1.8
  58. Random skill rework announcement
  59. fire wall tier 2 spell is better than fireball tier 3
  60. Heroes Community want a better Heroes game as here how you....
  61. Need updates on new patch
  62. Ubisoft ruined the series
  63. Ashan goes to the trashcan
  64. New Patch? Please?
  65. Lost Tales of Axeoth 2 - Twist of Fate - Through Light and Shadows Quest
  66. Information! Please give information!!
  67. Multijoueur
  68. Tired of bugs and crashes, we want expansion for free!
  69. Crashes
  70. Downloaded map collapse
  71. Total Garbage
  72. New features feedback in 2.0 ?
  73. U play version
  74. Multiplayer problem on Trial by fire
  75. Thank you for redoing the awkward static classic campaign cutscenes.
  76. Enough with this GARBAGE! Multiplayer is still broken
  77. Patch 2.0 feedback. AI still a complete mess.
  78. HOMM7 trial by fire BROKEN
  79. Where is the sky?
  80. Why i even bought this buggy game.... from a heroes lover with respect for devs :mad:
  81. Editor don't save
  82. Multiplayer, out of sync mayhem
  83. 3rd tier unit
  84. Patch 2.1, so want it!
  85. second expansion to fuurther polish and finish the game? Inferno sactuary
  86. Unable to Launch Heroes of Might and Magic VII v2.0
  87. DirectX 9 Graphics Only?
  88. New skirmish maps in 2.0 feedback
  89. Why so many bugs even after long waited 2.o ?!?!
  90. Lost Skills in Campaign - Dissolute Audacity map
  91. ########1423######1438##########
  92. Patch 2.1 still doesn't fix Anything
  93. Why is Lightning Reflexes Icon SAME with Homeland skill ?
  94. Finally its going the right direction
  95. Thoughts and Intentions : Skull of Sorrows version Heroes VII 2.1 40271
  96. Army is Irrelevant
  97. Well.. this one went bad.
  98. Some BUG FIX MoD
  99. So I just played Heroes VI...
  100. A formal request to Ubisoft
  101. H7 deserves its ToE
  102. Crash on loading saves.. why this stupid bug still there
  103. Win the map "mine wars" in 4-5 days. Army is irrelevant.
  104. Alternate History Map
  105. Empty ON-line
  106. You can run but you can't hide ¿?
  107. Looking for oppnents
  108. Communication with fans
  109. May be some Balance with balista?
  110. My quick impressions from the whole MMH7 development after the release
  111. Its a good IP,Heroes ,as same as Sid Meiers Civilization
  112. Ubisoft stops cooperation with Limbic Entertainment
  113. Grow up and atleast answer your paying customers
  114. legal measures
  115. Heroes 7 cant click on ready button and join loaded mp game
  116. Future plans, heroes VIII
  117. Don't buy this game! - Current Status
  118. Dedicated to Ubisoft. Mirash_ge and Antalyan loved to play multiplayer ...
  119. Won't be buying HOMM VII
  120. out of Sync
  121. HoMM7 offline
  122. 50$ for bugs reporting? 2 years and they are not fixed? Shame on you!
  123. Suprisingly, I'd love this game if they continued to develop it
  124. HoMM7 site is broken!
  125. Lost Tales of Axeoth 2 - Twist of Fate
  126. the site is broken, please fix it
  127. Heroes VII enable to play noobs !!!!
  128. Heroes VII
  129. Heroes VII