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  1. H7 site/blog!
  2. Paragon "Master of Magic" and Metamagic
  3. Question about Uplay Rewards
  4. Calculation
  5. The map editor
  6. Windows 10?
  7. **** I wrote down while playing
  8. The Lenght of opponent's turn
  9. Multiple Gripes; Multiple Topics
  10. What I like about this Heroes, so far
  11. Survey from beta !
  12. Upgrade to Collector Edition ?
  13. Questions about Preordering and the Editions avaialble
  14. [RESOLVED] MMH7 Website unavailable
  15. Academy magic needs a small adjustment
  16. Questions about modding
  17. Uplay in-game rewards, do they affect gameplay?
  18. Random map generator
  19. Terrain modifiers
  20. [Resolved] Issue with https://mmh7.ubi.com
  21. Pre Order Vanished from Uplay
  22. Sylvan magic heroes missing light magic!
  23. Why was the Limbic stream removed?
  24. Can I just get...
  25. Ubisoft does not give two turds about the fan base
  26. Can I play the game now?
  27. Playing offline
  28. A neutral-good (less emotional) feed-back before the game release
  29. HOMM 7 stream on twitch
  30. Adventure map design scale
  31. Where is the starting bonus on skirmish maps?
  32. When will I be able to play this game?
  33. Is Steam releasing the game hours after it's supposed to be?
  34. If I purchased on Steam - can I run it on Uplay WITHOUT Steam?
  35. Have LONG AI turns been fixed?
  36. 40% off sale..
  37. Bought Digital Deluxe but game in UPlay says...
  38. Question about campaigns
  39. So I watched the last stream before release...
  40. will the final release support Windows 10?
  41. Not yet realesed on Uplay
  42. What the hell is up with your servers ubisoft?
  43. What a steaming pile of poo.
  44. Pre-order content? what did I miss out on?
  45. This game is actually quite good
  46. Loving the game so far, I have one question (maybe bug?)
  47. I don't feel MMH7 is a hole new next generation game at all.
  48. Bug? Campaign start, while they talking they dont move
  49. Reset campaign intro
  50. Deluxe Edition - where are my 4 artefacts/portraits?
  52. Haven Campaign Mission 1 done, but campaign does not countinue.
  53. Question regarding H3HD that you get with H7 deluxe edition!
  54. sooo..... where is the random map generator?
  55. As a new player...
  56. I defended Al-betyl :)
  57. Tips for beginners?
  58. Situation Status: 02/10 – 7:45PM CEST
  59. Good Morale damage output too low
  60. Pulsating Flag
  61. Loving the game
  62. I knew that you will fail again, I just knew it :P
  63. Heroes 7 Campaign Play-through Order.
  64. Supreme Crown of the Magister bugged please fix
  65. Collectors Addition - No CD?
  66. Difficulty, does it go up?
  67. Spectator mode / Multiplayer
  68. Language locked despite buying a full-price version from US site
  69. [Bugs] Summary of a support unit now shown
  70. [Modding] Write a code and standalone plugins
  71. Haven Campain. Demon's Bane Quest.
  72. Heaven mission 2 fire elemental
  73. Assign a governor?
  74. Muppets show
  75. Academy Campaign Map 2
  76. How do i disable the flashy effect at the start of the battle?
  77. About the CE, and other things.
  78. Wood Elves ballance
  79. Physical CE and H3 HD
  80. academy campaign
  81. Quick review of Collector's Edition, Ubisoft Ken and more.
  82. Which mod should be harder ? the Campaign or skirmish..
  83. Italian subtitles?
  84. Small icons after a turn in battles. What are these for?
  85. Praise "Devs" blame management
  86. Academy Campaign - mission 3 Princess Ghali - How to finish it ??
  87. I desperatly want to play this game
  88. Heven mission 3
  89. 45£ for that ?????!!
  90. This game feels way too easy
  91. options: key bindings cannot be reset to factory default
  92. sudgestion: lock room, or firend invite for Multiplayer
  93. Respecialize heroes
  94. Stuck between two missions (Haven Campain)
  95. Probleme mit der zuflucht + nekromanten kampanie 2
  96. 11 GB patch ?
  97. map editor removing unclickable foilage
  98. MULTIPLAYER FUN!!! Kappa
  99. Solmyr and bonus map
  100. How to dig treasure?
  101. Hmm is it only me or is the graphic even worse than in Heroes 6?
  102. No AUTOSAVE? Are you kidding me?
  103. pre-order bonuses
  104. Problems and bad design decisions
  105. Where is the Tear of Asha?
  106. Do not buy!
  107. Limbic Entertainmant please explain.
  108. third mission dark elf
  109. Multiplayer
  110. Dungeon banshee's tear
  111. Quasiment une arnaque / @ Julien Pirou particulièrement
  112. Homm 7, disaster for a real HOMM fan, not yet hopeless.
  113. Sub forum: map editor
  114. how you dig?
  115. Hero information on the website is faulty.
  116. Worst game ever everything is broken and adventure map/ AI creature ab completely off
  117. How do i refund a Ubisoft game.
  118. À quand le jeu en français ?
  119. How do you activate/deactivate hexagons in combat ?
  120. How to appky
  121. Multiplayer - Waiting for other combats !?
  122. Convert Towns and Custom Heroes
  123. Things we like
  124. Take over castle?
  125. Stronghold Campaign - Map 4 - Stuck with Reem
  126. Heroes,heroes everywhere!
  127. A few major complaints
  128. Do you think this is a multiplayer game ?
  129. haven campain stuck with konrad
  130. Hotseat only player
  131. No (more) Autosaves
  132. Treasure Map
  133. Heroes 7 - Launch / RMG -
  134. Feedback: Custom Heroes
  135. Lots of potential!
  136. I bought deluxe edition but i never got...
  137. Spanish Subtitles
  138. Faction with best ranged units?
  139. Artefact pack as a reward in Uplay app
  140. Multiplayer - no statistics after game end? Please add some!
  141. Warning! This game is only for16 and above!
  142. [MAP EDITOR] can`t publish map
  143. FAILS in the game
  144. Haven Campaign - Map 3 - mission "Counter attack"
  145. Necropolis Mission 3
  146. Can I play all the factions to max level as part of the main campaign?
  147. Warfares: resurrecting
  148. Digital Soundtrack from Deluxe Edition
  149. A sober word on music, environment, animations, and towns
  150. Necro Mission 3 - How can I finish it ?
  151. Until when is considered preorder?
  152. Necro Misson2 - Stuck problem - Solution
  153. Where are the saved games?
  154. Adjusting Speed
  155. Dungeon Campaign mission 2
  156. Solmyr map insolvable?
  157. Thanks for the Updates
  158. The Cheat Window - Reset Skills?
  159. Cannot finish Necro Mission 1
  160. please some adjustments to units
  161. Predetermined heroes for duels.
  162. Heroes of might and magic and why is divided
  163. List of Editor questions (compile a list here?)
  164. Haven: A Feast For The Gods
  165. Feedback M&M Heroes VII
  166. About the AI
  167. We really need to be able to Raze
  168. Как запустить 32 битную версию?
  169. How to appoint governor in Heaven campaign?
  170. Feedback on HOMM VII til 03/10/15
  171. Shame on you, ubisoft!
  172. Mouse rotation
  173. Diplomacy has been too much nerfed from beta ! (Golden-Tongued ability)
  174. Bad creature sound effects..
  175. Feedback: Hero Design
  176. I want to start a Campaign. Which one has less bugs?
  177. tomas mission 2 to free the fire element
  178. Haven Mission 2 : Name the girl as governer
  179. Ubisoft's GREED, POOR MANAGEMENT and LACK OF SUPPORT killed Might&Magic
  180. academy map 4 - how to pass it ?
  181. Refund from Green Man Gaming
  182. Lan
  183. Victory screen could use some improvement
  184. AI gets too many heroes
  185. [Feedback] Necromancy everytime click and drag...
  186. [Feedback] Unit autostacking rearranging my troops
  187. [Feedback] Combat victory fanfare WAY too loud!
  188. Can't complete the second mission on the necro campaign
  189. Worse than an Indie title @.@
  190. Read before buying this game
  191. My impressions/evaluation on MMH 7
  192. Combat
  193. How do you use "Outnumbering" in the tactics phase ????
  194. Multiple multiplayer servers or only one?
  195. Academy Mission 3
  196. Using Caravans
  197. Looking for a refund...
  198. "Instant Recall" not working on Masfar
  199. So far campaigns are a big heap of disappointment
  200. Region locked!!!!!!!!! Can't install in EN!!!!!!
  201. Ubisoft needs to learn from Stardock
  202. Had hope, it's gone...
  203. How do you release a game in this state and sleep at night?
  204. Necro Campaign - Thoughts and Intentions - questions
  205. May I say *****, UBISOFT"?
  206. [Feedback] Slowly counting/tallying annoying
  207. You talk about budget and contracts...
  208. Best difficulty setting?
  209. [Feedback] The AI on the difficulty 'Hard' is way too weak
  210. When does Ubisoft/Limbic apologize for shipping unfinished games?
  211. Critical problem in Murazel mission 2 campaign (Tomas Wolf)
  212. synchronizing your game save with the cloud crash
  213. Inform newspapers / streamers
  214. Some words of PRAISE! Crashes are gone, save/load works, loading times acceptable!
  215. Honest and Realistic time frame for the fixes please.
  216. Change town?
  217. My review of the game.
  218. Question for other players: Anything immune to armageddon?
  219. Any New Situation Status Updates?
  220. Impossible de jouer!
  221. My impressions of Homm7
  222. How do I request a refund?
  223. All H7 Class Data, For All Factions, Organized in Downloadable Chart
  224. Enemy hero hides in the Sanctuary (Shelter/Church) forever
  225. How do I create new heroes?
  226. Homm 7 map editor
  227. Spiel instalation
  228. Stronghold Campaign Mission 3, AI in sanctuary
  229. Overall impressions after finished Haven Missions
  230. Patch release ?
  231. Unfortunately (but as expected) hardly any better than the closed beta 2 version!
  232. Camera rotation, rotation with mouse, zooming and scaling.
  233. Sylvan (elven) mission 2 campaign, help?
  234. NUR eigenen Helden erstellen mit dem Editor ?
  235. Thank you Limbic for what at least you managed to do
  236. Mods and Might and magic VII
  237. Bravo
  238. Grayish haze that appears when camera panned out all the way
  239. Game wont start
  240. Online multiplayer sucess.
  241. Academy map 3 discussion
  242. Second storyline cinematcs(on the war council) missed
  243. Artefact pack and hero decals unlocked but cant use them
  244. Can't enable windows fullscreen in 4k
  245. I have no emojis worth expressing my thoughts
  246. look how beautiful it looks on steam reviews
  247. Why was the game released
  248. Patch update
  249. balance issue: firewall, summon elemental, spirit
  250. unit and combat sound. where is it?