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  1. In Rainbow six siege, how about having an option to capture pics using drones or cams
  2. Battleeye active ??
  3. Suggestions to make average player just a bit better and improve new player experienc
  4. What is the point in this forum if the devs don't interact with players
  5. Meleeing Barbed Wire Not Registering
  6. Soooo true
  7. Joining games in progress
  8. Underage players
  9. A suggestion that I want you to help me bring it in-game
  10. We need to have TACTICAL REALISM in matchmaking
  11. Kicked and Banned for no reason.
  12. Kicked and banned....
  13. Enough this 4vs5 and 3 vs5 ranked games
  14. enemy high pings and low level team mates on weu!!!!!
  15. Rainbow Six Siege does not open
  16. Totaly unbalanced matches
  17. New drone/marker controller layout option for console
  18. Make Code of Conduct Disciplinary Statistics Public
  19. Reconnecting to game.
  20. Instant ban for team kill/same team player assault/kill.
  21. Lazy banning, sending videos is useless..
  22. New option idea
  23. try to make new modes ideas
  24. The problem for new players
  25. Nitro cell is too powerful
  26. M590A1 needs a buff
  27. Shotgun nerf: console vs pc
  28. New Feature Idea
  29. Unfair abandon penalty!!
  30. Kill and being killed at the same time
  31. Forgiving System
  32. new operators
  33. Idea for pulse and ranked mics!
  34. UBI, do you really think this is fun?
  35. Vivendi take over, ubisoft direction is affule.
  36. Ubiclub chat
  37. Fix the IP's being accessible.
  38. Netcode and no sound problem!!!!!
  39. Xbox 1 and PS4 Player Comfort
  40. Loss Mitigation
  41. The game needs to not kick you immediately if your ping spikes to a certain degree.
  42. Squad with non-friends or while in the lobby/match(vote in the poll)
  43. TK-ed, Kicked and banned for 15 mins
  44. Lighting Bug
  45. Great buff for Tachanka
  46. teammate and host issues
  47. So Ubi, you wanna give Siege longetivity...?
  48. You know what would cool?
  49. suggestion for improvement drone green light "for announced that the area is safe "
  50. I have no word to thank enough The Siege team for the BattlEye! Proud of you guys!
  51. Rainbow Six Siege...from hero to zero
  52. Thank you for good relations ESL (BK201 and Force <3 - admins on esl)
  53. do something about the smgs on pc
  54. Stuck into walls
  55. Operator buffs that need to happen
  56. Diamond Skin issue.
  57. Map preference is literally useless and doesnt work
  58. Shotgun Master Challenge - Needs Updating
  59. Remove vote to kick
  60. Good Job BattlEye. Dont Trust Shameless Hackers
  61. Problems with teamkillers
  62. IQ
  63. UBI! Repair this!
  64. Operators that should be changed
  65. Can we get new headgear for these operators next?
  66. did not hack on the RAINBOWSIX but banned by BE
  67. Wrongly banned for a third-party software
  68. My account was banned by another software because BE think it`s hack
  69. things to be repaired and suggestion
  70. Ubisoft staff respect please come in and see
  71. Just TURN OFF friendly fire and there will be no team killing.
  72. The Console Ports need Aim Assist and FoV Slider
  73. Pulse Suggestion
  74. ubsoft profile
  75. Clan Feutures ?
  76. Bugs to be fixed after Skull Rain
  77. bug report
  78. Presidential Plane Glitch** Please Patch
  79. Thermite charge glitch
  80. Terrorist hunt changes
  81. Need to add set max ping for competitive, casual and terrorist hunt modes!!!
  82. Team kill offence too harsh on casual/ bad players
  83. Apology and complaint
  84. The yellow markers
  85. Last friendly player kicked out due to voting ! ! !
  86. ban my new Account level 1 why?
  87. penalty
  88. Tell us where we are defending on casual
  89. Network issues are resulting in shots that do not register!
  90. Ubisoft Italy is NOT supporting the Italian R6 community
  91. I got kicked and penalized for choosing Blackbeard
  92. Multiplayer modes and Terrorist Hunt sugestions.
  93. [PC] Mouse wheel
  94. Matchmaking is kinda broken
  95. Please read
  96. NOT getting points when the other team surrenders
  97. New Guns and weapons
  98. A serious feedback: your servers aren't up to the task
  99. Matchmaking Worst Than Rocket League
  100. Kick Ban For Up To A Week For Accidentally killing Hostage
  101. To R6 developers, please read!
  102. Change Orange Team to Red Team!
  103. Siege soundtrack
  104. Ping issues...
  105. New South American Servers...not BR
  106. Accuracy while moving - please don't force me to monkey dance
  107. About the shotguns
  108. Easiest way to buff Tachanka
  109. Text Chat Blocking
  110. Reporting Cheaters & Team Killing
  111. "blacklist" funktion in ranked
  112. Nerfing
  113. Tips to make Ranked a more fair experiance!
  114. A Few Questions To The Developers
  115. Vote to kick system feedback! DEV please read/look!
  116. Add a Toggle Mode in the options menu of stuff that "must" be held.
  117. Pulse.
  118. Oregon Glitch
  119. Customize Operators from website
  120. Ideas to improve the game
  121. Serious Bulls**t banning Rainbow six siege
  122. Ranked: Searching for a game
  123. Teammates Resetting Health
  124. Clientside smoke
  125. Garbage
  126. no update solves anything :( so byebye again
  127. Remove the VTK ban and rank punishment
  128. Remove votekick or make it conditional
  129. Teamkills upon spawn increase
  130. Team Killing in Ranked
  131. Victims of team killing should not have to lose rank, re-set the game
  132. Pistol Micro RDS?
  133. Buffing Glaz
  134. Re-work Flash-bangs and Add Movement Penalty
  135. HUD & "Recruit Operator" Improvements
  136. Choose start location before operator
  137. Votekick/Teamkill System Needs To Be Improved (My Suggestion)
  138. Was the Semi-auto shotgun nerf really needed?
  139. Acogs Now?
  140. Future of Rainbow Six
  141. Fuze Suicide Bug
  142. Netcode Dev Please Read
  143. Please speed up Matchmaker! currently kills the pace of the game.
  144. 7 Days Banned
  145. Getting Kicked On Ranked For No Reason!!!! 15 mins ban every time
  146. Suggestions to Make the Aiming Better on Console and other Player Comfort Settings
  147. Enough !
  148. smoke secondary
  149. mute
  150. Doc - Changing him to a 1 Armor, 3 Speed Operator!
  151. Banned on being kicked.
  152. I actually have to thank you, Ubisoft (incredible)
  153. Fix List
  154. *** U Ubi, suck game suck severs!
  155. Banned for 20 mins, kicked by clan
  156. REBUFF shotguns plz
  157. Terrorist Hunt Feedback
  158. BOPE 10 Wins Challenge progress locked at 4 wins won many more than the 10 required.
  159. We need to stop team killers, and being kicked for nothing on ranked matches!!!!!!!!!
  160. The Headshot Metagame and possible fix
  161. Gameplay issue
  162. Sound direction is woeful
  163. Bad game design - my suggestions to improve it.
  164. Hacker detected.
  165. Request for Scoped Sensitivity Slider
  166. Armored windows and Miles Campbell
  167. Banned on 7 days
  168. punish team killer
  169. Rainbow Six Siege should have a Story Mode
  170. Wake up!! "Defenders" going outside are ruining the game
  171. Crit's new content suggestions
  172. Surrender Glitch. STOP THIS
  173. New guns and weapon sights/scopes
  174. New ideia: operators ranks
  175. How to make Montagne more viable [Suggestion]
  176. Decorations Idea
  177. Why remove the Breaching Charge from Thermite?
  178. Drone Bug(begining the attacker)
  179. Bug Report Video: C4 is glitching back
  180. Thanks UBI! Somethings GREAT in 4.2.
  181. Please make these much needed changes.
  182. Ranked not Awarding Points Due to Ragequitters
  183. Completely Upset with the newest utlity changes
  184. Real talk: Patch 4.0 - 4.2 and where to from here
  185. The Skull Rain Mid Season Reinforcments Came And Ruined A Lot
  186. Hit detection way off point!?
  187. Once a cheater, Always a cheater
  188. is that only me have problem with multiplayer games?(it's cant found a opponent!)
  189. Request for South African Data center.
  190. New Idea for loading games faster
  191. Update 4.2 - Operation Skull Rain Reinforcements (a step in the right direction)
  192. Make Rainbow 6 Seige better
  193. Rank display
  194. Video for those who want the feedback.
  195. Give us the option to save a replay.
  196. Maps preferencies useless
  197. Why am I considered an abandoning party when kicked?
  198. You were removed from the match "poor connection"
  199. Getting queued for the same lobby again, and again-
  200. Russian ******s
  201. New game mode suggestion
  202. Dust falling from ceiling not real!!!! Could easily add real immersion
  203. Ranked Game FeedBack
  204. Why does UPlay suck?
  205. Too many glitch and Cheaters (they are coming again)
  206. overall kill/death ratio reset
  207. Matchmaking Error(Servers currently at capacity)
  208. 4.2 Challenges Broken Again (No Progress/Completion)
  209. Show Who's the Important Peer-to-Peer Host
  210. Needs to be a way to help this.
  211. Bug/Glitch stuck in drone
  212. Season pass
  213. Ubisoft pls, what is this?
  214. suggestion: patch notes
  215. UBI match making is a pice of ****
  216. Valkyrie Window glitch user caught
  217. **** siege and its ranked ********
  218. Spawn Killed
  219. Changes to game and suggestion for new operator
  220. invest controls
  221. Weapon skins
  222. idea to fix team killing issue
  223. FIX the netcode
  224. Joining an ongoing ranked game
  225. Take thermite out of the game
  226. People Quitting in ranked. Please read.
  227. Maybe got temporally banned for 5 minutes. But I am not hacking.
  228. [FEEDBACK] Rainbow Six Siege - PS4
  229. Lost a round for no reason
  230. Match making horror crap!
  231. Auto-exit drone
  232. My feedback after 30 minutes
  233. Tired of this bullshat.
  234. I want to refund game
  235. you want my feedback? i want a ****ing refund.
  236. Impact grenade not string enough
  237. Why it to sell there where it doesn't work?
  238. Teamkilling - Ban???
  239. Hitboxes Exist?
  240. Players models glowing in the dark
  241. Well it was fun
  242. A suggestion
  243. game breaking exploit/glitch
  244. Team Killing Troll
  245. Detailed operator buff ideas (to change the game in a good a way)
  246. 15 minute ban cos I was voted out of a map?????
  247. Possible Operators + Gadgets
  248. Wishes for future DLC
  249. Remove or quieten Caveira ability sound effect
  250. Destroying empty armour bag