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  1. patch 3.3 worthless,
  2. Ubisoft needs to step up!!!!!!
  3. Remove c4 from the game or nerf it
  4. Rainbow 6 Seige: A wasted opportunity and a damn shame.
  5. "Lock" Valkyrie's back eye cameras
  6. Oh would you ****ing look at that!
  7. Rank is bugging
  8. Banned for being removed??????
  9. Fix my guns please!!!!
  10. Ranked Kill Cam idea
  11. Latest Update - additional tweaks
  12. Operator Videos - For All Operator <3
  13. Xbox: Use the Reputation System to Prevent Griefers from Ruining Games
  14. Suggestion
  15. New Idea for operator. Operator "Seeker".
  16. Assault skater
  17. esports commentating is gud, but option to remove please
  18. Abandon penalty because I was disconnected from your servers?
  19. I'm not going to wait a ****ing month!
  20. WFT does the next round start if one team has less people?
  21. For the next patch, you need to...
  22. Nice to see that Fairfight is about as reliable as a broken digital clock
  23. Wallhack. Wallhack everywhere!
  24. Team killing easy solution!
  25. C4 missused
  26. Cheater
  27. Give us more reporting options
  28. Give us cinema mode with wallhack
  29. You can tell me, ubi. I won't tell anyone else about it.
  30. Thrown out of the game
  31. hitboxes for headshot is a joke!!!!
  32. blitz's hitbox is bad
  33. A video for Semi-Automatic Shotguns. Nerf it.
  34. idea for new assassin's creed game
  35. New Wallpapers in profile Steam.
  36. Please Listen Ubisoft, I really love your game.
  37. Tahnk you for battleifeld 1
  38. Suggesting a leaning system like in rainbow six vegas 2
  39. [BANK] Buggy textures / translucent from one side
  40. long list of feedback
  41. Ubisoft take responsibility!
  42. Ubisoft, why are you so bad?
  43. Ranked leavers and penalties
  44. Patch 3.3 brought black screen more often ...
  45. Tachanka Doesn't Need Another Buff. But What Does He Need?
  46. when will the lying stop!!!??????
  47. Video rec of cheaters. Ubisoft please use this
  48. Change the "vote to kick" option
  49. Got banned by microsoft because of team killer
  50. Final Thoughts - Formal Complaint
  51. Make complaints against cheaters (video)
  52. WHERE? are the announcements from the devs for taking care of hackers??
  53. New patch 3.4 july
  54. Final Montagne buff
  55. Nitro cells are badly designed
  56. Shotgun Silencer and Bayonete
  57. Buck hockey mask MIA from shop menu
  58. Is Pulse OP?
  59. Squads problems..
  60. 200 ping ranked match?
  61. Some Quality of Game Suggestions
  62. Diamond Skin
  63. Cheating and poor netcode
  64. Mass charming and skinning.
  65. Shotguns are to much
  66. Ubisoft and this game are a joke
  67. Getting tired of this crappy game
  68. A consideration for Ubisoft?
  69. Adding doors
  70. Ump45
  71. fooking hackers are ruining the game
  72. Please Think About Implementing These Ideas Ubisoft.
  73. My avatar got banned
  74. hey ubiSOFT WAKE THE **** UP
  75. Deliberately Allowing Cheating to Drive Players to Consoles?
  76. C4 damage glitch
  77. (PS4) Issues i feel need to be addressed in this game.
  78. Unbalanced Ranked on PS4
  79. Feedback - Sounds.
  80. Feedback - UI
  81. 4th of July Challenge
  82. Ranked
  83. Ubisoft **** yourself deep and dry
  84. New operator
  85. Uniform problem
  86. We need more renown gain in ranked matches
  87. 0 TOLERANCE STANCE NEEDED (toxicity and hackusations)
  88. My feedback
  89. Everything wrong with this game
  90. Rainbow Six Siege - Cheater compilation - Wallhack / Aimbot / Glitch
  91. An ideia to cancel or reduce the peeker's advantage
  92. An idea that would help with matchmaking times..
  93. How to make Proleague STREAM next level, and rise above everything else.
  94. Blitz's Flash is Very Under Whelming
  95. will you buy ubisoft games again ??
  96. Ubisoft Techs, What Needs Fixing
  97. Why did I buy the season pass
  98. Let's talk about shield
  99. Isn't this actually illegal?
  100. Fix the hitboxes!!!!!
  101. Larger maps
  102. Ability to create clans
  103. 3rd person view toggle
  104. Feedback: live pro match viewing.
  105. Aimbot ban plz ubi upload video
  106. Lighting Lighting OUTSIDE freaking Lighting
  107. If you could have any Charm design
  108. Ping problem during gameplay
  109. Banned for suspected hacking??
  110. sas bundle, please bring it back.
  111. Please fix these rubbish servers!
  112. Nightvision and roomlight
  113. DDOS attacker clan please read this !!!
  114. DDOS attacker clan please read this !!!
  115. broken hit reg. netcode, head-hitboxes and poor connection. when will the lies stop!!
  116. Weekly Challanges, Maintanace, ... Feedback.
  117. The ongoing Ubisoft Paradox
  118. Bandit needs a buff
  119. Defenders / Grenades
  120. Remove shotguns until proper balance is implemented
  121. Starting match with less than 5 players.
  122. Just a few of several problems.
  123. This game needs tear gas badly, it cries for it!
  124. Rainbow Six Siege
  125. Ubi Flushed this community down the toilet.
  126. Montagne addons/tweaks
  127. Anti-cheat solution
  128. hello.. i got fair fight removed and i demand u look into it..
  129. Got Kicked for no reason, ending up with a 15 min ban
  130. Paying the Troll Toll
  131. Smoke's smoke
  132. Rook needs a nerf
  133. (Post in french) Option et interface dans le menu et le lancement de partie du jeu
  134. Game breaking bug needs to be addressed
  135. Shotguns
  136. Can you stop making DLC and skins for a minute and fix the game already?
  137. C4 sucks!
  138. Fix your **** game
  139. how does the ranking system work
  140. Toxic bags
  141. Is this the right place?
  142. Mute
  143. Suggestion for TH : Vote to begin Terrorist Hunt with (x) players
  144. Laser - Let us turn the laser off (vote in the poll)
  145. please ban all the scrub using Xim4 on console!!!!
  146. poor connection, broken hit reg, hitboxes. stop with all the lies.
  147. Pulse is plain annoying now
  148. Why we dont get any info?
  149. Please fix map rotation!
  150. Please please add a mic and no mic lobby
  151. The game is getting better...
  152. I keep getting voted off ranked because I'm the last one alive
  153. Japan DLC naming ideas
  154. Any moderators here ??
  155. it's time to stand against this game!!!
  156. Non stop cheaters every game
  157. Hard to find matches.....make the teams smaller?
  158. Shotguns
  159. Remove the SMG-11
  160. Suggestions (not about operators)
  161. Another Attempt - Possible Clan System Suggestion (Uplay Client)
  162. Rebalancing shotguns
  163. bye bye rainbow cheat ! hello OverWatch
  164. Disconnection
  165. Client Side Smoke & Destruction is an Issue
  166. New operators for Rianbow six siege i wish to see :) -- july 2016--
  167. Why do we have to hold the middle mouse button?
  168. Terrorist Hunt Options
  169. User ccounts
  170. Operator Queue
  171. An idea that would help with matchmaking queing time
  172. Matchmaking error
  173. Something up with Glaz damage
  174. Banned
  175. Nazi in team
  176. Blackbeard balancing
  177. All the issues with Rainbow Six Siege that I have come across
  178. Tactical Realism Timer Reduction
  179. Suggestion for Balancing Pulse / Boosting IQ
  180. Operation "" skull rain "" info and thoughts , rainbow six siege brazillian dlc
  181. im sorry for making a repetetive thread, but nerf blackbeard, everyone wants you to n
  182. Remove all chat
  183. Matchmaking takes too long
  184. After technical works
  185. Kicked from game, abandon penalty, 15 min ban.
  186. terrorist hunt problems?
  187. feedback: skullrain update communication + realism
  188. Ubisoft's BattlEye is an Epic Failure
  189. C4 Interactions
  190. Need more detail on Damage drop off range and weapon attachments
  191. A few things to make rainbow six siege better.
  192. How to fix the sitting duck ,""TACHANKA"" rainbow six siege.
  193. SMGS Balancing
  194. Shield Snap and Command
  195. Chat broadcasts and status messages!
  196. A couple of bugs to report
  197. Game improvement
  198. Ideas to improve Pulse
  199. Even More Lag After Recent Update
  200. Terriost Hunt, "Vote To Start" Option
  201. Some non-gameplay suggestions for improvement
  202. Bartlett University for multiplayer (Vote in the poll)
  203. Thoughts for future operatorsí special gadget
  204. Error 3-0x0001000B Xbox One
  205. Rainbow Six Siege operators inspired by other Tom Clancy titles
  206. Matchmaking is a pain & here's my feedback
  207. More control for the player(s)
  208. Terrorist Hunt glitch
  209. S.i.a.s & g.r.o.m
  210. acog need to be fix
  211. Armored helmets???!?!??
  212. Keybindings and scrolll wheel
  213. Marking yellow arrows with the drone/camera
  214. patch 4.0 HIT REGISTRATION FIXES is stupid and not fixed,
  215. headshot hitboxes fixes not in patch 4.0????
  216. Grenade realism issue
  217. Rank
  218. Add a suggestion area......?
  219. Some ideas that will help Improve the game
  220. Poltergeist operator bug
  221. Rank
  222. This Must Stop
  223. Where's the renown?! >: [
  224. what's with all Diamond with 200 plus ping ??????
  226. More terrorist hunt options
  227. Last uptade troubles
  228. New Anti-Cheat Software isn't working...
  229. Why the **** isn't there a button for shield users to retract their arm.
  230. Unable to put skins on the Brazilian operators weapons
  231. Season 2 charms
  232. Matchmaking
  233. Host migration
  234. Shield "stacking"
  235. Commandeering Tachanka's turret glitch
  236. On Defender-side, first chose spawn THEN operator plz
  237. Second Rate Help Second Rate Game (XBOX1)
  238. Renown Refund for Season Pass
  239. Nitro Cells......
  240. Need fix
  241. Nothing but Brazilians
  242. Things that would be incredibly easy to fix
  243. Dear Ubisoft
  244. Weapon Skin/ Charm Glitch in Skull Rain
  245. New map & Stupidity
  246. Name tag visible through smoke(PC)
  247. COMPREHENSIVE FEEDBACK from a veteran player
  248. Regional Matchmaking - Language difficulties and language barriers
  249. I've come up with the PERFECT way to balance Pulse (long post)
  250. Bring the player statistics back to ranked matches!