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  1. Competitive & New Seasons
  2. Possibility to choose a different region for the matchmaking system
  3. Cheats Ranked [Video]
  4. Enemies' names are visible through smoke and other issues.
  5. Hacking issue
  6. Casual Changes
  7. Hacker Report
  8. Glitch report [video]
  9. ADD the tactical flash light in to game please ~~
  10. Real Bullet Counts
  11. Situations NEED COOP!!!
  12. Yellow Gas makes game unplayable for Color Blind
  13. Raise Minimum Level To Play Ranked..
  14. Rainbow 6 Siege Critical PC re-balance needs: Nitro Cells
  15. Reporting a Hacker
  16. Things I'd like to be changed
  17. My Opinion and feedback on Rainbow Six Siege
  18. Let us report those who leave the game
  19. Drone Glitch
  20. Drone Glitch
  21. More ACOG balance needed.
  22. Some issues
  23. Party Mechanics
  24. Report team of cheaters-Lunatic.
  25. hacker/glitcher report Scutum_89
  26. Feature req: Notification when matchmaking has completed (when ALT+Tabbing to reddit)
  27. TH - AFK Bot as Host - can't be kicked - ShogunDoom
  28. The Game has died
  29. Add a stat's menu
  30. Censorship ?
  31. Got killed from under the map on Hereford base
  32. Ranked match issues since update
  33. The SMG-11 is unaccepltable
  34. too much bugssss ! :mad:
  35. [PC] General feedback plus few personal suggestions
  36. Why can the matches not trace or Match info
  37. better ranked balancing
  38. Some suggestions Ver2.0
  39. Some suggestions Ver2.0
  40. Give checkbox to not to join started matches!
  41. Online game without protection against cheaters - UNLESS IT is POSSIBLE???
  42. Leaver, Cheater and Spammer (Chat)
  43. Team Colors
  44. New rainbow six: Siege zombie dlc
  45. New game-modes and operators ideas
  46. Exploit on Yacht
  47. Countless hours on it, now it's terrible
  48. Feedback so far
  49. Team play... without the team
  50. Ideas for R6
  51. Last minute balance change to Patch 3.0!
  52. Ranking Ubisoft and R6S
  53. Masks/Helmets feedback
  54. Server Browser
  55. Shield/Pistol Scope Spam
  56. Some new features that would be useful and need fixing! (siege)
  57. Teamkilling is an issue. Report for griefing button?
  58. Terrorist Hunt Impact
  59. Recruit - COULD be cool
  60. Kill Target - Game Mode
  61. afk banning is very strict
  62. Here's Your Feedback: What to do after Dust Line
  63. Masks/Helmets - Price of Buck's Avalanche Headgear
  64. toxic behavior
  65. New weapon skin Onyx
  66. Heart Attack Skin Limited Use?
  67. Enemy Detected Outside
  68. Characters standing posture
  69. Match History
  70. New Patch new Feedback: Great Game but still major technical bugs e.g. "IP-leak"
  71. currency shop bug?
  72. Some suggestions Ver3.0
  73. Idea for buffing the Suppressor
  74. Character charms are too small
  75. So what is the Concrete skin and Why did you only give me the message?
  76. Problem, Rank game without party
  77. r6s swag. Pointing at you Ubisoft
  78. let us choose between terrorist hunt challenges and multiplayer challenges.
  79. Suggestion to end all c-4 complaining yet bring depth to the game
  80. A FoV slider should be added to the console versions of the game
  81. Raging kids TKing over new characters
  82. friendly fire and "situaltions" entry
  83. Stacking punishments for leaving ranked games?
  84. Female shield operator
  85. Please fix that glitch
  86. Glitch on Consulate. PLEASE FIX SOON.
  87. Suggestions for Improving Vote-Kick
  88. Adding Defenders to all Terrorist Hunt
  89. Are you guys even doing anything about the hacking?
  90. Couldnt find a game in hafe hour, on pc. solution
  91. FBI SWAT recruit should have G36c instead of riot shield
  92. Are You Sure...
  93. The kicking of another player
  94. Buff for Tachanka after which he will not be useless.
  95. Host Quitting
  96. Blackbeard is overpowered !!
  97. possible TK fix ?
  98. Brightness Extremely high
  99. Aint a Cod killer, could make more money
  100. Sick of the van glitch
  101. Clearly broken...
  102. Invisible Montagne
  103. make it easier to invite & join friends session
  104. I see nothing has changed.
  105. feedback
  106. Will siege receive some tlc from the devs?
  107. Ubisoft: Leave the competition belance
  108. Japan DLC
  109. Feedback
  110. Suggestions to improve game
  111. Hey let us buy operator's new headgears with renowns
  112. How long will Rainbow six siege last?
  113. Hackers confessando que estÃo de hackers
  114. My suggestion about prone profile
  115. Former Marine Corps Combat engineers opinion of the nitro cell.
  116. cheats & hacks
  117. Multiple Pings
  118. Blackbeard - How to balance him
  119. Bug in Keyboard layout - Switching drones & Tachanka LMG
  120. Few Suggestions/Comments
  121. The Issues with the GIGN Guns: P90 & P9 & Revolver & Shotgun
  122. Blackbeard and Valkyrie Synergy With Opponents
  123. Hacker report
  124. An Option at Start of Round to Save Drones
  125. Team Killing in casual multiplayer
  126. Great feedback
  127. LEaked Release Date of HARSH Anti-Cheat...
  128. Give terrorists random weapons and attachmentsin TH-mode
  129. Operator and weapons skins
  130. "AAA" level of game design and game support
  131. Play with or vs Platinum or Diamond Player 1000 of hacker...
  132. Reconnection Error
  133. Ranked games
  134. Operator/ Weapon Suggestion Going Forward
  135. Weapon reloading
  136. Team killing problems!
  137. New Skins
  138. Ubisoft, fix these
  139. Hacks and glitch
  140. Suspicious Behavior Report List
  141. The van glitch... again
  142. Report for Suspicious Behavior is good and all....
  143. Sincere question
  144. What kind of bug/glitch is this? Seriously its really annoying.
  145. Light difference problem
  146. Xbox One Tactical Button Layout
  147. ANTI-CHEAT?! UBI? lel
  148. Cheaters and "NON-Cheaters"
  149. Feedback: Controller Aim Deadzone Fix
  150. exclusion abusive
  151. What the **** is going on, Ubisoft?
  152. [SUGGESTION] Different report options, make the community look at the reports.
  153. Some suggestions.
  154. Make the Operators manageable while searching & being dead + double Prep-Times
  155. Feedback
  156. Allowing weapons customization during matchmaking
  157. Dynamic Lighting
  158. I encounter this today, can someone explain?
  159. invisible shield users. (montagne, blitz, recruit)
  160. Fuze with shield can see enemy without his head being visible
  161. thanks ubisoft
  162. lol too funny and sad Starter Edition
  163. Slowly getting worse
  164. new weapon skins should be added for renouns NOT just for R6 credits
  165. Customisable Recruits
  166. ubi product suck
  167. Too much hacking
  168. Terrorist going outside
  169. Why was I voted out? What is going on.
  170. Would be nice to see a defender get a marksman rifle - and some kapkan suggestions
  171. Preset In Game Voice Coms.
  172. Please, for the love of God, please nerf the Nitro Cell
  173. Do something allready about hackers !
  174. Why did you downgrade Siege?
  175. Year 2 Operators (Please?) : Vympel, OMON, Marine Force Recon.
  176. Money back
  177. Ubisoft can you please work on your game?
  178. Six Siege Alpha graphics into the Final version??!!!
  179. Leave PC graphics the same as E3...
  180. When the game is not 5v5 the team with less ppl should allowed to vote for game pause
  181. You have ruined this game
  182. Cheater called Suka_Bljad
  183. Rank Symbols Differentiation
  184. Rainbow 7
  185. Challenges - changes
  186. Getting flooded with cheaters.
  187. Cheating heaven
  188. Head Shot Through Shield
  189. Nice, a good update to prevent hackers in the game, now about those trolls
  190. Joining in started ranked match
  191. Matchmaking Problem (a little unfair matchmaking)
  192. Lobby (Choose Map, Choose Gamemode)
  193. Ubi what are you doing, where the road goes?
  194. Need a feature to a game with alt+tab
  195. Picture in Picture, Gamechanging Idea, Please Vote UP!
  196. uplay invites are almost invisible
  197. Great idea on how to get more people to play fair in this game
  198. Better matchmaking needed!
  199. Petiton for lower price on dlc items
  200. Thermite: Bring back his frags
  201. Viewmodel FOV is painful
  202. Get it closer to R6 Raven Shield!
  203. Vote to kick
  204. this game has the worse hitboxes for headshot!!! broken!
  205. (hit reg, netcode, ping) how long has this game been out??? all still broken.
  206. Lighting is either to bright or to dark when looking in/out of windows
  207. Chat
  208. ******ed matchmaking
  209. Some changes that may make the game more enjoyable
  210. Loading screen
  211. Nope. You're going to give me my ****ing money back
  212. Pro-LGBT Skin
  213. Make your own, or stop *****ing
  214. fake, broken headshot!!!
  215. Adding Asymetric Gun Play
  216. Controller layout options
  217. Ubisoft, why are you supporting hackers?
  218. This is amazing. NO ****ing response, are you seriously ******ed?
  219. Chat history
  220. Getting kicked
  221. The chat box could use a size increase...
  222. stronger guns more recoil plus shotguns
  223. Dear Team Killers
  224. Ability to use tactical board in the game it self on a console
  225. A few minor changes
  226. Make hacker assist a bannable offence as well
  227. Give us the option to not be put in games in progress
  228. spetsnaz shotgun
  229. Conroller suggestion
  230. fix your headshot hitboxes
  231. Option to disable mouse wheel
  232. Let us choose the chat output device on PC
  233. Abandon penalty
  234. montagne with sheild extended can melee
  235. Losing rank by joining a game in progress
  236. You should take care of your game
  237. Suggestion - more mute options
  238. Any progress???
  239. Ni hands glitch
  240. Suggestion for a fair play , in case of numerical inferiority
  241. Add option to ignore cross-team chat
  242. Fix Fuze
  243. Fix the ban system
  244. DLC CTU Recruits should exist.
  245. this is the worse game of 2016!!!!
  246. Game crash and 15min ban
  247. Please stop giving us so many terrorist hunt challenges
  248. Matchmaking times are still way too long
  249. My game broke???
  250. Shotgun paint job must be fixed