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  1. No feedback. Why? No game to play.
  2. When I join a game in progress....
  3. Teamkills
  4. getting killed by headshot behind walls, you're a joke ubi!
  5. Ranked Still ****!!
  6. Ranking Issues After Todays Patch
  7. More control options
  8. need help on patch 2.1
  9. Aiming Issues
  10. New Thermite Exploit
  11. Matchmaking
  12. New mode or feature
  13. My wishful thinking
  14. Give perma-ban to leavers
  15. UBISOFT map design
  16. well played ubisoft
  17. Customization & More
  18. DDoS'ing, Aimboting etc. Ranked is so gud
  19. Headshot injuries and other shenanigans
  20. Weapons and operators
  21. To Very angry With this GAME
  22. ANTI TeamKilling Suggestions
  23. Can we have a matchmaking preference for mics"
  24. Rank ban increase
  25. Blitz CANNOT shoot properly after flashing!!! (Video Proof)
  26. Tachanka suggestions
  27. For the LOVE OF GOD can we PLEASE be able to cancel Actions/Movement?
  28. A modest proposal to Ubisoft: Let us unmask the operators
  29. Option in Settings to Flip L1/R1 with L2/R2
  30. Montagne Health boost/ Nitro Cell nerf
  31. Patch break server locator?
  32. God damm Uplay Sever
  33. Are we still playing the beta right now....????? ubisoft!!!!!
  34. What I miss in the R6 Siege after 2 months it has been released
  35. Rage quiters!!!
  36. Quand ubi bougera son cul
  37. Leave and Reconnect in Ranked...
  38. I want a refund
  39. activity is a key way to improve
  40. My issues with Rainbow Six Siege
  41. Awesome Game, Horrible Moderation Staff
  42. Hostage bug (PvE-PC)
  43. Bomb - shifted light effects - visual bug (PvE - PC)
  44. Fading friendly outlines
  45. Add bots to disconnected teammates
  46. Pls add the reconnect feature
  47. Please add some skins that dont look like clown guns. add realistic camo's.
  48. Those "Hidden" hackers....
  49. Peekers Advantage and Lag Compensation
  50. People leaving during countdown in lobby
  51. FEED:Report player Button&Defuser
  52. BUG - Blitz and Montagne 2x Shield when ADS after using Special
  53. connection issues
  54. Visible loadout
  55. Connection issues and Kapkan trip wirer!
  56. the online support really sucks!
  57. Bang for Your Buck? Or just another gimmick?
  58. Customizing Guns with Mods
  59. Dirty Shield
  60. Fuze trap remains on the barricades
  61. Drone issue at the beginning of the round
  62. Fake Headshot
  63. Trought the barricades
  64. Will Ubi finally address the hacking in this game
  65. Worried about the lack of content planned...
  66. Fix the ****ing ranked balance!!!!!!!
  67. Reconnecting to Ranked Games
  68. AUG and SMG-11
  69. I no longer get R6 credits since last patch.
  70. Cheaters !!!
  71. Breach charges
  73. Casual matchmaking: Proposal to encourage longevity of this game for casual players
  74. Flinching when shot
  75. Your game is TRASH and I LOVE IT that more people are seeing it my way!
  76. Insert Punkbuster implemant
  77. Pre-Game Lobby In Ranked
  78. New Operator Cost
  79. [FEATURE] Quick Match button on Main Menu
  80. Change the Name of Feedback (subforum)
  81. FPS Cap (frames per second)
  82. Operator Passive Abilities
  83. something need to be done with the high ping player in ranked,
  84. Is this COD!?
  85. Matchmaking
  86. TeamKilling Punishments
  87. Will matchmaking ever be fast?
  88. High pings
  89. Fix.Your.Servers
  90. server needs to be based on fastest connection speed not ping.
  91. Feedback - Changes from ESL standpoint
  92. Hold down breaching charge key
  93. Changing random recoil to more complex recoil patterns that differ slightly
  94. agent too dark,window too bright
  95. When do we get a chance to skip challenges?
  96. Please fix this!
  97. vote to kick has become a racist jokes in ranked, ubisoft is racism
  98. Spawn Killing not Fixed for map House
  99. Fuze Cluster Kill People Through Wall/Castle Without Damaging It
  100. Breaching charge should be deploy-able on any surface
  101. Data center help for the PC
  102. Shotguns Changed?
  103. Give Replay system instead of Killcam
  104. PS4 DDOS Team (diamond/plat ranks)
  105. You HAVE to restrict defenders from going outside. Game killing feature
  106. Thermite Charge dosent destroy wall/can cross through it.
  107. this game had potential
  108. A message to developers about latest patch and previous gamebreaking features
  109. Frost is op with shotgun
  110. Frost shotgun
  111. can you fix the net-code, hit detection or NO???? ubisoft ??? tell us the truth.
  112. Hit detection is FUBAR!
  113. Fix Your Unacceptable Data Center Pings, Ubisoft
  114. In game map
  115. Guess Pass
  116. Options for next update?
  117. Players leaving ranked matches solution
  118. Adding Kill cams in ranked compromises tactical gameplay and here is why
  119. 4 out of 5 games end up 4v5 or 3v5
  120. New Defence Shotgun Proposal UTS-15
  121. PLEASE remove 2 second warning delay when defender goes outside
  122. Registered a hit from my drone being shot
  123. The Gunplay Is Subpar
  124. Grenade fail
  125. Can we go back to 5sec spotting defender
  126. Team killing
  127. flashbang idea????
  128. Please fix this!
  129. 5-man squad joining ranked games on losing team
  130. Just a simple feature request
  131. Missing Gun - bug (PvE - PC)
  132. Maps stay on wall after wall is destroyed - bug (PvE - PC)
  133. Tachanka player model bugged when mounting the LMG - bug (PvE - PC)
  134. Simple Fixes for Spectator Mode
  135. Increase the comunities effect on the game
  136. TH host migrate
  137. Bring respawn with a new gamemode
  138. 6VS6 matches
  139. Shooting through walls and bullet sponge
  140. Shooting through the hostage
  141. Rainbow Six Siege Or the Zoo Of the Cheaters !
  142. Buildings Doors & Glowing Characters & Latency
  143. Laser Attachment Is Still Garbage?
  144. cost of operators
  145. As a healer, I'd like to see healing numbers on screen
  146. Custom match reknown earning idea!
  147. UnFairFight TM
  148. a couple of suggestions
  149. Please remove the inactivity timer
  150. FSS_M4 Will Toggle dem hacks.
  151. Bucks C8-SFW too weak compared to Ash,Twtich,Fuze & too much recoil
  152. Cheaters going afk as host during terrorist hunt
  153. Can we get some sort of abusive behavioral reporting?
  154. Montange's Shield
  155. Reconnect option to ranked matches
  156. Fix fairfight
  157. change back to old matchmaking
  158. Keep both drones active for operators and maybe give an optional item for IQ
  159. {BUG} Swapping weapons while running cancels the action
  160. Why is matchmaking SOOOO UNEVEN????
  161. Please give us proximity chat!!
  162. How Ubisoft has lost control over hacking.
  163. Cheating?
  164. Click Report button against my own will.
  165. lag and high ping with no reason is kiling this game
  166. random operator
  167. Fair casual matchmaking
  168. My thoughts on siege vs. previous rb6 titles
  169. Will uneven lines of sight ever be addressed?
  170. Anti-Cheat Suggestion
  171. How to improve this game
  172. Suppressors
  173. A automatic team kill kick for Rainbow Six
  174. Give extra walls to non-full teams
  175. Mouse wheel being pure cancer and you cant turn it off!
  176. New operator: bomber from Terrorist Hunt
  177. Casual Game Leavers
  178. Team killers
  179. Useful Content Please
  180. Defenders going outside and hit detection
  181. Love the game so far BUT..
  182. Hacks/Cheating
  183. Getting more people to play ranked games
  184. This is an absolute shame.
  185. Why the Cloak and Dagger?
  186. Is this a hacker or what the hell???
  187. Demo and Record Feature?
  188. Kicking on ranked needs to be fixed
  189. Just refunded your game. Thanks for the Experience.
  190. Great Game, please hang on!
  191. Matchmaking Improvements
  192. 2nd Drone
  193. Match starting sound alert (when you are on your desktop)
  194. Reconnect to ranked match after the 3/30/16 new patch
  195. Headshots not counting
  196. Shouldn’t gaming be fun and challenging?
  197. Small improvement ideas
  198. Ranking makes no sense
  199. Nitro Cells
  200. Please fix the mic icons.
  201. One shot kills - Why they don't work
  202. Ranked Mode in AUS
  203. Fairfight is not having an effect.
  204. Remove ACOG scope
  205. Ban for teammates kicking you
  206. please fix your ranked matches
  207. Story/Plot line for R6:S
  208. SAS Shotgun should get a buff
  209. Please!!! Mic and no mic lobby!!
  210. HOST MIGRATION - terrorist hunt
  211. Same Button for 'Drop Bomb' and 'Plant Bomb'
  212. Fixing a 4v5
  213. Suggestion: Native language option for operators
  215. Ah their French._._this explains alot :)
  216. So how long?
  217. Feedback on Stats Page.
  218. Add an Avoid Feature
  219. Use a downed operator's placed equipment
  220. [PS4] glitch and teamkiller
  221. Experience with Siege[Feedback Rant]
  222. Getting BANNED for high ping.
  223. PC matchmaking is awful
  224. [PS4] My first 2 months with Siege
  225. Multiplayer Idea's
  226. ACOG Poll
  227. Team Killing issue
  228. How To Report Wallhackers? Video in post
  229. Deranking because of Leaver
  230. HOST MIGRATION in Terrorist Hunt!!
  231. Mic and No Mic Lobby
  232. Nerf semi-automatic shotguns jesus christ
  233. Add a hostage extraction time
  234. [ PC/ PS4 / XBOX1 ] CAR Glich in KANAL still working not fixed !
  235. More Enjoyable Terriost Hunt
  236. Operator suggestions
  237. Entlich performence verbessert (GTX 970)
  238. Alternate Gadget
  239. Can you please remove kids bedroom as an objective?
  240. Can we make deploying Montagne's shield a toggle?
  241. Gamebreaking Glitch on Consulate
  242. Ban this person! R6AXIS IS AIMBOTTING!
  243. Great job ubisoft. Keep this up and every1 will abandon R6Siege.
  244. gun customization and mods
  245. Vulgarity Filter
  246. Change fairlight and put a more aggressive anti_cheat system
  247. Thank you suport /Obrigado suport
  248. Adding level information to view cam
  249. Friends List bug
  250. [Suggestion] Player profile - Ranked k/d ratio update