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  1. Fix Ranked TY!
  2. Is this a game or a joke ?
  3. Not Playing This Until Patch
  4. BUG: Seeing behind shields
  5. On ping/ms
  6. Add more aimshake & screenshake when taking damage
  7. Can I have my ears back?
  8. Matchmaking Simulator 2015
  9. Options to Remove Timer
  10. Game additions
  11. Joining rank games, losing, mid progress = nonsense
  12. Patch the ****ing game
  13. Sincerely thank you Ubisoft !
  14. I never ever took the time to complain aoubt any game i play but now im so MAD
  15. Testing environment
  16. Means of apologising for TK
  17. C4 is unbalanced (video examples)
  18. The massive trolling/griefing in ranked (TK-ing and vote kick abuse)
  19. Spawn killers (video) <-- please find a solution asap!!!!!
  20. Game Servers Are Garbage! Dont waste your Money on this Game!
  21. I want a refund is unplayable!!!!
  22. Joining games on last round
  23. Increase the damage of handguns
  24. Daily Missions
  25. Huge glitch on Map Kanal +++ Must fix
  26. Improvemnts to Rainbow 6 Siege
  27. Team Killing
  28. Joining already started games + people leaving matches
  29. [HELP]i used R6 buyed skin fail, but tooked the R6.
  30. Cook the stun & smoke grenades like frag grenades
  31. Add a slug option for shotguns
  32. A treasure on trash
  33. Bugs, travamento, falha na conex„o e etc
  34. server crash
  35. Ubisoft does not care now that they have our money
  36. Bugreport
  37. Quality and precision of game controls
  38. Terrorist Hunt Realistic too difficult?
  39. Dead People Cannot Speak
  40. 747
  41. Booster Not Working in Siege (PC)
  42. Soucis niveau point
  43. Don't expect any fixes any time soon
  44. Matchmaking is awful, Servers are Broken, and now we're not even getting renown.
  45. Tactical Whiteboard has wrong/missing OBJ locations
  46. Another Hacker confirmed *video evidence*
  47. Disgrace to the Tom Clancy brand/legacy LONG LIVE RED STORM.
  48. Thank you Ubisoft! An amazing game! Just one tiny problem...
  49. [Tachanka] Aim crosshair blocks sight too much on distant target
  50. dissappointment
  51. Bugs compilation ... [VIDEO]
  52. Loading Screen Utilization
  53. Communicate to us PLEASE!
  54. reconnect button?
  55. Game Play Improvements
  56. 4 of my team leave, i get a derank
  57. aiming improvement with gyroscopic sensor
  58. Grenades? Useless?
  59. Feedback on R6 Siege after a month of analysis.
  60. Error code Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Siege
  61. Improvements
  62. No hud or transparent hud please
  63. Work on the errors (Maps)
  64. Creating better online environment for all
  65. My suggestion for impruve the competitive match.
  66. [Suggestion] Add Game Type to Select Operator Screen
  67. I really love this game! BUT!
  68. Operator Pulse need an update
  69. Gamemode Info on Hud
  70. Banned From Rank??
  71. Why?
  72. My Feedback, Gameplay + Requested Changes
  73. Ubi, please fix the headshot hitboxes.
  74. fix contrast on looking in/out
  75. *can't complete a single game!*
  76. Hillarious wait times with squad
  77. This game is wrong on so many levels ...
  78. Connectivity Issues
  79. A few suggestions / Feedback
  80. Ingame Wallhacks delivered by the Game itself = Threat Indicator
  81. Going outside in ranked
  82. Networking Libraries
  83. Cheating
  84. Net code and damage modeling
  85. Hacker
  86. Feedback/Bugreport
  87. Controls Bug
  88. So Happy. Thank you Ubisoft.
  89. WTF happened here, Is there a Ricochet Hack?
  90. scalability of HUD for 1900x1200
  91. Get Outside Early Glitch
  92. Accuracy While Airborne
  93. Video: Sweet Smoke Fun!
  94. Smoke Grenade (blackout effect when leaving the smoke cloud)
  95. Twitch's Shock Drone (PvE - Disarm Bomb) (PC)
  96. this is a joke.
  97. Feedback
  98. Matchmaking/preparation phase
  99. WTF Hacker, wall hacks
  100. Renown "Daily Challenges", The Season Pass, and Overall Impression
  101. Please fix zoom toggle on Tachanka's LMG
  102. How is this a retail release?
  103. What Operator To Choose?
  104. Genuine constructive criticism
  105. Some anticheat thougts
  106. Doc's ability
  107. Possible Map Exploit - Club House
  108. Renown Times (There lack of prevention)
  109. Game Is Too First Hit Decisive
  110. OMG Another Hacker
  111. Spawn Killers
  112. Terrorist Hunt needs to start whene the timer drops to zero
  113. Chat and Voice
  114. So much lagg!
  115. Defenders can go outside when it is preparing time.
  116. Lobby Wishlist
  117. Let us turn On and Off the Laser Sights
  118. Ranked Matchmaking
  119. I HATE flashbangs in the back
  120. Point of View - Competitive Game
  121. Suggestions
  122. Guess what? Another Hacker...
  123. Terro Hunter Achievement - Broken.
  124. Map and Game Mode voting.
  125. defis et booster
  126. Hackers
  127. Reconnect Feature
  128. Sometimes you need to get away from...
  129. I did not think it was possible. but............
  130. [BUG REPORT] Unable to Rethrow Drone after Picking it up in TH
  131. [FEATURE] Let me Cancel a Challenge
  132. Team Killing
  133. Blackout, Going Dark
  134. Unbearable!
  135. Why does the lest bullet in an enemy grant the kill and not the most damage input?
  136. Too many game cheat
  137. Operator Customization and Ranking
  138. Sound Bug in Spectator View
  139. Ignoring damage animation
  140. Own player model visible through roof while using the drone
  141. Join in progress
  142. Replace with bot
  143. My little List...
  144. Stop letting the defenders go outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  145. Ballistic Shield Quick Scope.
  146. HACKING: When will it be fixed?
  147. How About A Map/Mode Vote Feature?
  148. [SUG] Match Making
  149. cheating
  150. Headshot Damage Calculation
  151. Booster it needs to be game time only
  152. When joining a server during Prep / Drone phase, give us at least Recruit
  153. When joining a server during Prep / Drone phase, give us at least Recruit
  154. Suggestion: Add Head Cams Of Team Mates Screens
  155. Bullet Rise?
  156. Suggestion - Show host icon in player list mid-game (PvE) (PC)
  157. There Should Be A Friendly Fire/Kill Limit [DEVS PLEASE READ]
  158. Reducing C4's throwing range.
  159. Slowing down shield's peeking animation.
  160. Hitbox fix for headshots.
  161. Ubisoft sell outs
  162. new funcjonality score player ;)
  163. killing your own team mates how to stop it on consoles
  164. eSport ready game ?! List of bug fix/features required for R6
  165. Multiplayer large?
  166. Playing with 200+ ping vs 50 ping is getting old...
  167. A.I. sees through foliage (to some extent) (PvE) (PC)
  168. Reconnect button =D
  169. Let us look down sights in the 3D weapon preview.
  170. How to report hackers?
  171. Sorting of players according to level
  172. I'm level 60 and i'm done with this ****ty game
  173. [MAJOR BUG] Game breaking bug in hostage mode with Fuze
  174. [Bug Update] 0 Renown Reward - End of Round
  175. [Question] R6 currency and skins
  176. Decrease the Enemy Detected Outside Time
  177. Server Connection
  178. Teamkilling Consequences??
  179. Issues & Suggestions
  180. No improvement from patch 1.02
  181. Change matchmaking for the LOVE OF GOD
  182. Suggest for Rainbow Six:Siege
  183. anti hack is not working
  184. FEATURE REQUEST: Group Mic'd Players
  185. defending players running outside
  186. 2 nice hackers in the ranking game!
  187. Remove the name and the icon from the Enemy..
  188. Ironsights implemented wrong.Disadvantage for certain players and holographic sights
  189. Ubisoft, please...
  190. Body shown over a wall
  191. R6 Credits
  192. More skins available with renown
  193. Ash - Special Attack not working properly
  194. Feedback/Ideas
  195. Sub 20s in Ranked? And please make Article 5 offline playable and other things
  196. We really need "In game text chat"
  197. Eyes need to be in the head, bullets need to come out of the gun.
  198. Put game Mod randomed during the operator selection
  199. Improvements/Ideas
  200. Battlerecorder and demo recorder
  201. Bug report
  202. Fix throwing grenades (suggestion)
  203. Bug INFO: Kapkan Dynamite-Cam-Switch FREEZE
  204. Congratulations for the game :) :) :)
  205. Our Feedback
  206. Co-op for situations?
  207. Ubi, Please, Please, Please fix the head hitboxes
  208. Need A Better Blocking System
  209. Attn: Siege Developers
  210. Game mode information (in ready screen)
  211. Cheaters gone wild!
  212. ASH special Issue
  213. Hey Ubi! Why not make blood hit confirmation server side?
  214. For God's sake add damage wobble (videos)
  215. List of things we need
  216. The Great Headshot debate of 2016
  217. Xbox One Bug + Request
  218. Add weapon function [lazer on/off]
  219. See when you rank in ranked
  220. Map Rotation is Terrible
  221. Mixed Suggestions Wildcard option, ADS, Sound, Fov...
  222. Infinite load screen bug still not fixed, I want an explanation
  223. Ubi Fix Terrorist Hunt already!!
  224. Rainbow Six Siege keep switching monitors!
  225. How to fix Team Killing at the start of a match
  226. Attention : people are abusing the revive feature please stop this !
  227. Needed chamge in abandontimer
  228. Remapping Controllers
  229. Weapon balance and new operator
  230. I love this game, but it has issues
  231. Gamertags visible when enemy is not
  232. Tracking In Game Damage?
  233. anyway I can fix the problem at my end?
  234. sucks
  235. Back Whole Squad Out To Lobby
  236. Lot to fix
  237. How to fix teamkillers ruining the game
  238. Some suggestions!
  239. List of Hackers
  240. Must display Maps and Modes while select operator.
  241. TKing is rampant...
  242. report hacker
  243. Defenders - Outdoor Roaming
  244. Deployable Cover door barrier exploit
  245. Inviting Friends to squad issues
  246. I dont want to feel like I am the one getting punished if the game makes a mistake.
  247. Floor Texture Bug
  248. Moving through Walls
  249. Are you f*** kidding me?
  250. Ranked needs to be fixed