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  1. Some feedback about the incoming Ash nerf in future update - Year 4 Season 1
  2. When's it going to end?!?!?!
  3. bring bartlett back please
  4. I know I'll most likely get slammed for this
  5. P10 roni
  6. Longest and most glitch season ever
  7. Constancy in advanced deployment
  8. More digestible customization of weapons.
  9. Cheaters, matchmaking, Ping, M+K, pick and ban.
  10. Reporting System
  11. Removing the ability to use console controller's on PC
  12. Add new achievements/trophies!!
  13. Fix the ****ing matchmaking already
  14. Too many 4v5's
  15. What R6S misses to be a perfect eSport game imo.
  16. netcodes, high ping
  17. Several Feedback notes. Sensitivity, Loadout, Matchmaking, Tutorials.
  18. Why don't they fix it?
  19. Issues with Ranked.
  20. Background and theme selection tab in the settings
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  26. KBM on Casual play is rampant on PS4.
  27. Broken spawnpeek
  28. Fix the Alpha Pack's
  29. Indian Servers
  30. I have a request from the development team.
  31. error code 2-0X00019008
  32. Lean without ADS on console and text chat
  33. Fix the high ping advantage
  34. No more base ops
  35. What should I do if I calibrated on the copper?
  36. Capitao no longer has acog
  37. [Bug] Terrorist Hunt Zero Renown
  38. Every Shield is now buggy and glitchy
  39. Advanced edition
  40. About BattlEye issue
  41. thank you for updates
  42. Some thoughts and visual problems
  43. Update The Tactical Board
  44. About my account being banned for cheating
  45. Booster change:
  46. Delete "Leave Match" for Ranked
  47. On the Flower Screen of Vg56
  48. Fix these things. NOW.
  49. Buy High Quality Passports, Drivers License, Id cards,Visas.... jayroy011@hotmail.com
  50. No leave penalty?
  51. Thanks for
  52. Im in Aus stop putting me with Asian people i can't communicate with.
  53. Please solve these problems. I can't stand it anymore.
  54. I bought the standard edition without a role.why?
  55. Suggestion For Operator Selection
  56. Suggestion For Team Killing
  57. Lawlessness Ubisoft
  58. Trying to report an error thats on the website
  59. Vote to Kick ABUSED
  60. Can u plz solve this bug/feature
  61. Thank you
  62. Advanced edition
  63. Request: announce publicly/ingame the illegality of MKb usage on consoles
  64. Pro League for Console Players
  65. Anti Teamkill system date of application ?
  66. Challenge Didn't Work
  67. My Way To Fix Toxicity!
  68. Let us edit posts
  69. Matchmaking in rainbow six siege
  70. Remove VOTE KICK in Casual
  71. Account deactivate
  72. MnK support for T-hunt, Situations and Custom Games
  73. Alpha pack variations
  74. Language policing and general stuff
  75. One month passed there not have any promotion about the issue in AMD Vega
  76. Why does turkish operators not come? C* c* c*
  77. Give the new Acog Gridlock and Cap have to DMRS.
  78. Can the AUG, MP7 and FMG get the angle option like the P10 Roni.
  79. Servers
  80. Why hasn't the drone-obj. detection bug been fixed?
  81. You have to do something about people DC in ranked.
  82. Suggestion: Adding "like" function | 建议:增加“点赞”功能
  83. Team kill forgiveness
  84. Reverse Friendly Fire isn't a bad idea but.....
  85. Reverse friendly fire is dissapointing
  86. More punishment for rank droppers
  87. Suspension for TK
  88. toxic galore
  89. Frost Mat Placement Fix
  90. Team Kill Offense
  91. Trolling & Boosting in Ranked Matches
  92. Teamkilling Suspense
  93. what can I caption to this video ? BUG? MASTER GLITCH?
  94. Gun suggestions
  95. razer blade pro game connection problems
  96. Server Hit Lag
  97. Problems stopping character walking
  98. Disable kick vote until friendly fire or inactive player
  99. Wave of hacker
  100. Toxic team kill friend and surrender
  101. Damage Hereford Base
  102. Casual needs to be fast.
  103. Teammate damaging friendly team to little health then suiciding.
  104. Suggestion about seasonal uniforms and skins.
  105. More meaningful level progression
  106. Dear Ubi Management
  107. Does UBI even care about hacking anymore?
  108. Monetisation and Lootboxes
  109. Tachanka rework idea! Devs are welcome to read!
  110. [Discrepancies of MMRs] Diamonds and copper playing together in ranked matches
  111. Defenders going outside
  112. keep twitch's acog
  113. Why is there still no Offline Terrorist Hunt?
  114. Ranked bug
  115. Statistics based matchmaking
  116. Is it still Special Units shooter or Teddy Bear vs Pink Unicorn?
  117. Cycling maps in Newcomer/ Newcomer+
  118. Please allow us to purchase more alphapacks with more renown.
  119. casual matchmaking is too bad
  120. how to report 1 cheater that is boosting others?
  121. The sound of the landing of the destroyed bot
  122. 'Rainbow Is Magic' Opportunity For a New Game
  123. Prioritisation of rainbows updates and weekly alpha packs
  124. The order of the starting choice
  125. Rainbow is Magic Packs
  126. Giving to the community
  127. Time to stop new DLC for more operation health
  128. Rank Leaving
  129. Can console players have keyboard and mouse support to r6s?
  130. New player here. Good game so far.Team killed twice in first few days of playing
  131. Any chance of adding 'Hebrew' as a selectable language pack in r6s sometime (:
  132. Gifting system
  133. Gifting system
  134. console to pc
  135. ACOG for ash
  136. 2 Shot Head Shot
  137. Reporting Player System
  138. Advanced In Game Report
  139. I got banned for 15 days for no reason
  140. netcodes , hit reg
  141. Does Ubisoft really want to address Team Killing?
  142. We need some health patches again
  143. Ricochet
  144. Head hit box’s are broken
  145. Logged in today suprised by ubi's ban?
  146. Start listening to us UBI.
  147. For the love of god, matchmaking...
  148. Just a general complaint coming from a console Platinum player.
  149. team killing solo queueing in ranked
  150. Rainbow Six Siege & its **** community.
  151. Sound bug
  152. Automatically temporally ban players for using obscene and/or vulgar language
  153. Playing the same people in ranked
  154. Groups in casual being toxic
  155. Error when you first start!