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  1. why tho
  2. Season Skins should work for Shields too!
  3. Sincere gratitude to Ubisoft. GREAT job!
  4. 2-Step Verificationfor ranked!
  5. Question Regarding Boosting Bans
  6. Controller on PC is actually unplayable since this maverick/clash update.
  7. machine pistols nerf
  8. new scoreboard
  9. Siege is a broken ubisoft please read this.
  10. Lack of QOL improvements and the learning curve
  11. You will join a match that is already in progress... HELL NO!
  12. Trouble Using Joysticks
  13. Joining mid-game black screen
  14. Alibi Holograms don't change weapon
  15. Make Flashbangs darken screen rather than brighten
  16. This is why people are leaving your game
  17. About Tachanka {-}7
  18. Abandon Sanctions
  19. Twitch regenerative drone shots
  20. abandon sanction because of getting kicked due to bad connection
  21. New recoil changes are disappointing
  22. Operators using secondary SMGs
  23. Grim sky meta
  24. Why do pistols get better red dot than main weapons?
  25. Few things to help/fix casual.
  26. Rainbow sucks..
  27. Can we have FOV on console?
  28. A list of obvious fixes to the game that have no excuse for still not being present.
  29. Toxic Behavior
  30. Good bug!!!
  31. Server issues costing Plat
  32. Controller interface on pc
  33. ubi ****ing soft
  34. About trolls..
  35. Grim Sky = more hacks?
  36. Terrorist Hunt on new Hereford is Unfinished!!!
  37. Disable Vote Kick on Last Man Standing
  38. New Team/Planning Tools
  39. KingKiwi345
  40. Refunds? Nah, Ubisoft Already Has My Money.
  41. Bad Breakup
  42. Auto-Ban Filters?
  43. Toxic Player: XxAn4l_TicklexX
  44. Garbage Player - Toxic TKing - Rank Mode
  45. Toxic Player: XMajorDiccSlapX
  46. Please give option to disable lens flare - visually impaired player
  47. Changes that brought my group to stop playing
  48. Feedback on recent changes.
  49. Main Menu Audio (The Rainfall and thunder in menu)
  50. Can something be done about Derankers?
  51. 1:1 aim sensitivity for red dots and ACOG
  52. Score should count toward your rank
  53. Malicious behavior in the terrorist hunt mode of some players
  54. Clash is too strong!
  55. netcodes problem with low ping players
  56. Got banned for 15 minutes beacause of an connection error
  57. Weak Connection| Suggestions-Servers| Middle East
  58. Glitcher xbox tag:bulldog690
  59. Cosmetic Tab
  60. Got 3 hour ban for being British. UBI racist.
  61. grim sky netcodes
  62. Jogo fechando e dando tela azul
  63. Jogo fechando e dando tela azul
  64. Gereksiz Sınırsız Ban !
  65. Racism, team killed, and toxic
  66. My game screen become black
  67. Rank system should be changed
  68. Knife
  69. Ubisoft fix your ******* ranked system!
  70. Blue screen error
  71. Ubisoft fix your ****ing servers jesus
  72. Ubisoft fix your ****ing servers jesus
  73. 4 Man TK premades
  74. Brand new pc and monitor, can't change any of the display settings
  75. Add text chat to console
  76. Mouse and Keyboard For Console
  77. Punição
  78. Ping abusers
  79. Team Killing offenses
  80. Vote to kick/ Friendly Fire
  81. New operator ideas
  82. Bring back Temporal Filtering
  83. Suggestion for Toxicity people in game.
  84. Rainbow Six Siege
  85. Suspended because Game Crashed
  86. About team killing bans...
  87. Servers. (Also sorry for the forum spam, i didn't remember to mention)
  88. Players that should be banned!
  89. Good job in preventing toxicity in R6
  90. Rank Queue Restrictions
  91. Add KB&M support for console
  92. Solution for Team killing in Casual (self-damage on shooting teamates)
  93. Team Kill Forgiveness
  94. I got tricked and suspended for toxic behaviour!
  95. Bring Black Ice Skin back for R6 credits
  96. R6s
  97. How to deal with a teammate that keeps pistol shooting my friends and me to like 8 HP
  98. Server Disconnect Rethink
  99. There should be an auto kick feature if loading in took too long
  100. Can we new players STOP being matched against full squads of golds and diamonds, pls?
  101. Casual kick feature
  102. The New Team-killing System is too harsh
  103. Fix Matchmaking!
  104. Toxic ban
  105. I want to bind key of EnemyDitection(default x key) to mouse button
  106. Google Authenticator is not as good as other methods
  107. new team killing system is unfair
  108. SJW gone too far
  109. Middle East Servers
  110. Server for qatar or middle east
  111. Toxic Behaviour Ban
  112. Abuse by 15 yr old idiot kids ,threatened by others.
  113. New team kill system needs improvement
  114. The TK system needs to be strengthened. Where's the good systems you all announced?
  115. Can we do away with the censorship?
  116. what to do about team members dispatching teammates
  117. Ranked Matchmaking leavers
  118. Communication
  119. Regarding in-game chat and "Toxic behavior"
  120. I am sick and tired of this games shenanigans
  121. Tricked into getting banned for toxic behaviour
  122. Forgive Button for Teamkills
  123. Banned for teamkilling in a lone wolf t-hunt
  124. Harrassment, ban baiting, etc.
  125. Another nonsense ban for 1 team kill
  126. BenisMuncher and BuccHookah are decreasing their viewpoints of HP
  127. Got banned 2x for speaking in our own langguage and for speaking english properly
  128. Afk bots
  129. Have any of you met these players?
  130. Team killing in terrorist hunt
  131. Team killing has gotten worse since new update
  132. Mouse scroll binds
  133. Add Operator Banning to Regular Ranked
  134. Feedback on game
  135. Ranked System Needs To Be Based On More Than Just Win/Loss
  136. Team killing Fixes
  137. Cobalt Weapon skin still wasn't fixed
  138. way to fixed ranked
  139. Casual is just liked ranked
  140. Same picture of the game than before release of battleeye
  141. friends leaving rank matches when they saw 9 ms ping players
  142. When is Seige toxicity actually going to be solved?
  143. 게임 버그
  144. Auto ban system
  145. Losing because of a crash
  146. A request for a new console setting
  147. Teammates killing gadets
  148. Add option to decline being revived
  149. Matchmaking so bad!
  150. Fix your community
  151. Matchmaking Major Issues (New Player)
  152. New Drops for watching Pro League Broadcasts
  153. JackPual007 .................................................. .......................
  154. Please can you do something about ranked
  155. Coon cheese
  156. Remove the Vote to Kick option in Casual
  157. Invisible
  158. please add a damage to player kick.
  159. cant open alpha pack
  160. Toxic people
  161. Toxic people
  162. Toxic player - Video
  163. Avoid as teammate button and multiple other suggestions
  164. I have an a great idea pls look....
  165. Occasional High Ping in South Asian Servers (Unplayable)
  166. hackers?
  167. Note to developers, maybe consider tweaking the auto ban system.
  168. Blatant manipulation of the connection to the server
  169. Terrorist Hunt and Why it isn't Fun Anymore
  170. 2 factor authentication
  171. Stupid
  172. Seau server problem
  173. a quick question and a suggestion
  174. Unjust Banning
  175. Suggestion: Shooting Range
  176. Lobby killing shouldn’t get you banned
  177. Siege ranked
  178. Getting baited into teamkilling
  179. Could we please get the rank lock soon?
  180. MSI Afterburner closing on Launching Rainbow Six Siege
  181. PLZ DEBAN ME ( Report for no reasons )
  182. Reporting for no reason PLEASE UNBAN ME
  183. Reporting for no reason PLEASE UNBAN ME
  184. Team-Information Bug
  185. Ranked needs a format change
  186. ban my acc
  187. Ban Appeals
  188. Alright, we need to talk about your bot. (Suspended)
  189. Joining the on going match
  190. My kills doest record in my operators data and statics
  191. Give more benefits when join on going match
  192. Let's talk about suspending victims of toxicity for trying to play the game.
  193. Digital content
  194. Toxic Behaviour Banning System
  195. Someone asked me eric cartmans super hero name in game he is forgot and im banned
  196. New skin and charm
  197. cheaters hackers injector abusers
  198. Region lock and ping abusers
  199. Cross platform
  200. language barriers
  201. teamates
  202. Legendary Skins with normal outfits and headgear!
  203. Halloween even is trash
  204. Get some Wall skins
  205. Banned 3 times with 2 factor auth enabled after the first ban. Awful customer support
  206. Ubisoft Breaches Accounts without following their own conducts
  207. Writing "Paki" in game
  208. Ubisoft Chat Ban System
  209. new event is a cash grab
  210. How?
  211. Reporting players who leave fast. Choosing play again but also maybe keep playing.
  212. Team-damage with friendly fire in ranked
  213. Can't upgrade the game on steam to any other version
  214. Getting suspended for getting mad while provoked
  215. Melee rework
  216. Operator Idea
  217. Auto-kick rework suggestion
  218. tosic teammates
  219. Ranked matchmaking is a joke
  220. Teleport hack , Wall hack and Shield glitch.
  221. Toxicity in Voice Chat and Teamkilling
  222. Rainbow 6 will be globally censored to "ensure compliance" with release in china
  223. The Censorship auto ban sucks change it
  224. Make a different version for China you lazy mouth breathers
  225. Say NO to the censorship changes
  226. I just got matched vs 5 stack of diamonds is this a joke?
  227. Ubisoft pls remove Bomb Mode cuz our Chinese friends deem it as scary and violent
  228. Censorship Ideas
  229. Renown system changes
  230. Please ban cheater Modder and teamkiller! Forever!
  231. Lovely players
  232. Censorship might make me quit...I have 1000 hours and just dropped money on R6
  233. The New Aesthetics Patch
  234. tachanka rework
  235. This season is a f***ing joke
  236. Don`t make a new version for us please
  237. Autokick for extremely long load times?
  238. Censorship ******ation
  239. Censorship Rant
  240. Unrightful Temporary Suspension/Unfair Auto-Suspension
  241. Unfair toxicity bans "spic" abuse
  242. Improve match quality
  243. Leaving ranked game before interrogation
  244. STOP MONITORING Squad and custom games chat this instant!
  245. Operator selected automatically (randomly) when you don't selec by yourself
  246. Rainbow Six Should be cross platform playable like Fortnite
  247. Can I get my money back?
  248. M1QL1TOS4K4Y4M4 is being innapropriate and mean.
  249. A New Players Perspective
  250. If the Chinese version isn't forked I will uninstall and the game will live in infamy