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  1. Discord rich presence
  2. Mute All Button and Switch Off Text Messages
  3. Worth the permanent ban.
  4. Pisspoor matchmaking
  5. Option to block players from being matched with you
  6. Getting removed from matches and losing rank from bad connection
  7. Why the F can you not report someone after they disconnect?
  8. Different PC System Requirements on different pages of Ubisoft Support
  9. An option to fully disable film grain
  10. Abandoning mentality in casual
  11. low fps
  12. Rainbow 6 accelerator is sealed.
  13. R6 credits for renown
  14. Allow skin trading?
  15. Character idea
  16. Team kill punishment
  17. Operator/Gadget Idea (That actually is real)
  18. The Ability to Transfer Content from XBOX TO PC and VICE VERSA
  19. Whether to replace frost’s shield to bulletproof camera
  20. Sick of Team Killing !!!! Fix Your Game!!!
  21. Appreciation
  22. R6s COPY!
  23. Let us move our stats between platforms
  24. Votekick
  25. shield counter
  26. Alibi Holograms
  27. Fix matchmaking
  28. Private info
  29. Removed from match for lagging for few seconds. WTF????
  30. **** ranked
  31. Team killing is unneeded
  32. Kicked for inactivity
  33. Struggles of a new player in R6's matchmaking
  34. Please do not ...
  35. Hello. @map developpers. Glitch report
  36. For UBiSoft
  37. Terrorist Hunt improvements/expansion
  38. Tag the operator with the drone??
  39. Please let us upgrade versions!
  40. A sight with 1.75x zoom
  41. About The New UI (TTS) , Please Add A Setting To Choose New/Old HUD/MENU/UI Styles
  42. fps performance
  43. Universal Shield Skins
  44. Matchmaking
  45. username changes
  46. Stats should be reset each season
  47. Individual Sensitivity Settings
  48. Kicking people from matches
  49. Whats is gaming anymore
  50. [Suggestion] New Matchmaking Type - Skill Based Matchmaking
  51. Feedback on the new UI
  52. Teamkilling teamkillers
  53. Erorr ?
  54. Randoms in Ranked?
  55. Gadget Markers
  56. More ragequitters!
  57. UI Feedback: Notifications of New Content Available
  58. Ban Basiclly Homeless
  59. R6s
  60. Casual Matchmaking
  61. Ubi, please create a new ranked banning system.
  62. BB and Thatcher's little buff
  63. 3 BIG things UBI needs to fix.
  64. Support for mouse and controller at the same time
  65. Cheating... Out of Control... Give us a easy way to send in clips of hackers..
  66. Caveira elite skin
  67. Black beared weapon under powered
  68. Some Suggestions from an experienced player.
  69. Increase the renown discount provided by Season Pass to 30%
  70. Mouse and keyboard
  71. I think we need a new item to get a hint
  72. Middle Eastern Servers
  73. Leavers in Ranked
  74. Xbox One Casual Matchmaking and Hibana
  75. Forcing out of Drones on round start
  76. Smurfs
  77. Release Date of Parabellum
  78. wall hacks , aim bots , no recoil
  79. Delayed Netcode
  80. Ranked is broken
  81. So tired of getting matched with squads of 3-4.
  82. Better Matchmaking or I'm done.
  83. Siege has potential... but why not fix the
  84. A way to tilt without aiming, to the console.
  85. Pro league charms
  86. A way to tilt without aiming, to the console.
  87. Matchmaking is absolutely horrible.
  88. Add a replay function
  89. Matchmaking casual
  90. Maps back
  91. Añadir teclado y ratón a ps4
  92. Blitz
  93. Hit registration
  94. Frost Losing Her Shield
  95. Huge ping gab in matchmaking and some ideas to fix it :)
  96. Shotguns were overnerfed. Please make them less RNG based.
  97. Operator Trail run
  98. Hit registration
  99. Draw mechanic is flawed
  100. Region Rock china
  101. Allow all regions to use English localization
  102. Para Bellum
  103. Ugly points - option to remove it
  104. para bellum the good and the bad
  105. Loading Screen Season Customization
  106. Wait!!! Where is Pulse's Sky High set???
  107. Fix Alibi devise... Please.
  108. Parabellum complaints
  109. Ranked
  110. HUD Scaling
  111. 21:9 Support Downgrade?
  112. Issues With Parabellum
  113. HUD options
  114. Solution to this unrealistic wall peek
  115. Quite Possibly the Worst Update to Ever Grace this Game
  116. denuncia comportamento toxico estraga o game
  117. New season
  118. Team Killing/Quitting Early
  119. dokkaebi designe changes
  120. Hackers with no Name in Ranked EUW
  121. Thanks for making it impossible to play with my international friends
  122. Ubisoft: WTF - Ruinining old operators by removing shields
  123. Racism or psychological damage i dont know PLEASE DO SOMETHING UBI
  124. Team Player damage penalty.
  125. player outside needs changing
  126. reporting players in game
  127. Game is screwed up again
  128. Camera/Observation Control Options
  129. Voting needs to be removed during round 1 op selection
  130. Fix/re add mouse pointer in menus on PC!
  131. bulletsponge/hitreg
  132. The New UI
  133. Adding a loading session before operator pick phase
  134. Kicked for Inactivity
  135. Fix peeker advantage
  136. Make extendable shield toggle to deploy
  137. Tips for ranked
  138. Team Killing
  139. Rainbow 6 Siege
  140. Team killing
  141. Villa
  142. Dont put me in Ranked Matches against Highpingers
  143. Rainbow Six: Siege for Nintendo Switch?
  144. A few suggestions regarding toxicity, teamkilling and general rank
  145. Fckng team kıllers
  146. Casual and Ranked mode differences
  147. Bring FOR HONOR graphic settings to RAINBOW SIX
  148. Angelic Rag Dolls
  149. R6 toxicity
  150. The Real Problems - My Own Thoughts
  151. LOW FPS on GTX 950
  152. Matchmaking
  153. Rainbow Six Siege Weapon Skins
  154. Rainbow Six Siege Algerian DLC
  155. boring ranked system
  156. Team Killing is Out of Hand
  157. Issues getting into R6S
  158. Uninstalling Siege now
  159. Please buff Shotguns
  160. The solution to RB6 toxicity is SIMPLE!
  161. Simple solution to rampant TOXICITY!
  162. Trolls in rank
  163. Account Transfer
  164. Operator idea
  165. some ideas
  166. Bad sync of animation and sound
  167. Mandatory two-step?
  168. Pistol damage variance
  169. Weekly/Monthly Event Modes
  170. Ubisoft ihr seid voll idioten
  171. Reduce output volume - PTT
  172. Fix Shotguns, they are unrealistic and a detractor from the game
  173. Make matches more even
  174. Instant soft ban for early team kill
  175. Leavers
  176. mini map
  177. Static cameras that blink...? Garbage
  178. No doors? Drone holes? wtf.
  179. No wall hugging and blind shooting?
  180. Windows that can't be breaches with c4? Steel joists/hatches everywhere? Garbage
  181. Rainbows and Unicorns 6 - fantasy
  182. I am a 1ton elephant with a gun - sound travel
  183. Alibi customization
  184. Buff the LFP586 and D-50?
  185. Invisible walls BY MIRA GLITCH
  186. "ready check" for ranked
  187. What happend in battleye?
  188. Fix peeker advantage
  189. Des problèmes
  190. Transferring Skins, Ops etc
  191. Matchmaking casual and ranked
  192. Maestro’s lmg
  193. [gameplay] major current issues with siege6 devs please read.
  194. Ubisoft, you need to invest in better servers
  195. Ability to unbind scroll, and a point penalty for not placing walls
  196. I'm out Ubisoft.
  197. Something needs to change
  198. Two suggestions for improving R6S quality of life.
  199. Dear Ubisoft, Please Bring Back Chameleon Skins for all weapons
  200. Dear Ubisoft please stop allowing this hacker to plague your game
  201. Seasonal weapon skins
  202. Sights
  203. Premades VS randoms
  204. Teamkill Issues
  205. Make Ranked only for players with 2 step authentication
  206. Git Gud at Anti-Cheat Ubi
  207. PS4 Assassin’s Creed Origins Updates
  208. Matchmaking preferences STILL dont work
  209. What is being done about hackers?
  210. Ubi alow cheater
  211. Disbalance with low pinged players!
  212. Thank you Ubisoft for making this game.
  213. 封号
  214. Something broke this season
  215. I'm done with this game
  216. Confirm Match option recommendation
  217. There was a problem authenticating the ownership of this product.Please contact custo
  218. Villa Drone Glitch
  219. A Molotov cocktail party
  220. Cheaters are not the biggest problem, it's your matchmaking, ubi
  221. Why ????
  222. Operators disappeared
  223. Could a reset of Ranked be done?
  224. Potential Cross platform “save” option
  225. Rainbow Six Seige Maestro's Camera
  226. cheater now crash server
  227. Infinite Loading Screen (Para Bellum)
  228. Give new update for graphics still low fps as ****
  229. "Quick Lean" is the next level of skill in Rainbow : Six Siege.BRING IT BACK PLEASEE
  230. I want see what the operator's country or team is when I pick
  231. Off-putting amounts of grieving
  232. Where is My emerald weapon skin?
  233. Toxicity in Ranked - Attacking Team to sub 15 hp
  234. infinite gun fire bug
  235. Toxic Botcontroll at ranked
  236. R6 Tactical whiteboard
  237. I don't know why I stuck by a shield ... but another havent this problem
  238. Quitting while down
  239. Changing The Way Select Phase Works ( B LIVES MATTER )
  240. New Server in Middle East
  241. Ubisoft, please give us a middle eastern server
  242. my concerns if google authentication is being used for 2 step
  243. am i the only person who feels the player outside should be changed?
  244. glaz
  245. team killing/connectios/under age kids
  246. How to not be #ubishafted
  247. Better Discord Rich Presence for the Game
  248. Playing ranked with missing teamates
  249. Matchmaking update
  250. About black beard