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  1. BattlEye blocking discord overlay
  2. Training Ground
  3. Ranked - Team Killing - Reducing Health
  4. Bring back the Yacht please
  5. Diamonds vs gold?
  6. Terrorist hunt is unplayable- team kills
  7. Huge problem in rank mode
  8. Teamkilling nub, abuse rank system
  9. WEU server - players bad experience
  10. Please add option for more Spectators in custom games
  11. Reporting Team Killer
  12. New communication options in shift+F2 Menu?
  13. Fix bug with running shields
  14. need server [high ping[
  15. Ranked + text chat
  16. Drones problem
  17. Personal stats per season
  18. Mira glitch
  19. Elite Animation
  20. The Abuse of Kicking in-game
  21. Bug Report (PC) - AI's 100% Missed Shots
  22. Bug Report (PC) - Shots Through a Reinforced Wall
  23. Bug Report (PC) - Zofia's Grenade Launcher Can't Destroy a Barricade
  24. Alpha packs duplicates
  25. High ping
  26. What's with Outbreak only having 3 players total?
  27. thank youoououououoou
  28. Art of Siege Edition
  29. Casual is unplayble
  30. ping abusers or losers???
  31. TOXIC players
  32. new graphics
  33. Is CronusMax+ Cheating? If not it should be ! ! !
  34. During start of a match interchanging spawn or site selection with operator selection
  35. About the Current in-game economy of Rainbow Six siege.
  36. iranians high pings
  37. Diving to the ground
  38. Console Chat
  39. Use temporal filtering maually
  40. attention HIGH PING players and iranian players
  41. Ranked Games Start W/ Empty Teams
  42. Stupid ban
  43. Refund ops
  44. East Asia Server Language Barrier
  45. attention. please give back FUN to rainbow six
  46. fuze cluster charge stuck
  47. Operator Load out App or Website
  48. Alpha Packs - "Equip" or "Equip All"
  49. Create a "Top Operators" Addition
  50. Mute Sound the whole Time
  51. How Do I Buy In Game Currency? (RB6 Credits)
  52. A simple fix to level the playing field on Xbox One (Mouse vs Controller)
  53. operation CHIMERA
  54. A better way to get Alpha Packs?
  55. T_AA against temporal filtering
  56. just look at pings
  57. Sledge needs a Bane headgear
  58. High Ping Abusers - Solution
  59. Terrible Connectivity to Servers.
  60. Rainbow Six Siege Lower Rank Toxicity
  61. For Xbox users with Xbox elite or Razer Esports Xbox controllers
  62. PS4 Hit boxes
  63. Recommendations (replays, ranking, and more)
  64. Voice Chat Visual Recommendation (Multiple Usernames)
  65. Please Update Game Control Settings/Grenade Physics
  66. GEFORCE EXPERIENCE setting not listed in rb6 setting.
  67. Am I the only one noticing this game changing?
  68. Renown Discount for Operators
  69. Re-Watch a gameplay that I've just played
  70. Possible Teamkilling Solution
  71. Need a way to report players for toxicity after a game is over
  72. Outbreak
  73. I doubt a guy might be a haxer,and i wanna report him, would you ckeck it out?
  74. Please, let us mute players on chat too.
  75. Always joining already started/in-progress matches...
  76. ubisoft please attention please (O_O)
  77. [Feedback][Bug] Glass broken during prep phase with drone does not stay broken
  78. Ongoing suggestion thread
  79. R6 point recharge problem.
  80. Ubisoft's aproach to toxicity thus far has not been good enough
  81. Bug Report (PC) - Rubber-Banding & Invisible Enemy (again)
  82. Bug Report (PC) - Blank Ally Name
  83. REPORT toxic team kill
  84. Visual addition to scoreboard, show players in a group.
  85. (Suggestion) Teammate Silhouettes
  86. Aprils fools suggestions
  87. Possible Defender Idea
  88. where is my DATA CENTER???????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????
  89. Feature Request - 15 Minute Timeout
  90. Down but not out stage - too much vulnerability. Here's my recommendation
  91. Why operator discount thing is not transparent enough ?
  92. Regarding two Ballistic Shields of Black beard
  93. Fix armor indicator gap
  94. Auto swift of weapon need to get fixt
  95. terrible player balance
  96. new lags
  97. Respect
  98. Option to upgrade to global version of the game.
  99. Games in Progress - Solution
  100. Operator sidearm misplacement and textures missing on character model.
  101. Gifting operators?
  102. Change map rotation back to how it was for ranked
  103. [BUG] P226 and P229's hammers are always in half cocked position
  104. Guess what! (Vote Kicked)
  105. Terible character balancing, hit box are broken, and runouts are so annoying/toxic
  106. Stats reset
  107. Add Prop Hunt
  108. Low duration on the Winter games challenges?
  109. I thnk a "one map" matchmaking mode would be very useful to the game.
  110. Website Stat suggestion
  111. 1 second ace?!?!
  112. Team killing
  113. high ping
  114. Doc revive time
  115. Horrible Customer Service and Falsely Banning For Cheats
  116. Pistol recoil
  117. Outbreak- why ying over zofia?
  118. Menu Improvement Ideas
  119. [WARNING FOR UBISOFT - first and last] Ranked Matches balance
  120. Opt out for join in progress.
  121. !!! TEAM KILLING !!! Report toxic player on this forum so UBI can do somthing
  122. Angles really need to be fixed
  123. A possible counter to toxicity
  124. Casual MR, why is it a thing?
  125. Free For All Game Mode
  126. Team Killing Casual vs Ranked Game Design Canon
  127. New Operator Lion Abiltiy
  128. Suggestion for the next Six Invitational
  129. Banned for Team Killing by Accident
  130. Stop creating female operators
  131. Ingame language
  132. Pushing the kick button excessively for no reason
  133. Idea for a new Standalone Solo/Coop focused Dlc/Addon/Game for Rainbow Six Siege
  134. Inventory / "Apply to All" Option
  135. Please BAN these TeamKillers from Ranked
  136. I don`t have test server in my games list
  137. Got charged for purchasing 600credits but no credits :@
  138. Free attachments and operators
  139. Netcode/Hitreg/Ping
  140. Finka's Gun.
  141. Bug Report (PC) - Breach Can't Destroy Wall (Plane)
  142. Blitz needs balancing now (TTS)
  143. Ubisoft Please Read Me - Future Suggestions
  144. Vigil and Lion interaction-Suggestion/Feedback/Discussion
  145. Add a kick feature to ranked
  146. Flase Positive Bans and how do I deal with them?
  147. The connection problem
  148. Bug Report (PC) - Defuser Falls Out of Map (Consulate)
  149. Bug Report (PC) - Claymore Injure Before Win Counts as Shooting the Enemy
  150. Bug Report (PC) - Drone Can't Mark the Objective (Yet Again)
  151. Bug Report (PC) - Wrong Player in the Scoreboard
  152. Bug Report (PC) - Missing Yard Graphics at Spawn Selection (Consulate)
  153. Bug Report (PC) - Bugged Drone View (Preparation Phase)
  154. Odd Point Awards (PC)
  155. Bug Report (PC) - Kills After Death Don't Count Toward Weekly Challenges
  156. Not that way...
  157. Can we please have different keybinds for Hold and Toggle ADS
  158. favorite operators button
  159. Flashbang puzzle
  160. Ela's and Zofia's DBNO abilities are unfair/unbalanced
  161. A small idea to enhance online experience
  162. Vorschlag für Ausrüstungsslots
  163. How does casual matchmaking work?
  164. Game never been in a worse state.
  165. Ubisoft Bait and Switch Scam After Free Weekend
  166. And idea i came up with
  167. west asia
  168. render scalling
  169. Rainbow Credits
  170. Tk ban
  171. year 1 uniforms
  172. matchmaking
  173. Casual player: buy the whole game but can only play half of it
  174. Hope to be able to provide again: "Soviet CCCP space satellite ornaments"
  175. Remove skill from casual matchmaking
  176. 重复购买了游戏的问题!
  177. Banned ???
  178. Casual Matchmaking
  179. Add separate ADS sensitivity options.
  180. Sticky Drones glitch
  181. Toxic Behavior in Chat
  182. Solutions for Rank quitting and penalties
  183. 声望补偿措施建议 / prestige Compensation measures proposal
  184. I haven't received gold coins for three days.
  185. Bug 小车被打掉后 无法听到正常的声音
  186. Matchmaking: the worst thing of this game!
  187. Ubisoft why u treat RU players this way?
  188. breach of TOS people selling smurf accounts
  189. Banning for team killing
  190. Team Killing + Vanishing
  191. How to deal with derankers/trolls/bad connection players within ranked
  192. New operator ideas
  193. Q-929 (CF-98-9) ammo capacity, Gun Jesus says you are wrong.
  194. Game is not newbie-friendly
  195. Extra Customization
  196. What if dealing X amount of damage to allies kicked you?
  197. Balancing the matchmaking
  198. Need honest opinion on editing PLEASE ;)
  199. 这24小时处罚好冤枉啊
  200. Reset your Overall Stats etc.
  201. Implementing Data-Transfer?
  202. 2 people playing on the same network on 2 Xbox ones doesn’t work
  203. Kicked during Clutch
  204. cancel that stupid Friendly Fire
  205. Toxic Behaviour: Officer-Kittens (Racism, Team-killing)
  206. Option to turn off Public Chat but keeping Team Chat On
  207. Fuze Buff sugestion
  208. Dissapointed in Starter Treatment.
  209. Real Character feed back
  210. Pissed off that were not getting refunded for attachments.
  211. Idea for chat , Gaming and customizing
  212. Starter's Edition
  213. TK and quitting needs to be addressed.
  214. Change hostage mode to how it was in alpha.
  215. Ranking System Still Broken
  216. Chimera feedback
  217. packets
  218. Season Pass
  219. Bugs & Pipelines
  220. 为什么我的彩虹六号:围攻完全版本没有第三年季票?
  221. No operator refund!?!?!?!?!?!
  222. Comparing Siege to Smite. The Truth.
  223. high school post secondary project
  224. Discord interaction with Rich Presence
  225. Just a quick question for Ubi
  226. Ping abuse
  227. Please fix it
  228. A means to end 99% of cheating
  229. a permaban for toxic behaviour is too much of a punishment
  230. Starter Edition Idea
  231. EE-ONE-D Drone bug
  232. I can not enjoy outbreak entirely.
  233. Operators Pick Rate
  234. Game fonts are weird in CJK languages
  235. Score system
  236. Hit Registration is broken in Chimera bring back old blood Orchid
  237. I think Siege should change something about the rank charms(diamond)
  238. Rainbow Six Siege: Outbreak Bug!!
  239. 4 month later
  240. Operator idea
  241. Casual Matchmaking Issue
  242. I'm tired of being put in games that have already started.
  243. People getting the original operators for free
  244. Bug Report (PC) - "Game Full" Notification During Matchmaking
  245. Bug Report (PC) - Secure from Outside (Yacht)
  246. Bug Report (PC) - Non-Dissolving Smasher (Outbreak)
  247. Can we disable the punishment for disconnecting at the end of a ranked match if you W
  248. New Chat Enforcement System
  249. This is NOT FAIR (Ash free elite skin) !!
  250. Cosmetic DLC I'd like to see.....