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  1. Seriously you don't improve matchmaking and ranking system?
  2. Death leave punish PLZ !!!!
  3. I don't even know if I'm playing bad or the game is glitching out now.
  4. Squad disbands on connection to a game
  5. Game starting up idea
  6. The Growth of the Players. Ubisoft's error.
  7. September Feedback
  8. Rant ( dont click if you get salty)
  9. Rating system for team mates
  10. Unplayable Since Update for Me
  11. Remove (The Friendly Fire)
  12. Horrible ban system.
  13. Bug Report (PC) - Stuck in Scenery (Bank)
  14. Bug Report (PC) - Stuck in Scenery (Plane)
  15. Bug Report (PC) - Can't Scan With Ally Drone (in Action Phase)
  16. Alpha packs need tweaking
  17. I' contacted ubi support from Sept 8th for my cash back code but get no respond
  18. The game is griefer-friendly
  19. Post full weapon balance notes
  20. Bug report(pc) - stuck in wall
  21. Hide Button Functions
  22. What about fair matchmaking
  23. Voice chat gone
  24. feedback on new patch
  25. Twitch bot got stuck on Oregon
  26. And another Two more bug reports
  27. Bug Report (PC) - Disappearing Hibana Pellets
  28. El maldito banco
  29. Huge Issues with Hit Detection / Matchmaking since Blood Orchid hit.
  30. Shield hit box vanishing
  31. New character
  32. Y2S3.1 Patch - Nothing about Lag Issues
  33. Bravo, well done ,nice job again!(I REALY HOPE ITS TEMPORARY)
  34. Your game blows
  35. Weird stuf
  36. We need Shooting Range with new recoil patterns
  37. remove the red laser beam from claymores
  38. Castle Birthday Challenge
  39. Maps erased from ranked match
  40. Ragequitters
  41. Groups of 4-5 should not be paired against teams of randoms.
  42. About the new matchmaking system.
  43. Ranked matchmaking requirements needs an overhaul.
  44. Bug Report (PC) - Stuck in Scenery (Bartlett University)
  45. Bug Report (PC) - Teleporting Through a Wall (Theme Park)
  46. Operation "HEALTH" = being BURIED ALIVE!!! :(
  47. Hopefully NOT a Unique Take on The Recoil Pattern
  48. Poll: Recoil Changes
  49. Too Many BUGs to Report: Roll back this patch.
  50. ridiculous amount of bugs
  51. There are toxic jager in my team earlier
  52. cheaters or just the patch being bad
  53. [TTS] Feedback for recoil changes
  54. Level 20 to play ranked? is this a joke?
  55. Stun grenade mechanics problem
  56. Plz display the casual rank
  57. Black List
  58. Sound bug when someone destroys your drone.
  59. team killing
  60. Spawn / Drop in.
  61. Keep Playing As Team
  62. Since you guys are reworking recoil on an experimental server, while you're at it...
  63. Ps4 loosing xp bug help!!!
  64. Tachanka redesign
  65. TeamKill case
  66. Recoil Change Suggestion
  67. So F***ing stupid
  68. Shock Drone HUD glitch
  69. Glitchers
  70. I am terrible at this game! Why?
  71. Audio settings
  72. Camera on player model
  73. Western Australian server plz (WAU)
  74. Team Killing in Terrorist Hunt
  75. Caveira
  76. PLEASE can we have a release date for the new patch.
  77. Dostoevskij cafè glitch
  78. Predictable recoil - I would really like a response from Ubisoft
  79. Glitching and Map rotation
  80. Solo me desahogo (texto largo)
  81. player's shadow
  82. Mic Choice Option
  83. So this pistol change just buffed caveira
  84. Casual is broken
  85. Speed Change: from 3 to 2.5?
  86. Matchmaking - Why I'm about to give up on casual and ranked
  87. Th offline?
  88. Bug Report (PC) - Displaced Reinforcement (Consulate)
  89. Bug Report (PC) - Different Objective Location Vote
  90. Add Report Button
  91. What about ×1.5 zoom sight?
  92. Please add an inventory screen
  93. Barlett university (article 5) is the most frequent map on TH!
  94. New Rainbow Six Siege trailer?
  95. Achievements
  96. Angles serious need to be fixed
  97. Bring back all the maps for casual play
  98. Error de reconocimiento
  99. ideas to change this game's meta into a healthier one .. deserves a look
  100. Were emerald skins like this before op health?
  101. Fix your game
  102. Balancing
  103. Previous Update
  104. How does the K/D and W/L system work?
  105. Something wrong about the translate of uplay challenge
  106. Bug Report (PC) - Weaponless Terrorist in Kill Cam
  107. On campus Students say goodbye to Siege
  108. Bug Report (PC) - Infinite Shooting Sound
  109. Enemy Detected Outside
  110. Suggestion: Theatre Mode
  111. Shotguns - Viable buff strategies.
  112. Not sure where to put this but...
  113. more key binding options
  114. Just Another Matchmaking Feedback Thread
  115. Constantly joining allready started Games / too many Leavers in Casual
  116. Suspended for Cheating?
  117. GET A NEW ANTI CHEAT SOFTWARE - battleye doesnt stop anyone......
  118. Buff black beard
  119. Xbox One X update?
  120. Drone !!!!!!!!!!
  121. list of multiplayer fixes/bugs that need addressing
  122. Bigger punishment for leaving [Ranked]
  123. Matchmaking imbalance + others things that need to change
  124. Kicking System
  125. Ban warnings in R6
  126. R6 Servers in Middle East
  127. Sound bug.
  128. [Lights/Flashlight/Player Outline] Suggestion
  129. Ubisoft needs to do something about dropshotting
  130. More report options
  131. PC Controller-Only Servers?
  132. Open Bolt Guns
  133. Reporting the Toxicity
  134. Operation Health is not effective
  135. Ranked TrueSkill Changes
  136. [Glitch] Bank rappel clipping
  137. Banning for TK
  138. Terrorist hunt customize?
  139. why keep let teamkiller ?
  140. Banning for Killing a Team Killer and getting punished for an accident
  141. prime example of unoptimized controls
  142. Unfair ban
  143. ACOGs and an attempt to balance the game
  144. Leaving System and stuff
  145. Servers required in Middle East
  146. Be honest this time please!
  147. Castle and Monty Glitches
  148. year 3 first dlc operation
  149. Ban cheaters
  150. Every sence the update a lot of lag
  151. Individual sensitivity settings for acog / holo sights
  152. No longer about being tactical or smart / Doesn't feel the same as launch
  153. [Request x2] Terrorist Bomber Blue Light behavior & Shock Drone vs Bomber
  154. Season Pass Dear Ubisoft
  155. Castle Lag glitch now with Caveira and Recruit
  156. REQUEST: Per-season stats
  157. Why is the central server just another eastern?
  158. Remove mouse-click and game-information when starting game
  159. New Servers
  160. Bug Report (PC) - PvP Slow-Motion & Heavy Rubber-Banding Rounds
  161. Acog Removed From Jager' 416-Carbine
  162. apeal
  163. resetting rank
  164. 非常希望ubisoft能够对滥用语音和其他聊天功能的用户进行处理。
  165. I am sick of being considered a second class citizen of the game.
  166. teamkilling/prep trolls
  167. The Hacker Issue
  168. Ranked Players Pub-Stompping
  169. Turn laser pointer on and off
  170. turn laser pointer on and off
  171. People quit while in interrogation?
  172. shield operators are able to look at drones and mark with wrong stance.
  173. Being Able to Progress without having to Do casual and Ranked.
  174. What the HELL have you done again !
  175. Ranked is unfair
  176. Implement a report for griefing option.
  177. Petition to add Acog back. Community vote.
  178. Patch: Year 2 Season 3.2 - Lone Wolf Terrorist Hunt Renown
  179. how do i have fun in r6s
  180. I can't believe we still have to protest this kind of ****... [Renown LW TH Decrease]
  181. Campagian Idea
  182. Needless Ban- Banning the victim!
  183. [BUG] Consulate windows never
  184. Field of view slider
  185. Blitz buff is broken
  186. Make it easier to leave a game.
  187. My KD seems to not be rising?
  188. Am I missing something? Whats the point of playing Siege anymore
  189. Join when between rounds
  190. Jager's Acog
  191. HWID and IP bans needs to be implemented immediatly
  192. Improvement & Idea for TR Hunt
  193. Get enough already- Leavers
  194. Middle East servers?
  195. Customize TERORIST HUNT?.
  196. Two Italian operator NOCS
  197. New Surge of cheaters
  198. Feedback on PvP & PvE Changes
  199. Team-Killing + Vote Kicking abuse
  200. Funny Rankeds
  201. Have an Eastern European/Balkans server
  202. Actions against toxic players
  203. Toxic community, abusive players, rage quitters, etc.
  204. They need to fix these bugs
  205. New Australian Operators [ADF]
  206. Need Reporting Button for Toxic Behavior
  207. Inventory management
  208. Fix Your Servers
  209. Issues from a casual new players perspective
  210. Universal Skins for Riot Shields?
  211. Operation White Noise
  212. [Major Bug] Broken Blitz "extended shield" state & animation
  213. Sights
  214. Buff the UMP
  215. For the millionth time since release, FIX ASH'S HITBOX
  216. Dont fix ash's hitbox
  217. Casual racism
  218. Thoughts on Keyboard and Mouse on console
  219. Small feature: Discord's Rich Presence
  220. 8 Days still no help from support team
  221. African server
  222. [Feature Request] Disabling Alt-Tab and other stuff
  223. The best solution for the New Recoils!
  224. Trading
  225. Holy **** this game is so much better.
  226. Devs I think it is about time...
  227. Ping abuse
  228. Ping abuse
  229. Nerf Ela Please
  230. Chat on playstation 4
  231. Siege "download" button
  232. Please deploy an african server.
  233. Ubisoft start doing something!
  234. This game is a worthless piece of ****.......
  235. Thank you.
  236. Aiming from hip on console [Suggestion]
  237. Game data transfer across platforms.
  238. [Bug] Blitz de-shields after using drone
  239. Teamkill Penalty Enhancements
  240. I guessed the operators and the weapons
  241. Redo the Reinforcements and Barricades
  242. Stop removing from matches in ranked and fix removed from match
  243. Basic Changes
  244. Australian CTU
  245. Basic Changes
  246. anti aliasing temporal filtering
  247. Cross-Platform Season Pass
  248. Sort your servers out....
  249. Asking questions with translation
  250. A poor player need help with Starter edition