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  1. Digital Content - This needs to stop
  2. New update - MATCHMAKING SUCKS!!!!!
  3. Any chance we can get some more feminine/cute/girly weapon skins?
  4. Riot shields need durability.
  5. Matchmaking
  6. Fuze. The buff he needs, but not he deserves.
  7. Complaining about Fuze , congrats you ruined this game
  8. tachanka's shield is a joke and way to weak.
  9. Don't put me in a match in progress.
  10. Shotguns too weak
  11. Let me block people from scanning with my drone/black eye
  12. Lord chanka buff a bit much
  13. Please bring back vote to kick
  14. ►😡 blackbeard nerf , 😊tachanka bufff , rainbow six siege 6 invitational patch any g
  15. Top Priorities and Known Issues havent been update
  16. Im fing done with ranked in this game
  17. Please fix this.
  18. Shields and 'knife attack'
  19. Team Loadout Preview & Time for loadout picking
  20. Please add 2 volume audio adjustment options
  21. Siege is one of the worst multiplayer experiences ever
  22. Ranked bugged as hell - no reconnection possible
  23. Time Limit For load
  24. I feel ripped off...
  25. PC Terrorist Hunt Feedback - Bugs and Wishlist
  26. WTF is wrong with casual macthmaking.
  27. Forgive Button
  28. Holiday Challenges
  29. [BUG] Ranked: Getting put in running game.
  30. Ranked: Being put in team with lvl 20 player.
  31. Ranked is ruined
  32. Focus group discussed issues
  33. Add Italian Special Unit (today another proof)
  34. Fuze bugged?
  35. Montagne and doorways
  36. Team killers
  37. Team kill banned for no reason.
  38. Iraqi Special Operations Forces (ISOF)
  39. Suggestion to counter game hackers and cheaters
  40. Next anniversary challenge charm
  41. What's with the automatic kick?
  42. More REport options....
  43. Suggestion + BUG
  44. Unfair Move
  45. Some suggestions for Terrorist Hunt
  46. Servers are a goddman mess.
  47. People bringing level 0-19 to ranked through squads
  48. Banned for Teamkilling...
  49. Please fix yours servers(high and not stable ping)
  50. Enemy Outside Detection needs to be fixed
  51. Kapkan change
  52. Two Bugs Found [Video]
  53. Spiders and Suppressors
  54. Attatchment Ideas
  55. Buck's Gadget (Suggestion)
  56. Ranked justified teamkill option
  57. Bad Matchmaking | Not even Fair
  58. server lag absolutley shocking
  59. Spawn Peek/Kill
  60. Nah
  61. Shibe Inu charm
  62. Can we get a Theater mode?
  63. Wildlands Rewards or lack of
  64. There needs to be a way to put away your pistol with a shield.
  65. matchmaking needs addressing
  66. Getting killed for accidentaly killing hostage that is being carried
  67. Armor and Hitboxes need fixed ASAP.
  68. There needs to be more of a penalty to leaving ranked games.
  69. Ranked Season High Reward
  70. trying too get team mate kick or banned
  71. Matchmaking
  72. Bug report - Twitch's 417 doesn't drop an empty mag on a full reload
  73. Acog for all agents
  74. New custom gamemode.
  75. New achievement idea.
  76. Terrorist Hunt: Disarm Bomb - LET ME USE A DEFENDER
  77. Blackbeard Fix
  78. Please Stop Defenders from Spawn Camping
  79. Really doesn't work ! :(
  80. Why the *** is killing a hostage considered friendly fire and why should i get banne
  81. here's an idea for counter spawn rushing.
  82. Friendly Fire need to be fixed..
  83. New custom game mode "LightsOFF"
  84. Fuze
  85. Great game, but why is it missing such basic features?
  86. Bug Report - PC - PvE (Own model visible through buildings while using the drone)
  87. Bug Report - PC - PvE (Invisible gun - Bandit / MP7)
  88. Bug Report - PC - PvE (Hostage Bug)
  89. Bug Report - PC - PvE (Sound Bug)
  90. Bug Report - PC - PvE (Defusor Bug)
  91. Bug Report - PC - PvE (Ammo Box Bug)
  92. ban system is going crazy
  93. Bug Report - PC - PvP (C4 BUG)
  94. Cheat? Exploit? Going through wall in rank match - Xbox One
  95. You should be able to use your code for the game to steam.
  96. The biggest amount of ******** you are ever going to see in Siege.(UBISOFT VIEW THIS)
  97. Color-blind mode
  98. Please remove the green/red tint when a defender is outside.
  99. New custom game option idea.
  100. Tactical melee takedows
  101. Hacker caught in R6S and boasted about hacking in chat to back up suspicious gameplay
  102. DEAR DEVELOPER. Idea: add CTU logo & name on operator description
  103. word
  104. Want us to play as chicks? - Give us an Israeli SOF unit and make it semi-realistic!
  105. B ug report - Doc Furious Headgear - Graphical glitch.
  106. Hmmm...
  107. Problem with Season 2 pass
  108. Menus and Interface annoyances
  109. Bugs report and feedback
  110. Friendly fire issues
  111. Clipping through walls
  112. Daily and weekly challenges: Too much TH
  113. 5.3 Fixed – In some instances, Operators appear to have Raptor Legs in the Kill Cam.
  114. Ubisoft - Server Problems!
  115. First game ever - Harassed by team-killer and uninstalled
  116. Better Anti-Cheat System
  117. wooden cade bug found
  118. Laundry plant glitch
  119. Bank Wall Glitch
  120. When are you going to fix this game.
  121. Bug Report - Floating caused by table (PC)
  122. Bug Report: Skyscraper glitch through stairs next to BBQ room
  123. Bug Report: Mute feet
  124. Challenges - random for everyone
  125. New MP option for squads: Squad Only.
  126. So, Fuze...
  127. Goodbye, all Ubisoft games.
  128. joining ranked games
  129. Visual Issues
  130. Glitch on Chalet Map
  131. why when i got shot and down i can't press the c4 button?
  132. ACOG...No Counter
  133. fix the damn game
  134. Compensation for being dropped.
  135. Has Ranked Development fallen to the wayside?
  136. Mind numbingly stupid vote system.
  137. Bug in the operators icon
  138. About teamkillers on ranked
  139. Key Bindings
  140. Flash grenades are very unpredictable, the way they work should be changed
  141. Fix the m atctmaking system!
  142. Unfair teamkilling punishments
  143. Buff Caviera (terrorist hunt)
  144. Team Killing
  145. The perfect disguise
  146. Reset Player Stats - Yr 2 Request
  147. RSS Crashing while tabbed out
  148. Ubi,Here's something u need to improve for all players
  149. Unbounding crosshair and bullet path
  150. We need Killcam SAVE option !
  151. Searching screen improvements
  152. Está irritando jogar
  153. Add a player of the game voting system
  154. No aim lean for PS4?
  155. Fix rematches.
  156. New custom game option idea: duplicate operators.
  157. Lagging out and Rank loss
  158. Rated M for Mature
  159. More custom game ideas.
  160. High ping abuse
  161. Important! clinet or net code needs further tweaking
  162. secure area has poor explotation
  163. Joining games in progress
  164. The Team Kill Suspension/Banning Sanctions are flawed.
  165. 3-speed operators have far too much armour.
  166. New shield skins
  167. Things this game desperately needs
  168. Casual gameplay changes
  169. FEEDBACK: Make "Public/Private" option more obvious! I keep getting booted - not fun!
  170. FEEDBACK: Matchmaking should group players with microphones!
  171. Add offline terrorist hunt and new ct recruits!!!
  172. I cant play rinbow six (Update failed)
  173. Fix your Ranking system for the love of god.
  174. Major Issues: Comment If You Agree
  175. Does ubisoft is a thief?
  176. Add Bots if somebody leaves!!!
  177. fk your team killing ban you azz holes
  178. Still high ping
  179. Cheating issues and punishment need to enhance
  180. Enforce preferences
  181. shortly about rate system
  182. I am banned even without did anything
  183. Ideas for siege
  184. C'est quoi ce délire
  185. Glitches and Suggestions
  186. Disable kill cam on ranked
  187. I Cant Start Game
  188. bulls***t
  189. Ranked MM
  190. how to fix ranked, mmr algorithm, general feedback, a place for the newer players.
  191. Smaller Squads - Terrorist Hunt
  192. Dropshooting... sigh...
  193. Remove friendly fire!
  194. Ranked point system
  195. Just some feedback
  196. Bug report
  197. Buck suit, headgear and skins please
  198. fix ur ****
  199. Gamereview after 100 Matches
  200. Ubi Ubi Ubi Ubi
  201. No more Free Weekends
  202. Hibana, Ash and Jager domination. R6 broken
  203. This weekend was ****!!!
  204. Armor and Headshots
  205. A better system of reporting tocix behaviour
  206. Is this a bug or what?
  207. Turkish special ops
  208. macro user report
  209. will ubi consider make some weather to rainbow6?
  210. My boi Glaz needs some help
  211. We should be able to sprint with gadgets out.
  212. Few points about Siege
  213. Teamkilling: It's time to stop.
  214. Mira and dumb teammates
  215. gtfoh
  216. Montagne's shield and Pulse's sensor should be toggleable
  217. using mouse and keyboard on console?
  218. Toxic players.
  219. Campaign Mode
  220. Make an already amazing game perfect-map voting
  221. Renown Boosters that are used only when playing R6
  222. ACOG Fix Suggestion
  223. The "equip for all" Button
  224. Reflex Sight - BROKEN
  225. L85A2 reload animation is broken
  226. New scopes and the red dot
  227. Twitch's drone against Mira
  228. Red Dot Sight Patch Fail-Change Size!
  229. Costumization issues! Since release!
  230. Terrorist Hunt not able to finish!
  231. Please fix players exploiting inside walls
  232. Season 1 diamond charm sucks
  233. Exploit: throwing/detonating devices and shooting weapon at the same time
  234. Remove screen shake when near explosions
  235. Sights too big
  236. One step up - three steps down
  237. Skimping on Patch Details
  238. Turnning Jackal's device off 'sound' is make confuse.
  239. Can't find Year 2 pass on South Korean PSN store
  240. I can see that IQ can detect the operator's mobilephones
  241. Ash's uniform!!!
  242. Ubi, You Is Doin Me a Heckin' Concern: Velvet Shell Day 1 Feedback
  243. Terrorist Hunt - Disarm Bomb: BROKEN
  244. Fire Rate Change - BROKEN
  245. Operation Red Crow Diamond Charm
  246. Weapon skins problem
  247. Jackal is OP, yes I know... but hear me out
  248. Shared Stats Between PC and Consoles
  249. Bug report. In coastline, breaching charge and tachanka.
  250. You can still change operator at ready stage by spamming 'alt+enter' and 'esc'