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  1. 50% renown boost missing
  2. Connexion impossible Franšais / Canadien
  3. Unplayable Glitch & Invisible Montagne
  4. Can't access RB6 Stats on website.
  5. ubisoft won't give me my r6 credits
  6. Uplay link
  7. [PS4] Additional info on my connection/matchmaking issues
  8. Can't equip diamond weapon skin
  9. Unable to navigate on Scoreboard PS4
  10. Can't play with my friend!!
  11. Matchmaking and black screen
  12. Ps4 Servers are down again, to the surprise of no one
  13. Xbox One: Can't connect to friend's parties or any online games any more
  14. renown booster wasted
  15. Rubber Ducky Charm Doesn't Appear on Weapon
  16. C4 Bug
  17. Siege Store does not load
  18. Screen frozen
  19. Game breaking glitch
  20. Unable To Get In Ranked With My Friends
  21. Missing 600 R6 Credits that comes with Year 2 Gold edition season pass.
  22. SqUAD ERROR !
  23. Certain Charms Can't be Equipped.
  24. [PS4] Conctivitie issues
  25. Getting in touch with trading standards and Watchdog
  26. EU server can't join US server to play ranked or casual on PS4
  27. Error [3-0x000A000C] everytime I try to play ranked
  28. [XBOX ONE] Spawning in objects
  29. Please Help! Cannot download update 1.42
  30. Spawning off the map
  31. Squad error
  32. Great Game Great Problems
  33. finding teammates (PS4)
  34. I can't play since 3 days ago (fail to connect to R6 servers in main screen)
  35. 50% off all sige games fail
  36. Horrible server maintenance
  37. Broken Graphics...
  38. (PS4) Ubisoft Challenges are not saving progress
  39. Operators are gone
  40. Weekly Challenges Issue
  41. [PS4] Your queue mechanism is broken for Multiplayer Casual
  42. Charms Don't Show Up
  43. [PS4] Cant see teammates' yellow position/distance markers
  44. 0 fame points
  45. siege 1.25 update
  46. Tracking Game Statistics
  47. [Xbox One] spawn is broken
  48. Ubisoft Club weekly challenges still not registering kills/wins
  49. Mira Mirror broken?
  50. Glitch on coastline
  51. Ubisoft Club Issues
  52. Weekly Challenges Not Recording Progress [Temporary Fix]
  53. XB1 Stats Wiped
  54. [PS4] 4v5 in rank match
  55. Ubi please fix lost connection on matchmaking.
  56. [PS4] Cant join a squad after joining one / leaving one .
  57. Broken game
  58. Failed to connect to Ubisoft servers...
  59. I joined a ranked game in progress??
  60. PS4 Japan Flag Charm not rewarded
  61. Agc is currently recruiting members on Xbox!!
  62. Issues with Ubisoft Club
  63. Camera position glitch when loaded into game - camera appears under map - Xbox One
  64. Game crash/hang issue - crash when attempting reconnection after dropout - Xbox One
  65. Please ubisoft!!! Give us tactical button layout
  66. joining a mid game ranked match
  67. Character won't stop strafing
  68. Lagging out and then reconnecting mid match.
  69. just bought 2 1200 r6 credits and nothing happened
  70. Operators gone
  71. Third week straight of Ubisoft Club challenges not working
  72. operators and season pass gone
  73. Invisible Kapkan Trip Lasers and Missing Audio Effects
  74. Siege Servers Unreachable [3-0x0001000B]
  75. Ubisoft need to help me!
  76. Sub account unable to buy R6 credits or any DLC except for some skins
  77. No credits after purchase
  78. Switched from disc to game sharing digital. DLC gone?
  79. Challenges not working
  80. Players leave and no points awarded
  81. Rainbow6 Mira and Jackal removed
  82. I have Purchased 19.99$ worth of R6 credits and still have not received them.
  83. My skins are not showing up
  84. Customisations - Resetting every 3 days?
  85. Why Can I No Longer Vault On Previously Valuable Objects
  86. When Kicked Game Will Still Not Let Me Reconnect
  87. Another Glitched Match (Xbox One)
  88. Ubisoft Challenges not working
  89. Challenges continue to not count
  90. Multiplayer and terror hunt unavailable????
  91. Glitches, causing me to lose
  92. Banned
  93. [XB1] Cannot get into a match
  94. Xbox One Dropping from party
  95. RB6S: Stuck at "Press any button to start"
  96. Cannot connect to rainbow6
  97. Can't buy R6 Credits
  98. Game crashed then I recieved "Surrender Sanction"
  99. Lots of Lag lately
  100. ERROR CODE: 0-0x00000312
  101. Operators Not Showing
  102. Surrender Sanction
  103. Creating Squad Loading Time PS4
  104. Keyboard and Mouse users on console
  105. Fix the hit registration!!!!!!!!!
  106. Skip doesn't work (PS4)
  107. Please drop us some Servers in South Africa
  108. Severe rubber banding PS4
  109. [XB1] Cannot join 1 friend's game only.
  110. Sever Issues?
  111. Ubisoft club challenges, same as last week?
  112. Pro League Gold Set Missing: Thermite, Mute, and Bandit
  113. National foundation day challenge redo like common wealth
  114. Rejoining match not possible
  115. Diamond Weapon Skin Unavailable
  116. Account and Purchase Related Issues- *PLEASE READ FIRST*
  117. Error 312
  118. Season pass not working
  119. Private Match against Friends?
  120. PS4 Constantly rubber banding/Lagging even with good ping
  121. Missing operators on xbox one
  122. [PS4] Bug with IQ's Gadget
  123. session not found
  124. Validating and updating playlists and properties - Xbox One
  125. Error de att 1.27
  126. Problem with IQ in this new update!
  127. Incorrect K/D and W/L Showing XB1
  128. Slower connection making us inacurate
  129. Year 2 gold edition not working
  130. Error code 2-0x0000C004
  131. Error code [2-0X0000E000] For PS4!
  132. Never received a division charm from Skull Rain season?
  133. Rejoin ranked match (PS4)
  134. Abandon Penalty
  135. problem whit conection in matchmaking
  136. I can't play multiplayer on Rainbow Six siege!!!!
  137. offer pulled before expiry time after i purchased credits
  138. problema para baixar o jogo b˘nus Rainbow Six Vegas 1 e 2
  139. Removed from slow connection.
  140. Servers Down PS4 - almost 4 hours already
  141. Error code 3-0x0001000b cannot connect to severs PS4
  142. I like RB6S but....
  143. Wallbang when im down
  144. Can┤t buy R6 credits
  145. "Spectator GAMESERVER has been disconnect"
  146. R6 Credits didnt arrive
  147. Server Problems
  148. wont shoot
  149. Servers!!!!!
  150. ERROR CE-34878-0 (3 times in 2 days)
  151. Invisi-Pulse
  152. Question about Connection
  153. Casual Waiting Times PS4
  154. Late Ranked Match Join in Session
  155. PS4 - Microphone Activation Threshold Setting please?
  156. Skull Rain charms
  157. Season pass gone?!
  158. Purchased season passes 1&2 operators no longer owned however......?!😡
  159. Can't play!!!
  160. Purchased r6 cedits - did not receive all help!
  161. Rainbow Six - DLC Conflicting Issues - Xbox One
  162. XB1 Matchmaking fail (Yes, even worse than usual)
  163. Getting kicked "for having to slow connection"
  164. getting those sick headshots but wait... no bullets hit?
  165. XBONE: 6 man team???
  166. Getting stuck in the roof?
  167. Ubisoft Infinite Loading
  168. Big issues on PS4
  169. I'm Banned?
  170. Support?
  171. Connection,Support,and terrible servers
  172. Can't play with friends
  173. Cant play a game without lagging out/ rejoining
  174. Xbox Scorpio patch
  175. Known (unknown?) issues on PS4
  176. What is this
  177. obvious change is essential for the evolution of shooters
  178. Multiplayer eludes me
  179. squad problem
  180. Console account transfer
  181. Plz fix leaderboard bug
  182. Scoreboard 6 man team [Crashes Game]
  183. A alguien le esta pasando
  184. Hitboxes or Glaz's Rifle
  185. Issue? Close Clutch Still Gives Me Secure Loss!
  186. Team killing
  187. Cannot play multiplayer
  188. Ads
  189. Attachments, situations and skins resetting.
  190. Game Froze
  191. Ubisoft is the worst company
  192. Error Code [6-0x000010000]
  193. WON game, but LOST points
  194. XB1 - Error Code 3-0x0001000B ITS TIME TO FIX ERROR THIS UBISOFT...
  195. Asian PSN digital content store not updated
  196. Ubisoft Challenges again
  197. Rainbow Six Siege Data Update Problem
  198. Accidently killed the hostage and got a 7 day ban! Help me out ubisoft...
  199. R6 PS4: ERRORE 3-0x0001000B ... ERRORE 3-0x00030089
  200. Xbox 1: Error 6-0x00001000
  201. Ubisoft..
  202. Ranked Bug
  203. Error Code 2-0x00010006
  204. Nitro bug on Bank map. Same issue, different days, different players.
  205. Can't find a single player in rank lobby!
  206. Kick for 7 days thx to friend
  207. So Im stuck on the EUS data center but I live in the US..
  208. UBISOFT PLEASE READ - Ranked Match - Issues after latest update
  209. Disconnecting from a ranked match.
  210. Unable to purchase Gridlock skin for Thatcher and Jager
  211. Reporting Cheaters Change Policy!!!
  212. Hitbox Fail
  213. Multiplayer locked
  214. Stats?
  215. Login after the maintenance today, only to see all my unlocks have been reset!?
  216. Keep Disconnecting from Xbox live Party whilst playing this game
  217. Squad booster
  218. Season Pass Disappeared - Mira and Jackal gone
  219. Banned 24 Hours For Retaliated Team Killing. Help me out ubisoft....
  220. Live in us put on brazil servers?
  221. missing r6 credits from season pass
  222. Rainbow six block user Id
  223. Xbox one blue screen
  224. UBISOFT Why do we have bad expiriance ?
  225. MatchMaking?
  226. 14gb update?
  227. bug issue
  228. XB1 R6S Refuses to Launch, Bricks XBOX
  229. R6 Club Challenges STILL NOT WORKING!
  230. Indestructible Wall Glitch.
  231. Ranked Point System Problem
  232. report about player
  233. Did Ash Get a buff? Or just a bad replay?
  234. xbox one
  235. Please help
  236. Why?
  237. can you plz ubisoft help.
  239. Help
  240. idea
  241. PS4 Rainbow Six Siege Connection Issues
  242. Fuze on Airplane
  243. ps4 controller lag??
  244. 8th round of ranked
  245. What Dynamic range; what PsGold Preset?
  246. Connection Error
  247. Crashes every time I try to look for a match
  248. Xb1 updatefailed
  249. screen glitches
  250. Can't play using wifi connection?