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  1. Forum Rules
  2. Menu keeps scrolling up
  3. Rainbow Six Siege Crashing on start up FIX
  4. Cursor moving to the top
  5. R6S doesnt work.
  6. Error Code 4 during Beta (resolved)
  7. Used a Nvidia key code from their Bullets and Blades. Not showing up in uplay.
  8. SLI on Rainbow Six Siege
  9. Pre load?
  10. Pre-load option only
  11. sever stress test
  12. Real interested in using the invite I got, but it doesn't work.
  13. uplay account does not have the technical test.
  14. Rainbow Six Siege - PC Specifications
  15. Need help with reinstall rainbow six siege in uplay pc
  16. When season pass will be released for buying
  17. a problem in uplay!
  18. Problem to Preload Rainbow Six Siege Open Beta
  19. Failed to start download
  20. [PC] Why Rainbow 6 Siege isnt it in my Game list?
  21. Cant Preload the Game
  22. Beta not avaliable for Steam users?
  23. be patient
  24. Cant play the Open Beta
  25. Problems with downloading R6: Siege open beta
  26. Trouble with pre-loading the game
  27. Game not working, stuck after intro at Creating Squad
  28. Can“t play the Open Beta!
  29. User Profile Loading Failed
  30. Graphical Issues
  31. No sounds to hear
  32. help! [open beta] my game launches and then its saying to me....
  33. Graphic error AMD
  34. Graphics Bug / Texture Problem [FIX FOR AMD USERS!]
  35. Sound issue
  36. Bug - PC - Multiplayer- Long Searching for opponent and unplayable games due to lag
  37. In-game voice chat re-enabling its self.
  38. Where is the Rainbow Six Seige open beta? (pre-load)
  39. The game CRASH.
  40. Wierd Visual Glitch
  41. Blurry graphics (options don't help)
  42. Game crashed
  43. Error Code : [0-0x00000312]
  44. Rainbow Six Siege Server Connection Error
  45. uplay overlay not working
  46. Help! Launch issue's
  47. Screen Flickering :(
  48. Can't play Early Access OBT
  49. Map Flicker
  50. Xbox menus on PC?
  51. There is no way to download the open beta...
  52. crash game
  53. Cant join any games /Beta servers unavailable
  54. can't launch open beta from uplay
  55. no access to beta servers ?
  56. Can't leave game without leaving Squad
  57. Banned from ranked when timouted
  58. Matchmaking don't work
  59. Visual Glitching
  60. User Profile Loading Failed
  61. When I click download it send me to the steam store
  62. Deranked after game crash
  63. My Technical issues discovered
  64. SLI doesn't work again..
  65. OBS crashes uPlay overlay?
  66. Stuck In Technical Test?!
  67. Credits not being awarded
  68. (Open Beta) Matchmaking is back to its broken state
  69. low frames per second blury graphics
  70. Rainbow Six Siege is stuck in the preload and there is no play button
  71. Game crash immediately just after beeing start!
  72. Mic does not work in game
  73. Previous Profiles Gone?
  74. Graphics Issue
  75. Loadouts and keybinds not saving
  76. Disconnected from Ubisoft Servers
  77. Bug
  78. Cant Stream the Game CPU 100 %
  79. Problem of lag and crash (PC)
  80. Cannot Connect To Friends
  81. Stuck launching game in Ranked not Casual
  82. Shading Quality? Closed Beta vs Open
  83. Open mic auto switch
  84. Really bad artifacting
  85. Microphone is Always On, Help?
  86. graffix jumping all over the place
  87. [GAME BREAKING BUG!!!] XBOX Button Prompts Appearing Randomly
  88. Crashes while loading match on r9 390
  89. Nat options
  90. Audio Bug
  91. My Game close after 1 - 5 Minutes without any message
  92. Can't Switch Mic Input
  93. Games not starting with two full teams and players getting stuck at loading
  94. i can't launch on uplay
  95. [Bug Report] Graphical and Player Bug
  96. Mouse Problems
  97. Cannot start due to "This game has not been released yet."
  98. game thinks I play with a controller and not the keyboard
  99. Preloaded the Beta, but it doesn't work?!
  100. Rainbow Six® Siege Server connection error
  101. Connection Failure Error Code [2-0x00000041]
  102. Integrated graphic card ISSUE.
  103. What with this graphic glitch
  104. Unsupported AMD Card Notice
  105. Is there a quick link to the Forums from the Game?
  106. Creating squad ...
  107. Screen Flickering
  108. Error 0xc00007b - how to fix it?
  109. Rainbow Six Siege - Open Beta
  110. I can not open rainbow six
  111. Still no access for pc ?
  112. Its Late!
  113. Beta not launched yet?
  114. can't record
  115. unvalid code
  116. Error - [2-0x00000047]
  117. Help! Graphics settings
  118. Beta Still not unlocked
  119. Rainbow 6 Siege - ISSUES AND BUGS
  120. Ubi error Code 2-0x00000066,Cant join friends squad
  121. Microphone problem.
  122. Crash when joining a game.
  123. PC Servers Connection Issue
  124. Falling through the floor
  125. Mouse lag
  126. Why cant i play its supposed to unlock at 9am cst
  127. how can I get my money back?
  128. Lossing mouse control after accepting changes done in controls menu.
  129. Error 3-0x0001000B
  130. Can't close game without alt+f4 or task manager under certain conditions
  131. Error 0xc000007b
  132. List-o-glitches/bugs I have seen (11/25/15)
  133. Rainbow Six no PLAY button, stuck "PRELOADED"
  134. About nat type
  135. No Enemies on Terrorist Hunt
  136. About Nat Type
  137. LMG breaks the compass
  138. Squad error
  139. Participated in Closed beta, play button redirects to steam store page....
  140. Keyboard Input Delay
  141. Consistent Crashing
  142. Unsupported Graphic Drivers?
  143. Profile information deleted
  144. Crashing During Matches - Returning Back to Menu [Error 2-0x00000041]
  145. Error code 8-0x00000052 and 6-0.x00000002
  146. Closed Beta keys not working
  147. Error code [2-0x00000047]
  148. Loading Slow
  149. Nvidia game, who cares about AMD users ?!
  150. Can't Play The Game ! Help !
  151. Forcing me to remove Joystick, Throttle and Rudder from computer.
  152. If stuck in matchmaking - press ALT+ENTER!
  153. Bug invisible walls with AFR Friendly GPU option enabled
  154. getting Stuck after 1st round finished, long loading and then this
  155. I can't load Kanal - Infinite Loading Bug is map related
  156. Possible Revive bug!
  157. Cant download client
  158. Same IP different Account not working
  159. Bugs i found within pass 2 days.
  160. Rainbow six siege beta RANDOMLY SHUTS OFF
  161. Game constantly crashing
  162. Issues pre-loading open beta on PC
  163. Connectivity issue(can't complete any round) !
  164. Issues with Amd HD 7800 series graphics cards
  165. Pls Help me
  166. Bug while joining match
  167. Cant play on low details with GX980m and i7-4710MQ Prozessor
  168. Graphical issues not present in Closed Beta AMD R9 280x X-fire
  169. Rainbosw Six.exe - Bad Image
  170. How and where do i download the BETA?
  171. Mic being forced active
  172. blood color and c4 inside the wall
  173. Renown wont go up
  174. Stuck on Creating Squad
  175. AMD Radeon Graphics Corruptions
  176. Game instantly after boot (doesn't crash, just closes)
  177. I can't play, too much lag
  178. Game wont launch?
  179. Started rankeds
  180. Apparently even SOME Nvidia users have problems.
  181. No button to play
  182. cant download beta
  183. I move very slow
  184. Flickering in gamplay, not in menu
  185. Can't select operator / infinite loading
  186. weird black stripes in the game
  187. Controls Issue
  188. Cannot Move in Game [bug]
  189. Remapping Keys
  190. Another CPU-heavy Console-to-PC-port?
  191. AMD graphics Flickering/Corruption bug!
  192. Did not receive 1800 Rainbow Credits
  193. Game doesn't start
  194. Error code [2-0x00000041]
  195. Game display all haywire
  196. Moderate NAT
  197. Unsupported Graphics Driver? Am using latest
  198. Found a bug. It's a problem with high FPS and input delay
  199. Error creating dx11 graphics
  200. Graphics card not read?
  201. Game Freezes/Crash, doesn't go to desktop.
  202. Games does not start
  203. It doesn't appear in my games tab
  204. Frame Rate lock at 30 FPS
  205. Siege not in my uplay.
  206. Logitech G25 problem....
  207. DisplayConfiGetDevice not found in User32.dll
  208. [BUGS/FIXES/ADD] Several things bugged or need fixed
  209. hot miccing
  210. Audio Issue - Ear piercing alarm sound when walking through doorways
  211. Siege beta not in my games
  212. Xbox Controller won't CROUCH!
  213. The black hole
  214. Game uses 90% to 100% of my CPU, plus random game crashes
  215. [BUG] Tachanka's turret ADS toggle
  216. does not ****ing compute
  217. Massive Screen Issues in game
  218. 4K Is Buggered
  219. Can see enemys loadout while selecting it and red walls
  220. PC bugs...
  221. Connection Issues
  222. Sli fix - working
  223. Can't get in match.
  224. Steam vs uPlay Version = Crash vs. NOT Crash
  225. An error has occurred code [2-0x00000047]
  226. Beta does not work for me anymore.
  227. never ending loading screen
  228. Can't start the game
  229. Stuttering (operator menu)
  230. Randomly Getting Kicked During Matches - Please Help
  231. Error Code 3-0x0001000B
  232. I can not connect to my friend
  233. Not getting mission rewards
  234. Beta Issues- Graphics Drivers Alert
  235. Game works on Nvidia 740M but doesn't work on Nvidia860M
  236. Friends list not working correctly
  237. Volume for my Mic
  238. There is video so you understand what happens!GRAPHICS PROBLEM(DRIVERS)
  239. BETA Won't lunch from steam (Crash error)
  240. Error 2-0x00000041
  241. ADS Bug/Glitch
  242. Fire Button Stuck
  243. "the procedure entry point DisplayConfigGetDeviceInfo could not be located in the dyn
  244. Wire Bug
  245. No download
  246. Error
  247. Crashing in Game
  248. Can't quit match/stuck in lobby
  249. 'does not support DirectX 11 features.'
  250. Rainbow Six Siege bug while searching for servers