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  1. Game not detecting all memory from GPU, SLI makes it even worse
  2. game wont start
  3. Got banned from forum because posted 2 bugs and answered 4 in 10 minutes!!!
  4. Have not played with a single American Group today 1/16/2016
  5. Have not played with a single American Group today 1/16/2016
  6. Game crashing forcing hard restart of computer w/ No error message
  7. Invisible Ash/guns/Barb wire
  8. V-Sync Off and On
  9. Game won't finish dowload
  10. ethernet cable is not connect 0-0x00000204
  11. Wich profile G933
  12. Resolution of controller issues?
  13. Rank stuck
  14. Stuck on "Please wait, Synchronizing data after every match.
  15. Error Code 2-0x00000068
  16. [PC] v1.3 Game Bugs
  17. NAT really annoying, please help.
  18. The Controller Issue
  19. Not in the same lobbies as your Squad
  20. Early build effects
  21. NAT error
  22. Mouse disconnecting due the game
  23. Selecting Data Centre (PC Only)
  24. App Crashes on Launch
  25. My microphone is quiet to others in game
  26. error code 41 AGAIN AND AGAIN
  27. Dont waste your cash on boosters
  28. Bugged Sound: Can only hear sound effects, nothing else
  29. Crashes
  30. 3-0x0001000B error
  31. Error Code 2-0x00000068 (Patch 1.3 related)
  32. Choppy game, high FPS
  33. Cannot See Who Is Speaking
  34. Enemy team (Attackers) have control over defender cameras. Video attached
  35. Hostage Bug
  36. Mark function (z) doesn't work anymore
  37. shift f2 friends and squad/game invites not working
  38. extensive pc trouble shooting guide
  39. High datacenter ms
  40. "Hacking" the game through console
  41. Challenges bugged with season pass
  42. video with bugs and bad netcode !
  43. Error 602 with squad
  44. Need help with brightness/ bloom issues
  45. ETA on SLI/Crossfire fix?
  46. Stuttering Issues. 980 Windows 10
  47. Caps Lock Key closes game window. How to fix?
  48. Season Pass Icon and content Missing (PC)
  49. Friends list broken
  50. [Bug?] Operators emit a white glow at long range
  51. I cannot see my friends even though they are online
  52. Windows 10 FPS problems
  53. Stuck at start (spawn point) when playing Multiplayer Simple... ??
  54. just bought the season pass but have nothing?
  55. Bunch of errors, fps drop, terrible pings and uplay connection lost
  56. Uplay is to start your download
  57. Squad Drops. Information needed please.
  58. Match Making issue for Asian Territories
  59. In game freezing Win 10 Asus GTX790 Sli
  60. Moderator Required - Hacker Screenshots
  61. Can't launch the game
  62. Windows 10 Insider Preview 11102
  63. SLI performance is terrible
  64. Shield ADS Animation hit box / animation speed.
  65. Long time problem - keep getting disconnected during casual and ranked matches
  66. Banned, unbanned two times again by FairFight for NOTHING
  67. Can anyone answer a question about the open mic setting?
  68. "Creating Squad" taking very long
  69. Strict NAT
  70. Constant DC from Rainbow Six servers
  71. Route problem
  72. Terrorist team play problem - Im frozen but Im not!
  73. Game freezes entire computer
  74. Any way to fix bug with Windows Insider Build/has killed Siege
  75. Sprint using steam controller
  76. Had Game Since Launch, Still can't get it to start!!
  77. I buy the game in gold version and receive the standard version
  78. 1-2 Second freezes
  79. Last patch has ruined the game.
  80. Weird button bug (PC)
  81. HIGH PRIORITY ISSUE - Loading Screen "Freeze" (Smoke Background)
  82. siege dlc pack
  83. Ethernet Network Cable not connectet
  84. Preciso de ajuda com NAT do Rainbow Six: Siege / I need help with NAT
  85. Unable to join terrorist hunt match most of the weekend
  86. Scoreboard Inaccurate During Round
  87. why will my profile not save
  88. Fix The Servers
  89. Dlc
  90. Bought season pass but doesn't work
  91. Season Pass Problems
  92. Crash on Start Up
  93. Gols skins
  94. Gold camo gone
  95. Unable to enter the game after install....
  96. Uplay not working with r6s
  97. Did not receive in game purchases
  98. All DLC's on Steam don't work on U-Play
  99. patch 1.3 causing freezing of game
  100. Error Code: 2-0x00000068 (it is now to the point of quitting this game)
  101. Uplay is unable to start your download...So unable play
  102. Uplay Action "Alpha team" not unlocking.
  103. Error Code [0xc000007b]
  104. After Joining a session -> Loading Screen doesnt end game not start
  105. Able to see other team's chat
  106. Too Much Brightness
  107. Random DCing at night
  108. Alt+Tab like effect during gameplay
  109. Movement "rewind"
  110. Uplay server error .Can't activate product
  111. Servers unreachable after every single available mini patch.
  112. Clé d'activation après changement
  113. 100% CPU usage cause Game Freeze
  114. Rubberbanding lag in Rainbow Six Siege
  115. Squad spliting in matchmaking
  116. Unable to update - Disk write error
  117. uplay.exe & Rainbow 6 Siege not detecting Nvidia GPU?
  118. Matchmaking Error 2-0x00000060
  119. way to download season pass on PC (uplay)?
  120. Ranking system is broken fix it ubisoft!
  121. High Cpu Usage
  122. Uplay is unable to download the update
  123. 0-0x00000204
  124. surround sound or 7.1
  125. High ping in game
  126. Crash at start on Windows 10 Pro Insider preview
  127. Strict Nat Type still?
  128. never entering a fresh match / always underleveled team mates
  129. I just cannot join my friends
  130. Windows memory error? (980ti, W8.1)
  131. Bugs: Stuck in trap-door reinforcement, Difficulty breach-charging trap-doors.
  132. Matchmaking Error
  133. Unlocking SLEDGE while joining - No SLEDGE but Money is gone
  134. No player shadow
  135. My fault in loadscreen
  136. middle-east lag
  137. Can't connect
  138. Open Nat but have terrible rubber band (us servers)
  139. Able to accept invites after having played matches
  140. User Profile Failed to Load - No keybinds No Gun attachments saved
  141. Massive FPS drop after last patch/drivers update. Low GPU usage.
  142. 2-0x00000067 & 2-0x00000068 And who knows what else after these are resolved
  143. Rainbow Six - Seige Netcode Flaws
  144. "Update available, Uplay unable to start download....."
  145. Ubisoft Club; Actions; Alpha Team
  146. Servers at Full Capacity LMAO!!!!
  147. Slow Hitboxes?
  148. 2-0x0000005E
  149. Challenges not stacking correctly
  150. Crashing on start up.
  151. Re: Multiplayer and online play mode is unavialble
  152. Can someone have look at my tickets (02790487 ; 02794457) its about the season pass
  153. Download Error - Six Siege
  154. Dev/Mod, will the game support Nvidia Sli in the future?
  155. thanks it worked! no more freezing!
  156. unplayable online
  157. New fix for rainbowsix.exe has stopped working!!
  158. new router drops net 3 rounds in
  159. Constant Lag Spikes | Any help or answers?
  160. Uplay telling me it is unable to download
  161. Error 602
  162. I can't join games without the game crashing. Get about a minute into situations.
  163. Optimization of the outside
  164. Reload Bug
  165. Game is unplayable due to network issues
  166. Game minimizes in game play
  167. [URGENT] Please help me fix my game that I've paid £40 for but can't play. - CTD..
  168. NAT type
  169. Uplay to Steam
  170. error 0-0x000000603
  171. Mic isn't being picked up
  172. Can Get Into Games But....
  173. unplayable - but i paid the full price
  174. Infinite load screen... My fault?
  175. Weapon Reload Bug
  176. Crash To Desktop - Fail to reconnect
  177. Cant buy Emerald Skin through Uplay
  178. siege crashing after 20 seconds in game
  179. I keep getting hacked wtf!
  180. It's been two months since launch, can I expect to be ever able to use my mic...
  181. Terrorist Hunt/Stuck Searching/Joining
  182. Uninstall Ultra HD Textures
  183. Got Season pass (PC) No Operators. Just the map?
  184. Patch update does not Stop it loads endless
  185. Weird Menu Lag
  186. Exploit : Jumping through walls
  187. POV issues
  188. Game crashes after starting since the DLC patch
  189. Terrorist hunt renown gain reduced severely
  190. Loading Screen Bug STILLLLLLL
  191. "UPDATE FAILED" after Black Ice patch
  192. Update Failed message inside game
  193. Major fail in start screen
  194. Error 4-0xFFFOBDDB
  195. Servers offline at the moment?
  196. I need help :( New Patch Error
  197. Direct connection errors / error 2-0x00000067
  198. Error [2-0x00000067] When trying to join a squad.
  199. Quick Question - Season Pass
  200. Reason to believe
  201. Audio bug
  202. Player rotation shown incorrectly to other players
  203. Uplay is unable to start your download
  204. Infinite Loading Screen
  205. Cannot Load In Multiplayer
  206. SLI Support Nvidia -
  207. Black Ice patch won't download.
  208. Reinforced walls not stopping Fuze/Grenades damage from the other side and also...
  209. [PC] Smoke not beeing able to reload on primary or secondary weapon.
  210. Endless Download Black Ice
  211. Rainbow 6 Freezes, but doesn't crash. Doesn't display "Not Responding"
  212. Operator and Alpha Team UPlay Actions still not unlocked
  213. Error [0-0x00000204] Ethernet Not Connected.
  214. Sound of game cuts/crash every second
  215. BLACK ICE: Can't cross door after destroing barrier with gunshots
  216. Fairfighted for no reason.
  217. Error 60 and matchmaking crashes
  218. Montagne Shield Become all black for a round
  219. File Corruption Detected! The program will now terminate
  220. Ranked Game - Instand Loses!
  221. Bought Season Pass, Operators Still Locked!
  222. Game won't load main menu
  223. "Creating Squad" takes a long time
  224. Friends Cannot Join My Squad
  225. Crossfire support
  226. Auto Kick for idle players no longer works in Terrorist Hunt
  227. Club Action didn't register.
  228. PC Version Crashes at the Title Screen after the Black Ice update on Steam
  229. Crash on "validating and updating playlist and properties"
  230. No sound after Black Ice update
  231. Game wont load since patch.
  232. How about fixin the game, instead of releasing new content..
  233. Cannot interact with Uplay overlay since update.
  234. Error 2-0x00000060 when trying to queue ranked
  235. Error 2-0x00000047
  236. ERROR 312 with 3 PC's on same network. NBN Fibre
  237. Game wont load since patch. 게임 패치후에 불러오기가 되지 않는다
  238. "Oh no, it crashed!"
  239. APPCrash
  240. [Bug] Black opaque Montagne shield window
  241. Bug synchronisation succès et sauvegarde du profils
  242. Error code 67 and 48 Fixed. I tried and its working
  243. FPS Drop for char with shield
  244. Rainbox Six - Sound Problem
  245. Vsync still broke and not sticking at capped refresh rate
  246. Terrible FPS
  247. Often crashes during gameplay
  248. Reporting Hackers/Racism
  249. Uplay keeps restarting Siege download
  250. controller doesn't work