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  1. new updates
  2. Money just disappears
  3. Maintenance?
  4. Problemas ao tentar logar com 2 contas diferentes simultaneamente em pc's diferentes.
  5. Loosing ACOG Arrow sometimes?
  6. Rainbow six crashes since the new update Y3S1 1.2
  7. Every Update Game Stops Working
  8. Duplication glitch
  9. ranked
  10. what's wrong with me?
  11. Wtf with matchmaking?!?!?
  12. ubisoft look at this cheat
  13. Crashes
  14. Not getting the division reward.
  15. Wow this game crashes alot...
  16. R6 Credits?
  17. Two Problems (may bug;Paymet Fail)
  18. Ubisoft Please fix the AMD crash game is unplayable :(
  19. Siege Connectivity Issues w/ New Router (Not new ISP)
  20. Cant tab out without it switching monitors.
  21. Game Keeps Crashing - AMD system
  22. Can't access my account
  23. Game freezes and crashes! PLS Ubisoft, fix this!! :(
  24. Very slow game compared to pc specs
  25. User profile load failed issue
  26. 150 ms permanent
  27. You have been kicked out of the game by BattlEye. Reason: Client not responding
  28. My fps drops hard when playing on Bartlett University
  29. Cpu usage + server issues
  30. Game Chat Crash
  31. AMD build menu loading crash? Possible workaround.
  32. Significant FPS drop.
  33. R6 crashing in loadingscreen / lobby | AMD
  34. Update Rate problem
  35. Game Crashes
  36. performance after patch 1.2
  37. I am unable to load past the small window splash screen when launching siege.
  38. Update Rate making my game lag every 10 seconds...
  39. Rainbowsix siege linked to wrong uplay account please help
  40. No cheating. I'm permanently banned.
  41. Constant Abandon Sanction bans
  42. Server stuck
  43. Wheel down and up cant be changed, refound if not fixed
  44. Defenders not detected outside
  45. Unplayable Lag for my friend ONLINE
  46. Random message with r6 credits
  47. Account has been getting played on without me noticing (never use uplay lol)
  48. Suddenly can't hear incoming voice chat / comms anymore
  49. Keep Stuck in Loading Screen (After Reinstall Windows)
  50. installing update
  51. Game goes into a black screen when i start it.
  52. Someone steal my account [PC]
  53. *Very* Long Loading Times on PC
  54. [PC] "You need to be connected to the Rainbow Six Siege servers to progress and renow
  55. Crashes so often when you play lone wolf terrorist hunt
  56. Failed to load Profile
  57. Fuze Kills himself with charge?
  58. No sound on Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2
  59. Missing R6 Credits
  60. Weekly challenge task cannot be completed
  61. 2 Steam account connected to 1 Uplay account
  62. Connection Issues
  63. PC Temperatures In-game
  64. Siege forzen on one screen.
  65. Rainbow six siege doesn't use all of my GB of ram
  66. Horrible Fps drop and rubber-banding after operation Chimera update.
  67. New hack - people can revive themselves in attacking team.
  68. Bug where you can choose any operator, even the ones you don't own.
  69. 100%cpu usage
  70. FPS drops
  71. Mouse works in the menu, when selecting things, but does not when playing
  72. Keyboard isn't working
  73. Problems on starting the game
  74. Random crashes mid-game
  75. Rainbow six siege - geting kicked because of high ping
  76. Freezing at random points, pls help
  77. 100% cpu bug (or close to 100%)
  78. resolution issue
  79. im not a hacker
  80. Ubisoft I canít play multiplayer error [6-0x00001000]
  81. Notifications glitch
  82. "R6 Credits Notification" keeps popping up (Total 51)
  83. I have 103 notifications
  84. Does reporting stop hacking?
  85. Voice Chat suddenly not working
  86. I can't play because of an error code with no solution.
  87. In game volume suddenly very low
  88. All my operators are gone!
  89. CPU Usage Issues
  90. Game breaking bug
  91. Rich presence for discord acting weird
  92. Ban appeal
  93. Can't get award in Uplay
  94. Creating a backup .ISO for a purchased game?
  95. Experiencing 1 or 2 second lags during multiplayer games only.
  96. I've bought the game, but activated in the wrong account!
  97. Rainbow Six Seige freezing mid game
  98. The mid-game Freeze and Crash issue is immortal....
  99. Own Standard Edition but No Year 1 Operators Still
  100. Banned randomly by Battleye for cheating when I wasn't.
  101. Sanction randomly
  102. Account Linking
  103. Ping
  104. 2gig GPU, 20 fps. Dual GPU problem in my AMD laptop.
  105. Can't access 'My Profile' on Official Website
  106. Game wont launch?
  107. GPU on lobby 100%
  108. Network Issue
  109. BattlEye Error. Code [0-0x00001001]
  110. i want to appeal My Avatar ban
  111. Need help
  112. Aim stuttering during gameplay
  113. Having random framerate drops ever since Chimera.
  114. R6 Pro League Twitch Charms
  115. kicked by battleye for no reason?
  116. How do i download tts server? Its not in my uplay library
  117. Cant run Siege in Full Screen
  118. TTS Trouble
  119. I am having problems with launching R6
  120. Whenever I launch from steam, it says I need and activation code.
  121. Game Will Not Detect My NVIDIA Graphics Card
  122. Year Pass Discount not Applying
  123. weu Ip address
  124. Can't launch Six Seige because of Uplay
  125. We Won the round..... but lost the game??????
  126. Can not buy
  127. FPS takes a nosedive at random.
  128. Ranked queue didnt work and i got suspended for leaving
  129. uhhh i bought r6 advanced edition but i did not get 600 extra credits i only got 200
  130. Game Crashes in Shop and Operators
  131. dando erro de ethernet sendo que ta tudo certo
  132. Montagne's sprint audio
  133. Activation Key
  134. My Rainbow Six Siege is expired , but I bought it back at March.
  135. My Experience with Ubisoft Support - Rainbow Six: Siege
  136. Getting out of "observation tool" doesn't work sometimes
  137. Got killed by Vigil, then was able to spectate his POV after instead of our drones.
  138. Can't hear teammates on voice chat(tts)
  139. My Operators and my renown is gone
  140. Can't communicate with the team since Windows Spring update
  141. Got Banned Without Cheating
  142. Bought Operator Lost
  143. How to change the language in the game?
  144. Daily Challenges only get 1?
  145. R6 credits not appearing although i brought them
  146. Problem With "Daily Login" Sam on the Ubisoft Club Mobile App
  147. 云同步,一直是失败。
  148. RTSS is not working in Rainbow Six Siege (RivaTuner Statistics Server)
  149. Not loading Rainbow Six Siege
  150. I bought the Season 3 pass but I did not receive anything :(
  151. Perma ban
  152. Error Code: 2-0x00019008
  153. Problem launching the game
  154. Problem with operatives
  155. Some kinda bug
  156. Can not download update
  157. Wrong Activation
  158. Connection failure 5/27/2018
  159. Connection failure 5/27/2018
  160. Can't communicate with the team
  161. GTX 970M 3GB VRAM - really bad performance, even on medium settings
  162. Can not launching game
  163. Delay problem new problem in rainbow
  164. Crackling audio problem.
  165. Game crashes mid-match without warning
  166. Having account issues
  167. dando erro de ethernet
  168. In game Avatar
  169. base operators not free
  170. Mic not working - fix [rb6]
  171. cant shoot and ads at the same time
  172. I'm unable to launch Siege from steam and have tried everything I know, please help
  173. Abandon Sanction for Being removed
  174. Whenever I launch the game it either freezes on a grey/black screen or minimizes
  175. fps issue
  176. PC Rainbow Six Keep Crashing - Cpu Usage 100%
  177. TTS Expired
  178. Banned By Faulty Anti-Cheat
  179. I cant download rainbow
  180. BattlEye errors :(
  181. Low FPS on Average System
  182. Performance issues - i7-7700k/ GTX 1080TI
  183. I buy pro league set but not active
  184. Challenge count is not updating without a restart
  185. Can't download siege, help!
  186. Game choose CPU(Microsoft Basic Render Driver) not GPU(Nvidia Geforce GTX960M) HELP!
  187. Unable to see player leaderboard during match
  188. Unable to complete a challenge using Caveira
  189. Problems with voice chat
  190. Bought two copies of R6S. One for me, and one for my friend, both are on my Ubi-Acc
  191. Walk stuck
  192. Purchase issues
  193. Cannot move
  194. battleye- Blocked loading of file: "C:\Users\**********\AppData\Roaming\discord.. .
  195. May 30th update now I get the prepared content crash.
  196. PC Freeze/Crash when Loading
  197. r6s keeps crashing
  198. Audio/Sound is incorrect. Coming from the wrong location.
  199. Laptop shutdowns on rainbow six
  200. I bought the starter edition then the advanced edition but the prices are still same
  201. DDOS pc en rank
  202. In Game Mic not working
  203. Cannot connect to R6 Servers
  204. attachments and operators reset
  205. audio not working in game
  206. Audio issue Mic coming from speakers - music through headset
  207. Game keeps freezing once or twice per round since the update
  208. I can't change control setting
  209. I can't hear anyone else's voice in the game. [Discode]
  210. Rainbow Six Siege Randomly Freezing - PC
  211. Hitboxes not feeling right.
  212. 更新之后游戏丢失声音
  213. no audio in game
  214. Cannot hear team mates in VOIP
  215. Ping Issues on Correct Data Center, Only in R6
  216. Audio problem
  217. Did not received 3rd year pass
  218. "Detecting system configuration"...each time i play the game
  219. Unable to Use Gadgets
  220. Controller will not allow me to look around on owned cams
  221. Thermite reload bug + blind bullets bug
  222. my sound gets really small after i alt+tab out and i have the game on borderless
  223. Audio Issues
  224. Bought items and alpha pack log +feedback
  225. I'm having issues connecting to Rainbow.
  226. How can I UPGRADE to the standard edition from starter edition without having to re-
  227. Operation Para Bellum Crashes Often
  228. Problem with in-game chat.
  229. the right stick on the Xbox one controller doesn't work when using the drone
  230. Voice Chat goes through speakers when I'm using headphones?
  231. Ping became higher after new operation
  232. i haved inssues whit conection RainBow
  233. No sound when Alt tabed
  234. FPS capped at 60FPS
  235. The game not closing.
  236. sbr high ping
  237. Operation Parabellum Update Erase my Ranked
  238. Connection Issues
  239. i think i didn't get my booster that i should have
  240. My shadow keeps dying.
  241. An error has occured
  242. Blocked loading of file: "C:\Windows\System32\WinTypes.dll".
  243. Connection Failure
  244. Is it somehow possible to use TXAA?
  245. freeze and lags
  246. No in game voice chat audio
  247. Siege error code [2-0x0000c015] and [d8e7181656de6958]
  248. Ubisoft servers keep screwing me over
  249. Lost a ranked for being disconnected while in the game.
  250. All of my standard operators have gone!