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  1. ADS Stutter
  2. Freezing in game except only in window mode
  3. My Rainbow 6 seige stats wont load
  4. R6 Credits not showing up after purchase !!!! PLS HELP
  5. Shield melee bug back again?
  6. Ubisoft Account Problem
  7. Outbreak packs not opening
  8. R6 crashes somewhere between loading a match and selecting an Operator
  9. MIC not working after update
  10. Been put int wrong data center server and cant change
  11. Can search but can't join multiplayer
  12. Can I manually request my cd key from ubisoft?
  13. Does Siege work with WIndows Virtual Surround Sound 7.1?
  14. Options glitch
  15. R6S Overheating
  16. Rainbow 6 Outbreak Rooter Chibi Not Working?
  17. Slow matchmaking?
  18. Matchmaking Error Code: 2-0x0000D00A
  19. Pulled a duplicate in an outbreak pack!!!
  20. Shooting and/or Gadget Lag Issue - Delayed by 1 to 3 seconds
  21. Unable to download Chimera update
  22. Siege pc client won't start up anymore
  23. Achievements Not Unlocking
  24. Operator starts auto-walking
  25. Video Memory went down (Help Please)
  26. Pixelated graphics
  27. Bugged MVP - Thermite
  28. Latency icon, low ping
  29. Super Long CASUAL Matchmaking
  30. Rx 570 crash game
  31. Siege wont launch
  32. Where can you submit clips to report hackers?
  33. Game is unplayable after patch
  34. Ash Elite Sidewinder Bug
  35. game can not start
  36. Connections issues and Voice chat communication!
  37. White Noise Uniforms/Headgear GONE from purchasable item lists
  38. Still missing Outbreak Packs
  39. Suspend due to cheating?seriously?
  40. Insane amounts of PING after the Chimera update.
  41. Haven't got the Free Renown boost in Operation Chimera
  42. Discord and Ubi Games Problems
  43. ok i hate you ubisoft
  44. Game is Full Error after searching for Casual
  45. Posted Support Ticket, No replies. Not for 2 weeks.
  46. Steam Connection Error
  47. Elite skin of Ash does not work properly
  48. I keep getting kicked and banned after every single game I play for no apparent reaso
  49. Warping/lag On East coast servers
  50. Fix ranking system.
  51. Walk-button makes character stand still
  52. Game locks up on launch
  53. "login error!"
  54. Stuck in menu whilst in the middle of a match.
  55. Club challenge hasn't progressed
  56. Dirty trick which heavily slows down round start
  57. A Error That Made Me Lose Challenges
  58. House Windowsill Bug?
  59. Frost Trap dissapearing
  60. Control bug?!
  61. Rainbow Six Siege monitor change crashing PC
  62. How does the toxic ban work?
  63. Ranked matchmaking glitched as fucc
  64. Vsync problem
  65. Elite Fuze Skin causes the game to crash
  66. Micro-Freezes to total freeze in Display Option menu
  67. Smasher Charm
  68. soundbug
  69. Sudden lag out of the blue.
  70. Can't see all operators??
  71. I accidentally sent the Pro League Jackal Set to a different account
  72. Game Keeps Crashing As Soon As I Launch It
  73. Need immediate help
  74. PC Requirements
  75. Where is my Challange Reward ?
  76. FPS issue: Rainbow Six Siege
  77. Coastline night map crashes issue.
  78. Battleye not running
  79. not unlocking base characters
  80. Odd Ping Issue
  81. 100% CPU Usage, How Do I Fix This?
  82. Can't start game
  83. Framerate drop
  84. Game chrashes
  85. Starting BattlEye Service...
  86. Situation Silent Crash/Bug
  87. Wtf this is pissing me off
  88. Happy Sam Charm
  89. Uplay Admin Console v4.2 dark_0_theme loaded.
  90. Why Ubi? why?
  91. game not see my graphic card
  92. R6S Doesn't launch! Please help!
  93. Crossfire or dual grapichs support
  94. Mic does not work.
  95. Found malicious website related to Siege
  96. Friend Can't Go Online in Rainbow Six Siege
  97. I have mutiple accounts
  98. Your graphics card Doesn't support DX11
  99. username change
  100. FPS Drops
  101. Credits Paid but Operator Not Unlocked
  102. Ping Increasing in-game
  103. Lion operator glitch
  104. Game crashes when match starts
  105. Unable To Launch The Game
  106. CheatEngine in R6 Siege
  107. Provide the option of reconnecting and reduce the potential of being auto-kick
  108. Ways to reduce CPU Utilization? 100% CPU Usage Bug
  109. R6 Credits not arriving despite cache verfication
  110. 3D Models glitching out
  111. Price increase on OPs?
  112. im get banned by battle eye but i dont know why ?
  113. a ubisoft service is not available at the moment plz help
  114. When connecting to servers, ruins my network.
  115. 60 GB Download?
  116. Can't launch the game :(
  117. R6S Blitz glitch
  118. Cursor bug!
  119. Game stuck on booting up splash screen, never starts
  120. Game needing up to several minutes to load into a match
  121. Steam Connection Error v2
  122. Automated rank suspension on disconnect (and immediate reconnect) is buggy/broken
  123. Bug finding matchs.
  124. Can't destroy the defuser glitch
  125. friend cant connect to rainbow servers
  126. Kicked for Inactivity Despite Being Active?
  127. Randomly Got 5 Epics?
  128. indefinite loading screen after choosing operator, portraits missing
  129. Deranking/smurfs
  130. Unable to find any game in matchmaking (Casual, Ranked, Terrorist Hunt)
  131. How to change language?
  132. Game launches with black screen?
  133. Conclusive proof of Lord Tchanka's Divinity or a bug
  134. 2 people abusing glitch
  135. connection probs
  136. Issue with low FPS dispite settings that use to provied smooth gameplay.
  137. Dual Monitor setup
  138. Do your stats stay the same from Console to PC?
  139. Unfairly banned on Rainbow Six Siege
  140. Antialiasing setting changing on startup
  141. dowload failed please Check that you have an active internet connection and sufficen
  142. Jogo fecha durante partida
  143. [RESOLVED] Operation Identifier Is not Valid?
  144. Game crashes. GPU hang might be the problem
  145. dowload failed please Check that you have an active internet connection and sufficen
  146. FPS Drop Since Last Maintenance Update [Date: 10-4-2018]
  147. Casual que time +35 minutes
  148. R6:Siege Wont Update
  149. Game volume is much lower than any other application
  150. Cannot change MaxGPUBufferedFrame value
  151. Not sure if i just encountered a big bug?
  152. screen freeze then crash
  153. Increase in Ping since 11 April 2018
  154. Permanently Banned by battleye without cheating
  155. It over 9000 sec
  156. My account has been wrongly sealed. For help
  157. Problem with changing uplay
  158. Kicked due to inactivity when queuing for a ranked match
  159. game freeze and crash after i plug my phone to my pc
  160. GPU usage drop
  161. 15 day ban for without cheating
  162. Uplay Crashing after todays update
  163. Banned for Cheating?
  164. Strange Screaming Noise
  165. Games not loading in
  166. is impossible to play
  167. Mira Vector gun or hibana/sledge hit box
  168. Vigil Attacker Glitch
  169. I can't play. because of crash.
  170. I cant save my gamefiles
  171. Random internet lags
  172. This fu$$ing servers!!!!!!
  173. My CPU usage went high
  174. Got banned for NOTHING
  175. dowload failed please Check that you have an active internet connection and sufficen
  176. When i open my game, it resets my stuff
  177. Unlock All Operators Bug.
  178. Perma ban?!?!??!?!?!??!?!??!
  179. Vigil stripes on character pov even after droning is done,animates + sound also there
  180. R6|S on UPlay but not on steam.
  181. Abandon Sanction, what?
  182. Как убрать невидимое ограничение фпс в иг
  183. Advanced Edition issue
  184. drone sound bug
  185. ERROR 2-0x0000c015
  186. Keep getting disconnected randomly, been goin on about a year now
  187. Disconnecting from R6 games constantly
  188. Can't find game
  189. Banned for cheating?! Total bogus claim on a game i paid for and play fairly.
  190. Cheater in r6
  191. Game Constantly Crashes
  192. Game freezes (clicks tab and opens chat)
  193. Siege Won't Boot
  194. Rainbow six siege offline updates
  195. Ubi is a thief!!!
  196. Menu Lagging when we have HIGH FPS.
  197. A DLC will completely lock you out of R6?
  198. Voice chat issue
  199. No audio announcement that hostage was taken while on defense
  200. How to reset game progress?!
  201. unable to connect to uplay in game STRICT NAT
  202. Do you need to be logged into seige for your ban time to pass?
  203. Problems with the voice chat
  204. i get same skin but didint count as duplicate
  205. Mic appears disabled in R6 but works everywhere else, Ubi support was not helpful
  206. Keep crashing when enter a rank game
  207. Aim down sights bug (please help me)
  208. Anoying FPS drop
  209. R6 keeps on freezing in game
  210. Ping higher than what it used to be
  211. Permabanned for no reason
  212. Game has desided to work poorly
  213. Fps drops on menu (since chimera)
  214. Game crashing mid game
  215. Problems for swapping keyboards when you have multiple keyboard languages installed.
  216. Constant Temp Bans.
  217. Lag issues since friday
  218. HELP | bought starter edition from uplay but want to buy standard from steam
  219. Unlocked all Operators without buying them
  220. Extremely high ping
  221. Explain.
  222. Mouse Lag
  223. Corsair Utility Engine causing freezing.
  224. Game full error code
  225. Credits
  226. Joining terrorist hunt, operator screen is blank
  227. 300 ms ping for iran
  228. Ingame lag and disconects
  229. Проблемы со входом в клиент юбисофт
  230. Player profile failed to load
  231. Rainbow Six Sige is crashing on my perfect pc
  232. 9000 Ping after operator selection
  233. NVIDIA 397.31 Drivers = GPU does not support DX11
  234. (TTS) Visual Bugs
  235. All operators unlocked
  236. In game mic not working
  237. Kick bug
  238. Download stops at 99%
  239. Getting removed from match for some reason but idk what the reason is.
  240. Season Pass
  241. [TTS] Commands blocked one game by two...
  242. So Wtf is this Ubisoft ?
  243. Rainbow can't download last 10 mb
  244. Can't get into a game in TTS servers while in a squad
  245. Unable to change username even after 30 days
  246. Online people cant hear me talk
  247. Banned by FairFight Unfairly??
  248. I can not join a game...
  249. Freeze and crash
  250. new updates