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  1. Graphics and Video Setting Help
  2. Forever Placements
  3. TTS Re downloading after downloaded it on steam
  4. Network Troubleshoot
  5. Problem with the loading.
  6. Connection error.help me!!! Plsss-2 post
  7. Technical test server access
  8. FPS Problem
  9. R6 credits on test
  10. Squad bug in matchmaking
  11. cant login i dont have google aith any more
  12. Possible Reconnect Abuse
  13. I didn't get ash elite
  14. Can't play with friends ever since I bought the game
  15. Being connected to wrong servers
  16. Played game on free weekend and bought it then lost everything...
  17. My game is crashing for unknown reasons.
  18. Uplay overlay not working properly on 2715x1527 res
  19. did not receive the 4 free outbreak packs (got notification though) or the R6 credits
  20. Synchronous Audio Router - Can't Route Audio into Playback Devices due to Battleye
  21. Linking steam and uplay
  22. Rainbow 6 TTS Bug Cant select new ops.
  23. Breakout packs
  24. Extra player in teams ??
  25. Can't download test server
  26. rainbow six invitational charms problem
  27. Didn't receive r6 credits
  28. Game shuts down while i'm playing ranked giving me penalties
  29. Game locks up mid round resulting in a disconnect and abandon penalties
  30. OUTBREAK (bugs and issues)
  31. Test server Tachanka bug
  32. Can't change Data Center.
  33. Stuck on splash screen.
  34. your graphics card doesn't support directx11 pls help me
  35. I lost my dlc operators
  36. Terrible FPS in Rainbow Six Esp. After White Noise
  37. Game freezes when device is removed or plugged in (intermittent)
  38. Reload Bug in TTS
  39. Tachanka's LMG does fire
  40. I still have FPS problems on rainbow
  41. A new post about an old issue regarding mouse lag when playing on Windows 7
  42. Lag Problems
  43. Yellow Plug Icon?
  44. TAA sliders and DOF resetting
  45. Server
  46. Mouse issues
  47. Didnt get the Damascus Steel Skin after buying YEAR 3 PASS (UPlay)
  48. Fps drop
  49. I Crash after 10 minutes of gametime
  50. Game: Rainbow 6 Siege runs at 640x480 resolution
  51. Unplayable game, terrible FPS drops, freezing game,....
  52. I bought a currency pack for $6.99 and i didnt get it
  53. Unable to Hear, or Transmit Voice Chat
  54. acılmıyor oyun
  55. Active CD key
  56. High ping in Team speak
  57. freezing crashing in the 3rd situation
  58. Daily Challenges not updating
  59. Gpu usage at 100%
  60. Bug Report: JukeBoxes and Drones
  61. Press Any Key Button Not appearing
  62. Tachanka's turret won't fire
  63. Ping
  64. I canīt buy anything in this game for real money
  65. Can't purchase currency pack
  66. Bought Rainbow six year 3 pass
  67. Atraso de comandos durante a partida.
  68. Crash after Watermark
  69. dW8CAQ
  70. R6S Blood Pixel Bug Help
  71. Hight ping in server SBR
  72. Can't install technical test server
  73. I can t login in my uplay account
  74. Can't start game
  75. Siege crashes mid game
  76. FPS issie
  77. Keep having freezing issues at random during live/tts servers.
  78. Banned for no reason?
  79. R6 coins
  80. Connection to Server Lost. Also you're banned.
  81. Lost operators I had unlocked
  82. Game does not start
  83. some1 is using my acount when i am away
  84. Screen freezes for 1 second every 30 to 90 seconds HELP PLS
  85. Issues with my sensitivity but only in this game for some reason
  86. Infinite Skins Game-Breaking Bug.
  87. je ne peux pas installer et me connecter sur le jeu rainbow six siege
  88. I made the Zombie charm challange but didnt recive anything
  89. I cannot view game or team chat nor use it.
  90. Game crashes when I try and play it.
  91. Compte ban pour aucune raison
  92. In-game store is broken
  93. High Ping
  94. Game opens in windowed mode and won't let me click anything on menu
  95. I have problem in game
  96. I have this problem everywhere
  97. Resolution resets to maximum (versus chosen setting of 1920X1080)
  98. Failed to load player data.?
  99. Can‘t start the game
  100. Game only plays and responds with an xbox one remote via usb.
  101. Internet went down briefly, got a abandon sanction
  102. Caveira interrogate bugs: cant shoot/change weapon after interrogate
  103. Failed to Launch Battleye Issue
  104. Not received "high-five challenge" reward
  105. Suspended due to cheating - Permanently Banned
  106. High Five challenge not updating
  107. Mouse problems
  108. Kicked from queue only while in party with friends
  109. Rainbow crashes whenever USB device gets disconnected
  110. High Five challenge not registering properly
  111. Sound Output Issue
  112. High Five Challenge Progress not Tracking
  113. battleye launcher error
  114. I need help with my ban, i am not a cheater
  115. Battleye not running
  116. Can`t buy in game currency In the Game through Uplay through Steam.
  117. Screen Crash
  118. Servers of Uplay are not available
  119. User name is not valid
  120. Removed all Weapon Skins, Headgears, Uniforms and Charms
  121. my steam account is not twenty with Uplay
  122. Banned for "Cheating" when I didn't
  123. cant play the game; not responding as if there was no mouse
  124. error code 2-0x00019008
  125. High Five Challange
  126. Issue Performance
  127. Steam: Rainbow 6 Siege not launching, not linking to Uplay
  128. CPU Usage 100% - GPU Usage 100%
  129. i got kicked from a ranked match without a purpose
  130. Reporting racism + teamkill
  131. Is there any way to reconnect except restarting the game?
  132. Keybinding
  133. Rank points
  134. I purchest the game over steam but sync me into a wrong uplay account.
  135. Can I play the game by family mode of steam?
  136. Constant disconnecting for no reason and unable to fix
  137. Unable to log on Uplay
  138. R6 Siege still crashes Mid-Round......
  139. Options -> Display -> Display Mode -> Borderless Bug
  140. Matchmaking issue with friends
  141. Launch and Startup Problems
  142. Buying game after playing free weekend and then only some stats save glitch
  143. help, r6 doesn't work (new case)
  144. Rainbow Six Crashing to Desktop Issue
  145. rainbow bann PC
  146. Kicked from match.
  147. Banned for being hacked
  148. fps drop when playing online!
  149. Connectivity Issues/Freeze
  150. High Five not awarded
  151. R6 makes my PC do weird things
  152. i can't launch the game ( Rainbow6 siege )
  153. I can't unlock anything
  154. High Five challenge counter not updated
  155. High Five Counter Not Updated
  156. Jackal Quest Not Updating
  157. Freezing Windows
  158. High Five challenge stuck at 2/5!
  159. I can't buy anything (skin,scope,barrel,grip,ect.) in the game with renown
  160. R6 Issue
  161. Rainbow Six Siege crashing to desktop randomly
  162. Unable to make any purchases with R6 credits or Renown
  163. Learn to say what you mean Ubisoft club
  164. Can't buy seasonal skin
  165. matchmaking issue...
  166. elite image to Ash
  167. I cant buy the basic operators
  168. No elite skin on ash
  169. I dont get any 10% discount
  170. No damascus skin and ash elite
  171. Operation chimera - no Ash elite skin
  172. [BUG]Operator Customization has both default and elite skin activated the same time
  173. I did not get the legacy opperators for free
  174. Voice chat issue
  175. Outbreak Pack Error!!!
  176. I cannot buy ANYTHING in game!
  177. i didnt get the outbreak packs
  178. Game crashes!
  179. outbreak pack are missing
  180. Outbreak packs are missing - R6S
  181. year 3 pass disappeared
  182. [Drivers] Game keeps crashing due to drivers
  183. outbreak packs
  184. 20 operators didn't unlock
  185. Zofia Outbreak skin never received after gained
  186. Didn't receive all outbreak packs, Ash Elite Skin, Damaskus and legacy operators
  187. Starter Edition 6 March Update Issues
  188. Missing Outbreak packs
  189. I did not win all the Standard operators and the rest of the Packages
  190. Didnt get the ash elite skin.
  191. Didnt get ash elite skin
  192. Ash elite skin and outbreak packs problem
  193. My outbreak packs got bugged
  194. I dont get an Update?
  195. 4 Outbreak packs missing_R6S
  196. Didnīt receive Ash elite skin
  197. My missing Outbreak packs...
  198. Not recieved Damascus Steel skin or Ash Elite!
  199. Says i have the Ash elite skin to use but not on loadout.
  200. Bugs, Errors and so on.
  201. Help with the outbreak event
  202. Don't have that free ash elite skin
  203. No Ash Elite and No Outbreak Packs
  204. Cant play opperation CHIMERA
  205. Dead Set not registering Games Played in outbreak.
  206. Is the the year 3 pass not covered by the The old RB6 season pass?
  207. Stuck on new operator screen.
  208. Didn't receive my year 3 season pass with complete edition
  209. There is no reward for finishing new PVE mission.
  210. Trouble connecting to Ubisoft Servers
  211. I haven't received my outbreak packs, Ash Elite Skin, Damaskus skin?
  212. Didn't receive the 20 OP's for free!
  213. The game tells me I have 0 Renown after a game temporarily
  214. No Tachanka and No Outbreak Packs or Ash Skin
  215. I can't buy any of the seasonal skins! It keeps saying the purchase failed.
  216. My r key doesnt work all the time
  217. Can't stream or record R6 Smoothly
  218. Proof that I am eligible for the Damascus Steel skin.
  219. Huge FPS Drop After Chimera Update
  220. Constantly getting kicked out of matches. Error 2-0x00019008
  221. i can join the game but i cant play
  222. i didn't receive any of outbreak packs or my ash elite
  223. Proof That I bought Y3 Season pass
  224. Game won't launch
  225. Did not unlock the 20 Legacy Operator's with Standard Edition.
  226. Proof of payment for Year 3 Season pass, for the Damascus skin.
  227. Game crashes
  228. Not able to submit support ticket
  229. high ping seas
  230. Problem with season pass and installing operation chimera
  231. NEW CONNECTION ISSUES post update
  232. Proof of payment for Year 3 Season pass, for the Damascus skin.
  233. Just crashing emailed support no reply
  234. Barricade , Drones, and Reinforcement sounds gone.
  235. For those experiencing FPS drops / Stutters look here!
  236. Damascus Steel weapon skin
  237. Stuck on creating squad.
  238. Didn't recieve my OutBreak Packs
  239. Matchmaking in this seasson the worst ever
  240. No rewards
  241. Account and Purchase Related Issues Damascus steel and Ash elite ! MISSING
  242. Horrible FPS Drop after Operation Chimera Update
  243. Low FPS in multiplayer but huge fps singleplayer?
  244. Ash legendary and basic operators.
  245. FPS Issues playing in 4K
  246. Raw input disabling certain keys on keyboard
  247. So letīs talk about the CPU Usage (again)
  248. Rolled an Alpha Pack, received nothing and it was back to 2%
  249. Game issues/ complaints
  250. R6 credits issues