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  1. Game crash on any mission loading after Win10 reinstall
  2. player profile not working or loading
  3. Microphone issues
  4. camera controls, can you change this? (left handed player, halppp)
  5. stuck after select operator on multiplayer matchmaking
  6. R6: Siege crashing upon clicking play from uPlay
  7. Future of Standart edition
  8. FPS and Mouse stutter after mid-season patch
  9. Update ERROR what happen to r6?
  10. Everytime i launch the game the aa settings change!
  11. Fps drops, game crashing when launching, game sometimes crashing mid-game, mouse lag
  12. Keyboard input lag
  13. Fps and frame rate issues
  14. Mouse Sensitivity Glitched
  15. Mid Game Crashing Constantly
  16. ELA's gadget -- severe bug
  17. Aim Down Sights repeats.. bug? glitch?
  18. Проблемы с производительностью
  19. Game crashes and PC freezes
  20. Please help!!!
  21. Game stops recognizing my actions after I down or kill another player.
  22. high piiiiiiiiing
  23. complete edition did not give me year 3 season pass
  24. Help r6s not playable
  25. Still doesn't fix the Mid-Game Crashes (Ranked)
  26. typical R6 saturday?
  27. Game closes immediately after launch.
  28. Don't received skin
  29. FPS Drops after white noise
  30. Convert Steam Version R6S to UPlay Version R6S
  31. Battleye Service Not Running Error [0-0x00001001]
  32. Error Code [3-0x0001000B]
  33. crashes
  34. embarrassingly simple problem
  35. Menu
  36. Glitch on origin map
  37. Still having problems with my rainbow six stat counter
  38. Extremely annoying issues. (controls/overlay).
  39. Infinite loading in multiplayer
  40. Matchmaking map PC
  41. Gpu core clock not boosting up since updates
  42. Microfone nÃo funciona no rainbow six siege
  43. Rainbow Six Siege Can't get my Division skin on pc
  44. Connection failure [2-0x0000C015]
  45. accidentally signed steam to a different uplay account
  46. After match fps drop(need help)
  47. Can't Change Profile Picture
  48. R6 Home Screen on Desktop | Help!
  49. Bug: Wall on Oregon
  50. Banned by BattleEye. Believed to be Incorrect
  51. Low ping however my shots dont register
  52. Game stats bugged?
  53. My graphics doesnt support directx11
  54. Peeker's advantage/Netcode/My connection
  55. I'm not having the renown discount for Glaz this week, despite he being on a discount
  56. there was an error in the authentication of the owner of this product HELP
  57. RainbowSix.exe - Chybná bitová kopie
  58. Unban me, I haven´t cheated!!!!!!
  59. Game Crashes in the end of a match
  60. Bad_module_has_been_stopped
  61. Awesome Framerate - CPU 90/100 of usage
  62. rainbow six siege starter edition 600 credits return
  63. Uplay weekly challenges updates while in-game
  64. Game crashes between games and at start of the game.
  65. Plasma Pink Unversal Skin
  66. Error Code 3-0x0001000B and 6-0x00001002
  67. Rainbow six siege wont save my graphics settings!!!!!!!!!!!
  68. Siege freezes, then after around of minute disconnects and says connection failiure.
  69. Controller Ghraphic issue
  70. BUG - Rainbow 6 (For weeks)
  71. STT server
  72. Why am I continuously joining already in progress games? :mad:
  73. Why am I continuously joining already in progress games?
  74. Oyuna Girmeme Sorunu Acil Destek !!
  76. Update won't download?
  77. Server Connection Unavailable
  78. Connor
  79. Задание не выполняется на Слэйдже
  80. Weekly SMG challenge not progressing.
  81. Rainbow R6 Performance Drop
  82. Kann ich meinen PC Account auf meine PS4 übertragen?
  83. Crash crash crash!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  84. I can't play multiplayer(casual/ranked).
  85. Ownership problem
  86. Small Screen
  87. Rainbow Six Siege Locked at 108 FPS
  88. GeForce Experience Messed up my FPS?
  89. Validating and Updating playlist settings?!?!?!
  90. User profile login failed
  91. Operatoren Anzeigefehler
  92. Suggestion to balance ping
  93. Voice chat not working after one game of r6s
  94. Game crashing after nVidia Geforce optimisation
  95. Stupid optimalization
  96. Glitch in the end of a game MVP screen
  97. Activation code is already in use but no game in game files
  98. Rainbow6:Siege Error Code
  99. Siege sometimes resets Render Scaling and T-AA Sharpness sliders
  100. Loading User Profile Failed.
  101. Animations?
  102. nao consigo entrar no jogo
  103. Can't sign into a different account on Uplay for Siege.
  104. Need help plz
  105. Looking for people to play with
  106. after Alt+tab game is unplayable
  107. Rainbow six siege not picking up my XLR microphone
  108. kafe bug
  109. Keyboard and mouse controls randomly stop working at the beginning of rounds.
  110. Middle east new server
  111. Unstable fps at High monitor refresh rates.
  112. No cheat. get Ben
  113. (Shop FIX!) something went wrong error
  114. Blacker than Black not completing?
  115. Uplay keep the focus of keyboard and mouse.
  116. Rainbow Six Siege Not Launching
  117. User Profile Loading Failed (Pt.2)
  118. Game Crashes With No Error Message
  119. FPS problems
  120. Locked out of ranked from a bug! Help!
  121. Cannot redeem 20% off Promo Code bought using Uplay Club Units
  122. MOUSE LAG in Rainbow six siege
  123. I have to Re-Download the game?
  124. Black Border in fullscreen
  125. low fps for no reason .
  126. [Help] Game CD-Keys
  127. The 100% CPU bug
  128. Damascus Steel camo not received in Year 3 Season Pass purchase
  129. Changing game language
  130. Rainbow Six Siege Consistently Crashes
  131. BattlEye install error
  132. My PC turns off and on again only for R6!!!
  133. Ranked - elo reward
  134. Frame rate is being slashed in half
  135. R6 credits not appearing?
  136. loding forever in matchmaking!!
  137. Hit reg
  138. Mouse and keyboard completely unresponsive, even after restart.
  139. Cant initiate the game.
  140. High ping with south brazil azure servers
  141. Rainbow six siege launch problem
  142. Reinstalled Windows 10, just installed steam & uplay and R6 and guess what....
  143. Alpha Pack roll won, no reward in main menu?
  144. matchmaking pings
  145. Just lost an alpha pack
  146. Keyboard and mouse freeze for a second
  147. BattleEye needs to fix this!
  148. Permanently banned for no reason
  149. My Rank is decreasing after wins
  150. Freezing Issues
  151. Can't buy R6 Credits (I'm on PC)
  152. R6 won't lauch
  153. Multiplayer Loading Time Skyrocketed
  154. wierd issue for connectivity
  155. Steam Installation of Game Stuck on "Allocating Disk Space for Rainbow Six Siege."
  156. Rainbow 6: Siege Steam to UPlay connectivity issue
  157. Direct X 11
  158. Rainbow six siege 200+ ping on SEAS and EAS server for PH players
  159. Getting this weird issue bad_module_info
  160. Being pulled from ADS
  161. Account hacked and then banned
  162. Forget the mailbox
  163. So i need some help
  164. Tried to join a ranked game
  165. My account got hacked and banned
  166. 100% usage of CPU (a thought)
  167. My mose lags/move so slowly with my normal ping
  168. Just letting you know about a couple of bugs i've found recently
  169. wh y i keep getting erros on ranked
  170. AMD Ryzen 1700 crashes to desktop
  171. Increasing frequency of hackers
  172. Searching For Game (Bug)
  173. Season 3 Pass Skins
  174. Didn't receive my Season 3 Pass Skin
  175. Bug: Literally getting stuck outside the map? (Consulate)
  176. i got banned(for 15 mins) while playing a ranked match for no reason
  177. language
  178. BUG : Club House garage stairs (Secure Area)
  179. Slow Walking doesn’t work
  180. Black screen in-game?
  181. Didnt get my Season 3 skin!
  182. help me I have problems buying credits
  183. FPS Issues
  184. Sudden FPS drop and unstablility after White Noise
  185. Payed for 3 year pass.. activated it.. and no perks
  186. Classic Challenge
  187. if i bought the r6 complete edition before the year 3 shows up i get the year 3 dlc?
  188. Disconnecting from games
  189. Authenticating the ownership of the product i bought for 40$....
  190. Audio bug causing game to be unplayable
  191. What is the game default for "Maximum pre-rendered frames"? 1 or 0
  192. Connectivity (Connection to servers is lost)
  193. Ownership Error
  194. ALT+TABbing keeps snapping back to the game
  195. Launching Error / Crash
  196. Low FPS on God Tier System (Ryzen 7 1700, 1080ti)
  197. Drone sounds bug
  198. Does windows not run R6?
  199. Sudden FPS Issue
  200. Bought the R6S Gold Edition on Steam but didn't recieve the operators
  201. Screen unresponsive but audio continues as normal
  202. Shift + ` = game freezes
  203. Starter Edition
  204. RaimboSix Siege
  205. Bought the R6S COMPLETE EDITION on Nuuvem.com but didn't recieve the operators..
  206. Validating and Updating Playlists and Properties; Update Failed 2018
  207. Lost all my Club Reward Skins
  208. Operator / R6 Credit Glitch.
  209. File corruption detected ?
  210. Uplay challenges
  211. R6S Twitch Charms
  212. lost my skin
  213. Game crashing in the steam / Jogo crashando no STEAM
  214. Players cheating
  215. Rubberbanding on low ping
  216. Ubisoft Service is not available at the moment
  217. Creating Squad Loop?
  218. Choppy frame issue
  219. Game stats page down?
  220. Sound disappears
  221. Didn't recieve my 10 outbreak collection packs
  222. R6 Pc Credit/SilverCredit/Operator Issue
  223. Account Banned?
  224. How does TTS works? Starter edition player asking.
  225. Mic is not working
  226. Game does not remember primary mouse button?
  227. FPS problems
  228. Please help me with my crashes!
  229. Game freeze. Hard reboot needed.
  230. Game Crashed and Can't Get It Started
  231. Can't get into game with squadmate
  232. Don't buy this game from GreenManGaming
  233. TTS Not Appearing
  234. I can't edit my acount info.
  235. Credit bug
  236. Antialiasing resets to FXAA and sets render scale to 25% in graphics options.
  237. Headset microphone not working ingame
  238. UPlay keeps crashing on me, telling It got corrupted.
  239. Advanced R6 Activation
  240. Not getting Achievements or Club Challenges
  241. Breaching Charge and Bandit Glitches
  242. Problem with six collection figure
  243. I can't load in to the TTS
  244. Control issue
  245. Sound distortion
  246. Vigil audio glitch
  247. Voice chat in Azerbaijan
  248. 2 R6S accounts on 1 PC - QUESTION
  249. In-game voice chat not working
  250. Rainbow Six application will not open