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  1. Error Code [2-0x0000c015][4746140825]
  2. Banned for 24 hours
  3. Card Doesn't Support DX11; Common Fixes don't work
  4. Help with a previously mentioned issue
  5. High end PC low FPS
  6. Falha na conexão
  7. Connection Failure 2-0x0000c015
  8. Can't buy R6 Credits.
  9. My team can only hear my voice in the first 5 seconds
  10. P229 Gold skin is broken
  11. Connect Failure
  12. Help my Mic doesnt work in Rainbow Six Seige
  13. BattleEye is broken.
  14. Error : [10-0x00000193]
  15. FPS drops
  16. Caviera Pistol Kills Not Counting Towards Challenge
  17. Banned for "cheating"
  18. The unplayable situation of Rainbow Six Siege.
  19. rainbow six won't start
  20. A breakpoint has been reached
  21. Seriously Game Breaking Montagne Shield Bug. Video Proof.
  22. Mic problems
  23. Got banned for 24 hours because of mistake
  24. Geforce gtx1060 6gb low fps
  25. "DX11 Error"
  26. Mic not working nor I can hear others
  27. Cant Queue with friends
  28. Fix Glaz Please
  29. Crash after first loading screen
  30. I have been playing at very low fps since I have not had any problems before
  31. Accidental "sticking" of control during a network game.
  32. Tempral-Filtering Removed..
  33. BUG and cheater report
  34. Voice chat broken in every server
  35. Shift+F2 doesnt work
  36. Bug with animation
  37. RB6 PC: Can't start game
  38. RB6 PC: Random screen freeze + crash
  39. Competitive Placements Not Counting
  40. Can no longer connect to the club for no reason
  41. error code help me ?
  42. Error code: 2-0x0000C006
  43. What is this Error?
  44. Error code: 2-0x0000C006
  45. Creating Squad ERROR
  46. facing high ping problems ranging from 120-200ping
  47. Can't reach servers issue!!!!
  48. Ubisoft Servers are down - Rainbow Six Siege Error Code Screenshot
  49. Problem with Siege
  50. R6S server connection error (3-0x00050001)
  51. How to fix 3-0x00050001
  52. Server connection error
  53. Booster wasted because of servers being down
  54. Purchased R6 Credits not delivered after 12 hours of wait time :/
  55. Locked regions
  56. Banned without having played a match.
  57. Can't connect to rainbow six siege servers when my brother is online
  58. Lost Renown Booster due to yesterday's server issues.
  59. Serious display issues | Urgent
  60. Is the ranking system unable to keep up with the playerbase?
  61. Disconnection and rubberbanding
  62. Is this hacking or known bug or something?
  63. Issue forming a Squad on the same network
  64. Poor FPS or lag
  65. Club Challenges and Achievements Not Updating
  66. R6 Siege using CPU instead of GPU
  67. Battle Eye Error 0-0x00001001
  68. Ubisoft Clus Isnt Avalible !
  69. not receiving my r6 tokens
  70. Mouse&Keyboard input stopping randomly for a few seconds.
  71. Can't unlock Ghost Recon Future Soldier Skin - waiting 2 days and nothing
  72. ERROR CODE 10-0x00000193
  73. Squad Matchmaking - Random Kick
  74. Please turn off Google Authenticator
  75. Extreme rubberbanding and high ping
  76. I got banned for 7 days because of mistake
  77. Error code 6-0x000010000
  78. server connection error
  79. *Help please* I am not understanding why this is happening...
  80. Siege wont launch
  81. Unlock Bug
  82. Abandon Sanction for the game kicking me out for no reason
  83. Siege Crashes mid game I dont know the cause PLEASE HELP
  84. Ubisoft's game will still prompt BattlEye detection
  85. siege wont launch, or any ubi game
  86. "there was a problem authenticating the ownership of this product"
  87. Montagne Glitch?
  88. Black Eye camera glitch
  89. R6 Siege using CPU instead of GPU
  90. Connection Failure
  91. R6 In game voice chat disabling itself.
  92. Operator Details & Statistics bugged(?)
  93. uneven match making
  94. Why cant i change my Avatar and why tf is the Ubisoft Club Website so damn laggy...
  95. Rainbow 6 Custom Games
  96. Cant log in
  97. all operators unlocked glitch
  98. Loadout(gear only) reset to default
  99. Validating and updating playlists and properties
  100. R6 Spent, No Operator Recieved
  101. Cant buy r6 credits
  102. Weaponized Loading
  103. Key assignment bug
  104. Connection Lost issues and problems with rejoining
  105. Problems with lobby
  106. error
  107. it says:20:30:12: Installing BattlEye Service... 20:30:12: Failed to install BattlEye
  108. Disconnects everytime! And it's not my ISP.
  109. Spectator, Gameserver has left the game
  110. Rainbow 6 Siege year 3 season pass not received
  111. Lag issues and the ubi help doesn´t work
  112. Can't join games
  113. FPS Blackholes
  114. Bandit's gadget bug
  115. Can't buy specific optic.
  116. Error Code 3-0x0001000B
  117. Obvious hackers.
  118. Game Chat Opens Randomly
  119. Rainbow on a Mac
  120. Rainbow Six Siege won't start
  121. If you are having stutter on Nvidia 1080 or similar cards read this
  122. Game is becoming unplayable
  123. Did not receive r6 credits after purchase logged out and back in and can't boot r6
  124. I have 3 specific problems with the game, and I need help.
  125. Lag Issues
  126. Problema para achar partida
  127. Losing control of my game/stuck in movement/key stutter
  128. Shadow issue
  129. Cant enter casual or ranked queue
  130. Please help
  131. Downloading game while it is already installed?
  132. Unable to connect to Ubisoft servers
  133. The Word Moist is Considered a bad word whenever I try to change my name
  134. game crashes when i try to run it
  135. Key Bindings
  136. Migração do console (PS4) para PC
  137. Multiplayer voice chat goes out
  138. Rainbow Six Siege Memory Could Not Be Read - Error
  139. high ping rainbow six siege
  140. Game stuck on Splash Screen on launch.
  141. Please aknowledge the server issue.......Error Code 2-0x0000C015
  142. Ubisoft's game will still prompt BattlEye detection
  143. Appeal a ban of my Ubisoft account I need help
  144. Key Activation
  145. Game crashes with AMD GPU
  146. didn't recieve 600 credits?
  147. I get much fewer points for wining ranked than my friends
  148. CPU usage at 100%..... Still
  149. Echo Drone Assist Bug
  150. Graphics are really bad after reinstalling the game
  151. Weapon and Character skins unequipped after a while?
  152. Will my console rainbow stats transfer to PC?
  153. What's up with the scroll wheel weapon switch?
  154. FPS Stutter/Freeze while looking in certain directions of a map
  155. Severe Network Issue
  156. Not receiving R6 credits from purchasing the starter pack
  157. Microphone isn't being recognized
  158. Stuck in windowed mode tried all "fixes"
  159. Mic transmitting even when "turned off"
  160. No control input
  161. I got the rainbow six siege starter edition from Steam and did not give 600 credits?
  162. no matches found?
  163. Argentine players still having lag
  164. Cant start siege
  165. Bought 3 year pass: No operators?
  166. Game Black screens on launch then stops responding
  167. Low fps gtx 960
  168. Error code
  169. Ownership not authenticated Issue in Uplay
  170. Can't Join Game with Friends
  171. Blackbeard's Gun Shield Glitch through unbroken wall bug
  172. Steam files for Uplay
  173. 600 free R6 credits won't appear
  174. Cant play the game
  175. Siege won't start
  176. Random Game Stutters
  177. Different account same game!
  178. Hit reg
  179. It was 48 hours. rainbow 600 credits not taken
  180. Lights flickering on first round only of tower
  181. corruption detected the program will now terminate
  182. I cannot get past "press any key" screen
  183. Problem with the team voice chat
  184. Freeze then crash about 1 min after launch
  185. when i want to buy rb6 credits it redirects me to uplay login
  186. Error al iniciar
  187. Constant "Connection Issues" kicking
  188. Keep getting disconnected
  189. Validating and updating ERROR!
  190. Block windows with shield, headshot hitbox and crash
  191. Since a week ago, this entire week, Siege has been crashing for no reason.
  192. Can't play with friends
  193. Starter edition R6 Credit problem
  194. All Operators Unlocked For Me
  195. Interact key not switching between camera and drone
  196. I am not getting my R6 Credits
  197. Can't click anything after the "press any button to enter" page appears
  198. Game stuck on operator selection page inside multiplayer/offline game
  199. 600 credits r6
  200. Not Recieving R6 Credits From Starter Pack
  201. Disconnected from ranked game last round
  202. will ubi fix 100% usage bug?
  203. Did not receive my 600 rc credits
  204. why the game is still so bad?
  205. R6 Credits Not Appearing In My Balance
  206. Lesion Gu mines disappearing when thrown through a Mira Black Window
  207. voice chat capture mode bug
  208. what is the optimal lightning settings? (besides bloom fix,etc..)
  209. Keyboard and Mouse not detected by R6S
  210. I have not recieved my r6 credits from starter edition
  211. Download button launches Steam, opening up to R6's Store page
  212. From starter edition to standard
  213. problema com BattlEye Service
  214. Game does not launch successfuly
  215. Network Error 2-0x0000c015
  216. Wifi shuts off completely until i close down siege
  217. Random crashes to desktop while playing Rainbow six, after White noise release
  218. inGame losing Control of Mouse and Keyboard
  219. Ban without cheating
  220. Can't play the game. Freezes in the logo video
  221. The operator screen won't load after round 2
  222. Can't receive the 600 credits from the started edition
  223. Can't receive the 600 credits from the started edition
  224. High Ping
  225. Framerate Issues
  226. r6,File corruption detected! the program will not terminate
  227. Matchmaking error (2-0x0000D00A)
  228. In game freeze and crash
  229. rainbow six seige
  230. I do not see my game on the Uplay platform
  231. Lost 12500 money when i bought Montagne
  232. After Playing A Couple of Games, Frame Rate Drops Down Drastically
  233. When Game Lunches I Get Error (0-0x00000209)
  234. 100% CPU usage.
  235. complete edition, year 3 season pass
  236. datapc64_merged_bnk_000000006_textures4.forge
  237. Can't reconnect after being disconnected.
  238. Mouse / Keyboard not responding.
  239. wrong server placement
  240. lost all of my attachments after the latest update
  241. Mouse slowing
  242. I'm connected to My Account, but I get the error when entering the game.
  243. In game socre table goes unstable
  244. Weekly challenges!
  245. A possible solution to your connection issues
  246. New Mid Reinforcement Patch Lag Input Occur
  247. Mauritius Ping Problems Urgent
  248. Huge lag spikes beginning of round
  249. can i use year 3 sp uplay code for steam version?
  250. Fps drop