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  1. Banned by battleye for nothing
  2. No change in rank?
  3. R6 not launching help
  4. Error Code 2-0x0000e000C
  5. Got banned for no reason
  6. drive de video não suportado
  7. Missing challenges
  8. I'm begging for help
  9. Connection Failure, Code [2-0x0000B005]
  10. Rainbow Six Seige Wont start up anymore vcruntime140.dll missing ? *please help*
  11. Bug: magical Jackal
  12. Failed to connect to server !!!
  13. Strange Server Issues
  14. Mic not working in-game! PLEASE HELP!!
  15. ban per colpa di ubisoft
  16. Screen Shaking
  17. Ping Issues
  18. Bug with Alpha Packs
  20. Getting disconnected with the error code 3-0x0001000B
  21. Game constantly crashing
  22. Was about to join friend now cant with error code 2-0x0000E00C.
  23. All Operators loadouts and uniforms back to default
  24. I cannot Play Siege
  25. Can't download R6 on Uplay
  26. Game keeps crashing after AMD 17.7.2 driver update.
  27. Rainbow Six Siege Loading Error Pleae help :(
  28. What is the problem with the login?
  29. BUG: Could communicate with a team in another match
  30. Trolling Players
  31. Finding games is IMPOSSIBLY long
  32. castle bug
  33. House bug TerroHunt Classic Hard
  34. Weapon Skins Reset
  35. Family sharing
  36. Operators gone for no reason
  37. Unable to join a friend's party!!
  38. Rainbow Six Seige PC - Error 2-0X0000E00C
  39. R6s not launching properly
  40. Can't join squad
  41. Error code: [3-0x00030081]
  42. I'm connected but my friends appear offline and I appear offline to them
  43. Ubisoft Please Add Philippine servers
  44. BUGS: Reporting two bugs after latest patch
  45. FPS DROP - 3 red sqaure icon on the top right
  46. Bug: permanently muffled sound
  47. Mouse Settings (problem\suggestion)
  48. Rainbow Six Siege on a GTX 1060
  49. Battleye Banned me without using hacks
  50. Renown bug after patch 1.39
  51. Connection Failure
  52. You ****ed something up.
  53. Problem with loading into Kafe.
  54. Is it possible to link my existing Xbox One acc and PC acc?
  55. cant connect to ubisoft shop and rainbow six online error code [0-0x00000209]
  56. rules for votekick?
  57. Crashes to Desktop without error message
  58. mouse lags
  59. The Walk function doesn't work no matter what key (or even on mouse) it bound to.
  60. Bugs everywhere
  61. screen freezes PC
  62. file corruption detected the program will now terminate
  63. Yellow connection icon
  64. Ping spikes
  65. season pass binding... need help please
  66. Visible proof how Ubisoft is "not telling the truth" to players.
  67. Consistent Packet Loss and Connection Error After the Update
  68. Need help on frame issues. PLZ
  69. Crashed 5 times in one game.
  70. 1 time glory with 80 ping and it went back
  71. Unable to reach servers?
  72. Connections problems
  73. Can't play with my friends after the mid-season patch
  74. File corruption detected
  75. Crash to desktop
  76. Buck bug still not fixed
  77. Need help with login issues
  78. Loses control of my keyboard, my mouse and my sound suddenly disappear
  79. Teleport player?
  80. Unable to update
  81. Middle East Servers???
  82. Rainbow Six Siege GTX 1050 RAM consumption
  83. LOW FPS Bug - except when something special happens
  84. Keep getting disconnected from Rainbow Six Servers Mid Matches Causing Skin resets
  85. Connectivity issues and data center issues.
  86. Same inputs while in games randomly!
  87. connected to wrong chat
  88. Crashing when Playing map Chalet
  89. Data Centre and Bad Connection
  90. Very high ping to SEA Servers
  91. My fixes to minimise mouse stuttering/jitter
  92. First install problems
  93. Cant start siege (file corruption detected this program will now terminate)
  94. Game keeps crashing on splash screen after first install
  95. Weapon switch cannot be bound to something else besides scroll wheel up and down?
  96. Permanent FPS Drop
  97. Fixing rubberbanding issues due to OP health
  98. Same inputs while in games randomly!
  99. Some issues/Technical feedback
  100. Dropping from squad during matchmaking
  101. Error [3-0x0001000B] with mulitple players on network
  102. Game won't save setting
  103. FPS dropped! Great PC Build! (important)
  104. Error - [3-0x0001000B] Can't connect to servers
  105. IRQL not less or equal
  106. Can I run it properly?
  107. Squad disconnection and long matchmaking
  108. Not Launching Through Steam Or Uplay
  109. 2 Step Verification Problem
  110. Game Freeze
  111. My game keeps closing and i have to keep reopening it.
  112. Discord/TS issue
  113. Type : strict, no internet need help im 15 and cant do crap to my router
  114. Banned Account
  115. Connection/matchmaking issues started roughly after the most recent patch/minipatch
  116. Help me! Please!!!
  117. Graphic Settings Does not Save, No My Game Folder
  118. Password recovering not working
  119. file corruption detected! the program will now terminate.
  120. Guys! I really need help!!
  121. User save failed to load
  122. Can't find any games in ranked - long wait times
  123. Buggy friend requests appear on the left on my screen
  124. Pinging Problem
  125. Validating Update Failed
  126. Framelock at 45 FPS
  127. Banned for cheating but didn't cheat
  128. Crashing issues
  129. Game chat not working
  130. Battleye kick me for client not responsive excessively.
  131. Glitchy Uplay partial screen keeps appearing randomly ingame
  132. wrong email
  133. Framerate DROP TO 45fps after Update Driver VGA
  134. Operators not unlocked
  135. Operators
  136. operators
  137. -12k renown 0 operators unlocked.
  138. Renown and Operators removed
  139. Game breaking bug nvidia 388 driver
  140. Ping Issues
  141. 8 Days still no help
  142. driver issues
  143. Rainbow 6 siege not working wont launch tryed every solution on youtube pls help
  144. All of my progress have gone
  145. How to open my nat 1?
  146. The Division Charm
  147. Are the servers down?
  148. what error code is this [3-0x000c0052] ?
  149. Uplay is unable to start your download.
  150. Cannot log into my account
  151. Having issues with screen resolution in-game
  152. Bought operator and no operator and no money
  153. renown bugged
  154. why no answer
  155. Ubisoft Pls Help Me!!!!!uplay activation code
  156. Account Hacked/Hijacked and now Permabanned from Siege
  157. Rainbow isnt working
  158. Glitch
  159. Need help please
  160. 8 days and stİll not help 5 days in progress...
  161. Kicked from Ranked and can't rejoin
  162. ranked match bug, lost match because of this
  163. Possible Fix for VON + Discord Chat
  164. Crashes and "no input signal found"
  165. Game will not load since November 10th
  166. MIRA B-Day challenge refuses to complete.
  167. Game crashes everytime there is a nitro cell or any type of explosion.
  168. My Rank Keeps Randomly Changing??? Please help?
  169. Buck reloading bug?
  170. Can't start ranked because of someone not being lvl 20 error? (all lvl 100+)
  171. Uplay account problem
  172. Mid Game crash
  173. New account
  174. Cannot connect to the servers [SEA]
  175. Permaban
  176. Datacenter won't change
  177. Mouse glitching out/ changing sens
  178. 7 days ago ı created support file
  179. I bought standard but got starter instead
  180. Abandon sanction
  181. The party system is broken
  182. Starter to standard
  183. No damage issue
  184. Suggestion and Feedback
  185. User Profile Not Loading...
  186. game is charging me 12500 renown despite not having any characters
  187. R6S shuts down unexpectedly
  188. Game Freeze Fix for AMD / Radeon
  189. Playing with a team issues
  190. Game Stuck and Lost connection
  191. random CTD?
  192. No matchmaking unless I use a VPN
  193. Uplay download? Steam version installed
  194. Rainbow six can't link to server (UPNP)
  195. Can't use R6
  196. Can't play rainbow six siege
  197. Bought this game twice! Can i get refund?
  198. Every time I try downloading R6s TTS it takes me to steam.
  199. Rainbow six siege free weekend
  200. Characters not unlocking
  201. Issues in the market
  202. Rainbow Six Siege Crash When Entering Game
  203. Latency Problems
  204. I cant find my cd key on steam (Rainbow Six)
  205. Played numerous free weekends finally bought the game - only 2 operators?
  206. Game Crash
  207. Crash of game
  208. Joining different game than my squad...
  209. TTS server key
  210. Freezing and crashing
  211. Can`t get into TTS
  212. Help!
  213. Windows cannot access file path
  214. Really odd bug that doesnt seem to exist
  215. Overlays not working
  216. Moving Rainbow six from C: to D: HELP!
  217. Punishment for leaving match
  218. Xbox to pc?
  219. MY daily challenges dont appear
  220. EAU - SEAU Server issues
  221. Rainbow six permission denied error on uplay
  222. Need help please ! Crash game
  223. Uplay can't download
  224. Can't connect to rainbow six siege servers
  225. Custom sens multuplier
  226. Technical test server crashes at start
  227. Unable to access the game after downloaded it during the free weekend
  228. Always disconnect in the middle of the game
  229. Game causes Freeze
  230. Game Freezes When Window / Fullscreen Is Focused But Plays When Unfocused
  231. Game starting problem
  232. 0-0x00001001 battle eye error 2017
  233. High ping only in Rainbow 6 Siege
  234. Casual MMR and Support ignoring me.
  235. Can't Connect to Rainbow Six Siege Servers - error code: [3-0x00010004]
  236. Mic's not working for the game
  237. Game crashes as match loads
  238. Cant sync steam and uplay account
  239. operators costing more than they should
  240. 45 FPS lock after some rounds
  241. Operator select loading issue
  242. Not sure how to describe this bug... But its some sort of crashing issue.
  243. Server issues
  244. cannt open rainbow Six Siege
  245. Past 4 days game in offline mode
  246. 45 Frame lock
  247. Freezing then after 1-2 minutes i get disconnected.
  248. Unable to hear any VOIP
  249. Unable to play the Rainbow six Siege, solutions?
  250. Error Code {2-0x00002001}