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  1. Ranked Problem.
  2. Update error
  3. Party disbanded when match is found
  4. La team r6 LDW recrutent (r6 siège pc)FR
  5. Think I've been hacked!!
  6. Unable to Launch Game
  7. Bug don't get any renown or level at the end of a game
  8. Purchased credits a week ago and still haven't received them
  9. black screen
  10. Discord Freezes/Loses Voice Connection when playing Rainbow Six: Siege
  11. Crashing
  12. Validating and updating playlist and properties ERROR!!!!
  13. Jittery game with high fps
  14. Mouse Right click issue in Siege
  15. Can´t connect as team with friends
  16. Weekly challenge bug
  17. Blackbeard Bug after Patch Download 06-20-17
  18. are i the only one with sick lagg atm ?
  19. Can't unlock IQ with R6 Credits [PC]
  20. Server connection error [3-0x00030081]
  21. Alt-tabbing makes my game crash. And the computer with it.
  22. Getting Blackscreen on Game start since new update
  23. Pulse Sensor graphical bug
  24. Kicking me out of matches for no reason.
  25. Game crashes after launch, pixel flickering while starting the game
  26. Server Connectivity Issues During A Match
  27. Failure while trying to download the updat, Need Help
  28. Game freezes 2-5 mins after a match starts or even sometimes in the menu (6/20/2017)
  29. My game doesn't start...
  30. BUG FUZE Billiard Window
  31. Issues with ranked
  32. Annoying bug introduced in 6/20 update
  33. Can't invite friend to Squad (error 2-000E000)
  34. Game crash when game loads Coastline map
  35. Wrong Region
  36. Bug in Chalet (going under the map on spawn)
  37. Excessive CPU Usage Causing Problems
  38. [Bug] Rank match in main menu
  39. INSTANT DERANK TO COPPER 5 - After win
  40. Bugged shield charecters
  41. cant walk through the plane door
  42. profile problems
  43. Matchmaking error 2-0x0000D00C
  44. Uplay client can not login
  45. Extreme frame drop
  46. Can't play rainbow six siege online
  47. Can't connect to the servers
  48. What İs Happening My Game ?
  49. No Renown or Xp after match - PC
  50. Steam Overlay not working
  51. Rainbow six seige permanent ban
  52. Product already obtained!
  53. Game freeze cant forced to hard restart
  54. Deployable Shield bug
  55. Not finding ranked matches today?
  56. Stuck in window mode 720p
  57. The game crash wile playing ranked
  58. Tts
  59. i was hacked and banned
  60. Mic not working
  61. Annoying freezes
  62. Ranked Matchmaking Mismatch
  63. error 0-0x00000312
  64. Crazy Texture Flickering when a certain combination of character and load-ou is chose
  65. Ubisoft service not available?
  66. Can not Claim Glaz BirthDay Challanges
  67. I'm unable to launch my game (PC)
  68. DOC -20% Discount - wrong price
  69. Your login email or password is incorrent?????
  70. Dis connect costline map
  71. Rainbow Cant Connect to Friends party
  72. Aiming down sights rapidly unaims and reaims.
  73. Rank tier
  74. User profile loading failed
  75. Rainbow Six Siege & Discord Bugging Out
  76. suddenly getting kicked out of a game due to connection
  77. Losing Battle Points after a Loading Screen
  78. Data Centers are just amazing ( just kidding of course )
  79. "A Ubisoft service is not available at the moment. You can try again later or...
  80. Launcher stuck on Initializing...
  81. "Send Friend Request" doesn't work; can't receive requests
  82. Can't collect the prize in Challenges
  83. High FPS but the game is not smooth
  84. PC Completely Freezes
  85. We won but lost points :)
  86. just another guy who is tired of connectivity issues and ranked system
  87. I cant download rainbow six siege from uplay !
  88. Ping Problem!
  89. Glaz charm from Challenge
  90. Kapkan Trap bug
  91. Cannot Add Each Other on UPlay (Doesn't show up as friends)
  92. Rainbow six seige game crashing while validating and updating
  93. Running Rainbow Six- 32-bit
  94. The game gets lagging (also my mouse) when I down sights
  95. Games keeps getting corrupt.
  96. Ping abusing
  97. Action Bug-Downed while throwing 'nade
  98. Game Crash On Start up
  99. 400 ping players all day
  100. Mic no working
  101. Broken Lobby/Game Incident
  102. Keeps On Loading Forever (In Server/Rank)
  103. gtx 1080 ti i7 6700k ext...... game freezez
  104. didn't receive my R6S credits
  105. Kapkan bug or new feature?
  106. Connectivity issues
  107. Wallhackers coming again?
  108. Microphone issues
  109. Match Started 5 v 4 ?
  110. Costline Game Crash
  111. My game does not start
  112. Ethernet Cable DCs
  113. Ranking glitch
  114. User profile loading failed.
  115. Ranked match loading loop
  116. sound distortion and uplay overlay
  117. Range Of Ports and IP's
  118. gtx 780/Ti update?
  119. Can't Install
  120. Activation Key
  121. 0 renown
  122. 05 Cold Zero: Bomber down after shooting 11 rounds in its head.
  123. Character pc keyboard control The bug
  124. Kicking me out of matches for no reason.
  125. Operation Health = Death
  126. Disconnected from match - lost elo and 15 minute ban when we won match
  127. Falsely Banned
  128. I Cant hear people in the game voice chat.
  129. Game freezes every few minutes without any error message, then restore in about 1 min
  130. Falsley banned.
  131. Hata - [3-0x0001000B]
  132. Error Code : [3-0x00050001]
  133. Cannot Play Any Modes
  134. Game Crashed Before Game Ended, and I got banned and lost points.
  135. Why Cant I ????
  136. Hata - [2-0x0000D00A]
  137. Client Crash - On Shop when selecting Renown
  138. game doesn't run
  139. Game doesnt't go full screen/borderless
  140. Black screen after launching R6
  141. My Mic don't work ingame but anywhere else
  142. I can't connect to Ubisoft Servers
  143. I can't download R6
  144. routing problem network
  145. If you click find another match while the XP bar is filling up it will play the noise
  146. Game freezes to a solid color and forced to restart computer?
  147. Game crashing after update
  148. Multisample anti-aliasign
  149. really
  150. "UPDATE FAILED" - After new patch
  151. server down in uk
  152. banned
  153. Matchmaking puts me in a lobby from across the world!
  154. I can launch R6, but it won't open.
  155. Bug for Valkrye on Bank map Spotting people in and out of building with her cams
  156. How about a map selection option?
  157. Caveira's pistol kills don't count.
  158. no french charm
  159. i signed up with wrong email
  160. Bug at map club house
  161. FPS drops during preparation phase / after preparation phase on round 1
  162. Ping Increased From 120ms To 250ms WEU Server
  163. Game freezing and kicking me because of it
  164. When I Open The Game Steam Crashes
  165. Have 0-3 fps in menu cant do anything
  166. Help me pls. My game dont wanna download
  167. My account it's been hacked and get a perma ban
  168. Siege only playable on C drive default directory?
  169. Mic not working science Operation Health update
  170. Validating And Updating Playlist and properties - UPDATE FAILED
  171. Fix Texture
  172. is this a bug?
  173. Exp. not being rewarded at the end of a match
  174. Kicking/leaving from squad itself and Your connection is too slow bugs
  175. Disabled M&KB
  176. Uplay Overlay Cause Input Lag and Stuttering
  177. I can't hear my team mates.
  178. Error Joining squad
  179. Texture bugs in House map
  180. full screen problem
  181. Rainbow Six Siege screen freeze
  182. Graphical bug on Yacht
  183. R6 Creds not showing, pls help D:
  184. Operators disapear
  185. Open NAT Type - Two PC's!
  186. eror
  187. cloud synchronizing issue
  188. Cloud Save Issus
  189. Connecting for Too long .
  190. Error code [3-0x00030081]
  191. how do i get my activation code?
  192. See through map and destructibles.
  193. Bundle discound but no discount?
  194. Create_context_shared could not be located in the dynamic link library libcef.dll ;(
  195. Local dataserver has the worst lag possible
  196. won flycatcher hedger but can't find it in inventory
  197. Permanently Banned? Ban Surge
  198. [Texture/Map Glitch] on BANK
  199. Disconnected from server error?
  200. Cheated out of Alpha Pack skin
  201. Jackal Causing Crash/Bug
  202. When finished a game, it said i got an alpha pack but didn't
  203. Most annoying bug ever - cannot reconnect to ranked
  204. 2-STEP verification, code error
  205. Valkyrie Black-Eye Exploit
  206. PC audio stuttering after windows update
  207. Huge Crash Problem
  208. Crashing Issue - Losing MMR even though we won - Saying I abandoned.
  209. Horrible stuttering, possible server connection issue?
  210. Console to PC
  211. Pc shutdown? When playing rainbow six ONLY
  212. Ban Duration
  213. Cant enter the game
  214. Cant join squad teamates
  215. Lag Spike, then recieving Error Code 2-0x0000B005
  216. CD Key Problem ( TTS )
  217. BEServices- Stopped
  218. Fps Drop In Some Maps
  219. Banned for my tag?
  220. Show Uplay Game Key?
  221. can uninstall rainbow six siege
  222. Contrast Settings go lower
  223. Cannot add a friend to friends list?
  224. alpha packs
  225. The game keeps on crashing
  226. [Bug Report] Unable to Fire Guns or Reload After Failed to Kill An Enemy
  227. error code 3-0x00030081
  228. Has anyone had their alpha packs disappeared?
  229. Game don't start after at least 10min but get the abandon ban and lose MMR
  230. I need help just bought this game won't start
  231. black screen on windowed mode
  232. fix this glitch on Chalet
  233. Strange Text/Code On Screen
  234. nao escuto pessoal no voip
  235. nao escuto pessoal no voip
  236. yacht glitch
  237. Microphone not working in-game, please HELP
  238. data centre changing automatically at night
  239. Strict NAT type...
  240. -BUG in Kafe Dostoyevsky-
  241. No Renown and No Exp
  242. -BUG- with the shock drone on the Club House map
  243. Rainbow Six Siege Valk Camera Glitch Bank Map
  244. Cannot Update Rainbow
  245. GPU bottleneck
  246. not able to joine r6 server
  247. There's still lag on Asia servers?
  248. Bright Map Issue
  249. Voice Chat/Sound Error and Occasional crash
  250. Creating squad to infinity?