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  1. Weekly Challenges Stuck
  2. R6 does not load
  3. Lost all upgrades on operators
  4. Being banned for teamkilling
  5. Commonwealth challenges aren't working
  6. Challanges and statistics dont count
  7. [Suggestion] Add Nicknames to Operators.
  8. Advanced Gadget Deploy Possible Keybindings?
  9. Banned unfairly then ignored by support.
  10. Black Screen at start of round
  11. RainbowSixGame.exe -Invalid picture (Error) !!
  12. Unsuccessful to deploy the game
  13. Rainbow Six - 2 year operation -
  14. "failed to load user"
  15. Plz fix data-centre!
  16. "User Profile Loading Failed"
  17. Operator Action bugged
  18. After alt-tab, game launches, but to a windowed, black screen. Cannot reverse.
  19. Sudden performance and mouse issues following wiping computer
  20. Game keeps crashing, not sure what to do.
  21. For help!
  22. Anyone Knows?
  23. 143.98hz instead of 144hz
  24. r6 coins
  25. Connection Error ending with 312
  26. Bought Ingame currency not showing up
  27. Please help i have strict nat type :(((((
  28. Bug: looking through walls
  29. Bug: looking through walls
  30. Can't Start Game
  31. Speak in game
  32. R6 Credits
  33. Launch Glitch
  34. I cannot access my account because of Google Authenticator
  35. Mouse doesnt work outside game whenever Im in a match
  36. (BUG) ao pedir RMK
  37. Game just closes without errors
  38. Got Downed but game wouldnt let me slow the bleeding out
  39. Rainbow six siege technical issues
  40. Season pass 2 not complete
  41. Game ****ed me of a rank
  42. I can't validating and updating playlists and properties
  43. Game crashes when Ram usage hits 70%
  44. Auto-reload of weapons with a non-empty magazine should be toggleable
  45. R6 Credits
  46. Got stuck after trying to deploy a claymore.
  47. High CPU Usage
  48. Game Freeze at the splash screen
  49. Connection Issues
  50. Mouse Lag !
  51. Framerate locking to 15 FPS suddenly?
  52. Problem Loading Up The Game
  53. Trouble buying R6 coins
  54. My R6 credit is missing!!!!
  55. Servers are constantly crashing
  56. Lost all attachments, skins, etc
  57. Crash Dump !!!!!
  58. Rainbow Credits
  59. Strict NaT
  60. Two Copies of Rainbow Six Siege in one uplay account
  61. Error when starting game for the first time
  62. My Mic isn't registering
  63. Graphic Glitches
  64. Losing Connection
  65. First time activation key
  66. GTX780 Black flickering and artifacting
  67. Launch Crash
  68. Cpu 96-100%
  69. Laptop GPU issues
  70. Black screen after mid-season upgrade !
  71. Black screen after mid-season upgrade !
  72. I get blackscreen but I wasnt before update !
  73. Black Screen after update.
  74. server disconnection when another device is playing a game or video.
  75. Stuck in ranked game lobby
  76. Crashing even after fresh Windows 10 Install
  77. Blue Nova or (Teal) Universal skin
  78. Challenges rewards bug
  79. Weird texture white noise glitch
  80. Game closes after 1st round ranked
  81. Twitch Elite Skin voice lines
  82. Fix the matchmaking!
  83. RED DOT SCOPE! not corrected/afk idiots
  84. BUG - Glaz's hipfire is a circle.
  85. Glaz's red dot is much larger than before
  86. Glaz's Thermal Scope is not working
  87. Player leaving and joining match to freeze server.
  88. Just got all my unlocks reset....
  89. Fix the ****ing afk timer.
  90. Operators Locked (I did restart)
  91. Only 2 weekly challenges allowed.
  92. Problems with fps
  93. Black Screen after update. Thanks Ubisoft.
  94. Weird bug with hostage
  95. Black Screen after update
  96. Limited NAT after update
  97. Glaz "upgrade"
  98. When playing Rainbow Six Siege i try to open overlay (SHIFT+F2) pc become laggy and..
  99. Neverending abandon penalty
  100. Account and Purchase Related Issues- *PLEASE READ FIRST*
  101. Thermite Charge Elite Skin Light Bug
  102. Joining a game with a friend
  103. Server issues
  104. Cannot Download Specifically Rainbow 6 Siege in Uplay :(
  105. Game does not open, FPS drop and game running in the background. How to solve?
  106. Random Prone/scoreboard/allchat all at once?
  107. The game isn't starting after BattleEye's verification
  108. Game will not launch
  109. Mobile Authenticator Codes are not working
  110. 0 fps since last update...
  111. Validating and Updating Playlists and Properties, never ends
  112. Validating and Updating Playlists and Properties, never ends
  113. Validating and Updating Playlists and Properties
  114. Validating and Updating Playlists and Properties
  115. Validating and Updating Playlists and Properties, never ends
  116. Validating and Updating Playlists and Properties, never ends
  117. BUllet hit its ****
  118. 4 fps since update...
  119. Validating and Updating Playlists and Properties, never ends
  120. Validating and Updating Playlists and Properties
  121. Validating and Updating Playlists and Properties, never ends
  122. When they fix the rehen bug?
  123. Updating and validating game properties and conditions
  124. Validating and Updating Playlists and Properties
  125. 71.9GB Mid Season Reinforcement?
  126. Your graphics card does not support direcxt 11 features help mee pls
  127. Missing R6 credits from year 2 season pass purchase.
  128. Skylights
  129. Missing Building Texture
  130. Ingame shop eats my money and does not give credits back
  131. User profile failed to load
  132. Problem with PC requirements?
  133. Anyone with UK layout keyboard?
  134. Bought R6S Credits and it hasn't appeared
  135. Update Failed
  136. [BUG:Controls] Rebinding "Switch Firing Mode" only to a mouse button causes issues
  137. Can't join Ranked Match
  138. black screen
  139. frame issues
  140. Eu estou com um problema
  141. I found a serious issue and need you to fix
  142. Blocked: ubisoft game launcher.exe
  143. SLI Powers Off Computer.
  144. Stuck on "Validating and updating playlists and properties" screen
  145. My ping starts rising and i get lag while using voice chat
  146. Please help. Huge fps drops
  147. 4:3 Resolution white bar on select operator screen !
  148. "validating and updating playlist and properties update failed"
  149. Blue Snowball; voice chat beta; rb6
  150. Audio not working (USB headset)
  151. [portscan] in ranked !
  152. Ranked games won't start
  153. 2 accounts 1 install
  154. Weekly Challenge Bug
  155. Ranked Matchmaking Bug
  156. R6 credits not received!!!!
  157. Getting half the FPS I should be (1080GTX)
  158. FPS Problem
  159. Game launches and get a black screen, desktop mouse cursor and nothing else.
  160. Launcher Bug ? Help :(
  161. Can't purchase R6
  162. Bug Glaz Thermal
  163. gamebreaking rappel bug
  164. Just purchased but cant run game for the following error PLEASE HELP
  165. Glaz is completely broken
  166. Mouse Lags Rainbow six siege
  167. Game crashing at the end of play
  168. Glitch (like wallhack) bug!
  169. Capitaos dot on the red dot sight is a lot bigger than on any other operator
  170. Dxgi problem [help]
  171. Fail Hit-Reg in this supposed tactical shooter.
  172. Rainbow six siege black screen
  173. Glaz thermal not working
  174. TTS Expired?
  175. missing operators and renown points
  176. I was unranked
  177. Battleye is blocking computer's drivers
  178. Keys not working
  179. Rank Doesn't Match
  180. Rope cuts when rappel "Siege"
  181. Error Code 2-0x0000B005
  182. High CPU Usage 90-100% Please help me to the fix it!
  183. People bug-abusing on Coastline
  184. Ubisoft borken?
  185. Audio settings not available in game anymore
  186. probleme de lancement de rainbow six siege sur uplay
  187. Broken Save
  188. Can't Join friends...Get stuck when in loading screen
  189. Unique Audio Glitch
  190. Stuck in loading screen
  191. Message "Already in ranked match" bug
  192. 15 Minutes Surrender Sanction. . .
  193. The exeption Breakpoint. A breakpoint has been reached. (0x80000003)
  194. Rainbow Six Siege starup Error message
  195. I got banned for 24 hours for teamkill which was my team mates fault
  196. 0 Reown Problem...
  197. Can Someone Help Me With This Bug?
  198. Long time for load the game
  199. Glaz need to be fixed
  200. Am gettting live kernel event 141 with R6s
  201. My friend forgot his password and can't get another one.
  202. Code [8-0x0000106]
  203. We need a ping limiter option in R6S
  204. Servers
  205. Pulse Heartbeat Sensor Texture Bug
  206. Ingame issue screen going black with text box?
  207. I didnt receive my R6 credits
  208. Failed to initialize BattlEye Service
  209. Black screen after launch
  210. Low FPS only in Favela using gtx 1070
  211. Controls and game are glitching out
  212. Battleye can't start the game.
  213. important issue
  214. R6 Credits aren't showing up.
  215. I just bought R6 and...
  216. WANT REFUND OF THE GAME R6 siege!!!
  217. IQ Detector Not Showing Up?
  218. Running into network errors on game launch (such as 6-0x00001002) UNPLAYABLE
  219. I can only queue one uplay challenge at a time.
  220. Game is not opening !?
  221. problema con el microfono
  222. Mouse randomly accelerates
  223. Mouse stuttering/input lag
  224. Rainbow Six Siege not showing up in my UPlay account, but is present in Steam Lib
  225. Impossible to play (mouse stuttering)
  226. Terrorist Hunt: Stuck Hostage
  227. Audio Bug, Siege causing audio problems!
  228. bugs
  229. Game Freezes At The End Of Games
  230. [high ping] ranked match
  231. Crash on loading screen on random rounds (pc) (Repost)
  232. Exception Breakpoint
  233. Rank changed overnight
  234. erro ao conectar aos servidores da ubisoft
  235. Siege server connection error
  236. 6 operators in a team
  237. Texture "bug" after minimizing and reopen game.
  238. (HELP PLIS)Error connecting to servers rainbow six siege error 3-0x000100b
  239. Game Crashes during second round loading screen
  240. Need directions to the Technical Test forums
  241. Mates Isssue, Everytime hes starts up the game Everything resets.
  242. micro-stutters making my aim sticky, accompanied by brief rubberbanding
  243. Problems with challenges and rewards
  244. R6 Credits not showing up
  245. how to play with youre friend even when he has a different NAT
  246. how long range on c4 ?
  247. Constant Chugging and Framedrops to the point of being unplayable
  248. Im getting error message when matchmaking 2-0x0000D00C
  249. how can i hidden this circle from screen?
  250. Internet Firewall, Can't play siege :'(