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  1. Screen goes black then returns to desktop
  2. game keep crash OR stuck..........frozen!
  3. Game won't load past the initial thumbnail/attacker defender mini screen.
  4. Fuze: shield glitch when I can't shoot or ADS
  5. hwmonitor ban?
  6. hwmonitor ban?
  7. Uplay issues.
  8. Ethernet Cable is not connected
  9. Game Goes Full-Res in MVP Screen
  10. NAT type how to change.
  11. Internet connection problem
  12. Ranked loading screen locked
  13. Unwanted key inputs during gameplay.
  14. no disk
  15. I am banned even without did anything
  16. Rainbow Six Siege server connection error
  17. Game Crashes when attempting to buy credits
  18. [Ranked queue-PC] 2 games in a row exits to MM screen when we're 1 point from victory
  19. Screen glitch during gameplay
  20. Can't join friends squad
  21. (HACKED?) 2-Step Google Authenticator, but never made one and different account name
  22. Rook's bug
  23. Bartlett University bug
  24. Cross platform play?
  25. Game Freeze
  26. Can't launch game?
  27. Free Weekend Activation
  28. Cant submit a ticket
  29. friendlist couldn't connect
  30. Download Error in Free Weekend PT-BR
  31. Glitch bugs and other problems
  32. Free Weekend isn't working.
  33. Unusually high ping (NAT Type open, EU servers - where I'm from, 150/50 broadband)
  34. Stuck in a buggued game
  35. Bought digital content, didn't receive anything
  36. [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "C:\Windows\System32\dnsapi.dll".
  37. Error 0xc000007b
  38. [PC] Can I transfer my game from the PC platform to XBOX ONE?
  39. constantly lag spikes
  40. Can't change key assignment
  41. R6 credits
  42. Got Abandon Penalty when game finished?
  43. my game freezes 1minute after i start the game then unfreezes and again freezes
  44. Free Weekend not working ?!
  45. 3-0x0001000b error
  46. Rainbow six siege does not let me connect to servers
  47. Insane amounts of mouse lag, choppiness, and stutter
  48. BattlEye Problems
  49. 3-0x0001000b
  50. Nothing like buying this game to play with Friends! I LOVE HOW I CAN'T CONNECT
  51. Is this considered hacking?
  52. Servers not working = cannot connect fix it
  53. I've lost my uplay account cause of the 2-step verification
  54. Why does Uplay insist on asking for UAC elevation?
  55. Can't place charges on trap doors and floors anymore
  56. BUG: About Barricade
  57. Game fails to launch....
  58. All operators reset to default loadout
  59. Microphone not working in R6S
  60. Crap UBI
  61. Matchmaking wont put me in a game with squadmates
  62. unable to join friends?
  63. BUG-Voicechat,chat and gameplay
  64. Low FPS
  65. Only windowed mode
  66. Still can't connect to Ubisoft servers even though they said they fixed the issue
  67. Game Crashes while trying to run :(
  68. Free Weekend not working?
  69. Cannot Connect Still
  70. Voice receive volumes too quiet - not normalizing correctly with ingame sound effects
  71. I can't connect to R6S games despite having an open NAT type
  72. Bug: Player names on scoreboard do not correspond with players in the game
  73. Cant start game. BattleEye Blocked loading of file error
  74. Why im Ban
  75. ADS problem / RIght mouse button (auto zoom out)
  76. I bought the year 1 edition and now it's gone? (on steam)
  77. Complete Edition not giving operators
  78. Crashing after scoreboard
  79. Parametre error upc_steam_required_product_id_2957 -uplay_steam_mod ?
  80. Suspended due to cheating?
  81. Game always starts through steam
  82. Mouse acceleration after 70 hours.
  83. :( Error Code 2-0x0000E000 only when trying to connect to a friend.
  84. No announcer voice
  85. A ubisof servers is not available at the moment.
  86. OBS Studio stops streaming upon gameplay
  87. game trying to reinstall after downloading dlc
  88. Why iam have patch 17.17 gb when friend has 6.50 gb ??
  89. Rainbow Six disappeared from uplay
  90. Aim Down Sights (ADS) is frozen. PLEASE HELP!
  91. Ranked rank reset
  92. I lost my diamond skin
  93. Have no access to new operators
  94. REMOVE Barlett university (situations) map from Terrorist hunt matchmaking.
  95. Servers...
  96. Can't start siege
  97. Unable to move when round starts!
  98. [3-0x0001000B] error
  99. Servers out = Automatic Loss
  100. Confused about the season 4 charms. Should have Diamond?
  101. [BUG/ISSUE] Ultra Widescreen (5760x1080 res) not working after new patch
  102. GEO Weapon Skin Bundle is not giving the PDW-9 skin
  103. Bugs after the new patch
  104. game breaking bug, start of T-hunt bug
  105. Fuze bug
  106. Delete HD textures
  107. Game breaking Coastline Spawn Glitch
  108. Weird visual charm glitch. (Post Velvet Shell)
  109. Lost weapon skin or it was removed from game ?
  110. game crashing to desktop after patch
  111. Teamkill Reset Glitch
  112. R6 don't let me play online with my IP
  113. My yellow ping stopped working after the patch
  114. Lost renown - All operators unlocked
  115. [Season 4] Platinum/Diamond charms mixed up?
  116. Stupid high ping
  117. New Valkyrie issue
  118. Scoreboard bugged
  119. Camera bug
  120. Not able to play because of this new Bug Introduction with velvet
  121. Game is not playable
  122. Season Pass I dont get New Operatorsq
  123. I'm stuck in nowhere
  124. Freeze screen or rendering problem?
  125. Diamond skins gone from inventory, also not on store.
  126. Velvet Shell Feedback and Bug Report
  127. Anyone getting mouse lag still (post patch 2.1.0)?
  128. Opening mira's Black Mirror from the outside
  129. Black flicking issues after the latest update (gtx780 and 780ti at least)
  130. Season pass bought a few months ago and not getting Velvet operation operators
  131. Question regarding some sellers
  132. Game Crashes after 3 to 4 Minutes after new Patch
  133. Valvet Shell Update Gone
  134. Problems with the rankeds
  135. montagne screen moved to bottom map
  136. oh no, it crashed
  137. It doesn't works
  138. Can't join friend squad.
  139. Hereford Base. Glitch report
  140. SLI does not work
  141. Crashed to desktop, now won't boot.
  142. Red Game Tint/Textures Model not loading correctly
  143. Bugged Camera
  144. Voice chat turns down in-game volume
  145. bought the year 2 season pass and have not got the content
  146. Strange connection error
  147. Club map bug
  148. Gfx glitch
  149. Good job well done ubisoft
  150. Freezes followed by crash for months already, now unplayable since Velvet Shell
  151. Can't place a Ticket
  152. Error When Launching Game
  153. Servers PING and freezes!
  154. Never Acquired Promised Japan Flag
  155. Game doesn't launch correctly
  156. Game disables TeamSpeak push talk while in a match
  157. User profile loading failed
  158. Surrender Exploit + Random ranked joining
  159. Download Problem !
  160. (0x80000003) occurred in the application at location 0x4080a7f6
  161. Banned? haven't played since release.
  162. Why does my SLI not working?
  163. lot of bugs pls fix Ubisoft
  164. Glitch on spawn
  165. Not able to reach servers????
  166. Operator Uplay Action bug
  167. Why cant I bind \ on UK layout keyboard?
  168. Haven't Received My R6 Credit
  169. uplay messages doesnt show!
  170. Rainbow Six Siege / Echo Bug.
  171. G-Sync issue with R6 ?
  172. Rainbow Six Siege - Something you do!
  173. Glitch on connect to a game
  174. Screen Off Perspective Glitch (fixated perspective on a certain point on the map)
  175. When i try to open the game i get a black screen
  176. My game doesn't close correctly.
  177. No Announcer Voice/Dialouge (Only able to hear sound effects)
  178. Challenge not loading (****+f2) that challenge
  179. Internet connection Issue(High Ping)
  180. Saying the game is already claimed by me...
  181. goes into the load screen load a bit and crash
  182. White flickers during replays
  183. Strict nat
  184. [BUG/ISSUE] Keeps crashing after I choose an operator
  185. Massive glitch abuse in ranked
  186. Rubberbanding - Out of ideas
  187. Operators Missing on PC
  188. Revoked access to Year 1 season pass
  189. no r6-credits starter edition HELP
  190. failed to install battleye service
  191. Player camera is stuck somewhere in the map and UPlay challenges not counting
  192. national foundation day challenge not registering progress
  193. Stuck in Windowed mode. Full Screen doesn't work.
  194. I cannot play with my friend
  195. Season pass stopped working
  196. Connection Failure
  197. uplay is not avalible please try again later
  198. joined an already 2-3 ranked match and they lost and i lose points
  199. Where is the voice chat?
  200. How can ı do rainbow 6 siege Nat connection type
  201. Presidential plane
  202. South east Asian region Super Lag 200ms
  203. Uplay Challenges are not loading up for me
  204. [crash] My game crash after start up
  205. Test Mic Levels - New UPlay Overlay
  206. Move from P2P to server hosted party/squad?
  207. Floating Bug
  208. New bug......
  209. Fuzing Teammates through Solid Walls - Where it happens
  210. R6 will not launch; customer support extremely poor
  211. Can we install R6 online after we bought the CD-version
  212. Drones cant die in stairs anymore?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!
  213. Critical bug on Bank
  214. Error code 2-0x0000b005
  215. Castle Barricade Glitch on Skyscraper
  216. Game doesn't start
  217. Game Crashings..
  218. Can't launch the game
  219. Can someone tell me what this is or how to fix it, happens in every casual match!
  220. Game not appearing in library
  221. Rainbow: Six Starter Pack help
  222. Black screen/freeze requiring hard reset when I quit game or switch to windowed
  223. Player reconnects during load phase, crashes server loading.
  224. Random Reboot in game
  225. Kanal Spawning Bug
  226. [ISSUE] Can't play with KB/M if controller is plugged in
  227. Weapon Skin not avaible
  228. cant update
  229. Rainbow six siege crashes on start up.
  230. A club action failed to register
  231. Game doesnt connect with the servers :mad:
  232. three monitors
  233. For the love of all that is holy in this world, PLEASE address this aim stuttering.
  234. Uplay challenges for Siege won't load
  235. Connection to game server was lost
  236. Connection lost, but 1 sec later rejoining the game
  237. Discover game bugs with new map
  238. Bugs
  239. Camera stuck at random point in map... 4 GAMES IN A ROW
  240. Bought 600R6 with steam, but got nothing in game.
  241. cant end any match
  242. Ubisoft Help Possibly?? Transfer my game over to Steam Without Buying Again?
  243. FreeSync still broken. UbiSoft- please help!
  244. problem with movement on multiplayer
  245. Streaming Error number (10)
  246. Failed Update Problem !!!
  247. Infinite Shift+F2 loading for challenges
  248. I cannot customize the wheel scroll to other actions
  249. Drone Camera
  250. Drone issue in co-op Terrorist Hunt