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  1. Stuck in drone glitch
  2. Ping and fps
  3. No reward after i play the game
  4. WOW Im gonna unistall this Uplay and rainbow six Siege its garbage !
  5. "a ubisoft service is not available at the moment. You can try again later or switch
  6. i cant play anymore. (exception processing message 0xc0000135 parameters)
  7. bought ''pro league all gold set'', but content is not unlocked
  8. Stuck on creating squad...
  9. **** Ubisoft Servers !
  10. Problem authenticating ownership of this product.
  11. game crashes randomly
  12. Ingame chat is QWERTY only ?
  13. Glitch - Hereford Base
  14. Error al actualizar error on updating
  15. Start up is a black screen
  16. In game sound volume really low - cannot turn up
  17. Connection issues?
  18. Rainbow Six Siege Accidently pressed dowload ultra hd button
  19. I cannot launch the game
  20. I cannot acces multi-player features anymore, such as Casual / Ranked multiplayer.
  21. Reporting Freezing Glitch -- POST Skull rain -- Crosspost
  22. Challenges stopped working again
  23. Can't Load game , Game Crashes
  24. i didnt play 4 round on ranked game thank you UBI
  25. Matchmaking
  26. Failed to start download
  27. After update patch,this warning appeared and became laggy with low graphic settings.
  28. Game not working
  29. fix this ubi !! plz i want to play :D
  30. Ranked system issue
  31. [Disconnections] Help!Multiple errors
  32. Account management
  33. NAT Type Moderate - Was open until about 1 week ago
  34. Rainbow six server glitch?
  35. Strange crash/freeze while loading
  36. ownership problem
  37. Battle Eye - Update Failed
  38. Weirdest problem in R6 history.
  39. Sound problems from last update
  40. The Diamond Bundle is MISSING PLEASE HELP
  41. Blocked of loading file and cannot connect to server
  42. Will not go into Fullscreen
  43. Can't lean while strafing. Can't spot with drone while going forwards.
  44. Glitch in defuse bomb mode.
  45. Buying issue
  46. [PC][Bug/Glitch] Destroying Gadgets
  47. Can't load the game
  48. Game freezes/locks during preparation phase
  49. Loading lag during Operator Selection and out-of-sync audio Situations
  50. Looking through the eyes of the enemy when dead - Gamebreaking bug
  51. Game will not start- Uplay has he "Play" Button but "Verify Files" missing
  52. R6 Siege crashing after every 2 mins resulting in BSOD
  53. Banned after just purchasing the game and season pass.
  54. WatchDog Violation Bluescreen?
  55. download stuck at 99%
  56. Cant load game
  57. Код ошибки 2-0x0000c003
  58. eeror code 2-0x0000c003 after patch ?
  59. Cannot play / update Rainbow Six
  60. Random Freezing & Watchdog Error
  61. My VOIP has stopped working after the patch [PC]
  62. Update 4.3 Failed More cheater as before ever
  63. Auto kick doesn't work in Terrorist Hunt!!!
  64. Voice chat level always reset to 0
  65. error 0xc000009a when trying to start the game
  66. Matchmaking don't work after patch 4.3
  67. Rubber banding/lag since todays update.
  68. Game crash when loading
  69. Your Graphics card do not support DirectX 11 Feature ASAP
  70. Failed to load your profile, if u will continue, u will loose your profile
  71. Randomly got kicked from ranked
  72. Selling Rainbow six - siege as finished game
  73. Uplay keeps crashing causing me to get booted from game
  74. Error 0-0x00000209
  75. team chat issue using headphones.
  76. How to disable the xbox controller input?
  77. Voice chat coming through speakers?
  78. After 900 mb Patch Error CODE [2-0x0000E000]
  79. C003 error after 4.3 update - can't play while behind NAT
  80. Ubisoft breaking the law on Banning Issue.
  81. Cannot hear team in game.
  82. "Losing connection" every 4 rounds
  83. Minimal rank points increase for win.
  84. Game freezes after every match
  85. Purchase I made does not show up in Game
  86. No reflections
  87. Crash to desktop
  88. Consistant hostage bug
  89. Game randomly crashes with i7 6700k processor
  90. Black screen problem - Need To Be Fixed !
  91. Welcome Mat Glitch
  92. Wall Problem
  93. Problems with Fps drops when entering an engagement.
  94. error 2-0x0000b005 (connection to servers lost) every match
  95. Crash, sans aucun message d'erreur! Crash without any error codes!
  96. Achievements
  97. Game crashing randomly after 17/10/2016 update
  98. Long loading from the hard drive (5400 rpm) - constantly kicked
  99. Not Receiving Items
  100. Error joining squad since new update
  101. Random Graphic Problem
  102. "File Corruption Detected. Game will exit now"
  103. Can't go online?
  104. User profile loading failed
  105. Error 2-0000e000
  106. Profile not loading error msg
  107. Ticket unanswered
  108. https://www.reddit.com/r/Rainbow6/comments/4ebir3/game_keeps_crashing_every_12_rounds
  109. the game crashes randomaly after 5 minutes whithout error
  110. Game closes/crashes after a couple of minutes
  111. Losing connection every 3rd round (1000b)
  112. Fix the connection issues, its day 2 in a row that i cant connect
  113. Connection error dont let me play..
  114. Game bugged, couldn't rejoin match, lost 60 points
  115. Random Game Crashes
  116. Unplayable due to rubberbanding
  117. Ticket unanswered!!!!!
  118. My game crashes after i play like 2 rounds without Error.
  119. game sound problem
  120. Crashing
  121. Como trocar de server - Rainbow Six Siege PC
  122. local Profile Constantly Being deleted
  123. whats error code 2-0x00019004 mean ?
  124. Game deranked my friend, I lost 1000 points, no renown
  125. Menu buttons don't work
  126. Help!!
  127. Ultra HD Texture Pack downloading error
  128. Ranking issues/Rank disappeared
  129. A week and a half since 4.3 and some of us still can't use our microphones
  130. My problem, Help Ubisoft
  131. Game sound issue
  132. [PC] Bug i can't play the game anymore..
  133. Slow loading
  134. Voice chat activates joypad
  135. Slow loading
  136. Cannot stay with team mates
  137. Problems after patch note 4.3
  138. Game won't launch
  139. RX 480 or GTX 1060?
  140. Range of problems.
  141. Rainbow 6 siege BUG multiplayer/ranked
  142. 40-60 fps lower than before
  143. Rainbow Six Siege Won't Launch.
  144. Terrorists Hunt Nitro Cell/C4 Glitch(Presidential Plane)
  145. Shield clipping bug
  146. NAT Problem Since 4.3
  147. Error connecting to other players
  148. Logging into "My player profile" via chrome.
  149. Error 0xc000007b- Rainbow Six Siege
  150. Bug Report
  151. My stats in Chrome
  152. Game not launching
  153. Rainbow Six Siege - Textures Flickering (NVIDIA)
  154. One more solution for the Microphone problem (worked for me)
  155. my attachment going unattacht evrey time i open my game
  156. Can't join/invite most people despite OPEN NAT on both sides
  157. Can't join/invite most people despite OPEN NAT on both sides
  158. Cannot play with my wife on same network
  159. BAN REQUEST: Player name WhitePrivilege
  160. FPS counters not working
  161. This game's hitbox and stuff is so broken!!!!
  162. Challenges not progressing issue
  163. This thing need to be FIXE!
  164. Disconnecting from gaming
  165. Game crash in game
  166. Headset
  167. Cant see anyone moving in ranked and getting killed from spawn
  168. Friend and I can not add eachother on UPlay or through Siege in game.
  169. siege error code 2-0x000019003
  170. Long Loading time on specific Maps, even with a great PC.
  171. Strict NAT
  172. Hostage Game-Crashing Bug
  173. Problem launching game
  174. Help! Large Cursor In-Game and Desktop Icons Rearranging
  175. Terrorist hunting Offline - South america
  176. new graphic bug
  177. Meu jogo nao baixa
  178. Help Proxydll.
  179. In game push to talk issue
  180. Rank Problem
  181. Can't launch the game
  182. Bug - Grabbing armor that gets broken
  183. Bug - Grabbing armor that gets broken
  184. [2-0x0000E000] for 3 months now
  185. Have problem with google authenticator.
  186. matching making cant connect to anyone
  187. Can't switch between primary and secondary while reloading
  188. New Graphics card causing extreme (CPU?) stuttering?
  189. Help high end gaming laptop suddenly low fps
  190. How Can You Merit More DLC With Bugs Like This
  191. Rainbow Six Siege will not display but i have sound.
  192. validating and updating playlist and properties
  193. HD Textures on STEAM free weekend trial ?
  194. Gamepad & mouse
  195. Cant login to main account
  196. What the hell UBI
  197. Uplay Friendlist won't Load
  198. Friends List/Squad Issues
  199. Friend List won't load/ friends perpetually offline
  200. Injure bug
  201. [PC] Online Server Degradation 11/12/16 [Resolved]
  202. Random crash to desktop (CTD) in-game
  203. SMG Master uPlay Challenge Broken
  204. problema con el rainbow six siege
  205. Rainbow Six Siege won't even load past the Splash Screen...
  206. BattlEye Service..
  207. The Game Doesn't Open
  208. Problems with Gold Edition.
  209. Purchased the Game, Yet it still says that I have to buy it
  210. Can't start the game bought at steam
  211. Lost all 4 of my operators after free weekend
  212. Cant open game/ Says "expired" in uplay
  213. Problem with Rainbow Siege Six Gold Edition - Help Me
  214. [German] [Game: RainbowSix Siege] Voicechat Großes Problem
  215. Error Code 3-0x0001000B
  216. used wrong email address on uplay account for Rainbow Six: Seige
  217. I bought this game for my another account in steam, but it asking me to puchase it
  218. Server Error
  219. Black Screen Issue
  220. Can I redeem this game in this country?
  221. Не запускается игра
  222. Can't use my mic in-game
  223. Hostage bug!
  224. Steam to Uplay problem
  225. Error 2-0x0000e000!
  226. Servers are down?
  227. Game is not working. Help pls
  228. How do I Fix Frequent Freezes?
  229. server crash and idont got my points
  230. My account was banned.
  231. Rubbish RainbowSix Siege SEVER!
  232. Huge difference between what i see on my screen and kill cams
  233. Game freezes more than 10 sec (new round)
  234. Unable to start the game...
  235. Cannot download the game
  236. What did I do to deserve this?
  237. Hardware or software issue ?
  238. Siege Rankedserver
  239. Stuck of "Finding Teammates"
  240. Removeram minha season pass
  241. Hello i got 2 problems - need help
  242. got stuck at "validating and updating playlists and properties"
  243. R6 Credits there was a problem with your payment
  244. ERROR 2-0X0000B005 - Gamebreaking
  245. Using razer synapse to switch DPI, can i get banned for this?
  246. Bug/Glitch/Hack
  247. Can't run the game
  248. Game will not launch
  249. Can't use text chat or voice chat in game, Ubiclub freezes when opened ingame
  250. Truble with my MIC