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  1. cannot launch the game
  2. Has anyone...
  3. skins from Pro league
  4. Large stutters with high textures
  5. Game crashes since 37mb Patch Yesterday
  6. Constantly Losing Connection
  7. When They're Going to Fix The Random Crash?
  8. Why I can't update the game?
  9. Rank system
  10. fps loss-capped inside the game
  11. Crash due low memory (12GBs RAM)
  12. Another patch, netcode even more ****ed up than after patch before!
  13. Can't download the latest update
  14. Daily Challanges bar bug
  15. rainbowsix.exe has stopped working
  16. Change the language
  17. Score list ****ed up after last patch
  18. Rank broken - stuck on copper 1!
  19. Rainbow 6 Siege, weird FPS problem.
  20. Update problem help
  21. Can't update!!
  22. Debug Text Daily Challenges Screen
  23. Need help for fixing graphic error
  24. Free weekend but RS Seige won't even start.
  25. Weird Graphics glitching
  26. Rainbow Six Siege for PC. What are disc 2 and 3 for?
  27. bresilian server but i'm french !!!!!
  28. I solved my constant crashing issues.
  29. i cant update!!!
  30. I didnt get my pro league pack skins
  31. So R6 will not download on Steam...
  32. don't find same game as party members
  33. Keep getting Strict NAT
  34. Steam installation vs uplay
  35. Well I was DDOS'd again last night.
  36. PC-Getting dropped to Main Menu
  37. Constant disconnecting?
  38. Low FPS/lag during play
  39. how does all this make it past testing phase?
  40. Drones are crazy
  41. Wont let me play with friends
  42. Game crashing
  43. Constant crashing
  44. Ranking System functionallity
  45. Local Multiplayer - Can't find games
  46. Motherboard Beeping Randomly during Gameplay
  47. High Ping
  48. Random FPS drops for no reason
  49. Bugged Ranked
  50. How long does it take for ubisoft to write back?!
  51. 2-000000602 error
  52. 2-0x00000048, any help
  53. Texture bug (in loadout and loading screen)
  54. [BUG REPORT] Rook disabling bug when wearing armor plates
  55. Continues crashes of rainbow six after new update .
  56. Low FPS
  57. Glitch Report
  58. What happened with same-country-team matchmaking?
  59. Rainbow Siege error code:[3-0x0001000B]
  60. [PC] Need Help! Rubber-banding like a mofo...
  61. Bought the gold edition during free weekend and after it ended it took my season pass
  62. Windows 10: Keeps uninstalling Rainbow Six and forcing me to re-download.
  63. Keyboard + Uplay overlay are NOT working in-game
  64. Faster Internet But More Rubber-Banding
  65. Cant connect to game
  66. Keyboard Input Latency?
  67. Error 2-0x00000068, and why I'm probably quitting Siege.
  68. Glitches and bugs
  69. Bought game not appearing in library
  70. Uplay launcher has stopped working error
  71. Error Code 2-0x00000048
  72. Error 68 and non stop frustration
  73. Componant not found
  74. ADS glitch
  75. How do I set what erver I am playing on?
  76. Match making and time of day question .
  77. Game crashing
  78. Sound Bug
  79. Unable to download past 6.57 gb
  80. network error today
  81. Error during update install - There is no disk in the drive
  82. Can't connection Rainbow Six Siege Server. Error code:3-0x0001000B
  83. My data center is not changing(i have done the datacenter hint thing didnt work)
  84. Micro stutter/lag
  85. Matchmaking
  86. Jaeger Exploit
  87. Involuntary Keypresses
  88. Drone bug on Airplane
  89. Can not play past first situation.
  90. had bought the division but still can't unlock the weapon skin.
  91. Rainbow 6 Crashes Computer on Startup
  92. Glitches so far...
  93. An issue with Season Pass extra daily challenges
  94. Maintenance without warning ?
  95. PC FPS Drop after 2 or 3 rounds
  96. "RainbowSix.exe has stopped working" every time i try launch
  97. Game doesnt register my mic anymore
  98. SEE ME - Please do something about hackers and cheaters! - SEE ME
  99. Data Center (sbr-1)ms
  100. In-game Voice Chat
  101. PC server degradation?
  102. Fix That Game Plis(Glitch,Hacks
  103. Australian server issue?
  104. Can't Start the game
  105. Can't download the game
  106. SLI Fix or Workaround already!
  107. Xbox 360 Controller setup
  108. steam vs uplay
  109. Squad error joining issue
  110. Error code:3-0x0001000B, all of a sudden?
  111. Game causes entire PC to freeze
  112. Alpha Team Club Action
  113. No Graphics Upon Game Load (White Screen)
  114. Every single time I want to run the game, I have to reset factory defaults in BIOS
  115. How many more seasons do AMD users have to wait for crossfire? UBI bait and switch
  116. 144hz and AMD performance
  117. Australia calling....
  118. [GOLD] Operation Dust Line - Early access
  119. Can't buy R6 Credits
  120. Error Code [2-0x0000C003]
  121. Skins disappeared
  122. Screen freeze bug
  123. Error 3-0x0001000B after patch.
  124. Operator Selecting Screen FPS Drop in Ranked Mode
  125. server connection error 0-0x0000020B
  126. Operator Selecting Screen FPS Drop in Ranked Mod
  127. Can't join any friends. Connection failed (error code : 2-0x0000E000)
  128. (bug) Montagne - two shields shown while spectating
  129. Dropped due to Ping?
  130. Operation Dust Line not Downloading
  131. Error-code 2-0x00019001 // Ping rises up to 700-900 after the match begins
  132. server connection error 0-0x0000020B
  133. Smoke (sand) Screen fix?
  134. Unable to Download check your internet - FAILED TO START DOWNLOAD
  135. cant get past start loading
  136. still CPU Skylake problems after dust line patch 3.0?
  137. Error Code 2-0x0000B005
  138. Game does not open if in-game overlay is enabled
  139. Really bad lag with low latency
  140. Dropping from found lobbies.
  141. Can't download update to Rainbow Six Siege
  142. Error 8-0x00000052 after patch
  143. Can't buy currency packs!
  144. graphical glitch.
  145. SO.... Hax are Back
  146. Game won't connect to any local dedicated servers
  147. Game Crashes at Launch
  148. Got a problem
  149. Ping always at around 200+
  150. Can't buy R6 Credits
  151. Low Latency/Rubberbanding
  152. Cant fire gun with blackbeard/Valkyrie after random reload moments
  153. Stuck on Creating squad
  154. Display issue
  155. i cant get into the game
  156. After update 3.0patch can't connect to server
  157. [Bug Report] Shield spawning with damage
  158. Operator Choose Menu Slow/Cannot Choose Operator
  159. Problem with the new patch 1.3
  160. Lose mmr when i haven't play one round
  161. Game cannot launch
  162. Unable to add game to Steam to get Steam Trading Cards
  163. Since launch, game freezes for a full minute or more
  164. FPS issue - Please halp!
  165. Since 3.0 unable to play due to unusually high ping
  166. FPS problems
  167. game redownloading through uplay
  168. In game mic sound low on pc
  169. Uplay is unable to start your download
  170. Bought skins long ago, never appeared.
  171. Black Beard Shield sometime doesn't stop bullets
  172. Graphical glitches after windows update KB3156421
  173. season pass purchase on steam activate on uplay
  174. Shots/HS Uncounted For
  175. R6SS Season pass wheres my content ?
  176. Framerate increase
  177. Cpu usage in game 100%
  178. Since new patch, camera bug
  179. Error Code: 0-0x00000312
  180. Season Pass problem
  181. Stuck in map/wall when spawning?
  182. I've a problem with my account
  183. Raibow six Siege NAT Type
  184. [BUG] Something wrong with your random
  185. window of the game is minimized and not getting maximized
  186. Some Situations, Multiplayer & Terrorist Hunt Locked
  187. PoV camera spawns separate of player
  188. Crashing since 3.0
  189. The obvious connection issues plaguing siege.
  190. Game crashes on startup
  191. First mission crash
  192. Cant download new DLC.
  193. Split Squad problem
  194. Player Sync is off. player positions.
  195. Rainbow Six freezes my computer..
  196. error code 3-0x0001000B in ranked game
  197. Error Code: 2-0x0000e001
  198. Connectivity Issues When My Brother Plays Xbox
  199. VSync locking game to 30fps whenever it dips below 60
  200. error code 2-0x0000E000
  201. Autokick for teamkill after killing enemy
  202. Host icon no longer displaying for Terrorist Hunt
  203. Glitch in Bank map (invisible player in bomb room)
  204. Glitch in Bank map (invisible player in bomb room)
  205. Switching from console to PC
  206. Freeze on the lobby
  207. 72 Hour Renown Boost
  208. validation and updating playlists and properties [Update ERROR]
  209. Server Issues
  210. Sudden 60fs lock after 3.0 update?
  211. Random disconnect - Error code ends in 20B - "Seige servers are down"
  212. Random disconnect then a 15 min BAN and no RECONNECT
  213. View bug
  214. Bugged sound
  215. Bug found, House Secure area (+Video)
  216. Valkyrie camera bug (see through)
  217. How I change voice idiome
  218. Can't connect to multiplay when use the same wi-fi
  219. The loading issue
  220. Team Win Screen FPS Drops
  221. FPS drops to 30 no matter what vsync options I choose
  222. Pro league wapon skin
  223. Ranked Matchmaking - Placed into an ongoing game (0-3) and it destroyed my MMR
  224. Optimization For Chalet, Kanal and Yacht.
  225. 2-0x0000e000
  226. So many hackers lately
  227. Anyone Know Where the Invite Friend Button is?
  228. Error 0-2x0000E000
  229. Game Not Updating
  230. Displays in game on Steam when closed
  231. When is this sh*t going to be fixed?
  232. Is possible to modify the keys that I use in the game?
  233. Fix your damn game
  234. Glitching 'Out of Map' - Start of game.
  235. automatically joined an already started ranked match - wth?
  236. Account name changed for some odd reason, Rainbow Six Siege is gone
  237. Can't hear players in voice chat
  238. Cant see anyone move and they cant see me move
  239. Why do I take more than 1 minute to load the game??
  240. 100% Sure this will be ignored by Ubisoft but worth a try.
  241. Error Code 8-0x00000092
  242. Huge lag issue on ranked, first menu's in game
  243. Lagged out of ranked, still get penality
  244. eroor code [3-0x0001000B]
  245. HUD glich in Ranked mode
  246. User Profile Loading Failed
  247. Glitch on Ranked Match
  248. Loadouts reset, mouse glitch, game virtually unplayable
  249. Ethernet Cable Unplugged
  250. Bug - Drones phase under submarine on Yacht