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  1. Looking for Group for Ranked
  2. Team Clout (Xbox)
  3. Looking for a team
  4. Looking to get carried to diamond for 100$
  5. Looking to get carried to diamond 100$
  6. CoMx Gaming is Recruiting!
  7. Looking for 2-3 diamond players to join our squad
  8. Recruiting Players for Competitive and Casual Game Play
  9. Looking for a team
  10. Tactical Gaming (TG) is accepting new members for R6 Siege Division
  11. AdapT Recruiting!
  12. Mydas Team
  13. Looking for Casual / Ranked teams
  14. Ranked Teams!!
  15. Why isn't console on pro league anymore
  16. Looking For Casual Team to Help Me Improve
  17. Players using keyboard and mouse
  18. looking for some people to meme with
  19. Is ubisoft going to release a higher resolution pack for Xbox one
  20. Ranked Teammates
  21. Ironside Gaming wants YOU [EU, NA, OCE] [XB1, PS4, PC]
  22. Looking for players who aren't toxic to the community!!
  23. Clan recruitment
  24. Soviet mains
  25. Looking for 4 Players to Kick *** With
  26. DontBlink Gaming Recruitment
  27. Road 2 Diamond
  28. Error de actualizacion
  29. Update error Error de actualización
  30. Looking for members to join a team I'm creating.
  31. Need help getting out of gold limbo, i've been struggling for the past 3 seasons.
  32. Offline
  33. Unity Gaming
  34. Unable to connect to r6 servers!!!
  35. UK FB Group The Gamer Recon Division
  36. team RFL
  37. Article 5 achievement won't unlock
  38. Unban me, i want an moderator to respond.
  39. Unban me, i want admin respond.
  40. Harsher casual team killing penalties
  41. Pro diamond Esl recruitment xbox one
  42. Rainbow SIx Siege recruitment for Team Carno
  43. Rapture Gaming Community Now Recruiting
  44. Can't hear team
  45. Not received credits
  46. Rapture Gaming
  47. Ranked Team
  48. (ESL TEAM / XBOX ONE) Team Inferno
  49. EU ESL Team Looking For New Player
  50. Error code 3-0x0001000b
  51. Problem error code !!
  52. Error code
  53. United Not Divided Clan is Recruiting
  54. UK Multiplayer team
  55. Yellow stick doesn’t appear
  56. PuRe eSports [EU][NA]
  57. Come check out my R6 videos on Youtube!! Subscribe and like if you enjoy!
  58. EU Multiplayer team - not too serious but still wanna win!
  59. TOP3 Gamer is searching for an experienced R6 Manager or Team leader
  60. Looking for a Team
  61. Looking for a great team
  62. How can I get my R6 credits to appear?
  63. Error Code [2-0x0000E00C] Connection Failed.
  64. I lost my year 2 operators!
  65. sharing live account
  66. team needed 10- 14 year old Australians preferred skill doesnt matter
  67. Did not receive r6 credits
  68. R6 Credits Didn’t Go Through
  69. I Didn't get my R6 credits..
  70. Casual Players Needed
  71. Didn't get my r6 credits
  72. Group Recruitment (10+) rank dont matter
  73. I did not receive my R6 credits
  74. Didn’t receive the weapon skin from the YR3 Pass
  75. looking for team
  76. Interested in Siege Team
  77. Looking for a team copper 2 but skillled
  78. HELP, R6 credit issue.
  79. Anyone looking to play?
  80. Silver almost gold
  81. Never received my R6 credits
  82. Legion of Honor Clan is Recruiting
  83. erro
  84. Tilt screen crash
  85. Online Game Community
  86. Where’s my R6 credits?!
  87. Bring the better days back
  88. 1 more teammate
  89. Platinum 1 EU, looking for plat/diamond bomb only team.
  90. Plat player looking for ranked players
  91. Looking for long term teammates
  92. The Grognards, Rainbow 6 team, recruiting, 40 year old and up
  93. Requesting a teammate
  94. Help
  95. need good players to help me complete pandemic outbreak
  96. My game don't open (error 0x8027025a)
  97. Disconnected and got an abandon sanction
  98. 2 vs 2
  99. Rubber Banding Since Update and New DLC
  100. Error code: [2-0x00005000]
  101. Renown
  102. unstable ping
  103. I need an outbreak and Multiplayer teammate
  104. Gold/plat lft
  105. New Rainbow Six Discord Server
  106. Operation Health Doc Items
  107. Ranked Gold one and above players gt: NavySEAL SNIP
  108. XBOX ONE, Far Cry 5 Promo DLC
  109. New operator ideas
  110. Sovereign Nation Recruiting 18+
  111. Españoles para rankeds
  112. Xbox Fun/Competitive
  113. Pro League Week idea
  114. Recrutement xb1 francais
  115. LEGEND wait 4 it DARY Gaming Community
  116. The Nexus Forge - [Community] EVERYONE welcome!
  117. Lessons
  118. Mic issues on siege
  119. Plat 3 + CARRY ME PLEASE
  120. Looking for bronze or silver to play ranked with on seau servers
  121. Join My Ranked Squad
  122. Rainbow Six Siege Gentlemen's Club
  123. Competitive Custom Game Tournament - Make money playing Siege!
  124. Twitch Drops bug
  125. Tired of Overwatch Style Operators? Come to the Recruits Only Custom Game Club!
  126. tRiCt Esports RECRUITING
  127. [EU][NA] Dragon Dynasty Clan is Recruiting!
  128. Looking for comrades
  129. Shockwave Gaming is Recruiting
  130. LowT needs R6 Operators. 25+ Xbox based gaming community
  131. Game keeps crashing
  132. Rainbow Six Siege Xbox One: Game Crashes
  133. Self Made gaming open recruiting 17+
  134. Competitive Xbox Clan Recruiting
  135. Need an xbox squad/clan/ team
  136. Legion of Honor is recruiting (US) 17+
  137. Optimal Legacy Gaming Recruiting For Competitive
  138. Péssima comunidade de R6
  139. Scrub Squad Esports Recruiting
  140. Friendly recruiting
  141. Kaeo - Find a Squad or a Team on our Website
  142. Download R6 for free?
  143. New to r6
  144. [VSG] Venom Squad Gaming
  145. Looking for some [FRENCH] mates
  146. [NA/EU] Xiled Gaming Network over 75,000 members
  147. Looking for some teamates
  148. X Diamond looking to get serious again in go4
  149. Stand Your Ground Gaming is now recruiting
  150. Illuminated
  151. Recruitment for this
  152. Looking for a teammate for terrorist hunt
  153. [Xbox] BSK - Black Sky Gaming Recruiting 18+ Casual & Competitive Players
  154. Tired of play solo?
  155. [EU] Looking to go to the top. (Read inside).
  156. Grim Sky Road to Platinum.
  157. About watch dogs 2
  158. Desconnection on ranked
  159. LumberJacksOCE | Recruiting
  160. Stand your ground gaming(syg) is recruiting !!!
  161. The Wasteland Division
  162. La confrérie du Gaming recrute pour son roadster Rainbow Six Siege
  163. Xero Degrees Gaming is Recruiting
  164. Carry outa copper
  165. Underground
  166. Looking For A Group Of People To Have Fun
  167. R6 Team Finder [PC, XBOX, PS4] [New Community]
  168. Elo Bandits eSports are Recruiting [Xbox One][NA]
  169. Reclutamiento para el equipo Nute (NA)
  170. New Siege Player, looking for older fellow gamers to play cas/rank
  171. Building Team For ESL Tournament Play!
  172. EU only gold one and up 1.0kd+
  173. Anyone got a emtpy slot for a 5th member!!!!!
  174. Looking for Squad
  175. Finding Ranked Team Legit
  176. looking for a ranked team
  177. Blacksky Recruiting! [XBOX][PS4][PC][GLOBAL]
  178. Looking for Casual/Ranked players. Good attitude and preferably US Eastern Time.
  179. Recruiting esl
  180. Competitive Team [EU]
  181. Need help in ranked
  182. Ranked!?!?!?!
  183. 25$ Solo Tournament Prize
  184. Looking for a serious team desperately
  185. Need 1 Player - EU - Plat
  186. looking for a esl team
  187. looking for grinding to diamond
  188. Looking for players to help with the grind
  189. Looking for competitive T2 Xbox Team
  190. Looking for a serious pro team !!
  191. Looking for a fun adult group to play with? Come check out the Legion of Honor Clan
  192. Looking to go pro or at least to the top
  193. MnK on console
  194. Recruiting a ESL Team
  195. Trying to find players!
  196. Keyboard and mouse
  197. Experienced Community Welcoming New Members | Discord | 8000+ Members | Worldwide |
  198. CraveTheGame 18+ Fun, Friendly, Laidback community!
  199. Drop Down Games is Recruiting
  200. Looking for a squad
  201. Recruiting
  202. RooM Clan Recruiting For RS6 Comp Team For XB1
  203. Looking for a group to just climb up the ranks