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  1. Looking for dutch/english players to play casual games with!!
  2. Looking for a solo queuer
  3. Looking for casual/competitive group/clan
  4. Rainbow Six Team
  5. Looking for players to team up with. ENG Ranked
  6. Rainbow six siege Ranked squad.
  7. Looking for a causal team
  8. Looking for new players to team
  9. Searching for a serious and competitive team
  10. Anyone getting wildlands on Xbox one
  11. Rainbow 6 Seige: Ranked/Pro League team recruiting
  12. Team recruitment for tournaments xbox eu
  13. APEX Gaming is recruiting once more!
  14. Looking for Ranked team XboxOne
  15. Ranked team
  16. KoG is recruiting
  17. Looking for some solid ranked players
  18. Looking for Ranked/Casual team.
  19. Looking for team/clan
  20. Procurar Portugueses para R6
  21. Getting kicked for no reason
  22. Looking for 3 serious players to team up with!
  23. Looking for a group
  24. [EU] Looking for team mates to play ranked with
  25. Looking for some more people to play ranked with around 7-9 PST most evenings
  26. Looking for a team/clan for ranked
  27. need some guy x1
  28. looking for group on x1, road back to diamond. please read.
  29. casual play
  30. Xbox One Group
  31. 2 guys looking to join or start an esl/gb team
  32. looking for 3 people to join our rainbow six team
  33. Looking for a team to join for ranked
  34. Decent player (Ex-PS4) Fun But Serious
  35. Agc is currently recruiting members!!!
  36. Road to diamond need 3
  37. Recherche joueurs quebecois
  38. Agc is currently recruiting members for xbox
  39. Looking to start or join an ESL GO4R6 team
  40. Need a Player for Our ESL Team!!
  41. Come going agc clan for casual and mlg players alike!
  42. plat2/plat1 looking for 5 US Ranked players w/ microphone, level plat+, level 120+
  43. UK, looking for guys to do ranked with
  44. RB6 looking for clan
  45. (XB1) Amethyst Gaming Is Recruiting
  46. Looking for a Competitive Group
  47. Agc is now recruiting members both casual and mlg.
  48. I need somebody to play with for Casual
  49. Apex Gaming is Recruiting again
  50. looking for a group of highly seriously competitive.
  51. ranked
  52. Fatebringer Gaming
  53. Lookin for skilled ranked players (xb1)
  54. Need a squad for Competitive&Ranked (UK)
  55. Console Gaming League
  56. Looking for 3 Skilled players For Competitive and Ranked play
  57. Looking for people to play casual
  58. Legion of Honor Clan is Recruiting
  59. Looking for clan/group
  60. (MeS) Make Em Spectate Now Recruiting!
  61. Legion of Honor (LoH) Recruiting
  62. Recruiting for AGC starts today
  63. Looking To Join a Team!!!
  64. Looking for some friends to play ranked
  65. NerF Gaming (Recruiting Now!) All Ages, All Skill, All Welcome! Xbox One Only
  66. Need player for our New clan/team
  67. Solid Player Looking For Ranked/Comp Team
  68. Looking for people to play with
  69. XB1 - Looking 4 Player
  70. Looking For Ranked Group
  71. XB1 Looking 4 2 people for ranked
  72. XB1 Gaming Community
  73. Diamond player looking to join an ESL team XB1/NA
  74. Looking for people who wanna start a rainbow team?
  75. Looking for people who wanna start a rainbow team?
  76. Who wants to start a team
  77. I can not get the new blue nebula camo in rainbow six siege
  78. Looking for 3 Uk people for ranked
  79. Good player needs team! (Siege)
  80. looking to start a clan
  81. Agc is recruiting !!!
  82. Experienced Player Looking to join Platnium or Diamond Competitive Team
  83. Practice buddy?
  84. Looking for a clan plat all seasons
  85. iSpy Gaming Recruitment
  86. Recruiting For My Team! (XBOX ONE) No Fear {nF}
  87. Looking for Ranked team.
  88. Commix Gaming Xbox one Recruiting
  89. 2 Plats/Diamonds Looking For Teammates
  90. Team DeFuZed Recruiting For ESL
  91. Fatebringer Gaming
  92. Looking for a fun team.
  93. Solid Comp Player LF Team
  94. Looking for English Speaking Players
  95. Fuze bundle broken boggle debacle
  96. Mature Gamer looking for steady ranked games with a group
  97. LoH is looking for EU members
  98. FBG Community
  99. Looking for teammates for Ranked around 9PM PST
  100. Xbox One Scrim Thread
  101. Putting together ranked team Xbox one mic only!!!!!!!!!!
  102. LF people to play with (UK based)
  103. Siege Servers not working
  104. SWE Ranked and Casual players required
  105. Looking for an Xbox one rainbow six siege team
  106. FBG Community
  107. Looking to start up a team on siege or to join a team
  108. R6 Scrimmage List
  109. Heavenly Sword Gaming Community
  110. EU - Wingman Gaming looking for 3 players
  111. Reclutamiento de personal
  112. Looking for good clan Xbox one
  113. FBG Gaming Community
  114. 2 XboxOne players looking for a dedicated team.
  115. [LMG] League of Mature Gamers is recruiting adult Gamers 18+
  116. Commix Gaming Xbox one recruiting
  117. Recruiting 16+
  118. (16+ Only) Recruiting for Syndicate
  119. UnKnwn Clan
  120. Looking for an experienced clan to enter tournaments with!
  121. Looking for Good rainbow six siege clan
  122. R6 - Xbox 3v3 Tournament - 5 Team Spots Open - Recruitment Video W/ Details Inside
  123. GRM Gaming - Recruitment | 3,000 Members Worldwide | Onyx Squad Recruitment EU/UK
  124. Team Killing
  125. Looking for players/clan (RSS)
  126. [XB1] League of Mature Gamers is recruiting adult Gamers 18+
  127. [XB1] BDGaming.net wants you to be part of chill environment
  128. Looking for players
  129. (read) LF people to play siege and to make a group/community to play siege (Read)
  130. (XB1) Brotherhood Resurrection Gaming is Recruiting!
  131. Looking for a team to play with
  132. Servers
  133. Looking for members 16+
  134. [XB1] [PC] [PS4] Tactical Gaming is looking for new members (ANZ, US, EU, Global)
  135. In need of a solid five man/ranked
  136. Looking for recruits
  137. Looking for players
  138. Warriors vs Cavs
  139. XB1 LMG community looking for fellow adults to join us for RB6
  140. Joining ranked and/or competitive team
  141. Pure clan recruitment
  142. Looking for Consistent Ranked Team
  143. I need a teammate from the U.S
  144. Looking For Consistent EU Squad
  145. Looking for at least 2 people for ranked
  146. Tdm
  147. Rainbow Six Help
  148. Xbox one (custom match up)
  150. Need 5 Man Team for Ranked
  151. [XB1] need one more for ranked [WUS]
  152. Looking for an EU ranked team
  153. Team invade looking for members placed 10th in go4r6 tournaments recruiting now xbox
  154. 16,female,uk looking for a ranked team on xbox one
  155. Diamond team
  156. so I need a mentor
  157. Getting back into the groove
  158. Militia Gaming- clan recruitment (17 or over only)
  159. Echo 8 [Ranked Recruitment]
  160. I need a squad
  161. Rainbow Six Siege Team Creation
  162. Recruiting for XGC Kings
  163. Looking to start a team
  164. New EU Rainbow Six Siege Team 13+
  165. Cerco squadra R6 18+
  166. Ubisoft fix this
  167. Lots of Wins eSports is recruiting people for a xBox One competitive team!
  168. In need of a competitive and consistent team
  169. Uk Players
  170. Looking for a community/clan
  171. Again
  172. Platinum USA East Player looking for Serious Competitive Team
  173. In need of 3 good players for rank
  174. Refund please!
  175. Krysis Gaming Community is Recruiting!!
  176. Team 6 recruiting- ESL and GO4R6 Tournies, and general play.
  177. Mistakes was made
  178. Looking for a group to grow with
  179. Looking For Mature Players
  180. Looking for team
  181. Looking for GameBattles Team
  182. Team killing is getting annoying
  183. Playing Ranked TomorrowGT:Claw FibeR
  184. Looking for Players To Join Our Competitive/ Casual Gaming Group
  185. Lmg community is recruiting fellow adults to join our RB6 team
  186. Hextek LF 2 members! Silver-Gold
  187. Looking for Kid Friendly Clan for my Daughter
  188. Looking for casual EU (CET timezone) players
  189. Recruiting 19+ player for Sunday Tournaments / Ranked Team
  190. Recruiting Semi Pro Players For Esl Pro League
  191. Looking for a great community to play with? LoH is looking for recruits!
  192. ☆Recruiting members for RoT clan. New, mature, friendly, growing clan[AU/NZ]☆
  193. Recruiting for Clan Lion, Plat and up
  194. AGC Active X1 clan recruiting
  195. Xbox One Club
  196. Looking for UK gamers (preferably Scottish)
  197. Need new people to play with
  198. Glitches
  199. 2-0x00000b005
  200. Ranked Group
  201. Looking for team - potentially serious.
  202. Whats up this xbox one r6s free play days?
  203. sub par player looking for a team
  204. new player looking for team to play with consistently
  205. Looking for people to play ranked seriously
  206. Permanent 5 Man for new season
  207. Got banned for 2 days due accident..
  208. Looking For Players // Casual or Ranked
  209. Group
  210. Rainbow Six hasn't updated to Operation Blood Orchid?
  211. Wildfire Gaming - Looking for players for Serious ranked and ESL team.
  212. Looking for a team
  213. Recruiting competitive players
  214. Need more members for serious teams.
  215. Teammates
  216. Tryout's for Clan Lion
  217. Searching for members for a R6 team
  218. New Player
  219. Looking for an experienced team
  220. FuZioN Esports need players
  221. FuZioN Esports
  222. Looking for players to join my team. I have 3 players so far
  223. Looking for cool players
  224. Looking for group or friends to squad up with
  225. Looking for like minded individuals to play with on a consistent basis
  226. Looking for a team
  227. Creating/Looking for a new competitive team for ESL tournaments and Go4's
  228. Looking for 2 or 3 players for consistent play
  229. Need 2 more players for ranked
  230. I NEED a team to play/league/scrim with
  231. Need 3 players for Ranked Silver 3 or better.
  232. Need 4 players to get me back to Gold | DISCORD ONLY
  233. Fallen Gaming Recruiting (Xbox) ESL TEAM
  234. Looking for people to squad up with.
  235. Need 2 more people for ranked
  236. Looking for 2-3 people that are consistent players. want to get into GB's when ready
  237. Xbox one clan 5 man recruitment
  238. Looking for people to play ranked with.
  239. Fight for the Legion! LoH is looking for recruits.
  240. Mixer stream
  241. Looking for people to improve with
  242. Looking for other tryhards
  243. Starting competitive team
  244. AGC is currently recruiting!!!
  245. The Spear of Odin is recruiting!
  246. Looking for team. Xbox One
  247. [XBOX] Tactical Gaming is Recruiting
  248. AGC is recruiting casual and competitive !
  249. Rainbow Six Siege Xbox one Recruit or join Team
  250. Wanting to play go4r6 with a team