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  1. Fun?
  2. FSH Gaming, Inc. Community Recruitment [Parties, Monthly Rewards, and More Benefits)
  3. FSH Gaming, Inc. eSports Recruitment
  4. Looking for Ranked and Esl team
  5. Looking for bronze 4 to copper 4
  6. Searching for 3 semi-good people for a team!
  7. Searching for 3 semi-good people for a team!
  8. Looking for people to join a group for recruit rush squads and custom games
  9. Team Solitude. Looking for players for the Academy Team (Age: 15,16,17)
  10. [XB1, PS4, PC][NA/EU] Xiled Gaming Network over 75,000 members
  11. Looking for ACTUAL dedicated players to play with...
  12. [PC][Recruit][LFP] Silver-Gold [Dutch]
  13. ImTa Gaming Esports is looking for NL/BE players
  14. [Community][NA-EST] Crew Whitebread, a tight-knit community looking for members.
  15. [PC][NA]Ace.GG LF Plat 3 - Diamond Player
  16. || OutRage Gaming Is Recruiting! || 17+ || US || Looking For Dedicated Players ||
  17. [VSG] Venom Squad Gaming
  18. [Community Discord Rainbow 6 PC]
  19. Abyss Community - Looking for members
  20. [EU] over 18 clan recruiting siege crew
  21. (New to pc)(NA) Believe the Hype looking for players to join its siege roster
  22. [NL/DUTCH] Searching Crew
  23. The gathering looking to expand the comunnity
  24. New player looking for group to improve
  25. ubisioft please help i got banned please help i got permenatly bannediplayr6
  26. Rainbow6Siege Discord Channel (German)
  27. CCT looking for new players
  28. Recruiting players for new r6 Team
  29. Nederlandse R6S (PC) Community Zoekt Leden.
  30. Polski pluton frds rekrutuje!
  31. [NA-EST] [PC] [Team] Looking For A Dedicated Player
  32. [cw] COALITION WARFARE [cw] looking for players...............
  33. EU new to the game and don't want to play alone
  34. [NA-EST] [Gold] Looking For A Dedicated Player
  35. Looking for good players to play Ranked with (With decent level of skill)
  36. Immortal Esports Team, EU,
  37. Looking for people to play ranked
  38. 18+ Vlamingen gezocht
  39. [Diamond] LFT
  40. new to pc
  41. (NA) Believe the Hype looking to fill its B team
  42. Looking to Join a Squad
  43. P2 looking for a COMMUNITY
  44. Nederlandse Rainbow Server (discord)
  45. [NA] [EST] [18+] Creating A Team, name up for discussion by those who officially join
  46. looking for group
  47. BlackSky Community Looking for Players
  48. [op zoek naar teammembers] Silver-Gold [Nederlands]
  49. ┇Team VeX┇16+┇[US/UK]┇Gold III+┇Recruiting Skilled Players
  50. [EU][ENG/GER] Team Phalanx is looking for 2 members/ sucht nach zwei Mitgliedern
  51. Looking for community or group: NA
  53. BlackSky Community Looking for Players (18+)
  54. Recruiting for Covex eSports!
  55. Hi, would you like to join?
  56. Looking For ESL Recruits - Calamity Ravens Corps (PC) (NA) (EU) (AU)
  57. Looking for team for ranked/esl team
  58. Rainbow Six Siege: Public Discord Server
  59. Single Shielder looking for dedicated Ranked team :) EU
  60. FSH Gaming, Inc. Recruitment [Parties, Exclusive Content, & More]
  61. PXW ist auf Member suche ^^
  62. 3 year Rainbow six player looking for group to play with in NA
  63. calling all Rainbow Six Siege Newbies and streamers "PC - Discord"
  64. Probros E-Sports is looking for players!
  65. New to PC LFT/ Ranked squad/ DISCORD server
  66. Any Dads out there playing R6?
  67. Looking for Daily Squad/Team
  68. Semper Fi Gaming (AU/NZ - 18+)
  69. Ranked
  70. Any UK based community
  71. -=[ Oshowott Esports ]=- || Discord || RECRUITING GOOD PLAYERS
  72. Looking for people to play ranked with
  73. Looking for people to play ranked with.
  74. Looking for a compettive team
  75. I need people to play ranked with :D
  76. [▪SSS▪] Six Shooter Squad ║ RECRUITING Mature Dedicated Experienced ║ 18+ [UK/EU]
  77. Ranked premade
  78. [PC] BSK - Black Sky Gaming Recruiting 18+ Casual & Competitive Players
  79. [NA][PST] Looking for clan or community
  80. Looking for Team - Competitive eSports
  81. [NA] Looking for consistantly active, gold/plat group.
  82. LGBT (& allies!) players to team up
  83. Recumbent / community team
  84. Vanguard Gaming X - PC Recruitment
  85. [EU] MAD. - Team looking for players
  86. (AGN) A Gaming Network
  87. Szukamy polskich graczy do wspólnej gry / Looking for polish players
  88. Looking for people to play ranked with
  89. TEAM-FINDING Discord Community
  90. Busco amigos para jugar, necesariamente majos.
  91. [PC][EU][Team] BlackSky Gaming Recruiting
  92. [NA] Siege Go4 team Don't Peek looking for 2 members for upcoming cup on Sept. 16
  93. [NA] [EST] Looking for high skill players to play ranked seriously to get to diamond
  94. [PC][EU][Team] BlackSky Gaming Recruiting
  95. [NA] Introverted Gaming is now Recruiting!
  96. [EU] Looking for players to join us
  97. LUMBERJACKS! Looking For ANZ Teams To Fill Rosters For Games Such As R6S, Overwatch,
  98. Clean Fun Mature & Respectful R6
  99. FSH Gaming, Inc. Recruitment [Parties, Exclusive Maps & Skins, Memberships, & More]
  100. [NA] Looking for Serious Players
  101. [NA/PC/EN] Introverted Gaming is now Recruiting!
  102. Coalition Warfare looking to recruit
  103. [EU]Looking for team (Ranked/Tournament/LAN/Any)
  104. LumberJacksOCE | Recruiting
  105. Looking for EU
  106. Kaeo.gg - Recruitement website for finding a team, players or organization
  107. The Nexus Forge [Searching for YOU!]
  108. Looking for people who want to play competitive EU
  109. [EU] Looking For Some Semi-Serious Players
  110. [NA] Are you looking to group up with high-skill players? Join here!
  111. Coach needed
  112. Bravo Squad Recruiting
  113. NLD / BE DEGC zoekt leden (Recruiting players)
  114. Looking for a team/clan or even a competitive team to grind rank im tired of solo Q
  115. streamers & youtubers - noobs welcome
  116. Looking For Ranked Players/Team
  117. DUSK Combat Force Recruiting Casual & Competitive Players! [17+ ONLY]
  118. Na team build (18+) serious and competive players welcome!!!
  119. [NA][WestCoast] LFG Gold/Plat
  120. Lfg
  121. Looking for Group to Play with Regularly (PC) - (NA)
  122. Start or join Team to hit lan and nurish and thrive
  123. Finding a Team to help me grow
  124. R6s looking for team
  125. need players to farm renown
  126. Looking for players for ranked
  127. Recruiting Clan Members
  128. EU community looking for new members
  129. [PC][NA]~The Gaming Community~[*NEW CLAN*][9/23/18]
  130. Marked for Death [MfD] Recruiting!
  131. Looking for Players to play ranked with.
  132. In need of na coach
  133. Rainbow Six Community
  134. Looking for French Canadian friends! [NA][Casual][QC][PC]
  135. Find Frds -discord(no rank just for fun)CA
  136. Looking For Team
  137. Marked for Death [MfD] Recruiting!
  138. [PC] BSK - Black Sky Gaming Recruiting 18+ Casual & Competitive Players
  139. (PC) (NA) Gold 1 solo queue player need teammates
  140. KNG Clan for Rainbow Six
  141. RANKED 'casual' mature players?
  142. Looking for nontoxic players to play ranked with. (Newbie/Copper)
  143. TSM searching members for team or community members !
  144. Looking for team/players to play with
  145. Recruiting potential YeetMaestro recruits
  146. [PC/EU] 20+ hggaming.eu is looking for new friends
  147. Gravity Community
  148. Multi-Region Community - Looking for MORE chilled and friendly users
  149. Need 1 for lenovo charm (eu)
  150. FoX Clan looking for team. [EU]
  151. The COALITION now open and recruiting [EU] [Mature]
  152. Multi-Region Community - Looking for MORE chilled and friendly users
  153. Recrutement team Shurikend
  154. Looking for Team or Wanting to Create a Team
  155. Impartial Momentum Clan
  156. Multi-Region Community - Looking for MORE chilled and friendly users: Gravity
  157. Thunderbear Gaming (R6,CS:GO and more!)
  158. RD Team
  159. LF Group People for Ranked WUS
  160. [PC][EU][HIGH GOLD-PLAT]Looking for people to play ranked with
  161. PC EU looking for friends to play with
  162. [EU] [Gold / Plat] Looking for 2 more to team up with.
  163. Whatever Region, You're invited!
  164. [EU]Looking for Estonian players [Gold 1+]
  165. Looking for a clan
  166. LFG. [WUS] Plat 3
  167. RB6 Discord Community
  168. Cercando Team Italiano per ESL
  169. Revenant Gaming - Looking for CSGO Server Staff/Team [US-East]
  170. Looking for buddies
  171. Impartial Momentum Clan | https://discord.gg/FH9a4nU
  172. PC NA - Looking for players!
  173. ✵『BSK』✵〚NA/EU〛Black Sky Gaming Recruiting 18+ Casual & Competitive ¯\▁(◔◡◔)▁/¯
  174. New to the game looking for teammates
  175. Devils Brigade looking for decent siege players.
  176. Looking for team/clan
  177. KR Kings Realm - Recruiting (Rainbow Six Siege, Destiny 2 and others)
  178. I have no friends to play with
  179. Looking for teammates
  180. Looking for team mates
  181. *ABYSS COMMUNITY* - Looking for new players
  182. Recrutement de joueur débutant qui joue en classé!!!
  183. Revenant Gaming - Looking for R6 Server Staff/Team [US-East]
  184. R6 Team Finder [PC, XBOX, PS4] [New Community]
  185. Midnight Warriors
  186. looking for ESL Clan
  187. Prime Legion is recruiting!
  188. Rainbow Six Seige team - S4K is recruiting
  189. {DISCORD COMMUNITY} Country boys and city slickers are welcome! {13+, mature}
  190. PC NA Looking for a Competitive Team!
  191. I am looking for a team
  192. hi i am looking for a casual team
  193. Looking for more people.
  194. [PL] Venomous 5 poszukuje gracza
  195. [EU] Looking for a COACH - Pink Panthers of Death
  196. Lft pc
  197. [AU] Cryptic is looking for members!
  198. DsM is recruiting the best non toxic player
  199. Italian soul's gamers cerca giocatori
  200. Week 7 AUCG Tournament (ANZ Only)
  201. Look for players to start a ranked team.
  202. Looking for people to play
  203. Looking for a competitive team to play with
  204. Looking for a Team for Ranked/Casual
  205. Looking for a Ranked/Future Competitive Team
  206. NA PC LFT [Dedicated]
  207. Looking for teammates.
  208. [EU] Looking for a Ranked Team
  209. [EU] Looking for competitiv Team
  210. Looking for players to play ranked
  211. [NA-EST] [Silver 1- Gold 1] Looking for a late night team to stream alongside.
  212. EU Comp team
  213. Recrutement Stratege E-Sport [SERIEUX, FR, GROS PROJET]
  214. Welcome to Kaldaran Gaming Community
  215. Lf people 25+ with mic EU
  216. [EU]Looking for a squad/team to play ranked and maybe even tournaments in the future.
  217. [Silver 1 - Gold 1] [NA-EST] Recruiting Players for Consistent Gameplay
  218. Looking for a team eu (silver+)
  219. Looking for a Team on ranked.
  220. Players for ranked games
  221. Defy Community [NA]
  222. WUT Is Recruiting !
  223. Looking for ranked players (Not looking to join a clan)
  224. Looking for Mates | Ranked Silver/Gold | EU-Server
  225. Friends to play with (US-EAST) (french or english)
  226. Looking for 2-3 Players for Competitive Ranked
  227. LFG to get to Gold
  228. DP please remove
  229. TeamCookie “TCKE” is recruiting new players [PC]
  230. Looking for a dedicated ranked team
  231. The Ghost Republic Is Recruiting!! [PC]-=-[Competetive and Casual players welcome]
  232. Hazardouz Gaming recruiting
  233. Looking for a Clan? Message me
  234. [EU][PC] Evo Esports Is Searching Under 18s for a Academy
  235. High ping Sbr servers
  236. [NA][EST][Gold 4][PC] Searching For A Consistent Duo/Group.
  237. Looking for group
  238. Looking for new members
  239. Looking for Teammates
  240. Looking for group, Gold/Plat.. West US
  241. LFG (3 members needed)
  242. Article 5 - Help needed!
  243. R6 NA server
  244. regalia recrute
  245. regalia recrute
  246. looking 4 ranked team/clan for seige
  247. [ NA ] LFG Ranked Stack
  248. Looking for friends to play with
  249. me and friend want to be on team or clan or new friends
  250. Mature Aussie Gamer Looking for Social Team to Play and Learn with