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  1. Looking for groups to play with.
  2. Need people to play with
  3. Gold 3 looking for a team
  4. Looking for people to play siege or start a team
  5. Looking For General People To Play With (EU)
  6. gold player
  7. PuRe eSports [EU][NA]
  8. Bad Boys Rainbow Six Siege Server Discord
  9. Active Discord Community Looking for new Operators!
  10. Do you want to compete for prizes in R6S but didn't have an opportunity?
  11. Promeritum team looking for Hungarian members
  12. PC NA Gaming Kingdom Discord Community
  13. Libertas Legion: Alternative For Gamers! 18+
  14. looking for gold 1s - plats to join are discord community
  15. Reclutamento Per Nuovo Team
  16. Looking for a small gaming community based around R6
  17. Gold-Plat Player Looking For Group To Grind Ranked!
  18. Recruiting squad members for daily youtube videos + ranked matches [asia]
  19. Looking for people to play with.
  20. [18+][EU/NA]Damage Inc. is recruiting!!
  21. Dedicated player LF Tactical, Coordinated, Serious players
  22. [PC] [NL/BE] Luminous gaming looking for players
  23. Rainbow Six Siege Playersearch Server!
  24. Team Cereal Killerz is recruting!
  25. House of Bane - Gaming Community (PC)
  26. [EU] Looking for team mates Gold/Plat
  27. iranian players who can play like this
  28. Brand new platoon seeking for 18+ casual gamers from EU!
  29. I'm looking for a clan focused on competitions
  30. Chill
  31. The Asylum gates are now open! [discord community]
  32. Looking to make some friends or team to play
  33. Recherche joueur pour venir sur notre discord :)
  34. 776 sports looking for competitive players [NA]
  35. The Art of Warfare [EU/NA] 16+
  36. Looking for a clan EU
  37. New player looking for group
  38. connection failure Rainbow siege error code :[2-0x00000c015] [1956244e39]
  39. PLC recruitment post
  40. mid to high gold player omw to plat looking for team for ranked play.
  41. Dutch player is looking for dutch group/players.
  42. [EU] looking for a PC team
  43. (PC/NA/EU) The Asylum gates are now open.
  44. Competitive team (PriZm) looking for two mature players
  45. [EU] Looking for ranked team
  46. Looking for a Ranked Team to play serious but also to have fun!
  47. Looking for gold/plat team
  48. [EUROPE][HIGH-MMR] Looking for seasoned and skilled players!
  49. Syco Recruiting (PC)
  50. 5 guys 5 boosters
  51. looking for a team
  52. Looking for people to play R6 with me [Casual][Fun][GirlGamersUnite!]
  53. Team KAIJU Recruitment Thread 3 Players Needed Serious !
  54. Boosting to diamond
  55. 14 and looking for squad
  56. Brand new to game and looking for a group.
  57. Looking for PC Squad
  58. Looking for players from the UK around our age 21+ we also play PUBG and other games
  59. {iG} Impulse Gaming is looking for members for our gaming community [PC]
  60. Shattered Gaming Recruitment
  61. Origin recruitment
  62. The Shadows are looking for players any rank
  63. LF friends to play seige with [18+] Mature
  64. Organizacja Vikings Esports szuka zgranej 5-ątki [17+] {bootcamp]
  65. [FnB] Frag 'n Bag is back! Brand new platoon looking for casual 18+ EU PC players!
  66. Unreal Syndicate XI - Become better at Siege with USXI [EU, All ranks, coaching]
  67. Team for Derank
  68. New to Rainbow Six
  69. Newish player just looking for people to play w for fun.
  70. Equipe para Ranked
  71. Battleye Error
  72. Platinum 1 player looking for team (NA or EU)
  73. Mountaim eSports sucht professionelle Spieler!
  74. Just a dude looking for a team
  75. Looking for people to farm house
  76. Need team for ranked
  77. Send Help :(
  78. Versatile Gaming Looking for Players for ESL
  79. Looking for Player/Team
  80. EVE - Multi-Gaming Clan Looking to Expand to Siege
  81. Scouting Players For Pro Team [NA]
  82. Ranked Team Help
  83. HE Grunt Chibi
  84. Looking for Ranked team
  85. High Five!
  86. Starting up a community - Neptunus Hawks
  87. Instant Shock Is Always Recruiting!
  88. Looking for players for our competitive team
  89. [NA] Looking to go to the top.
  90. High Five :Grunt Chibi
  91. EU Looking for players to join and play regular ranked
  92. Looking for players for team!
  93. Suchen ein 5ten Member für das Leviathan Main Team
  94. Klap - Community
  95. Looking for a group for High Five challenge
  96. CitizenX Recruiting NA
  97. Looking for a team [NA]
  98. Looking for players for charm challenge
  99. High Five challenge: looking for players.
  100. Optimal e Sports Academy tryouts
  101. High Five Chibby Challenge
  102. [PC] The Rogues Discord Group
  103. Looking for 3 people for the high five charm challenge!
  104. [GER][EU][PC]Altes Eisen sucht Member!
  105. Looking for a team for chibi challenge.
  106. Looking for team NA
  107. Suchen ein 5ten Member für das Leviathan Main Team
  108. Can anyone help me to do that High Five Challange ?
  109. Execution eSports Recruiting Need Full Team
  110. Need 3 for Outbreak Chibi
  111. Need 4 for outbreak Chibi
  112. purchase, credits missing
  113. Recruitment Clear Enemy eSports! [NA]
  114. Looking For Friends To Play Competitive or Casual Multiplayer
  115. 卧龙岗大学毕业证uw /各国真实版本毕业证【一模一样】文凭>q微信2026614433澳洲
  116. 格里菲斯大学毕业证gu /各国真实版本毕业证【一模一样】文凭>q微信2026614433澳
  117. 塔斯马尼亚大学毕业证ut /各国真实版本毕业证【一模一样】文凭>q微信202661443
  118. 悉尼大学毕业证uws /各国真实版本毕业证【一模一样】文凭>q微信2026614433澳洲ਧ
  119. 迪肯大学毕业证Deakin /各国真实版本毕业证【一模一样】文凭>Q微信2026614433澳洲
  120. 悉尼科技大学毕业证uts /各国真实版本毕业证【一模一样】文凭>q微信2026614433ଫ
  121. 中央昆士兰大学毕业证usq /各国真实版本毕业证【一模一样】文凭>q微信20266144
  122. 圣母大学毕业证nd /各国真实版本毕业证【一模一样】文凭>q微信2026614433澳洲文
  123. 新英格兰大学毕业证tune /各国真实版本毕业证【一模一样】文凭>q微信2026614433ĝ
  124. 新南威尔士大学毕业证/微信2026614433澳洲文凭留信认证修改雅思成绩单
  125. 各国真实版本毕业证【一模一样】文凭>Q微信:2026614433办理惠灵顿维多利亚大&#
  126. 各国真实版本毕业证【一模一样】文凭>q微信:2026614433办理基督城理工学院cpi tૈ
  127. =ADK= A Different Kind Siege Recruitment Thread
  128. Looking for a team to help me grow
  129. looking for an australian squad
  130. Kryptic Esport need you
  131. Looking for people to play with!
  132. [NA]Looking for small team to rank from low gold to the top
  133. Hard Karma Revenge's clan | Recruitments Opened
  134. Looking For Some High Golds, Low Plats (or higher) for some ranked pushes.
  135. .Xan Clan is Recruiting!
  136. Looking for people to play with
  137. Lfc
  138. Clear Enemy eSports Recruitment
  139. (EU/NA) Damage Incorporated - Looking for clan members
  140. looking a squad to play whit lvl 90 or above
  141. [PC] Rainbow Six Siege Meet Up (EU)
  142. LFT - UK - Gold?
  143. Beginner looking for patient, experienced clan.
  144. Searching clan which is playig some esl and stuff like this
  145. Greedy Criminals are looking for members!
  146. [na & est]
  147. Need a rank squad 3-4 People [PC/NA]
  148. Greedy Criminals Need You! [1300 Members]
  149. [pc][na][clan recruitment conduit gaming][central time zone]
  150. looking for players for Outbreak Chibi
  151. Looking for group/people to play with.
  152. Need a ranked squad
  153. God Tier Gaming [E-Sports Team]
  154. Upcoming eSports Team
  155. Looking for team : ranked
  156. New Rainbow Six Discord Server
  157. Looking for EU/UK players
  158. [EU] Plat 3 / Plat 2 player LF European Team
  159. looking for copper 4 to bronze 4
  160. Looking for a team
  161. Ranked team plat/dia elo
  162. Looking for a group Gold 2
  163. Looking for teammates to play casual with
  164. [NA]Looking for plat team(or partials)
  165. TangoFoxtrot Recruiting
  166. [EU] Team Dusk recruitmernt/ go4 partners
  167. [EU/NA] Damage Incorporated Recruiting Active Siege Players
  168. (PC) ITA-Server Discord italiano multigames - ITALIAN GAMING LEAGUE
  169. [EU][PC]Apex eSports English Main Team looking for members
  170. Looking for team [EU]
  171. ACPL a discord Tournament
  172. Suche Clan oder Gruppe in RB6
  173. [EU] Looking For Ranked EU-Players (Plat/Gold)
  174. Black Power R6 Team!?
  175. USXI - Looking for Coaches and Scrim players!
  176. I Ryle_esport
  177. Gold 1/Plat 3 player looking for a team
  178. Hi there! FIZEY clan looking for new members.
  179. Flemish/dutch PC game community
  180. Cupidity eSports [EU][PC]
  181. LF EU players for casual and ranked
  182. Central NA: Two players semi new to siege on PC Gold/Plat?
  183. 5ter Mann für ESL Team
  184. Need a group for ranked
  185. Solo player looking for group.
  186. The Art Of Warfare [TAW] is looking for players
  187. Looking for 1-2 players to play ranked matches
  188. Need A Boost
  189. Looking for danish player for ESL/KoN team
  190. looking for team
  191. Solo Player Looking For a TEAM
  192. Solo player looking for new friends and people to play with - EU/ENG/NOR
  193. Join the Asylum Gaming Network
  194. Death Wish Recruitment
  195. Australia team looking for extra playerr
  196. Looking for group/team any rank.
  197. Come play with Leave No Trace!
  198. SEA & Indian Players can join this discord server
  199. Finding players to unite with
  200. Im a Solo player just looking to join a clan.
  201. Account ps4 for pc
  202. solo player looking for people to play with
  203. Lfp r6 siege pc
  204. Looking for 2 players to join an esl team
  205. Looking to join WnD
  206. Ranked team needs people
  207. Looking for people to play with
  208. Team recruitment
  209. 2 players looking for a team
  210. [PC][EU/NA]Damage Incorporated is looking for new members
  211. Come join The Odyssey a growing gaming community of people who love games!
  212. (ANZ) Generic looking for high level players
  213. NA/EST PC Looking for mature non toxic group to Push ranked
  214. Billy no mates here looking for people to play games with
  215. R6S Damage Incorporated [DI] Recruitment #JoinDI
  216. HKS(Hong Kong Serenity) teammate recruitment
  217. Plat player looking for new team
  218. SquadRecruitment. - New Players Accepted.
  219. The Ghost Republic Gaming Community is now recruiting! [OPEN]
  220. Pc na mature player looking for team
  221. Gold 1 looking for Team Competitive Play
  222. Gold IV (Plat 3 S8) KD 1.5 Looking for good players
  223. Looking for a group of people to play with, learn from. (Plat3 1.6kd / 105lvl) EU
  224. Groups wanted for Rainbow Six Siege Tournaments. (PC only)
  225. Taurus Gaming looking for more members!
  226. Gold 3 - Looking for a Competitive Team (WEU)
  227. [NA][EU][AU]The Beacon Gaming Community is Recruiting!
  228. OG Gaming Community Recruitment!
  229. International Team of Apex eSports looking for members
  230. Gold 1 to Silver 3 .. SAVE ME.
  231. looking for strong eu team
  232. New
  233. EX player looking to get back into the game.
  234. New Player looking for people to play ranked with
  235. Finding more members
  236. ★★ [MG] Meteor Gaming ★ Seeking Mature Players | ✔ NA ★★
  237. New Australian Oceanic discord server, Looking for Fun Toxic Free Players
  238. Brutally honest recruitment pitch to teams
  239. Looking for communicative / tactical players (ranked or casual)
  240. Ogre is recruiting for official ESL Team
  241. Damage Incorporated! Recruiitng Now!
  242. Team Southside organisation looking to start a R6 Team
  243. [PC][NA]Looking for a team/group of people to play ranked with.
  244. Hibana/Lesion main looking for good team that stack op's abilities. Hostage Only.
  245. Looking for friends to play ranked/casual with
  246. Looking for Teammates for Go Green Charm
  247. AUS/NZ Region. Im a plat 3 coach looking for a team to coach silver 1 minimum.
  248. TG Recruiting! (Finnish/14+/EU)
  249. Looking for mature casual RS6 group for enjoyable gaming
  250. Looking for people to play with