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  3. Far Cry Primal releasing 23rd Feb 2016 on PC/XB1/PS4
  4. New FAR CRY Level?
  5. Press/Fan Kit?
  6. This is not the Far Cry we wanted..
  7. What animals we will be able to saddle up?
  8. Season Pass?
  9. Single Player Only? Total Buzzkill
  10. Depth of crafting & survival mechanics
  11. Why it's not numbered.
  12. Female character protagonist or male only?
  13. Far Cry Primal - Fan Kit
  14. Can't wait for this game! What do you want to see?
  15. I wonder if the męlee system will be revamped...
  16. Some very instresting ideas for the game
  17. DUNIA graphics engine
  18. Far Cry 5 releasing in 2017?
  19. Hope you like my own version of this trailer
  20. What continent do we think Oro's is set in?
  21. Far cry primal ?
  22. Many Questions
  23. Seems like there might be explosives after all
  24. ****ing Excited
  25. More exploring, less hand holding
  26. Rideable Mammoths?
  27. 3 different ecosystems, one day/night cycle... What wildlife?
  28. Co-op.
  29. Saving
  30. Will it be open World, open ended ...
  31. Tribal Diplomacy
  32. Why is there no limited or collectors edition for preorder? + advice for developers
  33. FC5 Primal?
  34. I can't believe you've done this...
  35. Far Cry forum
  36. Far cry tecumseh
  37. Signal Fires
  38. Old Gen
  39. Regarding Map Editor
  40. No game in PC DVD?
  41. Weather on Oros?
  42. Far Cry 5 availability
  43. Most of us know you folks listen
  44. Really?
  45. Farcry Primal Endurance Hunting
  46. Alternate Primal trailer, almost blew chunks out me nose
  47. Dinos? Guns? Dont need that.
  48. Language in Oros
  49. No multiplayer? No map editor? Mandatory Uplay? Bye bye Ubisoft
  50. Far Cry Primal
  51. Rip FarCry
  52. Another good idea forced into the skin of a popular series...
  53. HUD Options Request for Primal
  54. Far Cry Primal how it should be..
  55. Closed beta?
  56. Language Filter
  57. Fauna of Far Cry Primal
  58. More info about Primal on Game Avards
  59. I am looking forward to this game.
  60. Far Cry Primal Editions
  61. Game Awards gameplay video
  62. No map editor in Primal
  63. Far Cry Primal Gameplay
  64. Beast Balance
  65. ((Concerns for Copy & Past on PRIMAL))
  66. My hopes for FC PRIMAL
  67. Controller Option in the PC Version?
  68. Far Cry has become a Virtual Barbie Doll
  69. Predictions.Sales of game
  70. Far cry primal first impression and suggestion
  71. Why you take OWL
  72. Lack of Primal Content
  73. Question about tamed animals
  74. Suggestion/Concern for FarCry Primal
  75. Far Cry Primal - Alternate Beast Master trailer
  76. Next Far Cry Title suggestions
  77. What's the defference with the APEX edition and Standart Edition??????
  78. Wingsuit?
  79. Thank You UbiSoft! Great, Original Idea
  80. - Suggestions, Primal Team -
  81. A tiny sugestion regarding the E button (PC)
  82. For Ubisoft: Can I use this for my web?
  83. Eurogamer Ian higtons thoughts on fc primal
  84. Deluxe Edition for PC? If not Why not?
  85. Weapon - The Blowpipe
  86. Weapon - The Shield
  87. Weapon - The Sling
  88. Elaborate on Takkar animations for Fidelity.
  89. Make encounters with animals rare, special... not routine
  90. Traps
  91. Please let there be rain and thunderstorms!
  92. Different species of human in the game.
  93. Far Cry Primal World! Primal Enthusiasts Facebook Group
  94. The Bows - Poundage Mechanics
  95. Can only craft weapons/arrows at either Base camp or liberated Outposts
  96. FC: Primal should borrow ideas from The Forest !!
  97. Hilarious gameplay video
  98. World War 2 Far Cry Game?
  99. Too easy !!!
  100. UBISOFT DEVS! Simple Christmas Request Please
  101. Far Cry Primal Collectors Edition Question
  102. My most important question...
  103. Please let us holster/put away weapons
  104. Collectors Edition Revealed !!!
  105. Map Details
  106. Ironically Far Cry Primal looks to be a far cry from Far Cry....
  107. Good news for all who want a CHALLENGE / SURVIVAL experience
  108. Make Choices! Not Chores!
  109. Disappointed for not supporting Xbox 360 anymore
  110. Summary of current concerns
  111. ESRB Rating
  112. Far Cry Primal Playable Consoles
  113. Far Cry Primal, wishlist Collectors
  114. Please add PS4 Controller support for the PC version like AC S
  115. Far Cry should add the Titanoboa
  116. Far Cry Primal on Nvidia GeForce GT 635M
  117. Your thoughts on Homefront: The Revolution?
  118. Your Favourite Far Cry Game
  119. New Primal Character
  120. Far Cry Primal Community Stream on Twitch this Thursday, January 7th!
  121. Far Cry Primal Release JAPAN?
  122. Far Cry Primal PC System Requirements
  123. Dear FarCry dev , i got the best idea for a far cry game ever
  125. New information about tribes?
  126. Earth's Children and Far Cry primal
  127. Forbes : Far Cry Primal looks like FC4 'reskinned'
  128. Dear Ubisoft , will you care this time ? Or will you leave us a broken game again ?
  129. Will the Wenja Phrasebook be available in the United States?
  130. Please, add JJ the dev tester as an NPC :)
  131. FC PRIMAL: What we are actually getting? What's new, what's not
  132. Far Cry Primal - LIVE STREAM VOD REMINDER
  133. Day/night cycle while moving?
  134. Can we finally see our legs?
  135. Farcry primal Map Editor!
  136. When's this 2nd Live stream ?
  137. FCPrimal Contest for you Cavemen across the pond
  138. New Story Trailer
  139. Serious question for the devs, can we even block with with our weapons?
  140. Oh dear..... Ubisoft, do I need to be worried?
  141. FC Primal Characters
  142. OST - Main theme
  143. Far Cry Primal: Beast Mastery Qualms
  144. Can i redeem?
  145. will the game be DX12? I am dying to use my AMD.
  146. Preorder
  147. Anti-Piracy Protection
  148. Blood Shasti Club
  149. Sounds of the Stone Age - "Temperate Forest" and "Marshlands" Audio Experiences
  150. Finally NEW FOOTAGE
  151. Far Cry Primal Denuvo ?
  152. Will Far Cry Primal be Available for PC?
  153. Final Wildlife question
  154. Underwater combat
  155. Bought steam version
  156. FC Primal PC version AND Familly members own progression
  157. Looks like a bug... Will UBI fix it?
  158. Leaked REVIEW !
  159. Far Cry games on sale up to 75% off
  160. Ubisoft Club Exclusive Rewards in Far Cry Primal
  161. A Small Gift: "The Heart of Oros" is Now Available!
  162. The Prima Guide for Far Cry Primal is now available for pre-order!
  163. Far Cry Primal - How to Create a Stone Age Soundtrack
  164. So this time no Multiplayer at all?
  165. Far Cry Primal – The Charge - Live Trailer
  166. Farcry Primal Rap: What Do You Think?
  167. Ubi Workshop - Takkar's Dagger now available for pre-order!
  168. Mammoth Stuck Glitch
  169. Size 11.97gb? Twice smaller than fc4?
  170. Map size compare to fc3/4?
  171. Jayma Reference Guide -- Could you be a Wenja hunter?
  172. Unboxing Collector's edition
  173. Is there going to be a map editor
  174. FAR CRY CUBA fan art project
  175. Steam Trading Cards & Backgrounds
  176. Best Far Cry trailer (TV spot) ever!
  177. Recording/Streaming information
  178. Microtransactions
  179. Wenja Phrasebook
  180. FarCryPrimal Dagger
  181. Tensay Reference Guide -- The Shaman of the Wenja Tribe
  182. Time for a ♪ gift: More music from Far Cry Primal!
  183. "Legend of the Mammoth" DLC is a complete joke
  184. Sayla is Citra's direct ancestor
  185. Will my computer handle Far Cry Primal?
  186. Exploring Oros' Beautiful Underwater Depths
  187. take a look to the Stone Age ‪‎PlayStation‬ 4!
  188. About Udam
  189. Reviews come Monday!!!
  190. Ask Far Cry Primal - Community Q&A
  191. Will there be a playable female character?
  192. Ok to stream on Twitch?
  193. Far Cry primal just a filler until next far cry 2017 ?
  194. Karoosh Cosplay Reference Guide - The Hardened Warrior of the Wenja
  195. Soundtrack Preview: “Takkar Of The Wenja” by Jason Graves
  196. I really wish the SKILL TREE was more interesting
  197. Playing without a pet
  198. Interview with the Cinematic Director "The most compelling game I've ever made"
  199. Help Please! Collectors Edition Delivery Question
  200. difference between console and pc release.
  201. Far Cry Primal - first reviews in
  202. Far Cry Primal - international reviews - seems a good game...
  203. Far Cry Primal - Day One Patch
  204. March 1st Pc Release>>??? WTF
  205. Your first impressions
  206. FAR CRY primal and people with reading difficulties
  207. Far cry multiplayer
  208. Far Cry Primal Collectors Edition PC
  209. Where is the DLC Code Email ?
  210. Apax edition
  211. Welcome to the savage world of Oros!
  212. Far Cry Primal - Launch Stream is now live!
  213. Any violence beside cutscenes and deco corpses?
  214. How to Recall Beast?
  215. Excited to start far cry primal... But wish they would make a FarCry set in...
  216. Disable Automatic Waypoints
  217. Quests Broken/ Not appearing?
  218. Amazing!!!
  219. FarCry Primal Collector's Edition
  220. screaming for co-op
  221. Please, Please, Please, give us more than one save slot!
  222. Couple of things I would love to see patched
  223. Pitch Far Cry 5!
  224. Poor combat system
  225. Is it possible to playthrough the game without ever taming an animal?
  226. Deluxe Edition Soundtrack CD?
  227. Where to find rare deer skin.?
  228. Hello a bought the blood shasti club
  229. Idea for dlc... Yeah, already :P
  230. World is a little inconsistent - disappearing enemies
  231. Why I Can't Buy Primal
  232. Missed opportunity for an obvious weapon.
  233. Legendary beasts not exactly "legendary" (very minor spoilers)
  234. Far Cry Primal soundtrack now available!
  235. Badgers won't spawn
  236. Symbol meanings?
  237. Easy vs Hard
  238. Missing dlc items?
  239. FC4 Modern Weapons CHEAT CODE would be AMAZING.
  240. bloodfang sabre kied on hunt quest
  241. all dlc perks and skins?
  242. Is it just me, or is the companion beasts really loud?
  243. boodfang Sabertoth mission glitch pls fix
  244. HUD Suggestion/idea
  245. HUD Suggestion/idea
  246. Uplay account
  247. Could be the best game ever
  248. farcryPrimal ONLINE / MULTIPLAYER
  249. Hows the game?
  250. Are these special edition extra contents available as DLC?