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  3. does uplay have family share for pc
  4. [How To] Submitting Feedback & Suggestions
  5. Games BackUp
  6. Remember language
  7. Browsers games and Free games...
  8. Please give us the option to resize game tiles.
  9. The proposal strictly the case.
  10. The weak link left
  11. The new Uplay layout
  12. Making list view permanent in the game library
  13. Please add nickname system on uplay
  14. Bandwidth usage limit bar is still broken
  15. Impossible to find message sent from friends UPLAY CHAT
  16. Replacement for "WIN" tab
  17. Another two years and UPLAY store still non functioning from NZ
  18. UbiShop
  19. Love the new Uplay design. But it feels incomplete. So here's how to fix that!
  20. the crew some players are using bots to win
  21. Input to make launcher better
  22. Trials Evolution Gold won't start after uplay update.
  23. Problem with Freedom Cry
  24. Start Uplay with Computer Startup
  25. Still a few problems with the September Update
  26. Game missing from list after september update
  27. Essential with your servers: "go offline" button on login screen (it's gone)
  28. SteamUbisoft Games on uPlay
  29. friends activity and achievements
  30. Uplay client problem
  31. Feedback for Ubisoft regarding the Assassin Creed series
  32. Restore Uplay tray icon when explorer.exe crashes/is restarted
  33. Pleace help Can`t log in to Uplay on browser, and Far Cry 4 won`t launch! :(
  34. Controller friendly
  35. UPlay annoyancess (never fixed)
  36. Missing dlc
  37. Uplay Limitations and Issues
  38. brutally honest feedback about my favorite franchises
  39. Thumbs Up
  40. Spanish translation
  41. Rainbow Six Siege avaible beta?
  42. Lost all of my games!!
  43. Upgrade Far Cry 3 COOP mode, or let it DIE!!??
  44. Please add SC Pandora Tomorrow back to the store!
  45. 1 honest observation and suggestion
  46. A feedback and probably a suggestion
  47. What i think of the game so far
  48. How do I turn off UPlay ads
  49. R6 S close beta
  50. Thumbs Up Ubisoft
  51. Joining friends
  52. Rainbow 6 Siege beta data center Selection Issues
  53. Get rid of Geolocation on Uplay client
  54. Coming back to Uplay after a month of abstinence
  55. This forum is for feedback on Uplay, not on the Rainbow Six beta
  56. Why so few options?
  57. Errors with Terrorist Hunt
  58. [Suggestion] Allow standard Forward/Back navigation
  59. friends
  60. Suggestions and Things that could be improved ( TC: Siege)
  61. open world game
  62. How to properly backup UPLAY games?!?!?
  63. Allow the merger of 2 Uplay accounts
  64. Browser Games features...
  65. Free Games Bonus for Assassin's Creed Unity or Black Flag
  66. Lost interest in finishing Uplay actions due to ones that are unobtainable
  67. Ubisoft
  68. Improving UPlay
  69. ADS in uplay!?
  70. Let me upgrade my Assassins Creed 3 and Black Flag games over Steam.
  71. Anno 2070 new download?
  72. Ability to load Uplay at Windows startup
  73. скоты
  74. Feedback on latest version of Uplay
  75. User name
  76. Add achievements/steamworks to steam
  77. add time played and how many hours played in a week or two
  78. 2 Factor Authentication please
  79. Activar juegos formato fisico en Uplay
  80. option to clear historical chat with friends
  81. Uplay Connect To A Whole New Level
  82. Timed-out Betas No Longer Uninstallable Via New uPLay UI
  83. refunds from UbiSoft
  84. Why uPlay Shop Sucsk ?
  85. Combining accounts
  86. AC Liberation HD un Xbox 360
  87. Add info about achievements on game page
  88. Ubisoft Club | Uplay integration & Club page
  89. Install DVD location
  90. silenthunter online
  91. Ubisoft Club more info
  92. get XP through unlock achievements like completing action
  93. When you want to solve the Chinese players U point porblem?
  94. Let us choose the default launch screen
  95. Improvement Ubisoft Club
  96. Add Ghost Recon Phantoms on "your Collection" in ubi site
  97. More Demos and Game Times
  98. Bring back old collectors editions
  99. View options
  100. [Uplay] Start with Windows minimized feature
  101. Offline friend messages ....
  102. Uplay time logs
  103. Time played
  104. Please give us history messages in the Uplay chat!
  105. [BUG] Uplay Game launcher popups/steel focus when I exit game
  106. uplay friend system
  107. Bring Back Achievements in Uplay overlay
  108. Please add some counters to AC-Syndicate.
  109. Internet browser within Uplay
  110. AC Initiates Functionality to Ubisoft Club?
  111. Why can't I block people on Uplay?
  112. Quite a messy client and site
  113. Email Account Issues
  114. Idea: Transfering games from one account to another
  115. Add sound to UPlay notifications
  116. Add games purchased on uplay to steam library
  117. Suggestion: Move Block/Unfriend
  118. uplay and probably foreign keyboard layouts
  119. Liberation hd not linking with ubisoft club...
  120. Remove ads after playing game
  121. Uplay improvement: to see how the game will perform on you PC before buying
  122. It's time for a Backup feature in 2016
  123. Uplay Error for 36 hours and counting. Unable to see owned games in Uplay.
  124. The Division Badge on Profile Page
  125. Loja Uplay
  126. Found a work-around to backup games from Uplay! [Windows PC]
  127. A few things that would improve U-Play
  128. Compress the downloads on Uplay client
  129. Auto Start
  130. Beta
  131. Suggestion: Type in the Installation Directory
  132. List User Accounts For Single Click Sign-in For PC's With Multiple Users
  133. Do something!
  134. shocking service
  135. Can we have a useful Basket?
  136. Suggestion: Uplay needs an activation history.
  137. Uplay Friends - Appear Offline
  138. Suggestions
  139. Setting up a download schedule on Uplay possible?
  140. Uplay Notifications & Invites
  141. Purchasing on Uplay story
  142. Uplay Story broken for months
  143. Invalid E-mail! Can't enter online!
  144. Is Ubisoft scamming us?
  145. [Bug] Uplay overlay disrespect local time settings
  146. Thief detected
  147. Feature Request - Friends Nickname/Alias
  148. Open letter to Ubi Soft
  149. account suspension time (failed login)
  150. Terrible work of technical support.
  151. Petition to remove Uplay as a forced option
  152. Adding Number
  153. 2 step verification or login verification
  154. Uplay app praise first one in my life
  155. I stopped buying Ubisoft games due Uplay
  156. Missing uplay functionality - ad settings
  157. Dear Ubisoft
  158. Uplay Overlay
  159. The Division Hackers
  160. Dear Uplay
  161. Start Uplay when computer start....
  162. Achievements
  163. Achievement tracking for both Uplay and Steam
  164. UPlay <-> Steam
  165. Allow Upay to download while playing
  166. PLEASE enable sessions for 2FA!!!
  167. Favorite Games
  168. Uplay client not seeing my installed game folders
  169. Need to log in every day - annoying
  170. Make Uplay client better!
  171. detect if connected to internet or not
  172. Start the game where you last left it. Auto Start
  173. 2-Step Verification
  174. Clan System within the Ubisoft Client.
  175. 2-Step Auhtentication One-Time only for main system
  176. Two step verification only once per computer
  177. Option to automatically close Uplay client after playing a game
  178. DPI SCaling!!
  179. Short info blurbs for games when you click on them
  180. Club new look
  181. Please add nickname support for uPlay
  182. If I buy a game from Steam, give me the Uplay only option as well.
  183. Want to see my current XP ingame
  184. Canīt see all badges
  185. Can't see my games
  186. Comeback of the social wall or something similar?
  187. Confirmation email upon 2FA activation
  188. notification sounds
  189. Remove or change 2-step verification
  190. [Uplay] Disconnection for inactivity interrupt downloads
  191. Uplay - converting game from platform A to platform B
  192. Why uPlay Sucks
  193. Remember this computer & account function with 2FA
  194. How to make "Trop Cool Uplay"
  195. Writing Toy Story
  196. Serious hack risks
  197. Uplay Overlay
  198. uplay DLC prices
  199. download
  200. Group Suggestion
  201. Live streaming uplay games to Facebook
  202. uplay beta
  203. Uplay & Ubisoft Club - suggestions
  204. Getting really angry with Uplay Ads....
  205. UPlay Improvements
  206. Bring back "Owned DLC" old look !!
  207. Gifting
  208. 20% off with 100 credits on EVERYTHING??
  209. UPLAY IMPORTANT settings that needs to be added ASAP
  210. In-game overlay friends chat is not efficient and rather annoying
  211. Please allow us to remap the in-game overlay hotkey combination
  212. [Minor] Maximize goes to 2nd monitor
  213. gift
  214. DLC Menu entry for all games , like the Division has !
  215. Give us the option of uplay automatically shutting down when we exit a game
  216. Disable "random" Friend Suggestion?
  217. merging
  218. Feedback about "remember me"
  219. Mac
  220. Allow different alphabets for Usernames!
  221. Maximized window larger than screen
  222. Support/Better support for non-administrative Windows Accounts
  223. Youtube video explain how to easily hack uplay accounts
  224. Greek language
  225. Suggestion: Please stop prompting for password when 2-factor is enabled.
  226. Suggestion: FORUM SPAM
  227. more head features in the division and fb linked to ubisoft
  228. Disabling the need for third party cookies
  229. Dear Ubisoft: Please kill uPlay
  230. Enough with the verification to check if the games are running with Uplay Overlay.
  231. Uplay opens to the foreground after exiting a game
  232. Notifications
  233. format my PC
  234. [Feature Request] Settings Synchronization
  235. Dissabled Overlay warning
  236. Game progession for previous games? :)
  237. 2 quality of life suggestions
  238. Sell all your old games on Uplay now! Update game servers too.
  239. Ability to remove Expired/Old games
  240. Make ALT+TAB not break the Uplay overlay and put in Chromium
  241. [Uplay] February Update - Thursday February 9th 2017
  242. Please stop showing notification on bottom?
  243. This friends list just become worse!
  244. Username character limit increase
  245. uPlay connection is a joke
  246. 4K GUI for uPlay Overlay
  247. Friends List
  248. Need ability to instantly Block trolls, teamkillers, griefers, and annoying players
  249. In-line Uplay updates
  250. Browser feature