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  1. Launch Minimized with Windows
  2. Uplay points expiring?!
  3. Club units expiring
  4. Focused Feedback: Public Profile
  5. Bring back the old Uplay app
  6. Find and remove 'stale' friends from your friends list in UPlay?
  7. Can we please customize what news or ads we see in Uplay?
  8. Gifting a game
  9. Question regarding Christmas giveaway's?
  10. Uplay chat sound notification
  11. [PC] - Suggestion: UPlay Categories management system pls!!!
  12. Uninstalling UPlay & UbiSoft Games.
  13. I need corrector chat, my grammar is so crapy, dude
  14. 2-step security is just to bother players?
  15. James Cameron's Avatar The Game
  16. Green tick on cumulative Uplay Rewards
  17. Language change improvements
  18. appearance
  19. An option to disable achievement notifications
  20. Why I don't buy anything from sales
  21. Overlay Friend favorites please.
  22. UPlay Credits Deletion is Giving Ubisoft Bad Reputation All Over The Internet
  23. Translation error - UPlay
  24. my feedback on U-play
  25. pc shutdown when finisht download
  26. Starting a game stops downloads.
  27. Stop displaying game editions to friends
  28. Invisible status for Uplay account while in-game
  29. iOS Ubisoft Club app notifications
  30. 30 days username change cooldown